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Friday, 15 February 2013

Day 520 - 'O'

Is the above poster a 'sign' that the MorrisseysWorld blog will soon be returning?
Has the 'bleedin' ulcer' stopped bleeding, thus meaning Morrissey will be back on stage next Thursday in Denver?
Will The Blue Rose Society EVER be accepted by the masses?
Will The Twitterdilly Arms be forced to close due to a lack of business, or will Our Mozzer return to save it?
Is this blog of mine dying a slow and painful death?
Time, as ever...........


  1. Let's start looking for answers!!!!



  2. What a great poster, although the hand sign is JUST a coincidence !!

    Viva Moz !!

  3. Absolutely LOVE this poster! Hopefully at the very least it's a sign that the tour will be resuming shortly and Moz is well on his way to recovery. Really hoping that MorrisseysWorld will someday return. It would be a tragedy to see the Twit Arms and this blog disappear (perish the thought!).

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. not at all connected to MW.
    N.O.T. A.T. A.L.L

  6. Hes got my shirt on..ok not mine but i do have one the same

  7. Hes got my shirt on..ok not mine but i do have one the same

  8. Can't wait! Hope its a little sign...

  9. pink shirts are always my favourite on Morrissey! I think he is better now, great news! Thank you Rat!

    1. Us men prefer the colour to be classed as lilac. .sssshhhh

  10. I hope Moz will feel well enough to resume the tour next week.

    Cracking 'O' poster!


  11. Dear Mr M,

    I have just read your statement on TTY and it made me laugh and cry at the same time.
    You must have been through a terrible time and I hate to think of you being so ill.

    Your humour still shines through and I hope you take it easy as you reconnect with
    the real world again.

    Having seen a photo of you last night after the Soundgarden show, I was pleased
    to see you looking well and happy.

    We miss you, take care, get well soon, lots of love and hugs, Lizzy xxxx

  12. Hey blog shithead, seeing as you're connected with all this Moz stuff, you must have seen all these statements coming, right? WRONG. Because you're a shithead liar. Game over, twatbrick.

  13. just been told where Our Mozzer's hotel he's staying at, on my way...wish me luck!

  14. We look to Moz Angeles <3



  15. Once again, Morrissey has posted a marvelous TTY statement very soon after this blog posted something concerning his condition. In the entry above, Rat asks if the bleeding ulcer has stopped bleeding. In today's TTY statement, Morrissey writes, "For those scholars who are heatedly curious, my ulcer is now under reigns." If my memory serves me correctly, I recall that the MW blog has referred to Rat as a "MorrisseysWorld scholar." The TTY mention of being "horizontal" with "various IV drips" reminds me of the MW parody piece from December that depicted an ill Rat being "horizontal" and "connected to a drip around the clock" (see Day 458 of this blog). But this is all just coincidence, of course, and I hate to think of our beloved Moz in this condition. The wonderful humor of the TTY statement and the recent reports of Moz being out and about in LA fill me with hope that he is well on his way to recovery. Get well soon, Mozzer - whatever happens, we love you.

  16. It's got fuck-all to do with coincidence, you fucking dense MORONS. You stupid, stupid, fucking MORONS.

    1. So Moz is definitely giving us a sign - thanks for clearing that up! :)

  17. The TTY statement made me smile & shed a tear. Moz has used the combination of sincerity & humour quite beautifully.

    I hope Morrissey absorbs all the love & good wishes & continues his journey back to better health.

    My eternal love, as ever for Morrissey. xxx

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Tty statement brought a smile to my face

    Oh Mozzer I love you so much and can not wait to see you on stage.

    Rat :-) Keep bloging

    VIVA LA Rosa Azul

  20. Re TTY statement: it is great to see Moz hasn't lost his sense of humour! This statement brought a smile to my face and not just because it reminded me so much of the MW writing! I also agree wholeheartedly with Heather, those thoughts also crossed my mind!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who had these deluded thoughts. The statement also contains some interesting mentions of eyes. OO

    2. Oh Heather don't worry about those deluded thoughts, we're all with you.

  21. A very interesting statement, I am glad to hear he is better and slightly curious about those indecent books. Hello to the Twitterdillians!
    xxx (no kisses for Rats, or I will get a life ban from the jukebox).
    Speaking of which... - at 2:25....

    1. A warm hello to you Madame, it's always nice to see you here. xxx

  22. Our Mozzer is lookin good...Jimmy Kimmel, San Diego here we come...

  23. Glad to hear Moz is alive and healing. Blood loss/anemia can make one weak and so tired at times, you're worn out doing anything even mildly strenuous, and sad to say something you cannot heal instantly, in fact rest(and medication) is about the only thing one can do. Plus you do not want to go back to work too soon, or you chance jinxing any healing that's already taken place (perhaps you could go back early if you had dull office type job) All we can do is offer him well wishes, prayers, good vibes etc as he recovers. We can be thankful that he is keeping us up to date and to Ratty for keeping the BlueRoseSociety together a few times a week. As for the indecent books he's taken to reading, perhaps he is into the 'Shades of Grey' series, that we will know soon enough if he begins to sing about bondage and submission LOL Get Well soon, we love you too Morrissey.

  24. A poem about being ill for our Mozzer:

    "The four songs following this one
    Are different from everything I think,
    Make lies of everything I feel,
    They are the opposite of what I am...

    I wrote them when I was getting sick
    And so they are natural
    And they agree with what I feel,
    They agree with what they don’t agree with...
    Being sick I should think the opposite
    Of what I think when I’m healthy
    (Otherwise I wouldn’t be sick),
    I should feel the opposite of what I feel
    When I’m healthy,
    I should give the lie to my nature
    Of being a creature who feels a certain way...
    I should be all sick—ideas and everything.
    When I’m sick, I’m not sick for something else.

    So these songs which deny me
    Are not capable of denying me
    And are the landscape of my soul in the night,
    The same in the opposite..."

    In love,

  25. Think i will be over for the tv show


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