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Friday, 1 March 2013

Day 534 - An Interview With Morrissey

If you have not read my blog before, welcome along and thank you for dropping in. I am very privileged to have Morrissey as one of my regular readers, so last Wednesday I posted 'A Dozen Deluded Questions' on my blog, in the hope that Morrissey might answer them. After a week had gone by, I didn't think I was going to get a response, but yesterday Morrissey left a series of comments on my blog of last Wednesday answering some, but not all, of the questions. Here is the interview in full:

TRB: Knowing that you love nostalgia, and that you are an old romantic at heart, does the 30 year anniversary of your first vinyl recording bring any mist to the old Moz eyes?

MorrisseyWhere the mist of nostalgia meets the fog of war is where you will find me, squinting out from behind sclerotic cataracts. But these old eyes don't cry anymore. When one's eyes dry up entirely, it is a sure sign that the heart is dead, and one must be either an artist or a doctor.

TRB: And here you are, 30 years later, having released not only sixty singles, but also thirteen studio albums, ALL of which reached the Top 8 in the UK, with eleven of those thirteen albums going Top 5 and four of them to Number 1. Putting self deprecation aside for one minute, you've done OK over the past thirty years, 'haven't' you?

MorrisseyDoing OK is what happens when a Car Phone Warehouse salesgirl reaches her monthly target in West Croydon. I'd like to think I'm aiming slightly higher than that. I think you'll find the word you were looking for was 'mesmerizingly.'

TRB: And now for the next thirty years. Tony Bennett has recorded a further seventeen studio albums since he was your age (he's now 86), can you possibly imagine the same happening with you?

MorrisseyThirty years? That should equate to around ten 'Best Of' collections, five 'Greatest Hits,' nine hundred cancelled pop concerts and at least twenty more years of touring 'The Kid's a Looker.' Quite frankly, I can't wait.

TRB: Having managed to avoid death in the past month, do you ever wonder how the Morrissey legend would have been if you had died early, for instance, do you think your tomb would have been filled with posthumous awards, despite the fact that the music industry have generally chosen to ignore you whilst you still draw breath?

MorrisseyFinally a reasonable question. In the pop industry death is when one's career finally begins. It is my strong belief that when I'm dead and buried, my songs and my voice will still be heard. Specifically at your local Citizen's Advice Bureau, probably with panpipe accompaniment.

TRB: So, having avoided death, and awards, let's get back to the present. During your enforced break from touring, you have been spending time in Hollywood, did you choose to recoup in LA because it still feels like some sort of home, or was it the medical care you were after?

Morrissey: (Question not answered)

TRB: On the subject of LA, 'All The Lazy Dykes' has recently crept it's way into my all time Top 10. It is a stunning song that I 'missed' the beauty of when it was released. Which of your songs do YOU think are greatly underrated, and are there any in particular that you have recently listened to and thought, 'Wow, that song's bloody good'?

Morrissey'Diamonds' by Rihanna.

TRB: You have recently described your concert last month in Brooklyn as one of the best nights of your career. It has been reported that Tony Visconti was there, did you manage to catch up, and have you discussed working together on the next album?

Morrissey: (Question not answered)

TRB: Your bleeding ulcer has no doubt put everything else on hold, but now as you look forward to returning to the stage next week, what are your plans for the rest of 2013?

MorrisseyI intend to breathe, eat and sleep. However my plans may change at short notice. I will also be appearing live in England later this year. I fully intend to sing a cover version of a delightful little number called How Soon Is Now by Johnny Marr, if my vocal range permits.

TRB: I shudder to ask, but where do you go next with your negotiations for a record deal?

MorrisseyThe only remaining hope is that Tom Hanks purchases Sony Records.

TRB: And whilst on the 'always asked' list, any news on the autobiography?

Morrissey: (Question not answered)

TRB: Aside from the indecent books that you have recently stated you have been reading, what were the last three songs/albums you bought?

Morrissey: (Question not answered)

12. And finally, have you a message for the Blue Rose Society?


Foot Note - I previously interviewed Morrissey in May 2012. It can be read here:


  1. Congratulations Rat on another great interview. I can't wait to see Moz live in England later this year.


  2. Lovely to hear from Our Mozzer again. Thank you both, a nice surprise to cheer up a grim Friday morning.

    Because WE MUST #BlueRoseSociety #LoveForMoz

    1. Do you think it is 'Our Mozzer' answering rather than Morrissey? They are both so similar in many ways, but the "live in England" comment SURELY makes it a Morrissey interview as opposed to an Our Mozzer interview? I particularly loved the 'Car Phone Warehouse' and 'Citizen's Advice Bureau' answers, he's a funny bloke that Mozzer.

    2. I think you could barely get a rizla between TRM & 'Our Mozzer'. I perceive them as having a great likeness much of the time.

      The humour is a joy, very funny & greatly appreciated. The prospect of seeing Moz live again is VERY exciting.

  3. Applause to Rat and, of course, to Morrissey! Best way to starting a grey Friday morning! Viva Morrissey!

  4. A great interview rats! I was about to give up there on Moz answering anything but am delighted that he managed to get around to it. What blew my mind was the rihanna response her singing voice is nice and thats all i care to know about her frankly.
    Staples center tonight I'm just dying of anticipation.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Because we must.. now where oh where have i heard that before

  7. 'twenty more years of touring 'The Kid's a Looker'

    (!?!) well that sounds good to me!!
    hint hint. back in the set list please.
    obviously after ART HOUNDS though!:)

  8. Even if the vocal range isn't quite up to scratch - it'll still be better than Marr's attempt the other night.

  9. Many thanks to Our Mozzer/TRM for answering these questions. Every answer is a gem, it was well worth the wait! I particularly enjoyed the comments about 'How Soon Is Now' and being either an artist or a doctor.

    Well, today is the anniversary of last year's infamous Cordoba concert. Before the concert, I had asked Our Mozzer if he would be doing anything in honor of Bieber's birthday and he said there would be a 'small surprise.' About twenty minutes later, the band walked out on stage wearing black bras and Boz looked stunning in a blue sequined dress. Later in the concert, TRM made some infamous comments about the Falkland Islands after Our Mozzer had mentioned them in a tweet before the concert. Will tonight's concert bring any surprises? All Eyez on Staples... BECAUSE WE MUST. To everyone attending tonight's concert: enjoy and give our love to Mozzer - wish I could be there! Viva Blue Rose!


  10. It was a thrill to check this blog today to find that even though
    Mr M is very busy at the moment, he has found the time to answer
    questions that Rats has asked.
    The responses to the questions are all given in our Moz's inimitable way.
    I really enjoyed the ' Car Phone Warehouse' quote !!
    Many thanks for taking the time M1959 and Rats.

    I am beyond excited to receive the mesmerizing news about concert dates
    in England for 2013.

    The best of luck to Moz and the band for the special Staples show tonight
    and the Hollywood High concert tomorrow.
    I am sure that all fans attending will have a great time.
    I can't wait to hear all about them over the weekend.

    " Because we must " long live the Blue Rose Society !!

  11. It's such a delight to see this interview on this glummy Friday! I'm grateful that you've provided us with some much needed good cheer and humor! Viva La Blue Rose!

  12. I agree with HeatherCat! All Eyez on Staples!! Iam surprized too w/ the whole Rihanna thing. He is so wonderful, I'm so happy he got around to replying back & responding to ur questions Rat. What a delight! Makes me love him more & more each day, tho I dont know if thats possible when u love someone so much & forever! lol But I love what he especially said about the heart...that those old eyes don't cry anymore & when one's eyes dry up entirely, it is a sure sign that the heart is dead, and one must be either an artist or a doctor...There's no other better way to put it, I agree w/ him so much on that one, thats the outcome. I feel him on that one, he made me tear up. One of the main reasons why I simply adore him, not just as an artist but a person, a human being. I love you Morressay, thank u for being in my life-

    1. The Rihanna comment was British humor, he doesn't really like Diamonds...... at least I don't think so!


  14. Thankyou to all involved.

    I must put a blue rose on the 'creep's sidebar.

  15. red, white, blue roses tonight @Staples!!!!!

  16. Congratulation on the interview! Bet you're thrilled. Liked the thoughtful replies r/t his career and future and the dig about Marr, although I do hope he was being sarcastic r/t 'Diamonds', but then again maybe he meant the video where it was nice to see the 2 horses find each other near the end. Well, can't wait to read about the concert tomorrow and maybe BRS news. Have a good weekend and hope you had a good St David's Day.#BlueRoseSociety


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