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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 451 - The Final Countdown

MorrisseysWorld has GONE! Last Saturday Our Mozzer closed his twitter account, stating that he was bored with it, but he promised to keep the MorrisseysWorld blog open, and the very next day, he posted a hilarious new parody piece, but on Wednesday, that new parody article was taken down, and yesterday, the MorrisseysWorld blog disappeared completely. The only thing that remains is the chat room ( which seems to be inhabited on a permanent basis by somebody called 'URBAN' who just spouts nonsense all day long.


The Twitterdilly Arms has been virtually empty for the past few days. The disappearance of Our Mozzer has come as a major disappointment to the MorrisseysWorlders, and as most of us only ever joined twitter because of MorrisseysWorld, there seems little reason to go there anymore. Some of the MorrisseysWorlders are clinging to the hope that Our Mozzer MAY have just faked his own death, and could be floating around Wellington's Lambton Harbour in a canoe.


Personally, and I think my view may well be shared by a few others, I think MorrisseysWorld may have gone FOREVER. Our Mozzer has closed his blog and twitter accounts MANY times before, but this time, it somehow feels a little more permanent. We shouldn't feel too upset, after all, nothing lasts forever, and MorrisseysWorld HAS been going for nearly three years, although of course, most of us didn't find it until 2011, when the denials were made on True To You.


Loughton Lil left a comment on my last blog entry, asking me about the latest 'hit' figures for my blog. I can confirm that my blog has received ZERO hits from New Zealand, which makes me think this really, REALLY is the end. Morrissey is no longer following me, following him. I genuinely think he's had enough of it all.

It is now up to those of us who have been lucky enough to have been part of this phenomenon, to make sure the BLUEROSESOCIETY blossoms and grows. I will do my best to play my part at Greenvale and Brooklyn in January, and hopefully the word will spread that Morrissey wants roses at his concerts.


As for my 'FollowingTheMozziah' blog, I will now bring it to a close, after all, it was only ever started to report on the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, so with MorrisseysWorld gone, it seems only natural to bring 'Mozziah' to a conclusion, even though it isn't the conclusion I envisaged.

When I started writing, I naively presumed that Morrissey would eventually be unmasked as the author of MorrisseysWorld, but in reality, that was NEVER going to happen. If there IS to be any sort of unmasking, it will have to be via Morrissey's autobiography, but even THAT may leave things up in the air. The REAL unveiling may have to wait until Morrissey's posthumous diaries are posted, if they EVER are. Maybe the truth will never be told, after all, the BLUE ROSE in Twin Peaks was NEVER explained.


Such has been the grip of MorrisseysWorld on my life, that on January 13th of this year, I gave up my job to concentrate on 'Following The Mozziah' on a full time basis. At 9 am this morning, I had the unfortunate task of having to dismiss the person I had employed to replace me at work. I was always going to be a hard act to follow, and it just hasn't worked out.

So now, with MorrisseysWorld coming to an end, it looks as though fate is pushing me back to work, and I have penciled in a return for January 15th 2013, the day after I return from New York. I am now hoping for a twist of fate to save me from a return to the rat race, but I have a feeling I am doomed.

I will continue writing 'Mozziah' until Brooklyn, and plan to make the following blog entries:

1. Tuesday December 11th (Twitterdilly Top 10 Chart)
2. Friday December 14th (Report on Wellington concert)
3. Saturday December 15th (Report on Auckland concert)
4. Monday December 17th (Report on Brisbane concert)
5. Tuesday December 18th (Chart)
6. Wednesday December 19th (Report on Melbourne concert)
7. Friday December 21st (Report on Sydney concert)
8. Saturday December 22nd (Report on Sydney concert)
9. TBA (A Christmas parody piece)
10. Tuesday January 1st (Twitterdilly Arms Top 100 Chart of 2012 + All day 'Final Countdown' in The Arms)
11. Tuesday January 8th (Report from New York)
12. Wednesday January 9th (Report from New York)
13. Thursday January 10th (Review of Greenvale concert)
14. Friday January 11th (Report from New York)
15. Saturday January 12th (Review of Brooklyn concert and The Rats farewell)

I am VERY excited about seeing two Morrissey concerts in January, but I, like the other MorrisseysWorlders, am sad to see this phenomenon come to an end, it's been a blast.

Vive la Rose



  1. "Just saw Morrissey in Ponsonby a week ahead of his Auckland show. Fancy that. Felt too scruffy to say hello."
    9 hours ago by RBaillieNZH

    No Twitter, no MW blog ( hope that this is being updated ? )
    We were promised a part two of the most recent blog parody, so I am sure there will be one.

    Perhaps Moz is enjoying the break from the tyranny of blogging and tweeting ?

    1. Lizzy, there were a number of 'Part 2s' that never materialised, so don't hold your breath. I wish I had your optimism.

  2. you know what i am about to type is going to be said, so why didn't you print the odds on it being said..(ok odds on) someone saying *hmmm rat back in work, blog and twitt close..i wonder* if thats not said then i'm a pub singer

    1. Only a halfwit could possibly STILL question it Manclad, but you're probably right.

  3. Although this may be the end of things as we have known them, I have hope that this isn't the end of the entire phenomenon. As Rats said, it's up to us to spread the word about BlueRose. Rats, I understand that your time will be limited after you return to work, but I'm hoping that you might consider writing occasionally throughout the tour if anything noteworthy arises. I really can't bear the thought of your blogging days coming to an end.

  4. I have given up trying to second guess what is going to happen next, but I sincerely hope we haven't seen the last of Our Mozzer.

    As for you rats, you have been our guiding star throughout this journey. I can appreciate how much time writing the blog consumes. IF you do lay your cracking little blog to rest it will be sorely missed.

    #BlueRosesForMoz #BlueRoseSociety

  5. Certainly been a blast!
    Rats - thought you were going to post an extract from your number 1s?

  6. I am glad that there will be a few more blog entries to come. Hopefully by then something might have happened to change your mind and continue writing? On the other hand, what else is there left to say? Blue Rose has been fulfilled and still nobody believes him... Anyhow, thank you for all your hard work. This has been the only blog, other than MW of course, that I have read regularly and not got bored with!

  7. I have front row seats to the Long Island and Brooklyn shows. I have general admission tickets to Atlantic City and Port Chester, NY and I plan on queuing up early so I can be as near to the stage as possible. I also have 7th row tickets for Red Bank, NJ. I am mentioning this because I feel it is my duty to get Morrissey a blue rose at all of these shows or at least at as many of these shows as possible. I got on stage at Radio City and I feel I can do it again, but this time with rose in hand. Wish me luck.

    1. Go for it and good luck my friend! xx

    2. This is very exciting. Best of luck to you!

    3. Moz Fiend, You are a TRUE Morrissey fan, you follow Morrissey for all the right reasons. For most fans, it is all about what THEY want from Morrissey, but YOU 'Moz Fiend' are seeking NOTHING, you just want to say thank you. I wish you the very best of luck in your quest to give Morrissey a rose, but remember, if Morrissey doesn't take the roses, throw each one to the stage as he arrives for the encore.

    4. Thank you all for your good wishes. I will do my best and I believe I will succeed in my mission. I now also have a front row ticket for Red Rank, NJ and I plan to bring blue roses to all the shows I am going to. And yes Rat, if I don't get to hand them to him personally, I will throw them at the encore.

  8. Hello Rat! Finally I could read the parody piece on Morrisseysworld and of course, is very funny, but I just figured out that it was posted on 1 December and it was about the song "Don't make fun with Daddy's voice"who translated in spanish is "No te divierte con papi" or "Non te burle con papi" as we can listen in the background of the song. The post disappeared for a few days and on 5 December on TTY apperead the news about the concert in Mexico...Is this another coincidence? Is this the biggest clue we all missed? I think we all got to wait for the first New Zeland concert and we'll all see another surprising coincidence...See you tomorrow for the chart! P.S. I understand that you must come back to work, but I know you 'll find the time for following the Morrissey's Coincidence to...

    1. Well the Mexicans DO call Moz Daddy! It would appear that it IS another coincidence, I shall add it to the list.

    2. Well spotted, Romina. Although this is an interesting coincidence, I don't think it's the 'biggest clue' we were wondering about because Our Mozzer mentioned that before this parody piece was posted.


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