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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Day 437 - For Whom Does The Blue Rose Toll, Er, Grow?

I don't usually blog on a Saturday, but it is pissing with rain, my kids have no sports fixtures for me to watch and 'Our Mozzer' has been active (if you can call sitting in a room on a computer as active!), so... here I am!

First things first, a comment was left on my blog yesterday by GWO (girlwithout) saying that I was wrong in my summary of promises and pledges, and that Log Lady DIDN'T say that Morrissey would say "Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it infamy/in for me", Log Lady had merely said that Morrissey would say something very "interesting", and then signed off with the "Infamy" quote. Thanks to GWO (again), but "interesting" could be ANYTHING, unless of course we take Log Lady's words literally, and Morrissey will ACTUALLY say the words, "something very interesting."


GWO's comment was then followed by one from 'Morrissey', which isn't really Morrissey at all, well, not the singing artist Morrissey at any rate, it's 'CentralMorrissey', ie Steven, who is actually portraying Morrissey's (or Morr-ee-say's) alter ego 'Our Mozzer', but his blogger name is 'Morrissey', because when he created his MorrisseysWorld blog thingy, he WAS Morrissey, but later changed to being 'NotMorrissey/Our Mozzer/Parody Morrissey' when nobody believed that he really WAS Morrissey! Are you still with me? Anyway, his blogger name STILL remains 'Morrissey', which is actually just as well because he IS really Morrissey, even though he's not meaning to be. Where was I?

Oh yeah, Morrissey left a comment on my blog yesterday to say that GWO was correct. He then followed this up by saying that he assumes that Manclad is probably Harry Styles. Mozzer pointed out that they both travel a lot, both drink a lot, and both wear blue roses but never throw them at him. It's a fair observation!


It would appear that this Harry Styles bloke, whether it is Manclad or not, has worn a Blue Rose on more than one occasion. Our Mozzer's recent assessment of Styles, that he has a little bit more about him than the other members of 1D,  might just be right. Styles MAY have done his homework on the meaning of the BLUE ROSE, so if Morrissey doesn't get a move on, and adopt BLUEROSE as HIS, Styles might just beat him to it. The Green Carnation will forever be known as Wilde's but will history show the Blue Rose belonging to Morrissey or the curly haired one from 1D?


'NotMorrissey' was once again in The Twitterdilly Arms yesterday evening, turning up at around 6 pm UK time. HeatherCat quoted Wilde to Our Mozzer, saying: "To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim." 'NotMorrissey' replied with: "Wilde was unable to conceal himself while writing. It was his one redeeming flaw." This would appear to be 'Our Mozzer' once again supporting the Pessoa theory.

*STOP PRESS* I am writing this at midday, and just as I was starting to go through Our Mozzer's tweets of yesterday, he has once again turned up in the Twit Arms, and I am engaged in conversation with him, so I will no longer have time to report on all of his tweets of yesterday. I shall summarize.*


"@GBarlowOfficial Are you doing Weightwatchers tours now Gary?"

(Incidentally, Gary Barlow has ALSO sported a BLUE ROSE before. Tick tock Moz, tick tock.)



"The loud people of this world age gracelessly. Us quieter types have our dignity and absolutely nobody cares to notice."

"@Mozkidkyle I secretly think he's (Morrissey) a member of the BlueRoseSociety but I don't know'"

"A bad reputation never disappoints and it usually thrills. The only joy of a good reputation is ruining it."

"@banjaxer Your 'intersting article' re: MorrisseysWorld was suitably appalling Walter. Great work in throwing them off the scent, old son." ('@Banjaxer' replied "phooey.")

At this point Our Mozzer instructed everybody to join him in the usual place, ie, the MW chat room.

I wasn't online at the time, so missed the start of the chat, but managed to catch a little of it, before having to disappear to continue reading 'Earthfall' with Mini Rat. I didn't take notes, but GOB, Regi (the Brazillian German), LizzyCat and Menippus were all present, so perhaps they'd like to leave comment.

I do remember that Our Mozzer announced that Menippus was actually Mikey Bracewell, but as he also announced that LizzyCat was Taylor Swift, and Manclad is Harry S, I am taking the unveiling of Menippus with a pinch of salt.


That'll do for today, I have just sworn at Our Mozzer in the Twit Arms, and everybody has moved over the road to the back room of 'Our Mozzer's Parody Gallery'. We're all bloody mad!


  1. said it before and i'll say it again, i cant be harry styles, i just cant, (checks down my black undies) hey hang on a little bit bigger and fatter..maybe i am harry

    1. regardless of what you see under your undies, should you be the harry boy, please take my maternal advice and get yourself a haircut! just doing what is my duty...

  2. Hi Rat, I've managed to copy about a 1/5 of the whole conversation, leaving all relevant moments out, of course. I'll post again when I'm on my laptop and can have names and facts not all TOO wrong. I thought everybody would be quite excited about the 'PINK PINK PINK THINK' quest we have been given. As it seems, I was wrong.

    - Regi

  3. No, no, I am Taylor Swift apparently (although old enough to be her mum!) and am having an affair with manclad/harry. Lizzy is the other one from 1D - lol, 'such fun'! This was the clue left to us at the end of the session:

    Panwaxer (guest): Acting under instruction from 'the boss' I have left a clue to the full MW story somewhere on the internet. Easy to find if you think pink.

    By the way, Our Mozzer just disappeared without saying good bye again - how rude! But we forgive you!

    1. Hi Rat, you may want to delete this afterwards. Actually, I hope you do, since it's a literal transcription of what has been written. It doesn't belong here in this form as I see it. BUT, it's up to you, of course.
      - Regi

    2. **********************
      Nov 23 2012, 8:29 PM
      Morrissey1959: Janbaxer is looking for clues, which he will never find, and if he does will only mislead-

      Nov 23 2012, 8:31 PM
      Morrissey1959: Banjaxer I liked how you selected the very weakest evidence for your online 'article' and misspelled certain key words

      Nov 23 2012, 8:33 PM
      Janbaxer (guest): I write articles in the style of Les Dawson's piano playing

      Morrissey1959: Banjaxer's articles are so appallingly written that he discredits anything he says, unless he criticises himself, in which case everybody quite agrees.

      Nov 23 2012, 8:35 PM
      regi_w: and where can those articles be read?

      Nov 23 2012, 8:35 PM
      Morrissey1959: Regi I'm not sure you can reach that shelf

      Nov 23 2012, 10:16 PM
      Morrissey1959: Manclad is Harry Styles, GOB is Taylor Swift and Lizzycat is Zayn Malik

      Nov 23 2012, 11:14 PM
      Panwaxer (guest): PINK PINK PINK THINK

      Nov 23 2012, 11:14 PM
      regi_w: please just another little clue....

      Nov 23 2012, 11:15 PM
      Panwaxer (guest): and a horse and jockey

      Nov 23 2012, 11:15 PM
      Panwaxer (guest): chorlton but not his wheelies

      Nov 23 2012, 11:15 PM
      Guest651 (guest): Panx? what you pinking?

      Nov 23 2012, 11:16 PM
      Panwaxer (guest): time to head to Tithebarn Castle.

    3. I tweeted: @MorrisseysWorld PINK PINK PINK THINK; a horse and jockey; chorlton but not his wheelies; on the WORLD wide web #quest #clues

      and got the following answers in return:

      @girlwithout: @regi_w @MorrisseysWorld glad you got that down Regi. Now off to sleep perchance to dream of pink horses with webbed wheels

      @mystereviolet: @regi_w @MorrisseysWorld

      @mystereviolet: @regi_w @MorrisseysWorld

      - Regi


  4. It has been such fun on Twitter and in the chat room
    with the Mozziah last night and today.
    Everything is very different in chat, no holds barred.
    The conversation is very honest and sometimes revealing and
    and I don't only mean concerning Moz.

    It is always an absolute pleasure to have interaction
    with Our Mozzer especially and other Twitterdillians too.

    Signed Zayn Malik

  5. Can I be Cheryl Cole? Actually, no forget I even said that. Signed, Rita Ora. xx


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