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Monday, 12 November 2012

Day 425 - Greetings From Long Island

Since leaving the "No more twitter" message, and then immediately re-opening his MW twitter account, 'Our Mozzer' has gone silent. MorrisseysWorlders have been speculating what yesterday's  'Blue Rose' (@SocietyRose) tweet of "another seven times" is all about. Nobody really knows, but Heathercat @HeatherCat222) seems to think there may be a link to the caption on the MW blog, which says, 'Blue Rose was finally fulfilled by Kyle of the BlueRoseSociety. What does this mean?'

That 'Fulfilled by Kyle' caption was added to the MW blog a month ago, just before the blog closed, so I took the "What does it mean?" quote to mean the end of MorrisseysWorld, but now that MorrisseysWorld is back, perhaps there IS something else to come.

It could be that this all has something to do with Kyle, the eleven year old President of the BlueRoseSociety. In the MW blog entry of October 11th, Our Mozzer explained how 'Blue Rose' was achieved, and interestingly, he mentioned that Kyle is from Long Island, NYC.
The reason it is interesting, is because Morrissey's re-scheduled tour dates have just been announced on True-To-You, and as well as the re-scheduled ones, there are some new ones, with the VERY first concert being on January 9th, in Greenvale, LONG ISLAND!

It could be just ANOTHER coincidence, or perhaps we are AT LAST going to see Morrissey appear WEARING a blue rose as a button hole, in the home town of the BlueRoseSociety's president.
Could it be, that now 'Blue Rose' has been fulfilled, Morrissey will finally adopt the Blue Rose as HIS symbol of recognition, just as Wilde made the 'Green Carnation' HIS? The whole idea is almost too beautiful to imagine. I wouldn't be surprised if Morrissey has toyed with this idea a number of times, but has avoided it because he's enjoyed the continued mystery. One thing's for sure, the excitement leading up to the concert on January 9th will be electric.


While Our Mozzer remains quiet, the REAL Morrissey has been photographed by the paparazzi shopping in Cheshire......wearing a flat cap.

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The question is, who has inspired the cap? I have been racking my brain to think which famous cap wearers of the past could possibly have influenced Moz. Here are my thoughts:





Despite Morrissey's affection for O'Sullivan, his love of slapstick and innuendo comedy, and his appreciation of football, I have decided that the most likely influence is Coronation Street character Jack Duckworth. The actor Bill Tarmey, who played Duckworth, was from Ardwick in Manchester, and died on Friday.


It has to be noted that Morrissey's facial expression bears an uncanny resemblance to Jack's son Terry Duckworth:


I think Morrissey's cap MUST be a sign! A sign that it's cold up north.

Tomorrow I shall be presenting a special Top 10 in The Twitterdilly Arms, marking the 60th anniversary of the UK Singles Chart, with a countdown of Morrissey's most successful UK chart entries. To witness the countdown, on the ONLY chart that counts, follow @WalkerRat (named after former Radio 1 dj Johnnie Walker) at 12.45 pm tomorrow.

And now I have a decision to make. Do I go to NYC in January? Tickets go on sale Friday, so I have four days to ponder, but my gut feeling is YES!


  1. The flat cap is so english, I like it! Morrissey looks tired, bored and beautiful, as always! I'm happy for the new dates and I'm wishing to go, but it's not so easy for me, I got children and an 'usband who travels a lot...will see! See you for the chart, tomorrow!


  2. It was a lovely surprise to discover that two of Our Moz's Twit accounts had re-opened.
    AND the MW blog, although not updated.
    It has been mentioned that the reference to 'seven' on one of his tweets refers to the total of Twit accounts that he runs.
    Perhaps this is true ?
    I truly did not recognise that it was Mr M in the photo of him shopping. To me he was unrecognisable, but this was possibly because his trademark quiff was hidden fronm view !!
    A very good disguise.........

    I hope you decide to go to New York Rats.

    Hopefully The Mozziah will start to communicate
    again with us with the resumed tour looming.
    I really hope so, I miss his wit and fun....

    1. He has worn it a few times. Got a couple of pics of him wearing it. Suits him! :)


    2. Agree that the cap does suit Moz but it changes his whole appearance ;o)

  3. I too thought the added NY dates were interesting, especially the Long Island one. It would be wonderful if you could go, Rats. I'm very heartbroken at the moment, having just discovered that @MozzerieGuts has disappeared from Twitter. I suppose it's one piece in the puzzle that we are trying to figure out. So very sad to see Mozzerie leave us - he will be greatly missed.

    1. I am quite heartbroken. I enjoyed putting the world to rights with Mozzerie. Let's hope there is a silver lining...


    2. I am very sad to discover that Mozzerie has disappeared from Twit.
      I enjoyed some fun ( and heated ) discussions with him over time.

      He will be missed. The sad thing also is that all my ' favourite '
      tweets of his disappear as well. ;-(

    3. I do apologise for misusing your blog, Rat. This is actually an answer to Rosy. She said she wanted to understand WHY I miss Blue Rose, Mozzerie-Guts and MorrisseysWorld so dearly. It just sounded fun to try and explain… and you can always delete it I guess, so.

      Rosy, please just kindly keep in mind that this is NOT an attempt to convince you in anyway. Why should I? The less the better!

      First of all, there is the music and there is the poetry and they are what I love most and above all.

      The artist, the real Morrissey, as Rat calls him, I simply… ADORE, ADORE, ADORE. I adore him as the ancient Greeks adored their gods – with all their passions and flaws. He is a genius. He is one of a kind.

      But now to my beloved twitter personas. I believe they are written by Morrissey in the same way I believe there are no gods in heaven or elsewhere. Of course I may be wrong…but if I can risk hell, well, I can risk some fun too.

      It seems like that you use real name and own picture on twitter (not that one can really know such things for sure), while I am quite happy with being anonymous. Even though I really enjoy exchanging ideas or just a ‘have a good day’ with a few people there, I love the feeling that there is no obligation whatsoever attached. For me, Twitter is a playground. And if I, a simple nobody, enjoy such freedom, I can only imagine that someone as closely observed as our dear Moz may feel likewise. Going with this assumption, why not multiple your freedom and be whoever you want, whenever you want? Morrissey IS a poet, after all.

      We could also consider that Morrissey is aware that he, sooner or later, ought to optimize this internet presence and this may be a small test to see how people react to him; this is not relevant for our little discussion though, only some silly brain storming of mine.

      But to finally answer your question, the reason why I miss BR, MG and MW, each and all of them, is because that is ‘the closest I will get to love’. I am not under the delusion that Morrissey is a friend of mine. I am only a very, very small part on a game he decided to play – but still I have SO much fun playing along. I even love asking him to stay every time he goes. It feels like chanting for an encore.

      - Regi

      “And no one knows a thing about my life
      I can come and go as I please
      And if I want to, I can stay
      Oh, or if I want to, I can leave
      Nobody knows me, nobody knows me, nobody knows me…”

      “Download something
      Useful, or useless
      Because I'm lying here
      Wide to receive
      Almost anything
      HE'd care to give
      And I don't
      Get along with myself
      And I'm not too keen
      On anyone else
      Turn on, plug in
      Then just walk away”

      Poets pretend
      They pretend so well
      They even pretend
      They suffer what they suffer.
      But their readers feel
      Nor the pain that pretends
      Nor the pain that is
      But only their own that isn't real.
      And so upon toy rails
      Circling reason like an art
      Runs round the model train
      That's known by the name of heart.

      Fernando Pessoa, translated by Martin Seymour-Smith

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Filling in the blanks, wanting that person to be who we want them to be - that also applies to the real Morrissey. Ultimately none of us know him and when you say 'Morrissey wouldn't say that' - that is your interpretation or picture of him. Just a thought...

  4. Whatever happens on January 9th in Greenvale, Long Island at the Tilles Center For The Performing Arts, I will be there in the front row to witness it all! Can't wait!!!


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