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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 420 - Hanging On by a Thread

When Moz is on tour, I usually settle down in bed each night, and work my way through Youtube footage of his latest concert. With no tour action at present, I have been watching films instead. A couple of nights ago, I watched an early 60's film called 'Ladies Who Do', starring Peggy Mount, which was rather enjoyable, but the real gem I have discovered this week, is a 1969 film called 'Staircase', starring Richard Burton and Rex Harrison. It is a delightful watch, and I would highly recommend it. I don't think it has ever been issued on dvd, and at the time of release, it was absolutely hammered, but it really is a great film, and I particularly love the interaction between Burton and Harrison. Here is the link for anybody who's interested. I should rub-a-dub:


You've probably already guessed that I have nothing Moz related to report, and despite a number of the Twitterdilly Arms regulars attending the Top 10 countdown yesterday lunchtime, the rest of the day remained fairly quiet once again.

Perhaps the reason that we have heard NOTHING at all from Morrissey, is because he has already gone to Australia..... to appear in I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. Oh, could you imagine it? The public would vote every day for Morrissey to do the bush tucker trials, which Morrissey would refuse on a daily basis to do, and therefore, ALL of the other camp mates would get nothing to eat, except rice and chick peas, which would no doubt greatly appeal to Morrissey's sense of humour. He could take his diary in as his one allowed luxury item, either that, or Boz Boorer as his man servant. No, I'm with Rosy Mires this time, Morrissey WOULD NEVER.....would he? I can sense another parody piece.


With no MorrisseysWorld to keep tabs on, I am having to find other things to do, and I am now toying with the idea of going back to work, although I don't really want to return to my previous job. I gave up work in January to 'Follow The Mozziah', but it could be that the whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon has come to an end, in which case, I can't just sit here doing nothing all day, I need to keep occupied. What I really aught to do, is write a play or something, but it is very hard to find the self motivation.

I have resorted to spending a lot of my time on ebay, but I usually end up buying more than I sell, because it's easier! I have still not managed to add the promo 7" of Glamorous Glue to my record collection, but two have recently appeared on ebay, the first selling for an incredible £425 and the second for £280. A year ago, you could pick up one of these promos for just over £100, so their value is rocketing. There are only 150 copies in existence, so no doubt the value will continue to rise.


I will make this my last blog entry for a while, because with no Moz news, I'll just end up reporting what I had for breakfast, and that is NOT why I started this blog. Just in case you are interested, it was Weetabix.

*Goes off singing* Please hold me by the hand, and come with me, and help me climb the staircase


  1. Maybe you should publish a book with parody Moz stories? You could always sell it as an e-book if publishers aren't interested. Just in time for Christmas! Seriously, I love those stories and it would be great to have them all in one place!

  2. Haha! Morrissey on I'm A Celeb would be HILARIOUS...if to say a complete sell out. Anyway, wouldn't his vegearianism compromise his ability to do the bushtucker trials somewhat?

  3. I don't know what you used to do for a living Rat, but you surely do have talent when it comes to tell a story... you're certainly not 'the Rat least likely to'.

    - Regi


  4. Enjoy your time off from writing this blog Rats and hopefully Moz will be back
    to enable you to start blogging again.

    Or perhaps you will find a paid job ! If so good luck.

    What a wonderful idea - the Mozziah in ' I'm A Celebrity ' however I am POSITIVE
    that he will not be one of those appearing.

    I do miss Mr M and my Twitter friends, as a result of
    him not being around.
    But I understand that he needs time and space for himself,
    particularly at the moment due to his Mum Betty.

    The Blue Rose Society will continue !

  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a parody of Moz in I Am A Celebrity.

    Thank you in advance ;-)

    1. Perhaps when the series gets going, I might write one as though Moz was there, maybe in diary format. We'll see.

  6. Plain, chocolate or sultana and apple bites?

    1. Enjoy your time off, although I will miss reading your blog. I do hope you continue to meet with BlueRoseSociety on twitter. I am hopeful,once Moz begins to tour again, we'll have something to follow and you'll be able to do several parodies

    2. Plain of course, or traditional as I would rather call them. And before you ask.... two!

  7. We'll miss your blog Rats and look forward to the tour resuming next month. I certainly hope this isn't the end of the MW phenomenon, but whether it is or not, we're so grateful for this incredible experience. Viva Blue Rose!

  8. Enjoy some rest dear Rat, obviously I missing you! P.S. have you seen a new Morrissey account followed by me and by Rutger? I discover it few days ago, he did'nt tweet a lot and I don't know who would be! Have a nice week end!


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