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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day 545 - "Morrissey Hospitalised With Pneumonia", "The Vault Is Empty", "A Great Album", "The Most Laughable Cult" and More LIES, LIES, LIES!

What was it that Morrissey said in his 'Reports of my Understated Death' statement of January 31st, "The positive from all of this is that there are now no known ailments left for me to try", well that wasn't true, he hadn't tried "double pneumonia"..... but he has now!

On Saturday, a press release was posted on True To You, stating that Morrissey's concert in San Francisco was not taking place due to his ongoing medical condition. A further statement on Sunday explained that, "Morrissey is presently being treated in San Francisco for "double pneumonia", but remains on course to headline the Vive Latino festival in Mexico City on March 14." The statement also added that the San Fran concert had been re-arranged for May 1 and that a recently added show for April 5 at Washington's National Theater (sic, it's bloody theatre!) had "sold out within eight seconds". Just to prove that Morrissey's humor (sic, shit, now I'm at it) hasn't deserted him, the following was  added to the statement:

"Morrissey has apologized for the "extreme and silly" venue security at Portland's Arlene Schnitzer Theater during his show there (March 8), commenting: "place an obese McDonalds fry-girl into a venue security uniform and she is suddenly Eva Braun."


Despite Morrissey's continued illness, he will be DETERMINED to play the Vive Latino Festival, not just because he must feel a great sense of achievement at STILL being a headline act after 30 years in the business, but also because he won't want to let down his extremely loyal Mexican fans. It seems to me that Morrissey's Mexican fans love him unconditionally, whereas far too many of Morrissey's UK and US fans, especially on Solow, seem to be more concerned with picking holes and finding fault in everything he says or sings, which is something that I just CANNOT, CANNOT understand. Why can't ALL Morrissey fans be like the latinos, and just love and support their idol? The whole Blue Rose phenomenon is a perfect example of the attitude of the negative fans who, rather than embrace a creative idea that involves the person that they are supposed to adore, instead try to ridicule and destroy it.


Despite the TTY statement emphasizing that Morrissey's illnesses are ongoing, the hatred from Solow hit new lows yesterday with Uncle Skinny, as usual, leading the way. A 'real' fan would just send a simple 'get well soon' message, but Skinny instead took to his computer to write, "It's a little odd to have "double pneumonia" in quotation marks. Is that the actual diagnosis or someone's description of an ailment? Either it's true or it's not. If it is double pneumonia, just say it is, rather than put it in quotes. Otherwise one interpretation would be "Oh, it feels like double pneumonia."

Skinny, who is the main moderator on the Solow website, seems to spend his whole life questioning and criticising EVERYTHING that Morrissey does, and only last week, when commenting on the forthcoming re-release of 'Playboys', Skinny wrote, "With the release of this issue, it pretty much means that the vault is empty as far as recorded unreleasable material goes." WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT?

WHY does this wretched man bother running a Morrissey website, when it is obvious that he has completely fallen out of love with Morrissey, it just doesn't make sense.  On the other hand, Skinny just cannot heap enough sycophantic praise on Johnny Marr, and issued this statement last week, "Congratulations to Johnny for a great album." Skinny also posted a video of Marr singing 'Stop Me' and added, "This is pretty bloody special."

I have no reason to bash Johnny Marr, but his album ISN'T "great", it's an album that entered the charts last week at Number 10 on the back of him having been in The Smiths, and fell completely out of the Top 50 this week! "Great" albums don't do that, "great" albums hang around in the charts for more than one week. Marr's vocal version of 'Stop Me' is NOT "bloody special" either, it's "bloody murder". Brian May would never attempt to sing Freddie Mercury's, 'Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy', so Johnny Marr REALLY, REALLY shouldn't be attempting to sing Morrissey lyrics, he is doing NO justice to the song, and NO justice to his own abilities as a musician. The greatness of his guitar playing is overshadowed by the flat singing. Here is JM's 'Stop Me' from last week:


I had vowed some time ago that I would never mention Uncle Sweaty again within this blogsite, but it is SO difficult whilst he continues to run the website which most Morrissey fans still tend to use. Sweaty continues to censor and block ANYBODY who questions his comments or views. Sweaty's opinions are completely irrelevant, but unfortunately people look to him to tell them how they should interpret things. Former MorrisseysWorlders '@RosyMires' and '@StillICling' hang off his every word, whilst would be journalist 'Rob Pollard' (@_RobPollard) sent a tweet to Sweaty only yesterday asking, "@UncleSkinny Who do you contact about setting up one of these email interviews with Morrissey?" AS IF SKINNY WOULD KNOW, HE KNOWS NOTHING!

Rob Pollard tweeted me six months ago to say, "Anybody in the BlueRoseSociety who genuinely thought the MW blog was Morrissey himself doesn't  get him and should probably stop listening to him." He also tweeted, "BlueRoseSociety - the most laughable Twitter cult out there."

Since Pollard called the BRS "the most laughable cult", Morrissey has accepted a Blue Rose on stage at Radio City in October last year, has accepted a Blue Rose at San Diego in February this year, has accepted the Blue Rose Society Ring at Staples Center Los Angeles in front of 20,000 people and has accepted a Blue Rose at Hollywood High earlier this month. I had forgotten all about Pollard until last week, so I tweeted him to ask, "Hi Rod, still think MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose thing was a fake?" He replied, "You're so odd", which I guess means he has NO idea that Morrissey has accepted these roses, or he just cannot comprehend that it is true, having dismissed it first time around.

Pollard will never become a proper journalist, as he is unable to open his mind, but then again, very few journalists are 'proper'. I wrote a blog article about why BLUE ROSE and MW COULDN'T be fake six months ago to try and help Pollard and others understand a bit more, but Rod either didn't read it, or just didn't believe me. Do I think he will believe me now? No, because it would be a dent to his pride. Perhaps he would like to read it again, and then if he DOES manage to get himself an email interview with Morrissey, he would have some 'proper' questions to ask. Here is my article from six months ago:


And on the subject of poor journalists who can not do their jobs properly, the press world went mad yesterday with a number of headlines, including one by Alison Maloney (@AliMaloney) of The Sun, announcing, "Morrissey hospitalised with pneumonia", despite the TTY statement saying NOTHING of the sort. (See made up Sun story here:

I took to twitter to post, "80% of patients with double pneumonia DON'T require hospitalisation & are treated with antibiotics. Morrissey never said he was hospitalised." My observation was shortly followed by a tweet from Morrissey's PR spokesperson Lauren Papapietro (@laurnpapietro) who tweeted, "I wonder where people get their stories sometimes! Morrissey is not/was not hospitalized in San Francisco. Tour resumes 3/14 (sic, It's 14/3) @ Vive Latino."

Had a lovely massage in the office to celebrate release of The Lion King. Simba spa gets my vote.

So, having spent most of this blog entry wasting my time writing about closed minded fools and story tellers, I have somewhat lost the energy to write about Morrissey's concert of last Friday in Portland, or update my readers on the latest situation regarding MorrisseysWorld. Actually, neither will take up much of my time as there is so little to report! The MW blog is still closed, and Morrissey has made NO attempt to claim back the '@MorrisseysWorld' twitter account from me, which means 'Fluff' remains in the dark, unable to carry out his chart duties.

The concert in Portland looks to have been completely missed by the users of Solow, with NOBODY listing the set list. The ONLY thing that Solow has remained useful for in the past four or five years has been the fact that it lists the set list, so now that it is unable to fulfill that simple function, it really IS dead. R.I.P Solow 1997-2013.

There is not a lot of footage on Youtube from Portland, but from the footage that IS there, it shows that it was once again another awesome concert, and nobody would have had a clue that Morrissey was feeling ill again. He must be dosing himself up to the eyeballs, just to get through these shows. Is it killing him? Quite probably, YES! Will he care? Quite probably, NO, singing live IS his life. On a couple of clips, you can actually see Boz Boorer watching Morrissey intently, which he doesn't normally do. Boz is obviously very concerned about Morrissey's health, but I would very much doubt that Morrissey listens to ANYBODY.

One particular thing that stands out from the video footage in Portland, is a solitary RED ROSE that can be seen swaying. I was not aware that any of the Blue Rose Society were going to be at Portland, so I have no idea who it was waving it, and I also have no idea as to whether or not Morrissey took the rose. Perhaps if the rose taker reads this blog, they will leave a comment below.

'One Day Goodbye Will be Farewell' was brought back into the set at Portland, a poignant reminder that we should make the most of every single precious moment that Morrissey is on stage. The pause during Speedway was 'Bengali In Platforms', a favourote of President Kyle's dad.

Finally then for today, and probably the next few days, seeing as Morrissey doesn't return to the stage until the 14th, a BIG congratulations to BLUE ROSE SOCIETY member Marcus Markou (@PapaSonsFilm), whose debut film 'Papadopoulos and Sons' has just been bought by the BBC, we look forward to watching it later this year, after it has finished it's run at Cineworld cinemas, which starts in April.

Marcus Markou (Twitter)Playwright Marcus Markou joins The Blue Rose Society












The chart was presented in the Twitterdilly Arms at 12.45pm today by '@TheRatsBack'. Fluff will hopefully return..... one day!


  1. Ignore the obsolete creche for set lists. The Portland one is at

    And, yes, since when has San Francisco been a hospital? #getwellMorrissey

  2. This latest run of stories about Morrissey being hospitalized with pneumonia proves once again how unreliable the press is. Even after his publicist tweeted yesterday that he hadn't gone to the hospital, a story has appeared in the Gu*rdian today that says he is "receiving treatment in a San Francisco hospital" - after he flew out of SF yesterday! It just reinforces the message of MW to always question everything, especially anything you read/hear in the media. And of course we know not to look to Solow for anything - I really don't care to add anything on that topic in addition to what Rat has already said. Very funny McDonald's pic, Rats! As you said, it's always nice to see Moz's humor shine through on the TTY statements.

    Hoping that Moz is able to get lots of rest and will heal quickly. BRS sends lots of love, as always.

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    1. I wouldn't know that Regi has left Twitter if you didn't mention it. Thank you for your information and for Regi, surely I'll miss you and really hope you'll come back. It's my birthday WHY did you leave?

  4. That's because you lie about blue rose. It started from an anonymous comment by someone else on that blog and you have adapted it so you can be an attention whore and make yourself seem oh so important . That fan never once gained or sought attention for it either so essentially you are a troll who steps on other people to support your own theories.THE TRUTH.This means you are no better than Solow.You are the same msquerding as " Nice"

    1. Seriously - this crap about some lone fan coming up with the blue rose idea is worn paper-thin. Give it a rest, nobody is listening and nobody cares.

      If Rat or anybody developed the idea then so what - didn't it deserve to be developed?

      Cease and desist please.

      Because you must.

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    3. Hey i remember wearing a blue rose with thousands of other city fans at our last game ever played at maine road.. i also recall being in the chatroom with our mozzer calling for red or white roses on the night of the green carnation story when i said i would wdar a blue rose.. his response was to bite myhead off.. would i claim to be the first.. nah i couldn't care either way

  5. Mexicans for Morrissey :-)

    Woot Woot

    Hope he has a wonderful time in the Mozxico

    Speedy recovery Mozzer

    Viva La rosa azul

  6. Compelling read, cheers rats. How the press love a story - If there isn't one make it up!

    Argghhh, those comments from Uncle Skinny have made me mad. The place is beneath contempt. I am just so glad we can come here to express our views.

    I am pleased to hear Moz is in Mexico. I hope he gets plenty of rest & will feel well enough sing to all his adoring Mexican fans next week.


  7. Today I read a comment on So - Low that was so disgusting and unnecessary that
    I have vowed never again to visit that site.
    Even worse was the fact that people replied to the comment, making a bad situation, worse.

    I actually felt dirty viewing the site due to the horrible views expressed, the language,
    and the lack of respect to others that chose to post there.

    Morrissey - Solo : a hateful online creche. Yes that just about sums it up.

    Mr M, I hope that you are enjoying r and r in Mexico. Please don't push yourself too hard.
    Only resume the tour if and when you are fighting fit again. Lots of love xx

  8. Then stay away from Solo. Stay on this site where there is only arse-kissing and never any questions about Morrissey's behavior, attitude toward others, or anything else that would be expected from a free-thinking individual.

    1. Your black/white attitude makes you seem like ANYTHING but a free-thinking individual.


    2. How wrong you are. You know nothing about me. This is a positive site about Morrissey
      for admirers of him and his work. There is nothing wrong with that.
      We are not here to criticise him because we are fans, although we are well-aware
      that he is human and not perfect.
      There is too much negativity and hate in this world. This is a place where we don't
      behave badly to Morrissey or each other. It's called respect.

      You are a troll, so please go back to where you came from. You are not welcome here.

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    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. They just dont see it do they? They just dont belive will they? NO...It flat out doesnt matter what Uncle Crummy & Rob P. & that lot think! Let them say, let them think, let them be miserable twats they all are on that solow site. Who bloody cares, i sure dont! But all u hypocrites that call yourselfs fans, ur no big deal w/ ur 'I know more about Morressay than u attitude''...Fuck off! I really hope that TRM will one day put u all in ur place, & laugh in ur face, like (clear my throat) Mr. take a POL....LARD calling BRS ''a laughable cult''... Oh & also who ever said we dont understand Morrissey? Who made u fukin Morressay's right hand man, fukin mr. know it all...You know where to shove that, & I've been a fan for 26 years, Ive seen it all, dealt with it all...You are all the laughables ones! What the fuck, ur just same lame site that talks shit on the one you supposably love & admire WTF is that? Yea i use to go on there, but i did notice the rudeness, & the showing off of this stupid socal fans, but they call Rat an attention whore...really? Yea he's gotten TRM attetion...its obvious. But yea as for solow what cuz u got Morressay's attention calling ur site a hateful online creche? I would be fuking embarress'd if Mozzer said that about me, its a shame there's fans like that out there...But so what...Our Mozzer knows: ''He Knows (he knows)
    Or, I think he does
    because when I lived
    in the Arse of SoLowsworld...
    he knows, he knows, he knows I'd love
    to see him happy (or as close as is allowed..."You're just another person in the world
    you're just another fool with radical views
    This blog & BRS is love for Morrissey & nothing else, say what u doesnt matter, ur meaningless

    1. That is one thing about Morrissey fans I could never get my head round, the competitiveness about who is the bigger fan. So childish! We all love Morrissey in our own way for the individuals we are. I also don't see BRS as a cult, just a symbol of our apreciation and love for Moz. Once again, lazy journalism etc to just stick a label on something!

    2. You have a bizarre belief that you're talking to Morrissey online. You worship your rat leader. He tells you who to like and who to hate. You fawn over anonymous twitter users in the deluded hope that they might be Morrissey. It's a cult.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Dear anon,
      It just goes to show you understand nothing! If there is one point to the BRS, it is that nobody tells us what to think or believe or who to like/not like. We make up our own minds based on what we see. As for Rat, I certainly don't worship him. I like him and have actually met him. We share the same sense of humour and both love Moz. End of story!

    5. Most of you believe Morrissey talks to you online, don't you? It's a reasonable assumption, not an untenable one.
      Why drag UncleSkinny into this dialogue, Chuck? Obsessed? Or is it because you think berating him might move you up a notch in Rat's pecking order?
      The comments pages here, as well as your twitter feeds, lavish superlatives on Rat's every squeak. The people/person behind the Twitter accounts you all fawn over seem to excite you than Morrissey himself does.
      These are the reasons your Moz appreciation society has warped into a wacko cult, which btw, alienates 99% of online Morrissey fans.

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    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. oh by the way Ratty...i love that pic of the Mexican fans, yes u are right..its unconditionl love for him...But many other fans too, not just mexican but yes we are on top of his list lol...I love you Morressay~
    Viva The Blue Rose Society forever~

  11. Thanks Mr Ratty for another great posting. With MW gone, your blog and twitter are the only way we can get updates and connect with the others in BRS. I am not going to get into it again as to how this is a fan site, for fans of Morrissey. There have been enough 'signs' that show Morrissey is aware of BRS and actively participated with the signs. Don't get me wrong, I do get angry at some of the comments on that'other'site, and some of the names we BRS are called. I too could call our own 'anon'troll names like he calls us. Names like: wanker. shithead, bellend, gullible fuckwits, and more, but I am too polite and courteous to do something like that. No, I am mainly writing this to encourage Moz to rest, do whatever the doctors recommend and that my good wishes and prayers will be with him. Get Well Soon Moz!@BlueRoseSociety

  12. I was quite sure to posted a comment, where is it? Oh, sorry, I'm a mess, see you later!

  13. Is somebody a bit jealous cos Rob Pollard might be getting an email interview with Morrissey? Real Morrissey that is. Not like your transparent scams - unhinged interactions between you and one of your many alter egos.

    1. I am more than happy for you and the other Solowers to come here to debate Blue Rose, MorrisseysWorld, my "transparent scams"/"unhinged interactions" etc, but please don't hide as an 'anonymous' as we can't then have a serious debate. At the moment, you and the other 'anons' just come across as trolls, but it would be great to have an intelligent debate and to read your 'evidence' as to why the MorrisseysWorld blog CAN'T be the Morrissey.

      Thank you

    2. Great Rat! Busy now, I'll post my comment later!

  14. What I don't get is why Anon (who has not the balls to have a real name) cannot bear to stay away from Rat's blog and leave disparaging comments. He must be worried deep down, else why bother? I would hate to be so conflicted. May he/she find peace. Cheers!

  15. moz or not, Blue Rose Society is Morrisseyesque!

  16. Hello, I'm very busy this days, but I feel the need to express my opinion here. Chuck Norrissey did it very better than me, she/he looks as a very fine person and I'm happy to having her/him on my timeline on Twitter. I just want to remark that we dont feel the need to drag So-low moderator into this "dialogue", BRS is a funny and brilliant idea and is quite clear that Morrissey likes it. I just could ask why So-low users and the moderator feel the need to spare rude words and taking in turn all the members of BRS expecially the Rat? Ok, all So-low member could go on saying something like :"Coincidences, or he would'nt, could'nt should'nt..." it's just a question of personal opinions, but when i read a comment about double pneumonia, a serious disease,done by the moderator I can't be indifferent. Your words, "Dear" Uncle Skinny were not kind or funny! That's the only reason because I dont like So.low and I'm not alone. Today I knew that Morrissey cancelled his concert at "Vive Latino" Festival, sad, this would mean he's seriously ill, but I want be confident and thinking that he is listening the doctors and taking care about himself. I, also, read the beautiful statement about Margaret Dale, I got tears in my eyes for her and for the beautiful words written by Morrissey. I just say: before posting disprectful words about Morrissey, his personal life, his personal troubles and so go on, just think how much he cares about his fans, all.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. much love to u Romina, well said.

    3. Well said Romina! It was a truly beautiful tribute from Morrissey and certainly gave me a big lump at the back of my throat!

  17. Oh, thanks to you Chuck! You're truly funny!

  18. Yes my condolences to Margaret Dale's family...
    I heard about what happened a few days ago, but I didnt believe it. I'm very in denial about these things, i hate to hear about these sort of things. But I just want to say may she Rest In Peace...very sad news. And unfortunetly Morressay canceled Mexico. Please take care of yourself Mozzer we love you.~

  19. Not really paying attention to all this Solow stuff,There's far to many sad, serious things going on, my grandmother passing, Margaret Dale taking her life, Mozzer ill, and other things. But, thank you Rat for your blog we will prove them wrong...& to all my Blue Rose much love & respect...I love u aswell goodnite-


  20. Morrissey's beautiful words about Margaret Dale moved me to tears.
    They are a measure of the man he is and the person that some of us
    have been lucky to interact with via various mediums.

    Mr M. I hope your health improves in order
    that you can resume touring as soon as you are well enough.

  21. This world is a never ending cascade of disappointments, trials and stonings, with the faint hope of peace lighting the way like a thin candle. We try because we must, not because we dare; we cry because we must, not because we care; and we live because we must, not because of prayer.

    I wish you all a joyful evening or, if joy is not attainable, at least an early sleep.

    I love you all these quiet, disconsolate nights.

    Fake, as ever,

    Our Mozzer

    1. I don't even cry anymore because I am so emotionally repressed as I fear the pain of my true emotions will kill me! The only joy is to be found in a glass of wine - how sad am I!

    2. What a rare treat to see you here, Our Mozzer, with these beautiful words. We love you too - because we must. We long for your presence and for the blog to return. Take care of yourself x

    3. What a lovely surprise with heartfelt words, as ever. I love you & miss you. Be kind to yourself Our Mozzer. X

    4. I have long viewed my life as a soap opera, as soon as one crisis/disappointment is settled another is there to take its place. There have been so many I now count only the few moments I've been really happy, as it's a shorter list. It's true we live because we must, always striving for that thin light of hope, crying at times often because we feel over whelmed as the sorrows become too much, and you often feel 'The lonely days go on and on with nights that never end'(borrowed from FS) But,'that's life'(also borrowed)(I'm getting in a cliche rut here)Anyways, I learned to take my joy when I can and try not to linger on the bad. I have found joy,(maybe escape) in music, books, movies and at times with friends and family. I also have found it with blogs like this and friends I have found with BRS. So far after a very rough day, I am having a very, pleasant evening. thanks in part to your message so I will wish you a pleasant evening also. Wish Morrissey a speedy recovery and a happy, peaceful evening to the #BLUEROSESOCIETY

    5. I love you! We love you, I'm happy for now, but my heart has felt so heavy lately... To hear your words is comforting. But I cant help it feeling this way. I wish you too a speedy recovery, please take care of yourself.. Because We Must always! Hoping for your return sOOn...
      Viva Our Mozzer
      Viva Blue Rose Society

    6. It went straight to what would have been MW...I miss you! Viva MorrisseysWorld!

    7. A pleasure to see you alive and well and still talking sense in spite of the abuse directed your way.

      At least here you might find a little haven of peace and affection.

      We trust you to take good care of yourself and to know what is best for you.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.


    9. Thank you so much for your lovely words Our Mozzer.

      I miss you when you are not around. We want you back
      to full health, so please rest, relax and recover.

      Always and forever, love and hugs xxxx

    10. Poignant and beautiful words. Take good care.

    11. Dear Morrissey,
      Thank you for making the only right decision and cancelling the rest of the US tour. We, the people who love you with our hearts, can wait as much as needed. You deserve to take a break and take care of yourself.
      Please feel better and get well.
      I love you and miss you terribly.
      Forever yours,
      Anastasia Ames

  22. beautiful words from the real Morrissey, showing his true colours to his illuminated fans in the BRS!

    How funny it will be when the world realises what they've been missing!

    The chance I a lifetime for any fan - to interact daily with Morrissey, read his ironic diary and laugh at his twitter wit!

    And the beauty of it is that 99% of his fans laughed, mocked and ignored!!!!!!

  23. It's hard to find educated people for this subject, however, you seem like you know what you're talking about!

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  24. One Stage, One lapel, One Entrance to the stage, One BlueRose - Changes everything, and will End Solow!


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