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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 487 - How Can You Delve SO LOW?

Absolutely vile and disgusting comments about eleven year old Morrissey fan Kyle, and his father  were posted yesterday by users of  So-Low, resulting in the pair of them being too frightened to attend last night's concert in Atlantic City.

Having watched Friday night's concert in Brooklyn, Kyle and his dad  drove two hours through the night to get to AC, no doubt full of excitement, and buzzing because Kyle had been allowed to run on stage at Brooklyn.

As more and more vile comments were added throughout the day on So-Low, without ANY form of moderation whatsoever, at the very last moment, despite having paid for another night in the House of Blues Hotel, and having spent a lot of money on tickets, Kyle's father made the difficult decision not to go to the concert. He has informed me that he just didn't feel right about things. They packed up and drove straight home. One can only imagine how that eleven year old little boy felt, but his father trusted his parental instinct, and no doubt made the correct decision. I have nothing but utter, utter respect for Kyle's dad, who I had the privilege to meet at both Long Island and Brooklyn. He even offered to drive me to Atlantic City AND offered me his spare ticket. Kyle's dad is the mildest, and most perfectly mannered person you could ever wish to meet, and I feel desperately upset that this has happened to him and his son, just because they were enjoying the phenomonal story of MorrisseysWorld.

Users of So-Low, and particularly the moderator Peter Finan aka Uncle Skinny, have spent months accusing me of being behind MorrisseysWorld, just because they are frustrated that they've missed out on the whole adventure. I don't believe for one minute that they are thick enough to not have worked it out by now that MORRISSEY IS THE AUTHOR OF MORRISSEYSWORLD, they are just saying that I am the author to protect their own website, because they fear that if EVERYBODY knew that Morrissey was behind MorrisseysWorld, all the fans would ditch So-Low, and use Mozzer's very own site. The owner and moderators of So-Low know that they can keep saying Morrissey isn't behind MorrisseysWorld, because there is NO way that Morrissey will ever admit it, he can't, it just wouldn't be the same. I may actually be mistaken about Uncle Skinny, he REALLY might not have worked out that it is Morrissey behind MorrisseysWorld, but I am fairly confident that So-Low owner David Tseng has worked it out, and he is scared to death that Morrissey fans will stop using the So-Low site, because A) He loves the 'power' it brings him, and B) he earns money from the advertising on his site.

How will Tseng be able to sleep tonight, knowing an eleven year old boy has missed the chance of watching his hero in concert? The answer to that of course is very easy, Tseng will sleep fine, because he was given a life time ban by Morrissey, so he will be glad that others can't go to concerts. Tseng now HATES Morrissey, and instead of So-low being the fantastic fansite that it once was, it is now a place full of absolutely vile and despicable Morrissey haters, who do nothing but criticize his music. WHY? If they no longer like him, why not just listen to the old records, and leave it at that, WHY feel the need to keep having a go at the person who is supposed to be their so called hero?

Morrissey has made it BLATANTLY clear that he doesn't want his fans to use So-Low by wearing a  'Fuck Morrissey Solo' t-shirt on stage, as did all his band members. They ALL hate the So-Low place. Morrissey backed up his hatred by banning the website's owner from live shows, what more can he do to stop his fans using a website he hates?

There seems to be no way of stopping this disgusting bile at So-Low, they have proven that they are not interested in self policing their site, in fact Tseng loves the fact that he has fellow brothers in arms attacking Morrissey's every move, it means that he doesn't feel so isolated in his one man ban. With regard to MorrisseysWorld, if any of the So-Low users had bothered to actually follow the whole story instead of dismissing it from day one, they could have joined in the fun, and even interacted with their hero, Morrissey.

I have no idea what will happen next. I imagine Morrissey will be absolutely distraught for Kyle, there is even rumour that he didn't perform an encore tonight, which if it is true, is probably because he knew Kyle wasn't going to be going, due to the vile comments. I wouldn't be surprised if Morrissey does soemthing, but I don't know what, he can hardly ban every So-Low user, after all, most are anonymous. In the mean time, I am going to show solidarity to Morrissey, Kyle and his dad, and disassociate myself from anybody who uses So-Low or defends either it, or Uncle Skinny.

This is no longer a light hearted bit of banter, an eleven year old boy and his dad have had to give up the chance to watch Morrissey in concert through fear of reprisals. If any of the people I currently interact with on twitter want to remain friends with Skinny and the other Moz Army lot who use So-Low, then I will NEVER interact with them again, not that they will care of course. I would ask them as parents to think how they would feel as a result of what has happened to Kyle, and there is no point saying, "Uncle Skinny just helps out a bit", he has been absolutely VILE towards me, and allows others to post whatever they like when it involves hatred toward MorrisseysWorld or the BlueRoseSociety, which incidentally was started by Morrissey himself, just as it was Oscar Wilde who formed green Carnation, but of course the So-Lowers won't understand any of that, it's far too girly for them. Uncle Skinny has been misguided enough to think that I'm some fantasy crackpot fan, and that I am behind MorrisseysWorld. I have quite enjoyed watching the So-Lowers run around in circles, desperately confused as to what the hell is going on, but now the joking has to stop, a REAL eleven year old boy has been caught up in it, and it isn't fair.

 Read these words carefully Peter Finan, and put your parent head on. What has happened to eleven year old Kyle is NOT funny and you HAVE to take those comments down from your website, Now for another VERY important bit, I AM NOT BEHIND MORRISSEYSWORLD, MORRISSEY IS!

I really am so desperately sorry for that eleven year old boy, he is a charming and friendly lad, and the fact that he loves the music of Morrissey and not One Direction like every other child of the same age, should mean we all embrace him for having such wonderful taste. The more I think about it, the higher my respect is for Kyle's dad for making that really hard decision not to go to last night's concert in Atlantic City. It proves that he is NOT some fantasist living out some ambition to get close to Moz, as some So-Lower suggested, he is a decent man, and an excellent father. I for one am proud of him.

Viva Morrissey, the blue rose thing can wait, first off, something has to be done about So-Low.


  1. I am very upset at these stupid haters on so-low I left a comment to the Bam link saying





    paint a VULGAR picture"

    Down with SO-LOW
    Nothing but haters there



    1. LMFAO my post that was left on So-low was deleted

      Fucken whips

  2. I was at the AC show and was looking around for Kyle and his Dad and was wondering why I didn't see them there. I had also read the So-Low comments on the bus on the way up from NYC and I was appalled at what was being written about Kyle, his Dad, and the Blue Rose Society in general. I actually felt uneasy advertising any involvement with it at the show for fear of people's nasty comments. It is possible that word got to Morrissey about Kyle and that is why there was no encore. What happened to Kyle and his Dad is horrible. They are very kind and friendly people and do not deserve this treatment at all. Something must be done about So-Low and its vile users once and for all!!!

  3. I am gutted that Kyle's dad felt unable to take him to see Morrissey last night. I NEVER thought it would come to this.

    To read the venom at So-Low leaves me sad & angry. The attack toward Kyle & his dad is sick.

    BRS is a group of people who want to show there love of Morrissey by taking him roses. It is quite an irony the hatred it creates for some people.

    *Downhearted & f*cking angry*

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Honestly and without disrespect , you say you do not like Solo I never did either however in your own manner you have shut people out, alienated them and also tried to create an atmosphere that these concerts you attended were just for you.There were tons of people there and all you focus on is yourself and the attention you get and you have been rude to others. Not trying to insult anyone but there are other people who are less fortunate and cannot pay to have attention drawn to them.Again, not a Solo fan but now officially not a fan of any of the online pages.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear Anon, You couldn;t be further from the truth about the Blue Rose Society, we have been asking for EVERYBODY to join us, NOT trying to "shut people out" and "alienate them." And also, at the concerts, we have been handing out FREE roses in an attempt to get people to join, and have CERTAINLY not been rude to anybody. I don't believe for one minute that you were actually at either concert. If you read the tweets of @BlueRoseSociety , you will see that they have been encouraging fans to bring roses for months and months.

  6. This really makes me cross poor Kyle it isn't on to pick on a bairn just because he's been fortunate enough to meet his idol. They are all jealous which is really sad as we all as fans should be supportive of each other. What does ripping into people achieve? absolutely nowt! I divvint like so-low as they all seem a bunch of disillusioned idiots who aren't respectfull to morrissey. The #bluerosesociety comes from true love and respect for one another and our moz,i'd rather be associated with people who are true and loyal not people who are bitter and twisted x

  7. morrissey and his crew are aware of why kyle and his dad never attended last nights show.. (over to moz)

    1. Thanks for that info, Manc! I just feel really sad about all of this! :(

    2. That's good to know and honestly hope that these people don't stop Kyle and Dad for attending any more Shows.

      I am very upset with this matter and can not believe that this cowards would pick on a child for making it on stage many more times than they have
      I am.proud of our president and honestly hopes he does make it to his last 2 shows and flips everyone the bird

  8. I am utterly heartbroken for Kyle and his dad, but I totally understand his decision. Please give Kyle lots of love from everyone here.

    I'm speechless by the way fellow human beings could attack such a great kid. It's utterly mindblowing

  9. Sorry Ratty, my comment is too long this time (you may remove it if you want):

    This is basically a human-behaviour-on-the-internet psychology thing. If we think of how many criminals in our daily life, it's doubled on the internet.

    In real life, we, human, is more able to control our negativity, our anger, and we can respect people more in the name of humanity, which is something that seems has forgotten on the internet life, why? Well, basically we are using mask, and think that it will keep us save, which makes us think that we can do -and say- anything we want. With our anonymousity (am I spelling it right?), we feel more powerful as no one will knock on our door in the middle of the night to confront or attack us for what we've done on the net. No pollice officer will chase us, no law, no jail, and we started to become an internet criminals.

    On the internet, everyone is anonymous. As it takes strength to be gentle and kind, it will also takes maturity, self awareness for us to keep our humanity on the net. From my experience in internet surfing, there are some reason why people look for enemies on the net: Newbies, existence, unhappy, or just simply dumb. But yes, of course I might be wrong, who am I anyway?

    One thing I truly believe is internet should make people smarter. And if it's not, either you use it in a wrong way or you just don't have enough brain OR you just refuse to learn (as you don’t have enough brain of course).

    What happens here is another failure of people in using internet. 'This is not my real life', you might think. Well my friend, you're wrong. Internet is part of our 'real-life'. Becoming a criminal here is showing who you really are.

    All of the negative comments about an eleven (or twelve?) year old kid - simply because your jealousy (which is ridiculous), or your hatred to Morrissey (which is a huge 'why' of being in that forum), or because your hatred to bluerosesociety (which is also another 'why')or even for no reason at all - are coming from your fingers (as an extend of your mouth), it is in your brain.

    Now look at yourself in the mirror and ask: 'How sick am I?'

    1. It takes strength to be gentle and kind...

    2. A long but well worth comment. Thank you! Unfortunately, people who spout hatred like that on solow or anywhere on the Internet haven't got an inch of self awareness.

    3. Thank you GOB,
      Unfortunately true, they haven't and perhaps will never.

    4. It takes strength to be gentle and kind....

      Then why doesn't Morrissey do the same? He constantly puts the Royals and other down, but that is okay?

      Why is okay for him to spout hatred toward others, but when it's directed at someone you all like, it is not?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. For my sins I went first to So-Low today to read the reviews of last night's concert.
    Then I visited Twitter to catch up.

    Having arrived at your blog Rats, I am totally gobsmacked to discover what happened late
    yesterday. I applaud what you have written and the way in which you have written it.
    Of course I agree with every word.

    Having seen the comments unfold on So-Low yesterday, I can quite see why Kyle's
    father took the very difficult decision that he did. An innocent fan and his son
    have been penalised for having a bit of fun. Kyle must be devastated.

    What a shocking indictment of how SOME Morrissey fans behave, I am sickened.
    And Our Mozzer must be disgusted.

  11. Kellie the (Angry) Crisp13 January 2013 at 13:51

    Well spoken Rats and what we are all feeling. I am sick to the stomach and sad in the heart for beautiful Kyle and his wonderful Dad. I have never been to So Low only to read what happened yesterday. What pathetic sad and most importantly JEALOUS individuals some of them are. Which is a shame because there seemed like some good discussion there also. As a parent I am devastated for Kyle and his Dad. I know how much Morrissey means to both of them. I hope the morons who caused this are happy with their small minded vendetta against who knows what. I am so pleased that Moz is aware of what happened. #vivamoz #vivakyle We all love and support you darling boy. xxxxx

  12. Well said

    Hope Kyle and his dad are alright.

    You don't have to buy into the MW thing to see that there a genuine and caring people here and nasty, spiteful and hateful people on solo.

  13. Well said Rat, you are never one to shy away from saying what you think and this time you have got it absolutely right.

  14. what is so slow? havnt seen anyy of the nasty comments but they should of gone to the concert it is awfull they diseded not to go xx

  15. How many of you lemmings actually believe that this site will close? Seriously, how many times has this been threatened before, and then shortly thereafter, the loser who runs this brings it back?

    Speaking for a few fans in Pittsburgh, I was kind of hoping he would cancel his show here because of such a horrid setlist and the ridiculous concept of blue roses. If Morrissey is seriously upset because that little kid's father decided not to go to the show, then please do cancel the Pittsburgh show.

    1. As you say, you speak for a few fans so not too much to wory about there, Why are you put off from attending a concert because of blue roses? Morrissey doesn't go on about them so he's not going to bother you. There may be some 'blue rose' people there but guess what . . They like the setlist, they like the music and they like the artiste, three things more than you do, it seems. Perhaps Trouble loves you?

  16. Bless you Ratty for staying up late to write this when you were utterly exhausted, but it had to be said. Needless to say, I'm deeply disgusted and saddened by the situation, as the rest of you are. SoLow has certainly lived up to its name by taking something as beautiful as a child's love for his idol and turning it into something bitter, twisted and vulgar. Something MUST be done about this vile cesspit where hatred is encouraged to flourish. Kyle and his dad are very special people and we're honored to have them as part of the BlueRoseSociety. #vivakyle #vivabluerose

  17. I'm very sorry this has happened. I feel terrible for that sweet little boy. I tried yesterday to defend Kyle and to also post about The Blue Rose Society in a positive light. I hope that some of you did see that. It wasn't all mean and nasty comments.

    I don't feel that I belong anywhere, anymore, and I never know what Morrisseysworld is going to do - stay open or closed. Everything depends on signs, and to be honest, I just want to go to a place where I can write in my journal (my journal on solo has been active for nearly 12 years, so I guess that's why I keep going back to it) and find the latest news on Morrissey. I have not posted on MW in a while because last time I was there a few of the members starting arguing over petty things and it really did remind of solo. Also, when I joined at the beginning, "HM Morrissey" said all anonymous posters and hurtful comments would not be tolerated and would be deleted. That didn't/doesn't happen. It was also stated that the site would be the first to get news...and that doesn't happen, either. I'm not trying to be rude and I'm not bashing the site. I love Morrisseysworld, but why can't it just stay open?? Why must we depend on signs all of the time? The site would run just fine and smoothly if it would More people would join and maybe the good would stay here. I enjoy Rat's journal, and I enjoy checking out MW. I just wish it would START being updated and STOP with the "if Morrissey sings ***** tonight" or "If Morrissey picks up a Blue Rose tonight then the site will remain open. If not then all of it will be deleted and will never see the light of day again." Or, along those lines...

    If I knew MW - whether Morrissey had any direct connection or not - would just stay open, then I'd stay on. It's fun and you guys are sweet and kind people.

    Again, I'm gutted to know that Kyle couldn't attend the show. I'm know he was terribly crushed by that. The people on solo who bashed Kyle and his father should be drowning in guilt, but I'm here to tell you - I am not one of those people.

    Thanks for reading.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you for your kind words and very sweet offer :)

    3. Hi hand in glove, how lovely to see you here! I really enjoyed having you around on the blog & your short time on twitter. You are always a calming influence & compose thoughtful comments.
      Please come back again, I have missed you.
      Take care x

    4. Wonderful to see you, hand in glove. We did notice your comments and appreciate them very much. We'd love to see you around here more often, if you feel so inclined.

    5. hand in glove, MorrisseysWorld is about mystery, intrigue and is in itself, a piece of art. The openings and closings are a parody of a 'Prima donna' Morrissey. Not everybody will get the humour (humor), but for those who do, it is highly amusing.

    6. It is nice to speak and see you guys again, as well. Thank you all for being so wonderful and true to Morrissey. He really does deserve only the best from his fans and he's helped a lot of us (certainly me) get through some really tough times. I'll love that man till the day I die - purely and unconditionally. It's so nice to speak to people who GET that. :)

    7. TRB: I get the humour. I love the parody. That's not what I'm upset about. I just wish it would stay open. That's all.

    8. No, I'm not on Twitter anymore. I don't have a facebook, either. I have friends who have either/or and they all want me to join, so I just may as they're (my friends) are scattered here, there, and everywhere. I'll let you know if I do! :)

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