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Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 432 - 53 Sleeps Til Brooklyn

Having not written a blog entry over the weekend, it is hard to know where to start today, because so much seems to have happened. Do I write about the result of the Corby by-election, Lord McAlpine suing 10,000 twitter users, Ella Henderson's shock exit from the X Factor, the continuation of my football management career, or the start of the indoor cricket league? I guess it makes sense to start with the subject matter of this blog, no, not Morrissey, but 'Our Mozzer', although ironically, these days, he now calls himself 'NotMorrissey'. Here is his first tweet of the weekend, posted on  Saturday:

Hello, sexy tweeters!

Of course, TRM (The Real Morrissey) would NEVER say that, but that's just the point, 'Our Mozzer', or 'NotMorrissey', ISN'T Morrissey, he's a 'Parody Morrissey', although I, and a few others, happen to believe that this 'Parody Morrissey' account and the MorrisseysWorld blog, ARE written by the artist/bloke/poet/genius/thingy known as Morrissey. I should have emphasised 'A FEW', because the vast majority of Morrissey fans continue to believe that 'Our Mozzer' is some deluded nutter, and continue to mock those of us who can see that it's really Moz. Here's the latest tweet from our old friend Rob Pollard:

There's this thing called the  and the people in it think Morrissey is on Twitter and they're talking to him. Beyond sad.

Pollard and his fellow mockers have STILL failed to come up with the name of the "deluded nutter" who is behind MorrisseysWorld, and they STILL haven't been able to explain the HUGE list of 'acts' undertaken by Morrissey on stage, which came DIRECTLY from the MW blog. Their best explanation is that TRM is just playing along with the MW blog, a stance that Our Mozzer himself has picked up on and adopted, but Our Mozzer doesn't fool me, TRM would NEVER play along with ANYTHING, he's the ultimate control freak.

It is much more far fetched to believe that TRM would 'play along' with some old blogger, than him actually being behind it.

The Solow lot dismissed MW eighteen months ago, with many of them believing that Walter Ego (aka Kevin 'Banjaxer' Marrinan) was behind it, but having seen TRM fulfill ALL the predictions from the MW blog, surely SOMETHING should have awoken the Solowers to the fact that Moz HAD to be involved, but it would seem that the whole thing is just too much for them to comprehend, so they have continued to just ignore it, hoping it will all go away. They don't want to believe, they are sleeping.


Our Mozzer's Saturday tweets and retweets included some interaction with long term followers such as Rutger B. Devon (@EcubyanPoet), LizzyCat (@Lizzycatmoz), Sonya the Wardrobe Mistress (@sonyajayne7), GOB (@GirlOnBike1102), GWO (@girlwithout), Heathercat (@heathercat222) and Marcus the Greek (@PapaSonsFilm), and also included some observations, such as:

"The press ignore my twitticisms and instead focus on what Joey Essex ate last night and how Jordan spells, or rather misspells, basic words." I get the feeling that such observations will be going in Morrissey's autobiography, or at the very least, his diaries. Here are some more of Saturday's tweets:

"Antidepressants, iced tea, pop music, high literature, low comedy, black and white film. This is me."

"I am writing a novel. Is this good news or bad news?"

"Boredom is the cause of all genius."

"I have more chance of becoming an astronaut than getting a record deal."


It is hard to know if TRM is writing a novel, or if 'Parody Moz' is writing a novel, or if there actually IS a novel being written at all, but it would explain why Our Mozzer has given up writing his blog. I'm guessing TRM only ever started the whole 'Our Mozzer' twitter and blog thingies out of boredom, and perhaps the novel is another way of filling his time, because ultimately, Morrissey is STILL a 'pop star'.

Maybe Morrissey feels that he has reached a crossroads in his life, where due to the lack of a record deal, combined with the fact that he never wanted to end up like the old dinosaur pop stars who continue to go through the motions on stage, that his career as a singer is OVER! But Morrissey LIVES for the stage, so could he REALLY give it up, despite what he says? These conflicting feelings must be killing him! He's reached that 'horrible' age, but at least he has options, some of us have reached the same point of our lives, and have no sense of direction or purpose whatsoever, in fact, our only journey is on the conveyor belt to death.


As I made myself a cup of tea at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, I logged on to catch up with Saturday's tweets, and was surprised to find Our Mozzer was already awake and tweeting. I couldn't stay, as I had a football match to go to, and I didn't get the chance to log back on again until yesterday evening, only to find that I'd missed a marathon session from Our Mozzer, which included digs at old favourites like Elton John and Stephen Fry, and also tweets that looked like they'd come from 'Morrissey' and NOT 'Our Mozzer'! Tweets such as:
"I wore a blue rose and nobody noticed; it's really laughable- ahhahahahah"
"If I cared what people thought, I'd never have left my bedroom and formed the Smiths. Since I don't care, I don't fear a thing."

Our Mozzer also tweeted:

"Some rather great surprises are in store for the BlueRoseSociety."

 Just as I logged on yesterday evening, Our Mozzer tweeted:
''Let's gather in the usual place."

I knew this meant the MorrisseysWorld chat room, or as I like to think of it, the back room of 'Our Mozzer's Parody Gallery'.


We all dashed to log on, knowing that the small room only has space for ten people. I was one of the lucky ones, logging in as 'Guest 209'. Also in the room were Morrissey1959, HeatherCat, LizzyCat, Menippus and Regi (@Regi_w). I can't remember who else was there, and as I had an indoor cricket match to go and play, I was unable to takes notes.

I stayed for the first five minutes of M1959 holding court, and it immediately felt far more intimate than the world of Twitter, in fact, it feels like TRM in the chat room, and NOT Our Mozzer. I suggested that Heather take notes, but she replied that she wasn't in a position to. M1959 immediately responded that note taking wasn't necessary, as we were in the MW chat room. I took it from that, that he likes the secrecy of the chat room, and maybe doesn't want things from there repeated, but as only ten people can fit in, and as not everybody is online during these sessions, members of 'Blue Rose' have come to rely on note taking to catch up on what they've missed.

I will have to leave it for others to leave comment as to what was said, although before I left, M1959 did say that when he wears a blue rose, it will be the sign for MW to take over from Solow. He said that a proper administrator would be needed, not like the traffic warden 'Uncle Skinny' at Solow. Both myself and Heather said that we'd help out, but I pointed out that the only way MW can take over from Solow, is if Morrissey is behind it. My reasoning for this stance, is that without Morrissey's backing, Morrissey fans just won't accept MorrisseysWorld. M1959 didn't like my negative attitude and fired back that he wasn't Morrissey, and that we should therefore do nothing. I left to go and play cricket.

Our Mozzer has returned briefly to twitter this morning, posting:

"A few people continue to demand that I am Morrissey. It makes me feel like leaving. But then the same happened with A Clark's diaries." Did Moz write Alan Clark's diaries?

Just for the record, the MW blog had received 322,117 hits when I wrote my blog on Wednesday, and by Saturday morning it was at 322,597, which meant that there had been just 480 hits in 3 days, or 160 a day. It would appear that with the blog having disappeared for so long, people have forgotten about it. On Sunday morning it was at 322,742 hits, up 145.

Our Mozzer's twitter followers stood at 8,258 on Friday, and after two days of tweeting, there are now 8,229, DOWN 29!
Limahl has gone from 2,480 on Friday, to 3,079 today, UP 599. I KNEW Our Mozzer should have gone on 'I'm A Celebrity'.

I've written enough for today, so I won't bother with Corby, McAlpine et al, although I must mention the tragedy of Grimsby's finest exciting X Factor. Ella woz robbed! I shall finish by saying that I have managed to purchase a ticket for Morrissey's concert in Brooklyn on January 11th, and I can't begin to explain how excited I am. It's not front row, I rejected the Row D tickets I was offered, and ended up with Row T. Next time, I will accept what I am offered first.

With Our Mozzer having tweeted that there are "great surprises in store for BlueRoseSociety", I am now feeling like a child waiting for Christmas. I have never seen Moz abroad, and in January, I'll get to see him twice.

53 sleeps til Brooklyn and only 51 til Greenvale!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. row D and you rejected them *scratches Head* (spell problem first comment)

    1. I blame Heather, she advised me to reject the first offer. I actually rejected D, then got offered V, rejected those and was offered K, rejected those and was informed "no orchestra tickets available", panicked and bought 2 mezzanine tickets for Midlife Matt and TS, and then managed to get a single ticket in orchestra. Oh the stress!

    2. Oh no, I knew you'd blame me, Rat! My advice only applies if you get bad seats offered to you. You can't get greedy about it - it was a big risk to reject row D. I'm sorry that my advice steered you to take this path. I love the 'Moz Lightyear' pic, btw.

    3. I don't really blame you. I got greedy and paid the price. Lesson learned. I'll pack my binoculars.


  3. I DID take notes until the ' Guessing the song that Moz is playing ' game began and then
    I lost the will.

    Here is how the evening on chat began and it lasted for 2 hours until Moz
    disappeared and I staggered to bed.

    I quote ( apologies to Moz ) :

    " I am a fake
    This is the strangest social experiment
    I don't actually know where this is going
    When the next surprise is unleashed will anybody be able to
    deny he is playing along
    Also I was crafty I deleted all the stories which proved the references
    We could take over from So-Low
    Morrissey will continue to play our little game "

    1. continue to naughty, good times ahead

    2. "I am a fake. But I'm beginning to realise nobody minds." -- followed by a couple of hours of bickering over whether he's a fake or not.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks for you two-penneth worth, I shall place the tuppence in a jam jar, which I shall leave in the phone box at the end of my road. You are unable to say Kevin (or anybody) is 100% nothing to do with it, you don't KNOW! Walter Ego was mention in the 'Bans & Committee' article as Moz's gopher, and was also accused of being the person who sent emails to MW, pretending to be from Morrissey's lawyers. Most of us would have ANY idea who Banjaxer/Kevin/Walter Ego is, had he not been mentioned by MW and introduced to the masses on twitter by '@MorrisseysMum'. He has chosen to keep himself completely out of the picture, and then wrote a whole article on the story. We have NO idea of his involvement, but unless you are him, you don't KNOW either, in the same way that you don't KNOW what twitter accounts are owned by me, and what ones aren't. One thing I DO 100% KNOW, is that Kevin took the 'Mum' account from me, so to a certain extent, he is involved, so I KNOW slightly more than you. *Takes tuppence back out of jar* You just haven't earned it yet baby.

    2. rat i always thought that banji was the first owner of mozmum, yes you had it, but just who did you get it off..

    3. It's unsettling to imagine Kevin Marrinan as MW, Banjaxer has never even attempted to flirt with me.

    4. I took it when it became available to the public, after the previous owner released it to become @ODyrbrm. As to whether the original owner was banji or somebody else, it is up to you to make your own decision, but lest not forget, the 'Mum' account used to have a link on the MW blog!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. i like banji, well i would he is a city fan after all, but i always had him down as being the first mozmum, why ? well that would be telling

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. oh rosy i never said that i didn t trust him, i just thought he was the first mozmum, if you say that he wasn t then thats good enough for me as after all you know him

    9. Rosy, If Kevin does run errands for Moz, and is sworn to secrecy, then he is unlikely to tell you, however close you may feel to him. You do not KNOW that the mum account was nothing to do with Moz, and it WAS linked on the MW blog. Your attempt to twist my words about non identity meaning it is Moz is silly. I may delete your comment.....because I can!


    10. I do not believe that the @MorrisseysMum account is Moz but I have always
      thought that it was Banjaxer.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Can somebody please post the entire "guess the song" game? It was the highlight of my MW experience.


    1. If I was able to do shorthand I might have been able to help you.
      Alas I cannot.
      I can't believe that we all spent so long trying to guess the name
      of a Eurovision singer that only Our Moz had heard of !!
      It was fun though.

    2. Now you've got me interested. WHAT Eurovision singer? Was it Mary Roos?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Rats - clue - female, Billboard top 5 in mid 90s, British woodland animal

    5. Celine 'The Shrew' Dion?


  6. That was the problem, Moz misled us somewhat and the singer in fact looked like a mole it had nothing to do with her name which was/is Nicki French. No ? Me either !
    She covered ' Total Eclipse of the Heart ' for Eurovision and even though I said Bonnie Tyler, Mr M still did not let on............

    1. Lizzy, you've spoilt the game. My next guess was Anne-Marie 'The Rat' David, but now I know it's Nicki 'The woodland mouse' French, I shall retire for the evening. Good night.

    2. I was lucky enough to be on chat when we had to guess the singer he was listening to and being from USA I knew I was completely lost when I asked if singer was British and he said yes added to clues like: female, from 90's, had ludicrous dancing in her video, looked like a mole, once on top 5 of UK billboard and not any of the well known singers Lizzycatmoz offered. He did mention to expect a Blue Rose Society surprise and if anyone wanted to be admin of MW and that solow had at least 30 while he only had 5. Heathercat mentioned you and she had already volunteered for job. Then there was a discusion of how they wanted blog to be a true fan site not like solow. He also talked for awhile about not being Moz but knew him He mentioned Walter Ego and if anyone remembered the MW posting about him. Told one guest who complained about him being mean by toying with visitors emotions by pretending to be or not to be Morrissey, & M1959 told him if he was unhappy with what was going on he could leave and the guest left. The best part of the chat was when URBAN came on with his usual spiel and M1959 did something that enabled him to ban him from chat room for 15 months. All of Urban's postings just vanished I may have missed something but this is what I remember but it's not in strict chronological order. I'd say the guessing game took over an hour. I had great fun with it, even though I was basically lost, knowledge wise, for most of it

  7. My first time in the chat; the first time I've been mentioned in this blog. I'm start feeling like a grown-up… but not quite yet.

    I am very sorry I cannot report much about the chat. I was far too overwhelmed to pay proper attention, and I'd rather say nothing than say something inaccurate. Next time, if it happens for me at all, I can simply ‘copy and paste’ as it goes. It’s not a promise though.

    The whole Eurovision talk got me wondering why our Mozzer had that in mind. Would anyone listen to ‘Eclipse of the Heart’ of free will? Or was he asking himself… ‘why, why, why?’ Anyway.

    - Regi


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