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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 441 - So, Is it Over, StilliCling?

I have today received a tweet from '@StilliCling', who was one of the very first people I interacted with when I discovered MorrisseysWorld back in September 2011. 'StilliCling' was THE most enthusiastic of the MorrisseysWorlders, and would be online; morning, noon and night, such was her excitement at discovering MorrisseysWorld, and more to the point, Morrissey.

When I started the Twitterdilly Arms chart, it was StilliCling who painstakingly went through the timelines of all the other MorrisseysWorlders to see what songs were being played. StilliCling was a MAJOR part of the MorrisseysWorld community on both twitter and the MW blog. Such was StilliCling's enthusiasm for MW's call for roses, that she met up with a complete stranger, HeatherCat, and took roses to Morrissey's concert in Chicago.

Around the time of Whitney Houston's death, in February of this year, StilliCling completely 'U' turned on the whole idea of Morrissey being behind MorrisseysWorld, despite the evidence GROWING, on an almost daily basis, to suggest the contrary. It was a bizarre and very quick turnaround from the one person who had been more involved than ANYBODY else. At the same time, Rosy Mires, another MAJOR MorrisseysWorlder, ALSO changed her mind about Morrissey being behind MorrisseysWorld, and declared she wanted nothing more to do with it.

I can't deny that I was very disappointed when these two bastions of MorrisseysWorld suddenly left our very small community, but presumed that it was just a blip, and that they were suffering from the same self doubt that ALL OF US have gone through at various times during this phenomenon, after all, it IS UNBELIEVABLE that our untouchable god, Morrissey, would REALLY be behind a parody blog site and twitter account, it goes against EVERYTHING we thought we knew about him. We ALL thought the same thing, 'Morrissey would NEVER do this!'

It turned out that StilliCling and Rosy Mires 'blip', wasn't a blip after all, or if it was, it's now been going on a blipping long time. From time to time I have tried to 'reopen' their eyes to the evidence that Morrissey REALLY is behind MorrisseysWorld, but everytime (not every time) I pointed out the evidence, they would tell me I was wrong, citing that "Morrissey just wouldn't" as their get out, so eventually, and very reluctantly, I gave up trying.

Despite Rosy Mires claiming to have no interest in MorrisseysWorld, she has continued to interact with the MW community, and often spouts an opinion, usually that we are all deluded. StilliCling, to her credit, has stayed away from the MorrisseysWorlders, preferring instead to interact with the likes of Uncle Skinny, the moderator from the website that Morrissey has shown public hatred for, Morrissey-Solo. Today, out of the blue, StilliCling has tweeted me saying:

"@TheRatsBack Have you considered writing blog entries that are not at the expense of other people? You used to....didn't you?"

I genuinely have NO idea what has caused StilliCling to send this tweet, or to whose 'expense' I am supposed to have been writing 'at'. I can only presume she is trying to protect either Uncle Skinny or Rosy Mires, because they are both friends of hers, and I mentioned them both two days ago. She SURELY can't be trying to protect Julian Joachim or Matt Le Tissier?

 I would like to take this opportunity to remind StilliCling that the reason I chose to mention Uncle Skinny on Monday, is because Uncle Skinny had tweeted: "@banjaxer How very odd. A certain blog appears to be over. Funny business." This tweet showed me that Skinny was STILL a regular reader of my blog, and he also thinks that Banjaxer is a brother in arms, so I was merely blogging to let Skinny know that Banjaxer IS involved with MorrisseysWorld.

I don't know why I should want to give any help to Skinny, especially as he has accused me of being behind MorrisseysWorld from day one, and also refers to me as  "that cunty blogger", but I guess I just want people to see 'what is what' in this whole phenomenon, and 'who is who'. I genuinely bear no malice to Peter Finan (Uncle Skinny), I don't even know him, I just don't like the way he moderates his website, or the fact that his website upsets Morrissey, but ho hum, as Banjaxer once said to me when I asked why he remained friends with Skinny, "It's not my battle."

The reason I mentioned Rosy Mires on Monday, is because I believe she is in danger of getting hurt by this whole MW business. She chose to come away from it all, but hasn't been able to let go (Hotel California/Moonie Heaven). She took comfort in knowing that the likes of Banjaxer agreed with her, that MorrisseysWorld is one big hoax, but if I am right that Banjaxer is involved, and is sworn to secrecy not to tell, then Rosy could end up feeling VERY let down when the truth comes out.

I hope that has helped explain to StilliCling my motives. I am not a hurtful person, in fact, I am a very caring and loving person, although I don't claim to be perfect. I have only ever tried to write amusing blog entries, whilst at the same time, trying to come to terms with this UNBELIEVABLE MorrisseysWorld story. I bear no malice to ANYBODY, including Uncle Skinny, who I think is probably just as bamboozled as everybody else by this whole thing, and CERTAINLY not to Rosy Mires, who I find both witty and intelligent.

I would like to refer StilliCling and Rosy, and indeed Skinny, to my final sentence from 'Day 439' of my blog, regarding Banjaxer's involvement. I am sure that he would very much like to tell you all of his involvement in MorrisseysWorld, he probably hates having to be so deceitful, but he can't tell, he just can't. Morrissey will NEVER admit to being behind MorrisseysWorld, but he has set more than enough clues to show his fans that it is him.

I would dearly love to see ALL Morrissey fans embrace MW for the genius that it is, but they won't embrace it if they keep finding a reason to fight against it. My message to StilliCling and co would be; Don't be embarrassed that you dismissed MorrisseysWorld as a fake, it is VERY understandable to want to find every reason possible for it NOT to be Morrissey, but the plain and simple truth is, IT IS!

Not all Morrissey fans would appreciate Morrissey pulling off a stunt like this, but knowing Uncle Skinny's love for comics such as 'Viz', I am shocked that he hasn't taken to it sooner. I guess it didn't help that Morrissey was having a very public spat with Solo's DavidT, just as MorrisseysWorld was taking shape, so the defences were put up.

I can't MAKE anybody see things that they don't want to see, and neither would I want to, but I would LOVE all Morrissey fans to experience what I, and a very few other fans are experiencing with MorrisseysWorld. It's just unbelievable, it's incredible fun, and I feel VERY lucky to be part of it. I dearly, dearly wish ALL Morrissey fans would join in, but if I am REALLY upsetting people that much, as StilliCling is suggesting, it is time for me to stop blogging and no, this isn't one of my attention seeking threats, I genuinely mean it, and will stop unless both Rosy and Stilli leave comment to say that  they don't feel I'm writing this blog 'at their expense'. It would also be great to hear from Uncle Skinny, I am offering an olive branch, does anybody want to take it?




  1. Rat, can I please remind you of something Morrissey1959 said in chat on Saturday . I don't remember verbatim, but by understanding was - If you had not written about Blue Rose in your blog The Blue Rose Society would not have grown as it has done. I firmly believe this to be true.

    You have been so passionate about spreading the word about MW & Blue Rose I would be very sad to see your delightful blog end on this note.

    Hope this makes sense, I am in a hurry! Take care.

    1. It totally makes sense and I completely agree with you.

  2. They will probably see your Olive branch as an ultimatum and won't post a comment because of that. It would be a shame to see you stop blogging because of this! Please don't forget, your blog is called 'Following the Mozziah' and not 'Following the Mozziah's fans'. I love your blog and you are doing a great job and MorrisseysWorld would not have been the same without you!

    1. Right Sabine, I'm totally agree with you!

  3. You need to stop bullying other fans based on how you perceive the blog.It is ridiculous.It is not your place to tell people how to feel or think and what they think so get off your high horse.There are people who saw the blog before you and it is not right for you to judge what is or is not .Honestly , after talking to someone anonymously for months on end as a real human being it grows tiresome to be strung along and teased and bothered with such things.Have some of us been a fan for ages?YES but it is not your job to tell any of us HOW to be one or who was there first.Anyone that would join Twitter to be a part of this might not feel like being stalked by people like you in the first place.If it was a game of who was here first there are individuals who saw the blog prior to you advertising your fondness and discovery of it yourself so YES you are bullying people .You should not put those people down and you have not always been right about everything you have said either so knock it off.Seriously, then to sweep things under the rug to make things seem fake " Positive" seriously like NOBODY can have a personality or experience or thoughts of their own except Morrissey?Nobody else can be creative or come up with interesting ideas or contributions than the same small amount of people who have obsessed because they have free time for so many months.If this is what it manes to be a fan of Morrissey then no , thanks. People do not deserve to be treated that way and whether you approve or not the fact that they are attending his concerts and buying his music even if they cannot afford to be some super fan they should not be treated disrespectfully. it would also be poetic justice if certain charades backfired on the falsitude for messing with some people and lying to them.Exaggerating something when there is at least one person who KNOWS certain thing are not true.You are really rotten for the way you treat people .So he can have the blue rose nonsense. I will go pick flowers from other imaginary gardens as it seems the time I invested in loving someone who does not care about me has been wasted.Just because you were first on twitter does not mean anything .It is really untruthful to keep parading that nonsense and devaluing other fans.It is not your place to tell them what they are either for this sheer fact alone and the very OBVIOUS way you sniff around people on Twitter thinking they have an in to Morrissey then drop them when you realize they are not a mystery persona says a lot about you.SO yeah everyone should join have some other fan sniff their crotch like a dog until the determine whether they have something that is connected to Morrissey, be stalked on Twitter then given an attitude about it .I seriously hope that karma nails you in the behind for lying as this has been hurtful to others. I always gleaned more compassion from being a fan of this person. It is obvious that is not how things roll and I am not concerned. You do need to understand people are all different,people who are not famous are also creative and they also might just like Morrissey themself.Blue Rose will always be unfulfilled because the story has become a hurtful lie at this point that is only inclusive to those who say what certain others want to hear even though Morrissey says what he wants but does not care what others think.I listened to him for a very, very long time and he always meant so much to me but I see how it is now .Seriously, even in some people you do not like there is something you can pull out of the mirror within your own self. Good luck.

    1. I would say that it's nice to see you come out of the Morrisseysworld chatroom but actually I find you very disturbing. You seem to have completely misinterpreted Rat's words, he isn't "bullying other fans" and he certainly has never claimed to be the first to discover Morrisseysworld, in fact I was there before him. Blue Rose is a lovely idea, it seems that you are the obsessive one. Rat's blog has kept the whole thing going and I really hope he doesn't stop because of people like you.


  4. Rats, you cannot please everybody therefore you should continue blogging
    and accept the fact that not everyone feels the way that the Blue Rose Society
    members do. ' There are none so blind who shall not see ' - their loss.

    Your blog has been here with and without the MW blog and the Mozziah on Twitter,
    it has been lovely to know that and to have somewhere to comment and exchange
    views. Don't let a few spoil it for many.

  5. Don't let these people stop you Rat. Morrissey reads and likes your blog. That in itself is enough of a reason to continue. Ignore the haters and leave them to what they do best, posting on So-Low.

  6. Rat, please keep up the effort. I look forward to your posts, passionate and detailed research, explanations and analysis. You are a true Apostle.

  7. Rat - your blog is now on day 441 and going strong - do not let random attacks put you off. I'm certainly not bullied by you and I don;t think anybody else is - you are persistent and I'm sure you are a pain in the arse to some people but that's life.

    As we say back home - fuck the begrudgers (puts £1.75 in the Twitterdilly Arms swear box which feels remarkably light considering . . . )

  8. Dear Rat, you must keep on writing this blog because you like it and we all having fun with it! Yes, some people got no sense of humour, but this is not your problem, it is their problem and, sometime, almost a disease behaviour...What should I say about StillICling?! She followed me for a long time, then stopped surely because she thought that me and you were the same person or maybe for something else that I ignore, so, may I feel bullied by StillICling? No, because I do not want to feel myself like a victim, truly I dislike this kind of thing and I do 'nt understand why someone else should act like a victim for a blog, or a chat, or a parody account! Anyway, in this past days, I enjoyed more than ever MorrisseyWorld and all the things related to it and, of course, your blog. It was very important to write about the cover of Cilla Black, but, sadly, someone thinks is better reading rubbish story about love affaire, jealousy and gossip on a site that I do'nt want to mention! Ciao Rat, keep on writing!


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