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Friday, 28 December 2012

Day 471 - Would You Like To Marry Me? And If You Like, You Can Buy The Ring

As I start to write this, it is 1.30pm on Friday 28th. Due to me being busy in the real world, I haven't written a blog entry since 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th. In the forty two hours since my last offering, there has been MUCH activity from Our Mozzer, so I will work through it methodically.


Our Mozzer got involved in a discussion with a number of people regarding marriage, and particularly gay marriage. Here is Our Mozzer's stance: "Most gay people don't want marriage. It's professors and New Labourites who insist upon it. Why should gay and very modern people conform to traditional control mechanisms?" Our Mozzer's view point is shared by a number of high profile gays, including Boy George.


Our Mozzer's statement about marriage infuriated both '@_Lilykins' and '@FameForNothing', who both took offence. Our Mozzer responded by saying, "I'm sorry; that very forward-thinking means of rejecting 'gay marriage' probably fried your grey matter." Lilykins disappeared at this point, but '@FameForNothing' just wouldn't let it go, and decided to reply on behalf of gays the world over by saying, "Don't purport to tell us gays what we would and wouldn't like. Your 'research' is BS."

Our Mozzer tried to explain to 'FameForNothing' (real name Dan Clegg), that he was missing the point, Our Mozzer said, "I see. So if I tell the truth - that most gay people don't crave marriage - this is homophobic unless I'm gay? So if you tell Muslims or Christians what marriage means to them, are you then islamo- or christian-phobic? Very soon we're in the trenches trying to weigh up which is the least offensive, most PC argument, which is a form of insanity. What matters is truth. Gay marriage is NOT a step towards a better society. Humanity and compassion are what is required; and neither a legal framework, nor PC help in this regard. So, for example, if you chew dead animal flesh, are you really in a position to lecture me because I oppose marriage? Your position: I'm against sharia law but if they're entitled to it, I want it too! Give me my sharia punishment, please!"



Desperate Dan was beaten, but his illogical argument reminded me so much of @Amor_y_locura's similar illogical reasoning when Our Mozzer likened Oprah Winfrey to Whitney Houston back in February (See Day 153 of my blog). I took it upon myself to ask Desperate Dan if he was a parody? He answered that he wasn't, which is rather disappointing for all concerned.

I hate that the likes of Desperate Dan and Amor think they can speak on behalf of whole communities, NOBODY has the right to think they represent a whole community, unless formally elected, and even then it is usually a joke. In our own little world of Morrissey fandom, those who keep claiming 'Morrissey just wouldn't do that' are as frustratingly annoying as the likes of Desperate Dan, as they have absolutely NO IDEA as to what Morrissey would or wouldn't do, and yet they use this one sentence to make their 'logical' decisions. It's frightening how close minded people are.

It is debates like the above which make Twitter the PERFECT place for Morrissey. Forget all the interviews in which Morrissey never really gives anything away, this is the REAL Morrissey, it's just a shame that not many have discovered him, but while minds remain so closed, even a thin veil act as a good enough disguise. Morrissey has said more in that one debate, than most so called celebrities have said on twitter since it's inauguration in 2006.


Well, so far I have managed to report on just ONE of Our Mozzer's tweets from his Boxing Day session, so I had better get on with it or I'll be here all night.


"Film is being produced by @PapaSonsFilm; perhaps @dickiefelton can write the book; @TheRatsBack runs the blog; @johnrobb77 interview?" John Robb then replied, "Interview would be great. Thanks M."

This exchange was quickly followed by a new article on the MorrisseysWorld blog entitled, 'Manchester scene journalist and former musician John Robb requests an interview with Our Mozzer via Twitter.' In the piece, MW debates as to whether Our Mozzer or the true artiste, HM Morrissey should give an interview to Robb. I don't know if the interview will actually happen or not, but it would certainly bring publicity to MorrisseysWorld, although having said that, Kevin Marrinan's article about MW on Robb's 'Louder Than War' website received just ONE comment and NO further press publicity, so perhaps the interview would go unnoticed.



"Sincerity exists purely so that those without a sense of style can look down upon those with one." I have no idea what this means, so I tweeted Our Mozzer saying, "It's over my head, but you do tweet mighty pretty." He then replied, "@TheRatsBack I'm trying to dumb-down to bring in the great unwashed, yet without losing the intelligentsia; so I throw in the genius wit."

Our Mozzer (aka NotMorrissey) then asked former Gene singer Martin Rossiter (@MartinRossiter) "Who does the better Morrissey parody? You, or I?" Rossiter replied rather cuttingly, "Probably Morrissey", to which NotMorrissey responded, "That's cruel. I actually think you have a delightful singing voice. 'Where are they now?' was joyous." Our Mozzer then posted the Youtube video of 'Where Are They Now?' and tweeted, ""I'm incapable of breathing, incapable of love" -- this line soared in my heart in the 1990's." He then tweeted, "@MartinRossiter If one has written a song that beautiful, it will always live inside the hearts of a few; as will your voice." Having earlier witnessed Morrissey's skill for debate, the above exchange exposed the tender side of Morrissey, and also showed him as a music fan. TWITTER IS MADE FOR MORRISSEY!


I too am a fan of Rossiter's voice, and Gene's 'Olympian' album is one of my all time favourites. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the song 'Olympian' would be in my all time Top 20....if you took out all Moz songs! I informed Our Mozzer and Rossiter of my love for Olympian, and Our Mozzer replied, "Martin was a victim of the British music press' obsession with embracing 'change,' even at the cost of beauty." He then added, "Needless to say, so was I."

At this point, Becca Tobin (@JustLikeAstaire) took it upon herself to TELL Martin Rossiter that '@MorrisseysWorld' ISN'T the real Morrissey. I asked Becca if she was 100% certain of that FACT, to which she replied, "I don't know much of that account, but as a humungous fan of Moz's, I know his ways. He's said so. And that isn't him." It's that 'KNOW' word again!

I noticed at this point that I had a new follower on twitter, '@naomi_ilsbroux', who apparently had started following me because Our Mozzer retweeted me. I welcomed Naomi, and asked her if she believed Morrissey was behind MW. She replied that she didn't think so, but added that she was curious. I decided to ask both Naomi and Becca to do me a favour and read the WHOLE of my blog, and then report back with their thoughts. I am hopeful that 'Curious Naomi' will find the truth, but I very much doubt that Becca will even bother to read a single entry, after all, why would she, she already KNOWS!


"Unlike acquiring a Sir Elton John record, there is, at least, a moment of pleasure associated with acquiring herpes."

Our Mozzer's final activity of Wednesday night, was to play a couple of Longpigs tracks on the Twitterdilly Arms jukebox. The first track was 'She Said,' and the second 'On and On.'



Our Mozzer once again spent the whole day in the Twitterdilly Arms, but unfortunately I was having a vinyl party in the real world, so I missed the whole thing. *Looks at watch* It is now 8.00pm and it has so far taken me six and a half hours to get this far (I keep getting called away to do things in the real world). It serves me right for being away from the internet yesterday. I shall now stop blogging for today, I'll write about yesterday's happenings tomorrow. The main topic of conversation was the BLUEROSESOCIETY, and Our Mozzer has stopped following everybody who doesn't have the BlueRoseSociety hashtag in their twitter profile, but more about that tomorrow. I will also report on my vinyl party, and how one of my guests dropped a coffin last week, whilst acting as a pall bearer, but it wasn't just any old coffin, it was...... tomorrow!

Luckily Our Mozzer doesn't seem to have been so busy today, so hopefully I will catch up with myself. About an hour ago, I tweeted to apologise to the legions of 'Following The Mozziah' fans for the lack of an update, and Our Mozzer replied, "Not good enough, old son. How am I supposed to know what's happened in my life if you don't inform me in a timely fashion?" After all that gin he drunk on Christmas Day, he may actually be serious! I replied, "I just hope I've got all this MW malarky right, & I'm not spending my whole life writing about some hirsute bedsit merchant."

But of course, I do KNOW I'm right, 'Morrissey would NEVER do any of this'...... which is how I KNOW it's him.... well, that and the fact that he made it blindingly obvious with all those signs! And with that thought in my head, the past six and a half hours have been well spent!

*Goes off singing* Give me something I can hold, with that something I will grow. Make me crazy with your arms, it's all gone hazy, it's all gone wrong. *Changes song* In My World, Make Me Safe, Take Me Home, I'm incapable of breathing, incapable of love *Changes song again* Would you like to marry me? And if you like you can buy the ring.


  1. cheers for posting about Martin-R Rat.
    I miss Gene. the first Gene gig I saw in
    the tiny Charlotte, people were chanting
    ROZZER ROZZER! (and this was before the
    album or anything) love the pic of Roz n
    Moz (sounds like a sitcom!) ... and Martin
    is one of the friendliest, politest people
    I have ever met.

  2. Thanks for writing Rats, there has been a lot to keep up with lately. It's very true that Our Mozzer says more in one day than most people say in a lifetime, and we thank him for that. It's a joy to witness it all.

  3. As someone who knows gay people who are fighting for marriage equality, I would suggest that it's a human right for all to be be able to make the same mistakes, however misguided. I can absolutely believe that the HM True Artiste would be against it, on grounds along the lines that marriage is a conservative fairy tale - one only needs to look at Elton John. Back in the day of gay liberation and 70s feminism, the thought of gay marriage would be offensive to most gay rights campaigners.

  4. I did not see Morrissey's twitters on gay marriage, but I was under the impression that the gay marriage roots go back to 80’s and 90’s and the Aids epidemic when so may gays contracted the horrible disease and found they had to face it and dying alone. Many had been ostracized by their own families and their partners had no legal rights to even visit them or share property, benefits etc. I assumed when many states/countries allowed them civil unions this would be enough, but to many gays, not all, it is also a Human Rights issue. I will admit when I visited the Aids Center in Milwaukee in 1990, the gay community was impressive in how they pulled together to offer free help to those who were alone or unable to shop, go to appointments, etc. Their actions were more Christ like in taking care of the poor and sick than what you’d find in many main stream Christian churches.


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