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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 484 - Don't Forget Your Toothbrush



I will blog the whole of my Wednesday in New York tomorrow, but for today, here is just a review of the concert, and boy, what a concert!

It started for me in the bar, where I met up with Kyle, the President of the Blue Rose Society, and his dad, known only as 'Kyle's Dad!' The three of us then met up with fellow BlueRoseSociety member MozFiend, who had come all the way from the Bronx. MozFiend had her Blue Rose, and Kyle and his dad had brought with them dozens of roses, in red, white and blue. I gave Kyle some old Smiths and Morrissey 45s, and he presented me with a BlueRoseSociety t-shirt and some pin badges. Kyle is an amazingly cool kid, and he told me the sad tale of how he had managed to do his homework during one of his lessons today, only for Miss Ward to catch him at it, and she ripped it all up. Miss Ward, we HATE you! Luckily, Kyle had managed to re-do his homework at home before heading to the Tilles Center. After a couple of drinks, we headed in to watch Kristeen Young, who as usual, put on an incredible show, which not only displayed her fantastic vocal range, but was like an avant garde piece of art. Kristeen is a true talent, and those who had bothered to leave the bar to watch, really seemed to appreciate her set.

 Kristeen even played a new song, which when asked what it was called (by me of course), announced that it didn't yet have a title. It's a really, really good song, and if nothing else, it deserves to be christened and not left wandering around without a name. At the end of Kristeen's set, we beckoned her over, thanked her for her show, and Kyle presented her with a white rose.

It was now time for me to hand out all of our roses to those at the front. We wanted to make this a special night for Moz. Despite it being an all seater venue, we had all stood for Kristeen's set, and none of the security seemed remotely interested in moving us back to our seats. I walked along the middle section of the front row, offering FREE roses to everybody, but NONE of them would take one. I explained that they were to show Morrissey how much he means to us all, and to thank him for all that he has given us, but the WHOLE front row either COMPLETELY ignored me, or mocked me. I asked them WHY they didn't just want to give Moz a rose as a thank you, and one guy with a Smiths jean jacket and a quiff sneered, "Morrissey HATES roses, he throws them right back." He even added, "He can't stand the smell." The way in which this man spoke to me was plain nasty and I was bewildered. His friends all laughed. There seemed to be genuine hatred towards me, so I guess that they MUST be fully aware of the whole Blue Rose thing, and it is obvious that this 'in crowd' have decided that MorriseysWorld is written by me, and that I, along with the deluded dozen are, well, deluded!

I luckily managed to find some much more friendlier people who joined us on the right hand side, facing the stage, and they were MORE than happy to take roses to show their love for Moz.

The pre-show entertainment soon got under way, and as at previous shows, we were treated to a warm up video, with songs by the likes of Bowie, Sparks, The Dolls etc. There was a new back drop, with a woman holding a cigarette, and standing away from her an child. It made me think of Slum Mums. I have no idea where the picture comes from. The Imperfect List was played and then Moz appeared, wearing one of his zip top shirts. The band were dressed in matching button up blue shirts, and the drum kits once again had Steve Cochran on them, with Amer-i-ca written on them, one in red, the other in blue. Another new stage back drop then appeared, but as I was so close to the stage, I couldn't make it out very clearly. It would appear to have been of two men and a woman, and looks to be a photo (as does the Slum Mum one) as opposed to a still from a film.

As I write this, it is 2.45 in the morning, so I can't remember the details of what Moz said between songs, but he seemed in good spirits, and excellent voice. The friendly people with the roses waved them for all they were worth, as Morrissey and The Morrissey Band opened the show with Shoplifters of the World Unite, followed swiftly by Irish Blood, English Heart. Both had the crowd singing every word, but unlike the previous concert that I had attended in Manchester last July, the crowd at Tilles gently swayed rather than pushed and shoved. There was certainly none of the sweaty sardine stuff that I have usually encountered down the front of a Morrissey concert, but it didn't take away from the pleasure, and to be honest, we all get so lost in every word of every song, that we could all be in any crowd, at any venue, in any country and it would still feel the same.

Alma Matters was next, and Moz pronounced every syllable of every word, and we all hung off each and every one of them as though we had never heard the song before. When Still Ill fired up, there were whoops of 'Oh Yeah' from some of the men behind me, and a couple of roses were launched onto the stage. I whipped out my 3 foot inflatable red rose with the word 'England' written on it, and shook it around passionately as Moz spat out "England is mine, and it owes me a living." To counteract all the roses that were by now flying all over the place, the 'In Crowd' in the middle suddenly produced two gladioli. It was now like 'Flower Wars', with each of us vying for the Ringleader to stop tormenting, and take either a rose, to show that he is behind MorrisseysWorld, or a gladioli to show that he longs for the return of 1983. He didn't disappoint me, he took NEITHER, which is just what I hoped for.

You're the One For Me, Fatty was delivered with it's usual emotion, and the crowd continued to sing every word. The Fatty theme remained for You Have Killed Me, when a bizarre lyric change saw either Pasolini or an Accattone (I can't remember which) replaced with a Fatty Arbuckle, who was of course a famous silent movie star. More roses were launched onto the stage, and Morrissey's road crew, who were all wearing matching red and black 'Moz 2013 Crew' shirts in an AC Milan football style, were kept busy clearing the petals which by now were EVERYWHERE. Each time they cleared them, more rained down on the stage.

Song number seven was the self deprecating, I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, but the words seem hollow when two thousand fans are all screaming for the singer to accept the so called unrequited love. The highlight song of the night came next for me, with the playing of the last track from Morrissey's Number 1 album Vauxhall and I, Speedway. Incidentally, the music writer of Speedway, the multi talented Boz Boorer, was playing live with Morrissey for the 800th time at Tilles, which just goes to prove that Moz IS capable of holding onto his friends, or perhaps Boz just understands Morrissey's needs more than all the others. The fact that they don't live in each others pockets probably helps, and Boz has recently shown what a great writer and producer he is, by taking on a number of his own new projects. I absolutely LOVE the Irish band that he has produced, called The Raglans, while his own song Bozanova, which I think he may be releasing as a single, makes you feel as though you are driving through 1960s Italy in an open top car.

Anyway, back to tonight. Speedway was just breathtaking, and I couldn't help but think, that the  unfounded rumours that Morrissey sung of, could easily relate to MorrisseysWorld. The words 'Delve So-low' also seem to have a new meaning these days.

I am embarrassed to say that I just cannot remember what song was sung during the pause in Speedway, but it is now 3.15am, and I AM completely shattered! I'm pretty sure it was an early Smiths song, but no doubt somebody will leave a comment to say. Action is My Middle Name came next, and just as he did on the Letterman show the night before, Morrissey left off the 'bam bams' and the 'da da da da dahs' at the end of the song, which I missed. I hope they'll return soon, maybe they're just being rested!

I Know It's Over was as mesmerizing as ever, and sung with absolute emotion. You can just tell that Morrissey feels EVERY word of this song when he sings it. It is definitely an All Time Top 3 song. I couldn't resist re-waving the inflatable 3 foot rose for this song, just as I did in Manchester. Others around me threw red and white roses onto the stage, as if onto the coffin as it is lowered into the grave. Forget feeling soil, tonight it was ALL about roses, they just kept coming, and the gladioli that had been virtually thrust up Morrissey's nose earlier on in the evening, gave up the ghost and returned to the distant past where it belongs. It is insulting to Morrissey's band that so called fans harp on about wanting a Smiths reunion, and although I'm not a muso, I was really close to Jesse Tobias tonight, and despite the continued stick he receives from the vile users on So-Low, Jesse is a superb guitarist, and tonight he proved it. In fact, the whole band are superb, and if The Smiths were to reform, the fans would have to kiss goodbye to a whole array of Morrissey songs that are every bit as good as The Smiths songs, well they would be, they are all written by the same person, I see no difference.

One such song, Everyday Is Like Sunday, was notable by it's absence tonight, perhaps Morrissey was worried that the Blue Rose Society President, Kyle Douglas, would leap onto the stage and grab the mic, after all, Kyle's version IS a stormer.

Ouija Board, Ouija Board followed I Know It's Over, and then I think it was at this point that  Moz passed the mic to the audience, although I may be wrong. Nobody asked anything remotely interesting, and when Moz asked if anybody else wanted to speak, I of course shouted "YES." I don't know if he heard me, but he growled back, "Shut Up." I was going to tell his fans to open their eyes, and to explain that in the last two years, the ONLY flowers that Moz has accepted on stage, have been roses. I was going to ask his fans to bring roses to every concert, to show their love for Moz, but actually, I think it would have fallen on deaf ears, so perhaps it is just as well that I didn't. I also would have asked Morrissey to accept my Blue Rose, which despite me saying I would definitely get to him in New York, I can't see that I will get as good an opportunity at Brooklyn as I did at Tilles, but Moz was in NO mood to take it.

Maladjusted was song number twelve, and again, Morrissey sang it as though his life depended on every single word. Being so close to Gustavo Menswear, I watched as he sang the backing vocals, and I suddenly appreciated just how good his voice is, he complements Morrissey's voice perfectly. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell made me once again think of MorrisseysWorld, and once more the crowd sung along to every word, and every lah dah dah. For The Youngest Was The Most Loved, Morrissey edged over towards us, and particularly toward Kyle. I would guess that the second youngest person in the theatre was in their twenties, so to have Kyle present must give Moz a lift, particularly as we know how desperate Morrissey feels about the younger generation being force fed the likes of Justin Babbler and No Direction. More roses rained down onto the stage, and at one point I thought that roadie Jay Joannides had joined the band, he was on stage so often, as he cleared away the petals.

Meat Is Murder struck home it's usual hard hitting message, and Moz watched the video as if seeing it for the first time, before then seeming to almost have a quiet prayer at the back of the stage. To Give (The Reason I Live) was sung next, and if somebody told you that it was a Moz original, you'd believe them. It has become a far superior version to Frankie Valli's, and only Shirley Bassey gets near him with her version, although of course, not quite.

November Spawned A Monster was yet another major highlight of the night, and the 'oh hug me's' were sung with real meaning and want. We were now into the home straight, and I was so pleased to see that Sweet and Tender Hooligan had remained on the set, as I had never previously seen it live before. I'm pretty sure that a few of the early words may have got jumbled up, and I couldn't be sure WHO it was who had had that accident with the three-bar fire, the poor old man or the poor woman, but either way, the song was energetic, with mic lead whipping a plenty, and more roses on stage.

Moz exited at this point, and returned moments later dressed in a white/cream button shirt to launch into the penultimate song of the night, Let Me Kiss You. The song was delivered from the opposite side of the stage to where I was, but once again it was perfection, and despite a Christmas break, no doubt spent guzzling vast quantities of gin, old Mozzer looked in great nick as he ripped open the shirt and tossed it into the sea. The band finished the song, and then left the stage.

There was no football style chanting of 'MORR-EE-SAY, MORR-EE-SAY, MORR-EE-SAY' as there is in England, but there wasn't long to wait until they all returned to take a bow and sing the encore. As the band took their bow, the sight of roses flying in from every direction was just a sight to behold. Moz took to the mic, and said, "I've been looking for someone to share my toothbrush with, which is why I came here. All in vain." (See the video here:

I was dumbstruck, literally dumbstruck. I turned to ask Kyle's dad and Midlife Matt if they had heard the 'tooth brush' reference, but they didn't seem to know what I was trying to say. Morrissey's mention of a tooth brush can ONLY be a reference to my blog entry of yesterday, it HAD to be! I wrote yesterday that I'd lost my toothbrush, and was worried about attending the concert with smelly breath. I couldn't believe what I had just heard Morrissey say, but although the reference was MASSIVE for me, it of course meant NOTHING to anybody else, NOTHING at all! Do people from Manchester REALLY share toothbrushes? It's not like that down south!

After 'toothbrush', Morrissey and the boys burst into How Soon Is Now, and I stood on my chair trying to goad Moz into coming and taking my Blue Rose from me. He looked over in our direction, and I think I may have noticed a wry smile, but I couldn't be sure. About a minute into the song, Moz shouted, "Kyle", and like the proverbial rat up an aqueduct, Kyle was on stage and into the arms of the Mozziah before the security knew what had hit 'em. They'd been too busy watching me, but despite me being the gobby one with the roses, I'm far too old for stage jumping, they were watching the wrong man. MozFiend attempted to get on stage with her rose, but was quickly dumped unceremoniously back into the front row seats.

Kyle managed to pass Moz a letter that he'd written, but he was unable to present the BlueRoseSociety t-shirt, although he did give it to Arturo, one of the security guys, afterwards, so hopefully Moz got it eventually, although I think the chances of him wearing it are pretty slim. I'm proud to say, that I wore mine for the whole concert, as did Kyle.

There were a couple more stage invaders during How Soon Is Now, and the concert could have ended nastily for Moz, when one of the gladioli wielding Smiths fans held him for far too long, and far too tightly around the neck. No wonder the 'In Crowd' didn't want to give roses, their whole concert experience seems to be all about THEM, and how they can boast to each other how they held on to Moz for a whole 10 seconds. It was the only downer on what otherwise was the most perfect of nights. I honestly don't think I could have wanted more from a Morrissey concert, well, apart from Trouble Loves Me of course, but perhaps that will come on Friday in Brooklyn, although if it were to, THEY still wouldn't believe, they'd just add it to the ever growing list of coincidences.

It is now 5.15am, and I DESPERATELY need some sleep. Now, where IS that toothbrush of mine?

Incidentally, the Blue Rose Ring has been passed on to Kyle, and it is up to him to send it on it's journey across the USA.



  1. Many thanks for your wonderful review of the
    concert, it was almost as good as being there.

    I feel that it was too soon at the first show
    for the blue rose to be acknowledged.

    It certainly seems that the ' toothbrush'
    comment was for your benefit.

    So pleased that Kyle got onto the stage.

    I wish that you were going on tour with Moz
    so that we would have reports like this
    for the whole time !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was there, I was there! Ah no, I wasn't . . but I feel as if I was after reading that.

  4. Thank you very much Rat! I'm quite sure that the backdrop with the woman between two men is a picture taken from the movie "The Giant" a very famous american kolossal, one of my favourite, with Liz Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean and also the last Dean's film. Thank to SmallBoy for the reference with Twin Peaks to. Now sweet dreams Rat! P.S. I saw your plastic rose next to the stage on youtube and i said that on a comment in the previous post, but you need to sleep now, thank you!

  5. Rat i will read TONITE when i get home...someone said to my kyles a good kid, now just how would they know???

  6. Does "manufactured product of a major label" in a Smiths t-shirt count as a coincidence?

    1. it's *always* a smiths shirt
      people like this wear.
      would be nice if one day someone
      wore a morrissey shirt.

    2. So true.

      A Smiths reference is always an attempt to add a bit of street cred.

  7. Brilliant!!! It was just as I was there again... Thank you! Really happy for you and Kyle :)

  8. Cheers rat what miserable gits them people were waving there inferior flowers. So glad Kyle got on stage again lovely write up of the gig. It made me feel i was there. x

  9. thanks so much for all the detail Rat.
    it really is like being there.

    you noticed the crowd difference like me then!!
    and it was my first gig since manchester, hence
    being taken aback a bit!!! but I really liked it in
    one way, how it was such a calm and relaxed

    those front row fans. it kinda breaks your heart
    reading it. their loss.

    waving gladi's ... and what relevance do they
    have to 2013???

    so happy you heard HOOLIGAN. I too await
    that day. oh to hear NOVEMBER/ALMA again!!

    I loved the image of roses raining down on the

    oh yes TOOTHBRUSH was for you!!

  10. If the signs are not fulfilled by the final New York concert, MorrisseysWorld will close forever.

    The only question is - how much do you want it?


    1. Missed you by a minute !!

      I have faith that the signs will be fulfilled,
      it is what we really, really want, please.

      I want to go on tour with Our Moz.

    2. How much? I'm not able to explain how much a sign could make me happy!

    3. We want this more than anything. Does the Twin Peaks drum reference count as a sign? Please, please, PLEASE let us get what we want!

    4. I wanted it bad enough to twice try to personally hand Morrissey a blue rose on stage, only to be foiled by security who threw me into the crowd like a rag doll. Ouch. Oh well, there is still tomorrow...

    5. We all want it more than you can discribe with words x

    6. If at first you don't succeed..... All the best for tomorrow, but go steady!


  11. You are the GOBby one now, Ratty? I must have taught you a trick or two. Lol!
    Excellent review. Thank you!

  12. Only managed to read part of it, but bullied for having a blue rose on your fur... that is poor off fellow moz fans thats for jaw dropping awe..the local wythy lush

  13. Thanks for staying up into the wee hours to write this brilliant review. I wish I could've been there to see you handing out the roses to everyone (or attempting to!). The war of the roses and gladioli is very funny. It was thrilling to see the inflatable rose on YouTube and to hear Moz call for Kyle and to see Kyle run on stage and hug him. What will the next concert bring?


    1. I totally agree Heather, so much excitement already !

      The battle of the flowers was really humourous, wonder
      why the audience didn't want to join in ? Their loss.

    2. They were obviously the Solow reading bunch!

  14. Great review. Loved the War of the Roses. Just how did you smuggle that many roses in?
    Would have liked to see your face when Morrissey talked about the toothbrush!

  15. Surely, I will never find a wonderful review like you have here anywhere else, Rat. Thank you so much!

    Of course the toothbrush was a reference to this blog, what else could it be?
    la la la da da da

  16. well done for the splendid review rat, i could never bother to write such a review, maybe because i would have missed part of it either at the bar or in the toilet..still puzzled as to why i was told that kyle was a great kid and the very next night he is called on to the stage

  17. What a joyous review Rats, the next best thing to actually being there. I feel like I'm hours behind & chasing your tail.

    Loving the tooth brush reference!!

    I hope you get some sleep before the next stage of your epic Moz in New York tour.

  18. Thank you for sharing this excellent review, very much appreciated. I nearly got hiccups when I read about the toothbrush mention! And I am glad to hear that you also took an inflatable red rose - had been meaning to ask you about this. Looking forward to read about your next concert adventure.


    1. Mme thrilled to see you here again and glad to know
      that you are still observing from a distance.

      I hope that your health is better now.

      Looks like this tour is going to be very exciting !

    2. Glad you're lOOking in, Mimi! Miss having you around!


  19. Hi Rat! It was great to meet you at the show yesterday and be part of the war of the roses. It was also nice speaking with Kyle and his father, who are very friendly. Bring on Brooklyn! I will see you there.

    1. It was great, good effort by you. Next time maybe.

  20. I hope the ring will make it to the west.cost

    Congratulation to Kyle for making it on stage again

    Rat this night sounds very amazing :-)

    If you we're in Moz Angeles we would have accepted your roses

  21. Thank you for the wonderful post, I feel as if I was actually there. Seems like you are having an excellent adventure.

  22. Who would have thought that almost 18 months later the whole MW / Mozziah thing would still have us riveted to our seats wondering what's coming next.

    That's it - just a quick thought.


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