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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day 491 - Gone, Gone, Gone!

The MorrisseysWorld blog has GONE.
The MorrisseysWorld twitter account has GONE.
Our Mozzer's right hand man, Broken, has GONE.

Nobody at this moment in time knows if MorrisseysWorld is gone for good, is just resting, or is re-vamping so that it can take over from S*-L*w.

I only ever started writing this blog of mine to follow the phenomenal story of MorrisseysWorld, so if it HAS ended, I really should be heading back to work, which is not what I really want to do, but I it would be a waste for me not to give others the benefit of my astute business brain. Having said that, if MW returns, I shall continue to write the story, because this is FAR too important a piece of history for me not to.

If Morrissey DOES create the new Number 1 Morrissey website, I will happily volunteer to be a PROPER moderator, although ideally I think Morrissey should employ me as his new manager, I'd be perfect; I'd fawn in all the right places, dish out the bad news when it's needed, and be the one he can blame for everything. I shall stand by the fax machine in anticipation *Goes to stand by fax machine and realises that he doesn't have one*

There is so far no Youtube footage from yesterday's concert at The Music Center in Strathmore, North Bethesda, so I have no idea how the concert went. If the Setlist.Fm website is accurate, then there were no surprise songs played, and it shows that 'Shoplifters' was the opener and 'How Soon Is Now?' the encore. It would be interesting to know if the intro music reverted back to the 'Imperfect List' instead of Klaus Nomi, but I absolutely REFUSE to even peek into the vile S*L*w cesspit to find out. I doubt that anybody has written a proper review anyway. I have seen photos on twitter, which show that the finger lingerie has now been changed to yellow and it has moved finger, which proves that it isn't an injury. More news tomorrow if I find any.


Romina left a comment on my blog of yesterday mentioning that she'd noticed Morrissey has stopped wearing his two chunky stage rings and also sang a piece from Rubber Ring the other day. Romina also suggests that Heather should be the one to pass the ring to Morrissey. I think that would be a great idea, but we need MozFiend to let us know where it is! Perhaps MozFiend could get the ring to Heather. Please report in agent MozFiend.

I have been very busy in the real world today, so I have no time to add any more. There is a new Morrissey interview in the Pittsburg Post Gazette, in which Morrissey rather interestingly mentions Boy George and "a hateful online creche called Morrissey S*L*w." I shall report further on both the interview tomorrow.

On a very brief visit this evening to the Twitterdilly Arms, I witnessed a lot of doom and gloom. The black cloud will lift. We've been here before, and no doubt we'll be here again. If this IS the end, we should be grateful; after all, we have our health and we are NOT Elton John.

*Goes off singing* The one I love, roosts in the mind, can snap this spell, or increase hell


  1. Hope it is not the end
    and will come back

  2. Although it feels like a black cloud has descended upon us, I'm hopeful that brighter days await us. If not, Rat is right that we should be grateful for the wonderful experiences we've had and especially that we're not Elton John! I've loved seeing the return of the finger lingerie and hope that such signs will continue.


  3. As the tumbleweed blows across Twitter, countless members of the Moz posse
    bow their heads in contemplation.

    Why, why was the Morrissey's World blog taken from them ?

    Where, where has Moz's Twitter profile gone ?

    Who, who is the mysterious Broken and did he cause a bit of a barney on Twit
    with @smallboyjokes so that he could disappear as well ?

    There are more twists and turns in MozWorld than Twin Peaks.

    We all hope that Moz is gathering strength to come back stronger than before
    to fight the foe on So-Low.
    All is grey and miserable without him.

  4. After the wondetfull comment of Lizzy what can I say? Anyway Morrissey is still touring so, dear Rat, you got a lot of thing to say in your blog and, of course, a lot of work to do! Ciao!


    1. Thank you Romina/Caterita * blushes *

  5. Agent MozFiend here. I am sorry that I did not have the time to write sooner. I am still in possession of the Blue Rose Society ring. Since being passed the ring by Kyle in Brooklyn I have attended two shows- Atlantic City and Red Bank, NJ. In AC I was afraid to show my affiliation with the Blue Rose Society due to the goings on at So-Low concerning Kyle and his father. And I didn't see anyone with a rose there or anything else that would give away a member, so I stayed quiet about it all. At the Count Dracula Theater in Red Bank, I chatted up many of the surrounding fans in the front rows and either they had never heard of MorrisseysWorld, had heard of it but knew nothing much about it, or they think MorrisseysWorld is a hoax perpetrated by some nutbag pretending to be Morrissey and followed by a bunch of delusional mental patients, and they wanted NOTHING to do with it at all. I am still going to the show in Port Chester, NY and I will do my best to pass on the ring to a worthy successor or I will do whatever it is you desire me to do with it. I am as ever a faithful servant of the Blue Rose Society.

    1. Forza Moz Fiend and Forza Moz! #Daje!


  6. Good to know that all is well with you Agent MozFiend and that you are
    still in possession of the priceless Blue Rose Society ring.
    You did well in enemy company not to arouse suspicion.
    The poor demented fools who are not believers !!
    Hopefully in Port Chester, New York, you will be able to pass the
    ring on to someone you can trust.

  7. MW, like life, tends to come and go. Art is mystery and the plot always thickens.

    I have been contemplating removing S*L*w from the season creep blog list, which I have kept there as a way of staying in-touch with Morrissey's going ons. Should I remove it out of loyalty and disgust?

    1. The unfortunately inappropriately named MorrisseyLoversUnited Forums is gone from the blog list. Shame. It's a useful news site, but there aren't many Morrissey Lovers in the comments (and moderating).

  8. Will be waiting till my love returns...

  9. Thanks for all your updates Rats. I am sad to see MW go again. And yes, if it is over the memories are so special & will never fade.

    All the best to you, Moz Fiend I hope you get to pass the ring . I would be so happy for Heather to get the ring next week.

  10. please dont worry about broken..hes made of strong stuff..remember what arnie said people

  11. Just saw a series of concert pics showing that the 'Not Slum Mum' pic was one of Kristeen Young's backdrops not Morrisseys.


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