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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 456 - Gas, Ganglords and Tickets to Ryde

Part 3 of 'MorrisseysWorld Annual Blog Review, Quiz Result, 2012' has been published on the MW blog. The same characters as before are listed as being in attendance, and there are also walk on parts for Gastavo Manzur and Solomon Walker, although Morrissey's keyboard player is actually called Gustavo and NOT Gastavo. Is this an 'in' joke? Is Gus known for his gas? Surely Morrissey wouldn't make such a simple mistake over one of his band members names? It's not as though the 'a' and the 'u' are anywhere near each other on the qwerty keyboard, so it isn't a typing error.

Perhaps Morrissey DIDN'T write this piece! It was published at 10 am NZ time, which does seem an odd time to be writing. Part 2 was published at 9 am on Tuesday! Is this whole parody piece the work of somebody else? Is the WHOLE of MorrisseysWorld the work of somebody else?


So, am I having a wobble in my belief that Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld? No, I still have absolutely NO doubt that Morrissey is behind it, but I am starting to question whether or not it is ALL him, although maybe that's what Morrissey WANTS, to keep us all guessing and questioning everything.

Perhaps Morrissey PURPOSELY misspelt Gustavo's name, just to throw in a red herring. The parody piece also has Gaynor Tension mentioning that she gave away her vinyl copy of 'Ganglord' to Suzi Quatro. Although I appreciate that this is a parody, the fact that Ganglord was never issued on vinyl, except on the album Swords, leaves me with the feeling that something doesn't ring true, although as Wilde once wrote, "To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim", so is Morrissey, or indeed MorrisseysWorld aiming to conceal the artist?


Part 3 of this latest MW parody isn't particularly long, and my only role consists of a single 'snigger', although it's still a bigger part than Walter Ego, and HE'S on the payroll! Russell Brand also gets a brief mention, when he leaves the meeting early, saying, "Off to meet David Icke for tea and toast in Ryde!"

Interestingly, Brand has recently started following David Icke on twitter, so is Morrissey mentioning Brand and Icke in the same sentence just to show he's aware of this, or COULD it be that Russell Brand is the author of this parody piece, and IS therefore involved with MorrisseysWorld after all, just as Kitty Empire suggested in August of last year?

I certainly believe Brand WAS involved with MorrisseysWorld, and was a regular in the Twitterdilly Arms as '@BucktoothedBoy', but he suddenly disappeared last year, although it was my belief that Brand returned as a character called '@JodyRoad', but did I get that wrong? Could either of those characters have been Morrissey?


Whoever DID write the latest parody article on MW, has certainly either done their homework, or KNOWS that  David Icke lives in Ryde. It is common knowledge that Icke lives on the Isle of Wight, but is it well known that he lives in Ryde? As it happens, Icke DOES live in Ryde, in a modest flat. How do I know? I've been there for tea....but I didn't get any toast!


I am reliably informed that David Icke is very pleased to have Russell Brand as a supporter, and I am sure Morrissey feels the same way about having Russell as a fan. Earlier today, Brand tweeted, "WELLINGTON TONIGHT! Morrissey is here tomorrow. I will remain and worship at the lotus feet of our secular saint of solopsism." Actually, the more I think about it, I don't think Brand can have written any of the MW parody pieces, he wouldn't have been able to resist filling them with his silly sayings, so it HAS to be Moz, it just HAS to be.

This whole phenomenon keeps messing with my head. At times, I feel like walking away, and just saying to myself, 'IT ISN'T MORRISSEY'. It would be the easiest thing to do, and it is an option that the likes of Rosy Mires, Still.I.Cling, Hector Lector et al have taken, but I CAN'T just pretend it isn't him, I just can't. The list of fulfilled pledges, predictions, rose receiving etc is just too much to ignore, so despite Gas and Ganglord, I have no choice but to keep on following, and only the truth will set me free.

*Goes off singing* Brand's got a tick Icke to Ryde, Brand's got a tick Icke to Ry, aye, eyed, Brand's got a tick Icke to Ryde, and he don't care.


  1. Merci beaucoup for the latest update to your blog Monsieur Souris.

    I also noticed the incorrect spelling of the musician's name.
    It was Gastavo Manzur and then later Gustavo, and I believe that
    it should be Gustavo Mansour.
    However I have ' form ' with my attention to detail, so I said
    nothing yesterday.

    If Mr M is reading this I just want to wish him ' good luck '
    with the start of the tour in Wellington tomorrow, Friday.
    Wish I was there * sigh *

  2. Personally, I don't think the factors that you mentioned indicate that Moz couldn't have written these pieces. The time of posting essentially seems irrelevant to me (they could've been posted by Admin), and I assumed the Ganglord reference was intentionally unrealistic in order to add to the comedy. The Gustavo misspelling appears to be a mistake - as Lizzy pointed out, it appears once correctly, at the end.
    The point that you make about concealing the artist reminds me of the following from the classic Bans Committee Meeting Minutes:
    "We could still maintain that doubt, that crucial uncertainty... I could perhaps just change a few of the facts around in the essay, toss the odd spanner in the works for the observant and the pop minds to throw them off the scent, render the clues a little less 'in-your-face,' so to speak..."


  3. I agree with all your comments Heather.
    I noticed that Suzi Quatro was spelt incorrectly as Quattro,
    but the mistakes might be deliberate or simply a slip of the

    Heather, I was surprised to hear you say that you are very
    anti-social as you do not appear to be, from what I have

    1. I'm much more social here than I am in person, which brings to mind the ongoing discussion that we've had about the 'mask' of the Internet giving us the freedom to be different from what we are in 'real life.'

  4. Sorry for getting completely out of the topic tonight, but I have a little question. Since I'm not a native speaker, I thought I'd better ask if people usually spell 'no-one' like that?

    'Wherever I tour, it's terrific, and nowhere as great as Jakarta and Singapore and Istanbul. I'd say I was happy, but who would ever believe me? Exactly - no-one.'

    Yes, it seems that nO-One really believes...

    - Regi

    1. I assume that you're referring to the use of the hyphen, which does create a resemblance to spectacles. I believe that's a common British spelling; Americans don't use the hyphen.

    2. Yes, that's the reason why I've asked. Thank you, Heather.


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