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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day 438 - Thank you, Goodnight

This has gone on too long, and in the words of my hero, Morrissey, this joke isn't funny anymore. Ok, he actually sung 'that' joke and not 'this', but you get the picture.

I would like to thank Morrissey for going along with my little bit of fun and I hope nobody has been too upset by it all, I just tried my best to entertain.

Take care

TRB (TheRatsBack)


  1. If this joke isn't funny anymore, why am I laughing so hard? Oh Rats, you do keep us entertained! :)


  2. I am very sorry Rats, if this is your last visit to your Mozziah blog. It has been such fun, the text and photos and for us to be able to leave comments.
    Twitter is one thing, but the MW blog and your blog have been very necessary too.
    What a day ! Our Mozzer has come clean on Twit
    and now you are retreating. I am very sad but thank you so much for all your hard work xx

  3. Time to get your life back? Dream on! You know you can NEVER leave!

  4. I am so very confused and sad...

  5. what has happened???
    did moz say something??

  6. Like Morrissey in Blogger and Twitter, I look forward to seeing you back before soon.


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