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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day 424 - Rusty Goal Posts

Bloody Dog! Bloody Morrissey! Bloody Number Ones! Bloody Football Management!
All four conspired against me last night, to deprive me of sleep. The dog was the main culprit, he seemed to be washing himself all night long, but I think he may have just been preparing for his big day, because today is his birthday, he is three!

Culprit number two in the sleep deprivation stakes was Morrissey, or rather Our Mozzer. His return, after a four week absence has got me excited again, and I can't help wondering where, when and how, this whole phenomenon will end.

My ongoing research for my book about Number 1s, has now got me dreaming about the bloody things. I don't mean that I have got images of 45s whizzing around a Dansette record player, it's the stats and data that are drifting around my semi-conscious mind, and the fact that I feel the need to re-write the record books (excuse the pun) as soon as I can.

 I have the whole book already written in my head, but it will take about six months to actually finish all my research, and get it written up, and if Our Mozzer starts becoming active again, it will slow me down even further. The MW Phenomenon HAS to take priority over my book, as it is a far more important story, and seeing as the 'official' charts have been wrongly recorded for the past thirty five years, I'm sure they can wait a little longer.


My new career as a football manager is also keeping me awake. I like to be organised and prepared before each game, but unfortunately, this organisation and preparation seems to have quietly sneaked into my night time subconsciousness, and sat itself next to Our Mozzer and my Number 1s book. I had my team for today's match all sorted before retiring to bed last night, but somewhere along the line, something was telling me to play 'Jimmy T' in the midfield holding role instead of 'Harry the Dog'.

I needn't have bothered losing any sleep about such a major decision, because I actually ended up playing 'Wrighty' in the holding role, and 'Jimmy T' and 'Harry the Dog' both played as central midfielders in front of him. We won 4-0 and remain top the league, having not yet dropped a point this season. Our Mozzer may be manager of a fantasy Real Madrid, but I'm living the dream, albeit on a public recreation ground covered in dog shit!


My twitter timeline has gone from being virtually empty a week ago, to now being chock a block. With the return of MW, everybody has suddenly reappeared in The Twitterdilly Arms. I have had to un-follow a number of 'non believers' and people I don't interact with, just so that I don't miss out on seeing Moz related tweets. Having said that, his only tweet so far has been a 'BoredWithObama' hashtag.

At 6 am this morning, the twitter user 'Blue Rose' (@SocietyRose) tweeted:
"No more twitter? Someone's going to have to ask me another seven times."

I have NO idea what that means, but I shall keep my eyes peeled.


  1. I hope the MW phenomenon will never end but unfortunately I am mature enough to realise that all good things come to an end one day. In the meantime, I am still enjoying the ride!

  2. aww your dog is soo cute, Happy Birthday Doggie. My dogs birthday is coming up soon she'll also be 3 We have parties for ours Your'll all invited lol

  3. I hope your dog enjoyed his birthday (as much a dog can enjoy such a human thing) - he is a cutie.

    As to the Blue Rose's tweet, I believe it refers to his different pessoas on Twitter (or his seven horcruxes, if I am allowed to make an analogy to Harry Potter here.... yes, Harry Potter *shame is the name*). Can you name his other seven pessoas, apart from Blue Rose? I guess I've failed there.

    Of course I'd love him to stay with us a little longer; but above all, I just sincerely hope that he does what is best for himself. Whatever it is.

    - Regi

    1. Happy Birthday to your little pooch, that's 21 in people years so he is old enough to drink in the USA--my dogs are age 5 and 14 And good luck with your football team and book. I dream often but esp when my mind is busy. I suggest you listen to Moz as you doze off that's what I do. It'll relax you and you may even dream of him, although if you have the sort of dreams I do, he'd probably be the coach on the other team or owner of the twitter accounts you just deleted(Once on fb I found a site linking JB with a potato and that night I had a dream Moz took Potato as an ID) I too am glad he is tweeting again, but now I have to go back to checking any new tweet to see if it might be him. Hope you had a good weekend and Veterans Day---Oh I forgot to tell you how cute your dog is. Does he have a Name? Or do you just say, "Come here dog".

  4. Thanks for finally showing us what your dog looks like, he is incredibly cute! Regarding the references to 'no more twitter' from BlueRose and Our Mozzer - could they possibly be related to the following caption, which now appears on the MW blog: 'BlueRose was finally fulfilled by Kyle of the BlueRoseSociety. What does this mean?' MW tweeted the same question right after BlueRose was fulfilled ('What does it all mean?') and posed it in a comment on the MW blog (11 Oct) adding, 'You will see.'

  5. Your dog is fantastic! Of course I'm happy to see Our Mozzer back on twitter and the blog re-opened...What does it mean? I don't know and by now I'm just happy!


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