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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Day 463 - There's a Little Box of Pine on the 7.29

MorrisseysWorld remains dormant, which is just as well, as I have had to spend the last two days at work, ploughing through Profit & Loss accounts and attending meetings. The lack of a return by Our Mozzer, would tend to suggest that TRM (The Real Morrissey) DIDN'T do anything at the concert in Melbourne to prove "categorically once and for all that he is a MorrisseysWorlder."

The last post on the MW blog has been filled with comments from all the regular MorrisseysWorlders, telling of the pleasure that Our Mozzer has brought to each of them. I of course have added a comment, explaining that I now fully understand that Our Mozzer ISN'T Morrissey, and that he is a parody OF Morrissey. Alan Partridge is NOT Steve Coogan, he is a parody radio presenter, so if you were to ask Partridge questions about Coogan, you would be asking the wrong person.

Partridge ISN'T of course a parody of Coogan, in the same way that David Brent isn't a parody of Ricky Gervais, they are both parody characters, but IF Coogan, or Gervais, or any of these other comedy writers had ever created a parody character of themselves, they would have been lauded as a genius, so IF it is Morrissey behind MW, he has created the FIRST self-aware parody character, and therefore HE should be lauded as a genius. What am I on about, 'IF', it clearly states at the top of the MW blog, "This site as a self-aware parody of the singing icon, legendary wordsmith and imperious monarch of indie music we all know as Moz." Genius!

'R', the MW administrator, has also left comment on the latest MW blog post, criticising the SoLow trolls for their lack of imagination in their troll postings on MW, suggesting that "they are only capable of one bald thought." 'R' signs off with the word 'solOPsistically', although why he emphasises the 'P' as well as the misused 'O', is anybody's guess. The fact that 'R' is having a dig at the SoLowers, would tend to suggest that Walter Ego definitely ISN'T 'R', as Ego is best friends with the SoLow moderators, so could 'R' be the solopsistically misspelling Russell Brand, or maybe it's Michael Bracewell, as suggested many months ago?


As well as working for the past two days, I have been finalising the Twitterdilly Arms Top 100, which @WalkerRat will be presenting throughout the day on January 1st, and I have also made a start on a Christmas parody piece, which is already shaping up to be a classic. Forget watching Christmas Top of the Pops and the 1973 Dads Army Christmas Special , 'Following The Mozziah' will fulfill ALL your music and comedy needs during the festive season, and it's all Moz related.


Back in the real world, Morrissey was back on stage yesterday, this time in Melbourne. There is again a lack of Youtube footage, but from the reviews that I've read, it was the same amazing set as in Brisbane, and once again a brilliant, nay, mesmerizing show. From the footage that I HAVE seen, 'Sweet and Tender Hooligan' is the stand out song for me, and I really, really hope that it's still in the set when I go to New York in January. The song is Moz at his punk best.

Morrissey would appear to have been in a playful mood in Melbourne, telling the audience that he would "clean your bicycle for ever" if they could name the origin of his quote, which was, "There's light enough for what I've got to do." Nobody guessed the origin, and Moz subsequently drifted into 'Please, Please, Please'. It has also been reported that Moz sang a few lines from 'Girl Afraid' during the Speedway pause.

When the band emerged for the encore, Moz said, "And for our final song, I'd like to sing, There's a Little Box of Pine on the 7.29." I'd never heard of this song before, so I looked it up, and discovered that it's an old song by country singer Hank Snow, about a man sent home in a coffin. No need to say, I darted to Youtube to listen to this jolly ditty. Coincidentally, Hank Snow died on this very day in 1999.

That'll do for today. Tomorrow it's a Christmas shopping trip for me, while Morrissey wows the crowd at the Enmore theatre in Sydney, and then on Saturday, Morrissey wraps up this leg of his tour at the beautiful Sydney Opera House.

 Unless Our Mozzer makes a dramatic return, I probably won't write another blog entry until after the weekend. And now back to those Profit & Loss sheets.


NB: The quote before 'Please, Please, Please' was apparently from Oliver Twist, and is a Bill Sikes quote. Thanks to @MorrisseysMum for the answer.....whoever you are.

*Goes off singing* Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, in the midst of life we are in debt etcetera


  1. Many thanks for taking time to blog for us once
    again, it has been a very enjoyable read.
    The photos are brilliant !

    The Bill Sikes quote mentioned by Moz during
    his concert was identified on So-Low.
    Morrissey's Mum = Banjaxer
    See the connection ?

    I love the Hank Snow song reference and
    Our Moz's little comments during the show.

    Perhaps he has taken a Yuletide break from
    the blog and Twitter ?
    Although I hope he breaks his silence sometime
    during the festive season.

  2. He can feel free to clean my bicycle any time! :)

  3. Is it Morrissey, is it NOT Morrissey? My head is spinning faster than it did the first time I ever drank alcohol- a whole bottle of Vodka by myself at 13. And I bet you can imagine what all of THAT spinning ended with.

  4. Thanks for another precious entry Rat. Your devotion to MorrisseysWorld is as unique as MW itself. Going through MorrisseysWorld I've noticed that, at least as far as I could read, you are the only one who has always commented on each entry... not to mention,repeatedly .

    As to Michael Bracewell (Oh Christ, I DO think of him as 'Mikey' now) I've noticed that he also uses American spelling: 'z' instead of 's'. Well, that or my copy of 'England is Mine', which was printed in the lovely town of Bury St Edmunds, was meant for the American market and coincidentally Amazon had that in their German stock. All is possible.

    Thanks again!

    - Regi

    NB: My experience is that one should listen to Mum...

  5. I would die to hear a snip of girl afraid! Oh those lucky bastards.

  6. I look forward to the Christmas parody and the Twitterdilly Top 100 - we thank you for fulfilling our music and comedy needs during this season. I believe that perhaps you intended the caption under the Moz photo to say "Playful in Melbourne" instead of "Brisbane."

    Speaking of SoLow, I just noticed this comment there: "In Auckland near the end someone gave Morrissey some flowers. He handed them back. Well they were gerberas. Seems like he's divorced himself from the past by no longer accepting flowers." Apparently this person knows nothing about the roses that have been accepted recently.

  7. Hello Rat, hello Heather, maybe I told it before, but in Rome to I saw Morrissey refusing gladioli and accepting roses so this could mean that he wants only roses or that he dislike gerbere...Anyway Morrissey is in great form I enjoyed very much the footage and all the video posted. Thank you Rat waiting for the parody piece, ciao! P.S. Mum is always right, but who is the mum? In Italy we say thet's only one mum, here is not Italy, is Twitterdilly!


  8. It occurred to me last night that Our Moz might be writing his
    Twitterdilly Arms parody piece which he mentioned to me on Twitter.
    He said it would include ' all the regulars.'
    Be afraid, be VERY afraid !!

    Perhaps I am wrong about Morrissey's Mum being Banjaxer ?

  9. Hi Rat, just googled about Hank Snow, and learned a lot of precious thing about this singer that I did'nt know before! I noticed that he used to perform with very excentric suite full of flowers made by strass and paillettes...Take care dear Rat, for me this is a very busy day, last Christmas presents are always the most difficult ones, but you surely know it! Ciao!

  10. There were some flowers thrown on stage in Melbourne, but Morrissey didn't seen overly interested in them. I couldn't see if they were blue from where I was.


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