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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 476 - This One's Different Because It's Us

My faux pas of yesterday was quickly forgiven, and I ended up doing a Top 20 countdown in the Twitterdilly Arms with Our Mozzer ('@MorrisseysWorld') yesterday afternoon after all. He mentioned during the chart that he was already in Brooklyn, but whether or not he was telling the truth is anybody's guess. Straight after our joint Top 20 countdown, Our Mozzer informed us all that he would now be closing the MorrisseysWorld blog. A final blog entry was then posted, under the catchy heading of, 'This Blog is now closed forever, unless Morrissey gives the BlueRoseSociety a definite sign in New York - debate what might happen on this thread, post your reviews, discuss possible signs.'

The article explains that for the blog to continue, Morrissey needs to give YET ANOTHER SIGN during the next tour. So far he has given signs on every tour, but from the comments being left by the MorrisseysWorlders, EVERYBODY seems to be convinced that this time, more than any other time, the sign will be enough for the masses to OPEN THEIR EYES....or will it?

Our impromptu chart countdown resulted in Our Mozzer selecting President Kyle's version of 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' as his top song. Eleven year old Kyle will be attending six concerts in January, and has announced that he is taking BLUE roses AND a BLUEROSESOCIETY t-shirt for Morrissey, so there is a lot of confidence that Morrissey WILL accept one of these, thus giving a sign, but even if he does, the detractors will of course dismiss it as meaningless, and will claim that Morrissey recognised Kyle from both Radio City Music Hall and Terminal 5.


Our Mozzer has hinted in the Twitterdilly Arms that Morrissey MAY duet with Kyle at one of the concerts, but even that would mean nothing to the non believers.


The 'Log Lady' article has been taken down from the MW blog. My interpretation is that Moz only posted it to show his dark thoughts to the deluded dozen and didn't want it there for all and sundry to see. Alternatively he may have regretted letting his dark thoughts out in public, but where as many of us express our dark thoughts at dinner parties, or to our nearest and dearest, Morrissey probably doesn't attend many dinner parties, so has nowhere else to release his darker thoughts about the world.

The dark thoughts about a New World Order have been aired a number of times on the MW blog. My own personal dark thoughts usually centre around economic collapse and the potential for a complete break down of society. I nearly sold my house last year because I was convinced that financial meltdown was imminent. I'm still not convinced that it isn't, but when I'm not shrouded by a complete black cloud, I am able to just ignore the things that horrify me. I guess Moz is the same, but the demon for him is the workings of the illuminati.


As I walked the dog this morning, I got a call from an old friend of mine, 'The Big A', who hosts a daily radio show for a local BBC station. Big A asked if I would be prepared to come on the radio and talk about Charity singles, particularly number ones. I agreed. I hadn't spoken to my old mate for a while, so we caught up with the usual family stuff, and then he asked me what I've been up to, so I told him all about MorrisseysWorld.

Although Big A isn't a Morrissey fan, he wasn't shocked in the slightest by what I told him, as he appreciates that Morrissey's lyrics are incredibly clever and witty. Big A immediately likened what Moz is doing with MorrisseysWorld, to what Peter Cook used to do when he made phone calls to radio station LBC, pretending to be a Norwegian fisherman called Sven. Cook phoned regularly, and  pretended to be Sven for FOUR YEARS, usually discussing his relationship with his wife Yuta, and his hatred of the Norwegian obsession with fish. Nobody, including presenter Clive Bull, had a clue that Sven was Peter Cook, the truth came out years later. Reclusive geniuses HAVE have to do something, they can't just sit in the dark all day every day!


Having done my little bit on the radio, I then got called in to work, which meant that all hope of me blogging about Our Mozzer's tweets of the last three days went flying out the window. I could be doing it now, but then I wouldn't have had the time to write the things above, which I felt were worth writing about. I will try and catch up with Our Mozzer's tweet highlights in the next day or two.

 Whilst at work, I couldn't help but take a peek into the Twitterdilly Arms, and there I found Our Mozzer. I told him about my little radio piece, and he immediately mocked me for not being brave enough to mention MorrisseysWorld. He also called me a 'hack', which hurt deeply. If I were a hack, I would have broadcast my MW findings months ago, but the truth of it is, I'm not a journalist, I'm a Morrissey fan, and on a purely selfish basis, I don't want the masses to find MW because then it will change forever. It is up to the real hacks to find the truth about MorrisseysWorld, but if Peter Cook could manage four years, then there is no reason that Morrissey can't last even longer.


As I write this, Our Mozzer has posted a letter in the comments section of my blog of yesterday to one of the regular MorrisseysWorlders, 'SmallBoyJokes.' The letter is in response to SBJ's long comment that had been left on my blog, describing how she (yes SBJ is a girl) was upset by one of Our Mozzer's tweets to me, in which he said, "It's just that the ones (fans) who fawn, fawn, fawn always moan, moan, moan and have to have their little digs." I realised straight away that this was 'Morrissey' (NOT Our Mozzer) telling me that the likes of Uncle Skinny are the fans that he cannot abide, it DEFINITELY wasn't a dig at the likes of SBJ. Anyway, rather than me try to explain to SBJ what Morrissey meant, here is his letter, although perhaps I should just point out one more thing to SBJ, when you read the letter, don't believe for one minute that it has been written by some hairy backed guy in a bedsit, it has been written by MORRISSEY. Morrissey CAN NEVER, and WILL NEVER admit to being Our Mozzer, he just CAN'T, and although I fully appreciate how complicated this all feels at times, Morrissey is OUR Peter Cook, and Our Mozzer is OUR Sven.......but don't tell everybody, it's OUR secret. Morrissey's letter to SBJ:

Morrissey2 January 2013 16:20

Dear SBJ,

Your words are, as ever, beautiful, and nothing said within my clumsy words was directed at you.

You are right that MorrisseysWorld is intense and strange. The Blog and Twitter account's interactive nature draws one in and changes the dynamic between author and observer, transforming it into an actual relationship of sorts. A separate world is created. Though it is only a parody, it feels like so much more at times. It is a world apart, an escape, a bubble - half womb, half Carry On film.

To this extent you are right: it is an experiment of sorts. But isn't all music also an experiment of sorts? Music can take one to that place we call 'joy,' or to the brink of absolute despair; music can make a desolate period in life slightly more bearable; or it can inspire brutal murder.

One element of the Blog which separates it from other parodies is the presence of Morrissey's persona and Morrissey's fans, who are much more intense and emotionally invested than most other pop artists and their followers. It's difficult, for example, to imagine a similar community could emerge dedicated to Celine Dion or Gary Glitter - isn't it?

The relationships ARE real, the feelings are, of course, quite real.

I don't receive money, or acclaim, or thanks for the (by now) thousands of hours I've put in to the Blog and Twitter account, which is absolutely fine, but I don't expect - or feel I deserve - hostility or hatred in return either. I imagine Rat feels the same. And many people have undoubtedly shown both of us absolute contempt. We do have feelings too. And occasionally we even feel the need to express those feelings. There are human beings behind the parody accounts, just as there are human beings following them.

I don't feel the account misleads or takes advantage of. It states all over the Blog that it is a parody. I restate this most days and certainly every week. Morrissey has written on no fewer than four occasions that he is not behind the Blog or Twitter. The content - from the ludicrous tour diaries, to the lady with the clairvoyant log, to the Mainwearing-Wilson relationship between Our Mozzer and Boz Boorer - is clearly parody content. Admittedly there is an element of mystery too, with the signs and the roses, but this is, even for me, inexplicable. I am as mystified as some of you are about how these coincidences came about.

Due to the intensity of the experience and the very real bonds and kindnesses that are created and exchanged in MorrisseysWorld, I think it's inevitable that people will require some time by the pool during the long afternoons. It is strange, beautiful, funny, lonely, creative, intimate. It is Morrissey's World.

Of course you have never shown a moment of hostility or hatred, only sweetness and humanity, which I shall forever be grateful for. I'm pleased to have known you. You are a unique and beautiful individual.

Take as long as you want by the pool.

And don't be a stranger unless you want to be one. We'd love to see you again quite soon.

Lots of Love,

Our Mozzer

MorrisseysWorld is a phenomenon. The fact that SO few have seen the truth makes it SO special. These words have been spinning around my head all day:

Hand in glove, the sun shines out of our behinds. No, it's not like any other love, this one's different - because it's US.



PS. The Top 10 of 2012 will be broadcast at some time tomorrow in the Twitterdilly Arms.


  1. I bumped into Peter Cooke ca. four weeks before his death and am honoured to have been the target of his sarcasm (if that makes sense). I sincerely hope Our Mozzer does not end up like that as it was a very tragic sight - makes me sad to this day!

  2. When I read the likes of the above and how others have responded to SBJ on the previous thread it is such a massive reminder of what I love about MW & everyone involved.

    To see such humanity & genuine exchange of feelings, which is so lacking in today's society fills me with hope. 18 months ago before I found MW I had lost hope.

    I will restrain myself from getting overly sentimental, but it means SO much to me.
    I thank you Rat & MW for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves on a deeper level than on twitter.

    Oh SO SO special indeed Rat.

  3. Well said, EARS. We do have such a special community here that means so much to us because it's impossible to find elsewhere. We love that Our Mozzer is caring enough to write such a thoughtful letter as this. I think the Peter Cook comparison is a good one. Big A is quite perceptive - finally someone who doesn't say, "But Morrissey would never do that!"


  4. EARS and Heather, I echo your comments.
    I found Our Moz's letter very moving and thoughtful,
    not to say kind.

    I think our little community has grown and developed
    in the last few months, with us all being more honest.
    I am very proud of the Blue Rose Society.

    Many thanks to Moz and Rats who glue it together.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Moz and Rat both! And thank you to Lizzy to, because we got to be proud of the Blue Rose Society! In the letter Our Mozzer wrote: "Relationship are real, feeling are, of course, quite real" I love and share this words completely! No better words could be used for describing all this wonderful story!
    P.S. some days ago Rat asked by his blog why the picture of Bobby Britt was posted on MW blog, I don't know why this particular thing came in my mind now, but I got to say that, probably, the picture was posted as a funny reference: Bobby Britt, before been raised in prison, was trying a personal adaptation of the Salomè drama, based on the Biblical story and, of course, on the Wilde book, we all know thet Salomè asked for the head of Joannes Baptista so it's quite easy to do a reference with the funny request of the Real Morrissey! Ciao Rat!

    1. Romina, Just when I think I've worked you out, you go and post something like that. You are THE most mysterious of all the MorrisseysWorlders, please don't change.


      Ps. I have NO idea what your last sentence means!

  6. To clarify Romina's last sentence above - someone famously said: "Bring me the head of Elton John, which would be one instance where meat would not be murder!" This is an interesting connection, Romina!

    PS. For some reason, the 'reply' feature on this blog hasn't been working properly for me lately, thus I had to write this as a new comment.

  7. A beautiful letter.

    The intensity of MW experience reminds me of I Keep Mine Hidden:

    hate love and war
    force emotions to the fore

    These emotions are not always going to be positive, and will at times be irrational and confused, given the mystery, the subject and subject matter and the high stakes and the emotional investment that many of us have in the authorship of MW.


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