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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day 423 - "No More Twitter" - Morrissey

I was not going to write anything today, as I am busy writing my book, which incidentally is flowing quite nicely. My research has revealed there are HUGE inaccuracies in what has come to be accepted as 'official' chart data for an eight year period in the 1960s, and my book will set to put this right.

 GirlWithout left a comment on my blog yesterday saying that my book needs a punchier title. She will no doubt be pleased to know, it now has a working title of 'The TRUE History of the UK Number 1 Single - Putting the Record Straight'.

Anyway, less about me, the reason I am writing today, is because a certain 'Morrissey' has today left a comment on my blog entry of yesterday. Funnily enough, he didn't mention ANYTHING about my book. Here is his comment:

No More Twitter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It doesn't look like good news for those of us who have been eagerly awaiting Our Mozzer's return. We can only hope that he is once again fibbing, but with all those thank yous', it does look a little final. There is also NO mention of the MorrisseysWorld blog. At least he's still checking in occasionally to THIS blog, so perhaps we'll get the odd message. Time, as ever, will tell.

*Stop Press* After publishing this blog entry (at 16:30), I logged on to twitter to post it, and guess what, MorrisseysWorld has returned, having tweeted about 1 hour after leaving his comment on my blog.......the lying bastard.

The world is a good place again. Welcome back Our Mozzer, we've missed you.

*Stop Press 2* The MW blog is back too, although there are no new entries yet.

MorrisseysWorld is a good place again. Welcome back 'R', we've missed you.


  1. Welcome back indeed. Oh, how we've dearly missed Our Mozzer. So good to see the blog back too. I hope this means that Betty is doing much better. As for the book title, this new one is definitely much more compelling.

  2. Just logged on to find this bit of fantastic news! Welcome back Our Mozzer! Hope you'll stay and are not just teasing us! I also hope that this means Betty is on her way to recovery. All the best to her! xx


  3. It is strange because yesterday I was really missing Mr M and decided that if
    he came back to Twitter etc. I must really treat him with the respect that he
    deserves, being an icon and all......

    Lo and behold I logged onto Twit at work ( which I don't usually do ) and soon
    after this afternoon, there was a typical Moz tweet about Obama.
    It was so lovely to know that he was around again.

    I guess Our Mozzer was teasing with his message on this blog.

    BTW Rats, glad to hear that your creative juices are flowing and the new
    title for the book is much better.

  4. I declare a holiday on Black Cloud Island! But I'm the only one celebrating Quick to the twit arms I need a drink.

  5. Oh yes, new title for your book is an improvement. Only you could SHOUT in a book title. Now you just need to make it a bit more pithy ;)

  6. Thanks for the heads up Rat! Looking forward to Tuesday :)

    1. Good to see MW back as it and your blog are the only light in my dismal life. Although today wasn't too bad, as our town had their Christmas parade and I had to go watch because a grandchild was in it. Watching it felt surreal as it was sunny and 65F here, normally you view it in 30F and snow, (maybe I can pretend it was Black Cloud's holiday parade for MW's return) Afterwards we took the 7 yr old to see Santa and the kid surprised us all when he whipped out a toy catalog as he sat on Santa's lap and proceeded to point out what he wanted. The kid is definitely smarter than I was at that age. Looking forward to your next post and further posts from MW


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