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Friday, 15 March 2013

Day 548 - "Fair Thee Well"

I had hoped to publish a blog entry yesterday, but I was up and out early, and home late, so there was just no chance to finish what I had started to write. Broken had made a return to twitter on Wednesday, and I managed to copy a few of his quotes, but when I arrived back in the Twitterdilly Arms at midday today to copy the rest, the '@BrokenReturns' account had gone, so although I am aware he had written more, I don't have the quotes. I shall now edit what I had started to write yesterday, and cobble together the rest:

 Early Wednesday afternoon (Mexican time, late evening UK time), '@BrokenReturns' appeared on twitter for a while, asking, "I wonder -- will Moz give us another sign?" Just two hours later, it was announced that Morrissey had pulled out of headlining the Vive Latino Festival! So, does this mean that Broken really IS nothing to do with MorrisseysWorld, and the 'scammer' has at last been found out, or could it be, that at the time of Broken's visit to the Twitterdilly Arms, Morrissey still fully intend to carry on with his appearance at the festival, but something happened AFTER Broken's visit to 'The Arms' that forced Morrissey's withdrawal? The most likely explanation is an afternoon visit to the Doctor, who quite probably informed Moz that he REALLY MUSTN'T go ahead with the show.


Broken returned to twitter  early Thursday to announce, "BIG NEWS IMMINENT" and "MORRISSEY'S WORLD WILL BE COMING INTO VIEW ." Could these tweets mean the return of MW, and if so, then WHY would Broken have called it 'Morrissey's World" and not "MorrisseysWorld"? One thing I do know for sure, is that NOBODY has made any contact with me with regards to me returning the '@MorrisseysWorld' twitter account, so I have a distinct feeling that Morrissey's involvement with twitter, at least in the format of MW, is over!

One of Broken's tweets that I remember reading said something along the lines of, "Our Mozzer has closed the blog because none of you used the chatroom." Broken also tweeted that we should "look out for a vulgar picture and a cheap book", which could mean the autobiography is at last on it's way, but who knows? I did wonder if the "Big News" tweet may have meant that Moz was going to cancel the tour, but another of Broken's tweets said something like, "Morrissey will play the next concert even if he's crawling onto the stage and gasping for air."


So, as we await the "BIG NEWS" and the "coming into view" of "Morrissey's World", and "that crawl", let me catch up on other events. The Solowers' reaction to my last blog entry, was to resort to 'anonymous' name calling, and in the cases of former MorrisseysWorlder RosyMires and would be journalist Rod Pollard, a blocking for me on twitter. The reason that they resort to anonymous name calling and blocking, is because they are unable to logically debate, so they just pretend this isn't happening, and hope it will go away. With the disappearance of MorrisseysWorld and now Broken, they may have gotten their wish.

The whole phenomenon of MorrisseysWorld is, of course, just too much for the likes of RosyMires, Pollard and the Solowers to get their heads around. To her credit, RosyMires did once try to give a logical explanation to MorrisseysWorld on her website, '', but her reasoning was that ALL the 'signs' were just coincidental, and when it got to about 423,438 'coincidental' signs, she shut her website down, and went back to the 'hoping it will all just go away' strategy, whilst the other Solowers cling to the 'Moz just wouldn't' theory.

Unlike the Solowers, members of the Blue Rose Society are able to offer reasoned and logical arguments as to why MorrisseysWorld IS Morrissey, but not ALL the members of the 'BRS' believe that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld, and yet STILL they are able to embrace BLUE ROSE for what it represents. This is best explained in a comment left on Wednesday by 'Chuck Norrissey', who obviously DOESN'T believe that Morrisseysworld is Morrissey, but feels that it HAS to be the work of somebody close to Moz, and has his full blessing. Here is 'Chuck's' comment, which also includes a fantastic view of 'Morrissey Fandom' and a superb explanation of how MorrisseysWorld has cured her own "over-the-top fandom", which I think many of us would agree with. (I have just re-read the last two paragraphs and I have started to referring to MW in the present tense again, what can it mean?)

Dear Anon, I will take the time and explain to you at length what I think about BRS.

No, I don't believe that Morrissey has a Twitter account or talks online in disguise. But people close to him do, or how do you explain the fact that he occasionally quotes Rat's blog on stage? I think it's obvious that he plays along, and I'm here because I'm somehow dragged towards everything connected with Morrissey. I don't think that's such an unusual thing as a fan. You assume that I secretly hope for Morrissey to recognise me at the next show I attend, and that he gives me an extra-lovely handshake? But of course I do! What's so abnormal about it? I'm a fan! But is that the reason why I'm here, or do I really believe that hanging around in BRS will make Morrissey my email-buddy one day? Please. I'm not completely deluded, I'm just having fun here. I don't have any other Morrissey fans in my life, apart from Facebook, which is a platform that I avoid as much as possible. But I love Twitter, Morrissey, Twin Peaks, and spotting lovely coincidences. I feel at home in BRS because it offers everything that I like, and it also comes with people who know how to behave.

I've brought up UncleSkinny because he's doing exactly what he accuses Rats of. He's telling everyone what to think about BRS, instead of letting people make up their own minds. Unlike Rats, who allows people to comment on his views, he's censoring opinions; I've experienced it myself. He reacts like Pavlov's dog, as soon as anyone mentions Blue Rose, and conditions others to do the same. It's stupidity combined with hatred. BRS is the very opposite of that.

As for the 99% online fans - I somehow doubt that you're their spokesperson, but let's assume that they are indeed alienated. I guess it's the confusion about whether Morrissey is involved or not. Confusion causes fear causes hate. Some people, especially solow-hardliners, are terribly serious about their fandom, without actually seeing it. They project their need for truthfulness and consistency on him, and get terribly angry when he behaves just like a human. Reality, and human beings, are rarely consistent. There's always several perspectives and views, which might even contradict each other and be true at the same time. This is what MorrisseysWorld - at least for me, personally - is all about. And also, in a strange way, the mere possibility that Morrissey himself might be around, cured me from my over-the-top-fandom. It's a very weird, yet understandable effect, if you think about it. You cannot enjoy BRS when you care too much about what Morrissey might think about you. When you're simply yourself, without hoping that you could ever impress Morrissey, and when at some point you don't even care anymore, then you truly have found the key to be a very happy MorrisseysWorlder. Going through this whole journey has made me a stronger personality. I hope you understand why I'm so fond of it.

You won't find true Morrissey obsessives here, because obsession is selfishness in combination with projection of one's own needs, and has little to do with the object of obsession itsself. The true obsessives are on solow. Here are the true fans. They need him more than they love him, and we're the other way around. Yes we might be wacky, so what, some people never fit in anywhere, that's probably one reason why they're Morrissey fans, but at least we're not hateful towards him or each other. In earlier times of BRS, I also felt a bit repelled by the religious character, but then realised that the problem was on my side, as explained above. Since I see it simply as fun, everything's fine. I'm aware that we look like Brian's followers from the outside, with the signs and coincidences, but please just accept that most of us have a lot of humour, and don't be confused if you see some people waving blue toothbrushes at a Morrissey show in the future. I might be one of them.

The only thing that I don't agree with 'Chuck' about in her letter to 'Anon', is that Morrissey himself was not the person behind MW, I 100% believe it was him, as there is just NO way that anybody else could have written the things he wrote, and there is NO way that Morrissey was just playing along. (I have just read back that last sentence and noticed that I have started to use MorrisseysWorld in the past tense, which suggests that I am telling myself it's over!)


After I had written in my last blog entry about Rod Pollard seeking an emil interview with Morrissey, Morrissey's publicist, Lauren P, tweeted Pollard and Skinny, to give them her email address. Meanwhile, Broken tweeted something like, "Moz will never give ROB pollard an email interview but he may give one to John ROBB!" Pollard replied to Broken, but as he has blocked me, I have NO idea what the tweet said, but as it looks as though Pollard won't be getting an interview, I have written a parody one for him instead:



It is June 2013, Morrissey has just returned to England from his tour of the USA and is sat in the 'Hand in Hand' pub in Wimbledon Village, London. Sat opposite him is journalist, Rob Pollard, who had requested an email interview with Morrissey via Morrissey's PR company, but, much to his surprise and jubilation, has instead been chosen by Morrissey to be the first person to interview him in the flesh since 2007.

POLLARD: Thank you so much for choosing me to be the first person to interview you properly in the last six years, can I ask why you chose me?

MORRISSEY: You once said of Mike Joyce, (picks up a piece of paper with his own child like scrawl on it and reads) "The guy's a prick. Constantly on the radio like the spokesman for The Smiths when the reality is if there were to be a reformation, he would be the last person to know."

POLLARD: Er, yes, yes I did, but what, I mean, why, er....

MORRISSEY: Have you anymore questions?

POLLARD: (flustered) Er, yes, quite a few, but, er, I wrote that quote on the Morrissey Solo website, I thought you didn't like it?


POLLARD: Then why do you read it?

MORRISSEY: I don't, but why are you a member of it?

POLLARD: Well, because I'm a huge fan of yours and it's the place where all of your fans go.

MORRISSEY: But you just pointed out that I hate it, so why would you want to associate yourself with it?

POLLARD: Er, I don't, I mean, I very rarely post anything on there.

MORRISSEY: And yet you remain friends with the moderator, despite the fact that I have made it very plain that I despise the place. I have worn a t-shirt on stage which read 'Fuck', I have banned the site owner from my concerts for life and in a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Post, I labelled Solow a "hateful online creche", so 'surely' you can see that I would prefer my true fans not to use this site? (pauses) Perhaps this interview isn't such a good idea after all (gets up to leave).

POLLARD: (panicking) Er, no, sorry, I  never realised...... I won't use solo again, I promise!

MORRISSEY: (sitting back down) I had a feeling you'd say that.

POLLARD: (trying to compose himself) I read that Pittsburgh interview, and when you described Solo as a "hateful online creche", you also said, "I read nothing online", but that obviously can't be true, you obviously 'do' read things, otherwise how would you know what they've been saying?

MORRISSEY: Are you calling me a liar?

POLLARD: (panicking) NO! No, definitely not, but you do sometimes seem to contradict yourself.

MORRISSEY: Life is one big contradiction.

POLLARD: Er yes, I suppose it is. Can we start the interview now?

MORRISSEY: Start? That's the fifth question you've asked me already, so we are hardly 'starting' are we? You asked Johnny Myrrh eleven questions in your recent interview with him, so to keep an even balance, you may ask me eleven too. You have six left.

POLLARD: (sounding pleased and surprised) You read my Johnny Marr interview?

MORRISSEY: A poor choice for question number six Rob, old son, especially as I have already stated that I have!

POLLARD: But did you like the interview?

MORRISSEY: The typeset was pleasing to the eye. Question eight?

POLLARD: This isn't going as I'd planned, there were so many things I wanted to ask you, but I seem to have been distracted. I'm still feeling a little confused about the fact that you read things on line, when you said in an interview that you don't. 

MORRISSEY: Next you'll be saying those statements I made on True To You about me having nothing to do with MorrisseysWorld were a lie too!

POLLARD: Oh god no! I KNOW full well that the whole MorrisseysWorld thing wasn't anything to do with you, it was the work of a liar. (Morrissey licks his top lip and takes a sip of his gin)

MORRISSEY: How can you be one hundred percent sure that I wasn't involved?

POLLARD: I've been a fan of yours for over twenty years AND I own every Smiths record that was ever released, I just KNOW that you wouldn't do it.

MORRISSEY: But what about all those roses I accepted on stage whilst I ignored all other flowers?

POLLARD: I've never noticed any roses. I went to your concert in Manchester and there were no roses there.

MORRISSEY: I have been given a number of roses in recent months, I thought you said you were a fan, do you not watch my concerts on Youtube?

POLLARD: Er, no, I, er, I... er, I've been ever so busy lately.

MORRISSEY: (looks at watch) This pub is starting to get busy the Wimbledon tennis must be finishing.

POLLARD: (sounding very excited) Oh god, tennis is my life, do YOU like tennis?

MORRISSEY: No! Right, three questions left, let's see what you've got.

POLLARD: Well, I won't ask you the usual cliche questions, I'm sure you don't want me to ask you about a Smiths reunion?

MORRISSEY: No, but you've now asked me if I'd like to have been asked, which seems a dreadful waste of a question, but it's your interview, so who am I to tell you what to ask. Nobody should be told anything, we should keep our minds open and find answers for ourselves. Am I starting to sound like Morrissey's World?

POLLARD: I don't know, I never read it, Uncle Skinny told me not to. Can I talk to you about politics?

MORRISSEY: Yes, but you've now only got one question remaining, so I would avoid the temptation to mention my previous referral to UKIP or to ask me if I agree with Johnny's view that MP's should be elected via an X Factor style poll, and ask something juicy. (Pollard scribbles out his question).

POLLARD: Johnny Marr told me in my interview with him that, and I quote, "I don't know what Morrissey's doing but I'm behind it", what do you think he meant?

MORRISSEY: Perhaps he meant that both he and I have secretly been behind MorrisseysWorld! Now, wouldn't THAT be a twist?


One other tweet that I can remember Broken posting yesterday, was about Our Mozzer leaving a comment on, "that rodent's blog"! Here is the comment:

This world is a never ending cascade of disappointments, trials and stonings, with the faint hope of peace lighting the way like a thin candle. We try because we must, not because we dare; we cry because we must, not because we care; and we live because we must, not because of prayer.

I wish you all a joyful evening or, if joy is not attainable, at least an early sleep.

I love you all these quiet, disconsolate nights.

Fake, as ever,

Our Mozzer

Broken also tweeted to mention that the comment was aimed at Solow. Having been out all day yesterday, I had not read anything on Solow, but I have just taken a look, and they have fallen to new depths of depravity. The topic of conversation was focused around the apparent suicide of a Morrissey fan called Margaret Dale, who Morrissey had written a beautiful eulogy about on True To You. Rather than praise Morrissey for taking the time to write a touching tribute to a dedicated fan, the Solowers ripped Morrissey to pieces and danced on Margaret's grave. Rather than delete the vile filth that was being written, the moderators left EVERYTHING, all in the name of 'Freedom of Speech', DESPITE continuing to delete all reference to the Blue Rose Society. I have no idea who Margaret was, but what a shame she never found BLUE ROSE, it might have been just what she needed.

So, is MorrisseysWorld over for good, and did we ever manage to get to the bottom of the '@MorrisseysMum' twitter account, which was initially advertised for months and months on the MorrisseysWord blog, before Our Mozzer completely 'U' turned and accused the owner of being Uncle Skinny? The 'Mum' account yesterday posted a number of photos from Mexico and then instructed '@Banjaxer' to get on a plane. What could it all mean? Is Morrissey about to start wearing a BLUE ROSE?

I will finish with the final three tweets of Broken's that I can remember, which include one to Marcus 'Papa Blue Rose' Markou, which said:

 "Make the film of MorrisseysWorld!" Here are the other two:

 "MorrisseysWorld changed us all."

 "Fare Thee Well."

And "Fare Thee Well" from me too, but will I be back, or is the journey over?

Trouble Loves Us All


  1. After Broken posted various tweets he also asked: "have I ever let you down?", which of course he hasn't. I am with Ratty that a) I don't think there is anybody that close to Morrissey to be running MW for him and b) that Moz would relinquish any decision making. He is in charge, no doubt!
    I love the ironic interview! I think Rob Pollard's reply to Broken was just 'ok' and a smilie.
    I am gobsmacked (yes, I can be occasionally - lol) what you said about the depths that Solow have sunk. @Banjaxer tweeted the TTY link about Margaret and Skinny replied "beautiful". I thin actions, or lack of in Skinny's case, speak louder than words! RosyMirrs told me a year ago that Banjaxer is behind @MorrisseysMum and he obviously knows Moz, so why wouldn't he be in Mexico?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Bitterness and hate? Wrong blog.

    3. If you read my comment properly, it says Banjaxer being behind @MozMum - not MorrisseysWorld, which you told me yourself! I haven't said anything negative about him at all so why get upset? As for Skinny, his hypocrisy speaks louder than words. Enough said!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Yes you did. Punch & Judy, April last year. Why would I make it up? So what anyway? What's the big secret?

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. 'RosyMires 15 March 2013 22:17 One final comment before I delete each and every comment I have ever made here. I don't know why you would make it up, Sabine, to interfere with the few genuine and real friendships I have made since joining Twitter? For this is exactly what you have done. Friendships I really value. And you know this. You're not THAT thick. It is a very ugly way to behave. I am now sorry I ever got involved with what has turned out to be an internet playground for deluded and spiteful individuals.'

      What goes on here?

    8. Why would I make it up Rosy? What would I gain from that? So what if Banjaxer is behind MozMum? What's the big deal anyway? And if you really think I got nothing better to do than destroy your precious friendships, grow up! I got far more serious things to worry about in life!

  2. Anyone see the random pics if Mexico tweeted by moz mum ? I think

  3. i too, will have to take my leave for now..goodbye

    1. Oh no! I shall miss you Manc! xxx

    2. We'll all miss you. Take care, Manc xx


    3. Don't stay away too long Manc xx

  4. Something Borrowed , Something BLUE, If he wears just ONE- Solow will be gone too...........

  5. I never knew Margaret personally but I have seen her at a few shows.
    The last show I've seen her at was San Diego.
    She was one of the first people waiting on our Mozzers bus to arrive.
    Then she was in the pit next to me trying to make it on stage but was unable to because Venue guards held her back.
    From friends that knew her all say that she was a very devoted fan.

    The tty statement our Mozzer wrote was very kind.

    My she rest in peace

    Now as for those heartless sons of bitches in the slums
    How dare they disrespect someone that past away. Especially a true fan!!

    That place must vanish already!!!
    So much hate that lives there.

    In April I want to wear a FUCK MORRISSEY-SOLO.COM shirt in Vegas
    But only if its alright with our mozzer.
    If not than BRS it is.

    The mock interview is brilliant Rat :-)
    very funny

    I do enjoy your blogs

    keep them coming



  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Some tweets by broken...

    "l'00'king out for a Vulgar Picture and a cheap book, both by SP Morrissey."

    "Not many of you about. Is everyone watching the news reports on the latest Pope?"

    "I would like to nominate Morrissey as the next Pope!"

    "Morrissey could wear a t-shirt as Pope: "Jesus Loves Me but I'm Not So Forgiving."

    "Our Mozzer closed the blog because #BlueRoseSociety didn't use the chat room."

    "Hollyoaks is even more enjoyable if you're a spoilt middle class student from Cheshire."

    "Our Mozzer won't return. The fake Morrissey has gone..."

    "Good idea..." in response to Brian @Mozismyshepherd ("If TRM walked out on stage with a Blue Rose on his shirt at a random concert it would probably ruin Solow, just saying!")

    "Morrissey will be playing the next concert! He WILL crawl on stage, breathless and grateful."

    "Hey, have I ever let you down?"

    "I notice Our Mozzer has left a brief note on a certain rodent's website. Aimed at the So-Low crowd? #BlueRoseSociety"

    "more importantly, sexy RIO is back in the England squad!"

    "I ask you this: why would Morrissey bother joining twitter?"

    "Fare thee well."

    Half a Postman/Me Is Sorry

    1. I love broken :-)
      when he leaves us I.miss him and his randomness

  8. Hell Rat, very nice post! I do belive is @banjaxter the owner of the Mum account, because no one on So-low dislikes this account and @banjaxter is close friend with Skinny. I do like to the Mum account, very funny idea, but this could mean that Banjaxter is very close to Morrissey and he knows all the truth about MW and that would explain why a lot of people always saying:"No, he would'nt, could'nt, should'nt...." i dont like this idea, no, at all! Is @banjaxter playing a double game? Hmmm... I have to say that one of the man in the pic you posted used to follow MW and he is surely close to Morrissey and knows everything, but maybe he must keep it secret! Oh, what a fine game! Have a nice week end, but I hope to catch you on twitter! Ciao! Romina! it's no possible to login with this silly I pad

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


  10. I don't think that we should discuss So-Low here anymore.
    It gives them the oxygen of publicity.

    I am very sad that Our Mozzer has gone from Twitter and
    the MW blog remains closed.

    The chatroom on the blog was only used when M1959 was
    in residence, it was too scary a place inhabited by aliens
    for the rest of the time.

    It is no secret that Moz never really liked Twitter.
    He did love his blog however, so perhaps it will rise
    like a phoenix from the flames one day soon - reincarnated.

    I happen to believe that Banjaxer does know some of what is going on.
    Just my opinion.

    Rats I do hope that you will continue blogging not least to
    enable us to have somewhere to congregate and post our views/comments.
    Your fake interview with Rob Pollard is very funny.
    We all know that you don't have to go through Moz's publicist to get
    an interview with himelf !!

  11. I'm very sad to see Broken go, but I do think something is brewing. I believe the tweet about Morrissey's World coming into view was probably referring to the autobiography, which is great news. Broken also recently tweeted something about 2014 belonging to Morrissey, so exciting things should be on the horizon, even if MW doesn't return.

    Love the parody interview, Rats. One of the many brilliant things about MW's design is the fact that it hasn't caught on with the masses and has become the object of ridicule instead. One could only expect that anything with ties to Morrissey would be enigmatic, thought-provoking, and underground; anything not misunderstood by the crowd simply wouldn't be Morrisseyesque. So as much as we bemoan the mocking from the Solow crowd, I think it only enhances the experience of being a Moz disciple and proves how Morrisseyesque MW really is.

    As for Moz crawling onto the stage, as eager as I am to see him in Chicago in a week, I really hope he doesn't push himself to the point of no return. His health must come first and he must take care of himself. I hope this isn't the end of the MW journey or the end of your blog, Rats. Please stick around, you are needed!

  12. How many times has this knucklehead said he was going away--only to return again. Sounds a lot like the horrid Morrisseysworld site.

    It's great how all you lemmings can say negative things about others or support Morrissey's criticisms of others, but when one does it to your or him, it is not acceptable. You spout being gentle and kind, yet you do not practice this.

  13. Great stuff again, Rats! The fake interview is a classic and the photo captions are quite funny! I hope this isn't really "Fare Thee Well." Take care.

  14. I love ya Rat! I cannot stop laughing! That's exactly the kind of interview I would expect Mozzer w/ Rob Pollard LOL!!! He wouldnt get an interview at all, I was hoping abit he would get lucky to get one, cuz I would have loved to read what Mozzer would say...haha But your parody was so great!!! To bad Pollard boy!!! Thanks for the good laugh Ratty! I cant stop reading over & over Chuck Norrissey comment, its the truth, & its beautiful. How you really put it out there, for those that dont seem to understand. I too I'm sad that Broken @brokenreturns is gone. At least I chatt'd abit w/ him. Hope you come back very sOOn Broken... And as for the lovely comment from Our Mozzer (him or not) I love you~ This is like a close family, & we shouldnt let those other (lost idiots) get to us. To Manc Lad, take care hope for your return sOOn aswell... But I do too believe MW will return & as Moz is my Shepherd said: ''Something Borrowed , Something BLUE, If he wears just ONE- Solow will be gone too''...It will only take 1 thing to happen, & I cant wait for that. I've said b4 & I've said it to Our Mozzer how I wish that when he puts them all in their place, I cannot wait to see their faces! As for now SoLow who? Cheers to Our Mozzer, we love you unconditionally, & to all the Blue Rose Society, VIVA!!

  15. Rosy Mires... u got things twisted! You are in the wrong blog...Grow up you sound like a naive child! Why do ppl do that?? Why do ppl get so offended or angry over something stupid, then say that most ridiculious things ever?

  16. It was just announced that the rest of the tour has been cancelled. Although I'm truly disappointed that I won't be seeing Moz soon, I'm happy and relieved that he made the right decision to put his health first. I hope he's able to recover quickly without the stress of the tour. Much love and best wishes to him. x


    1. I am so sorry that you won't get to see Moz this time, Heather.

      But you know that he has the best of reasons for cancelling.

  17. Yes like Heathercat said, your health first Mozzer...We love you!

  18. Get well soon Morrissey! Always in our hearts!


  19. I believe that it was the correct decision for Morrissey to cancell his tour.

    Please take time out now to recover properly Mr M and to get the peace
    and rest that you so obviously need.

    We will all be here for you, as long as it takes.

    With lots of love xxxx

  20. The only thing to say and to care about here is Morrissey's health and to wish him all the best. In the future when all's well...

  21. I feel for the fans due to see Moz (Especially you Heather) But I know that true fans will understand why he made the decision. I hope now that the pressure is off, Morrissey will take time for himself & that he will feel as fit as a ferret again in the near future.

    My love, as always goes to you Morrissey. xxx

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Very worried about Morrissey! Dear Rat, I think you must do the chart ss usual next week, just for saying all togheter #getwellsoonmorrissey! I' m happy he cancelled!

    1. I agree, the latest TTY statement is quite heartbreaking. I hope that the 'knots of grief' will quickly dissolve and Morrissey will start feeling much better soon. Sending healing thoughts, comforting hugs, and all our love xox


  24. From: " True To You "

    16 March 2013

    U.S. tour

    There are no plans to continue with the present U.S. tour due to Morrissey's ongoing medical problems, and dates will not be rescheduled. Morrissey is bitterly disappointed with this decision and he apologizes to everyone who has been inconvenienced.
    "It takes a lifetime to find the right words, and at the moment, I haven't got them. I've been a colossal pain where this continuously unpredictable illness is concerned, and now the physical limits have been reached. The tour had, in fact, been fantastic for all of us - a new slice of life full of concentrated power. The audiences everywhere have given so much, although I know that neither of us will ever receive our due. I hope this isn't the end, and I hope there will be other chances, minus the heavy burden of illness. Knots of grief today, but full of resolve for tomorrow." Morrissey, Mexico, 16 March.


    1. Dear Our Mozzer,

      Your health is more important than ANYTHING, so please
      take all the time that you need to fully recover.
      Don't feel guilty, you cannot help what has happened, people
      will understand.

      With love as always xxxx

    2. I so agree with Lizzy! You don't owe us anything! Your true fans just want you to take care of No 1! Get well soon and lots of love!

      Sabine x

    3. Our Dearest Mozzer

      I am glad with the decision you made about the tour.
      Your health comes first.

      Im going to be honest I waswas looking forward to seeing you in Vegas but I would rather have you get.well and get rest.

      With.much Love & Respect

      Viva Our Mozzer
      Viva Our President
      Viva Morrisseysworld
      Viva El Rat
      Viva La Blue Rose Society

    4. p.s Action if my.middle name got some radio play on KROQ (Moz Angeles) some time last.week :-) I that song

  25. Solow allowed user Mozza220559 to post a libel posting as to why Morrissey had cancelled his tour

    1. What's new?! Sick bastards!

    2. Anything else your virgin eyes need to be protected from?

    3. Please just take care of yourself. Do whatever you must to get well. Your fans all understand. Get Wall soon Moz! BlueRoseSociety

    4. I saw that posting on too. Mozza220559 wrote, "In lamens terms: "I'm getting my pink oboe sucked by a buff 18 year old Mexican boy and can't be bothered to leave my hotel room." UncleSkinny replied by posting, "Are you drunk? Christ. P."

      Both comments then disappeared before unbelievably, the original libelous comment was re-instated by Kewpie. Mozza220559 is now open to being sued, as are the moderators UncleSkinny and Kewpie, and the site owner David Tseng, as all of them failed to take down the comment straight away.

      It could be that UncleSkinny realised he was leaving himself open to libelous action and removed the comment, but the fact that he replied to it and left it there for all of us to see, means that he failed in his duties as a moderator, and has therefore committed an offence.

      We now wait to see if Morrissey takes action against, if he does, the site will be no doubt be shut down and it could cost David Tseng, Peter Finan and co a lot of money.

      The Libel Lawyer


    5. Fascinating I am sure, but aren't you in danger of being sued for repeating the very offensive posting from So-Low ?

      Perhaps this will enable the vile site to be closed down once and
      for all with all the guilty parties having their a**** sued !!

    6. Anyone that has been verbally abuse on that site can take action!!!

      "Cyber Bullying" is huge in the states
      That website could disappear very fast

    7. Just when I think Solow can't possibly sink any lower, it inevitably does. The site either needs to implement drastic changes or be shut down - this vitriolic filth must be stopped!!!

    8. Yes it stopped asap

    9. Hell yea! sue that t**t!! Oh I'm sure Mozzer will do something, thats for sure!

  26. Heart rendering words from Morrissey, you can feel the anguish & distress cascading from them.

    May we help the knots of grief fade by sending our love, light & compassion. X

  27. Hello everyone!

    I hereby am making a pledge to try and not waste any more of my time or life thinking about that place we all dislike (to put it mildly)the anger it fuels could be put to much better use.

    As far as Morrissey is concerned, like the rest of you I feel sad that the tone in his last message was so heartbreaking. I too send love and healing thoughts. Get well and as always, you are in our thoughts.

    A bit premature to pause (paws) at your headstone,

  28. I agree - the less attention they get, the less oxygen for the fire! Moz is on his way back to England and possibly his Mum's. I am sure his nearest and dearest will take good care of him! Wishing him a speedy recovery!


    1. So glad that Our Moz will be back in Blighty and I wish
      him a relaxing and peaceful recuperation for as long
      as it takes.

      Love and hugs to him xxxx


    2. Sorry forgot to say - does he need a handmaiden/fake nurse ??
      If so, I am here !!

  29. from blue rose lovers everywhere, get well quickly man, hugs and kisses..(oh wait, men cant talk like that) right, have a pat on the back instead

  30. it's been very quite in Twitterdilly Arms...Hello to all. Hope all is well. Also, I am too very sad about Morressay canceling. But I'm very glad you did Mozzer. My heart & prayers r always with you. Take care of yourself, & I shall wait for the next statement that you'll give, I always look foward to that. Even better if you leave one again on here. I love you~

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Sending loads and loads of wishes to brighten up your day,
    May the best of health, joy and sunshine soon be on your way!

    Take good care and feel better soon!

  33. It will be nice to see that TRB has realized that he and his loser followers will never see the demise of Solo. No matter how many times you fools degrade the site, you still cannot stay away from it. Vitriol is not vitriol if it is true and with merit--just as your so-called great one spews every time he speaks ill of others. You have never answered why it is okay for him to do it, but not okay for others to do it to him.

    And, you are all hypocrites as you claim to be gentle and kind, yet you constantly bash everyone and everything that is contrary to your beliefs. You are the truly laughable ones, as you are everything that Morrissey used to claim was despicable about the music industry--sycophants.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear Anonymous, Chuck replied to you very well, but I have to add just a few things: Morrissey Solo is dead in the day when Morrissey banned David Tze Tze from his concert and then went on the stage with a t shirt sending a very clear message. People on solo are obsessed with Simths renunion, so brutally critizicing everything Morrissey's doing, his collaborators, his set-list everything! Why dont you change your name? Smiths Renunion Obsessed or simply Obsessed could be right. And if you are against Blue Rose Society you have to explain why and try to find some arguments more original than " he would'nt, should'nt could'nt". Good bye, because I know you will come here again. P.S. Rat, where are you? Try to find a little bit of time for all of us, personally I'm really missing you! Ciao!

    3. I have never turned on anyone whilst posting on the internet and for the record i have never called for solo to be shut down.. each to their own i say

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks for writing this, very well done. Although I believe that Morrissey has been personally more involved in all this than you do, I think your second scenario and explanation of 'why' are spot on. Morrissey has always been full of contradictions, so it's no surprise that the same is true here. It's interesting that he reportedly mentioned being twins at some of the recent concerts - he most certainly seems to be two people, which ties in nicely with the theme of duality in Twin Peaks. I believe your assessment of who the gullible fans really are couldn't be more accurate. The question remains if the media will ever pick up the story. It would be very interesting to see what will happen if they do.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Chuck,
      Very well put. Thank you for posting this!



    4. I enjoyed reading your posting Chuck, but I have to say that I agree with Heathercat
      that Morrissey has more involvement than you think.

      I think ' smoke and mirrors ' are part of the fun of this adventure. This is the best way
      that I can explain my view of things.

      It was SO good to hear the brand new Mexican Morrissey interview today which was
      fascinating. And to see a very new photo where he looked tanned and well. It was shocking
      to hear that he had been on a IV drip for 5 weeks and had lost a massive amount of blood.
      He must have felt absolutely terrible.
      I am so thrilled to know that he will back in England soon, safe and sound.
      Welcome home Mr M - you have been missed xx

    5. To answer your question, Chuck - yes, I do believe Morrissey interacted with us through twitter, the blog, and the chatroom. I believe this for the same reasons mentioned by Rat above; I don't see how anyone else could possibly be so Morrisseyesque. Some chats with M1959 in the chatroom especially convinced me of this.

      As for the twins comments, a comment on the Solow Portland thread says that Moz mentioned having a twin a few times at the LA concerts (does anyone here remember him saying this?). Ironically, this comment was made by a Solow regular who relishes in mocking BRS, yet s/he was wondering about the meaning of the twins comments. Also, I happened to hear Moz say that he is twins on a YouTube clip from the Davis concert, in response to a question from an audience member.

      Like Lizzy, I found it a joy to listen to the interview today. I hope that Moz is able to get loads of rest and is already well on the way to recovery.

    6. Hi heathercat :)

      I loved listening to the interview, as well. Morrissey's voice alone can soothe me - calm me down - on some of the most stressful days. I have several interview discs that I play when I need to hear his voice - if that makes sense.

      As for the twins comment, Morrissey often states he has a twin and I think it's because he's toying with the fact he's a Gemini. Which also puts into mind the song, I Am Two People. I've been to several concerts over the years and there's always somebody walking around trying to look and act like Moz to get attention.

      With that said, however, I'm very sure he's quite interested in what people say about him online. There was a picture out of his living room back when he lived in LA and there, sitting quietly on a tiny table was an Apple computer. It's not the computer world he avoids - just certain sites :)

    7. Thank u Chuck for what you posted...Romina was right lol...But not at all did it confuse me. You said it exactly the way I feel about it all! I believe it is him, it was along w/ the help of others of course. But thats what is so wonderful about MW...I cant wait to hear or see Mozzer do or say something about it all. He's so clever & funny! I miss MW so much! I check it every single damn day, to see if its returned...Morrissey if you read this, please take care of yourself. I saw that you were as ill as my mother was, these past couple of wks. I was by her side & I was so frighten by it all. You were on mind so much too, so I know how ill you were, internal bleeding & all those tubes & needles & well my mother had a (bloodtransfusion)cuz she too lost lots of blood, became anemic & they had her up & down it was frighting! Idk what I would do if I were to lose her ever. I'm not good with those things, I'm always in denial. I hate the thought of even thinking about it now...The same goes with you! Idk what I would do. I am in tears right now just the thought of it. So honestly, fuck the tour Moz! If this calls for the end of it, so what! You come 1st than anything. I'm very sure many ppl (fans) would understand. For those who dont? (Oh THE HELL WITH THEM!)their inconciderate fucks who are just selfish & as Sabine (GirlonBike1102) said to me: ''Because they think that they own him rather than being appreciative of what he has given them!''...Is so true. I know you love to tour & you're music is evrything to you!...But YOU come first always. We're not going anywhere, we will forever remain here where we always was!
      When you get better (which I'm sure u will) that will be the most wonderful moment ever, & I always wait for you're return, for your huge comeback, then you tell the world (the haters world) Shove it up your arse! Type of thing Is the Morrissey I love, that doesnt take crap from anyone! I will be here for as long as it takes waiting for your return. My friend, my hero, my love take care & I hope you read this, cuz theres thousands & thousands of other fans that feel the same way, (Even in this sick & cruel world). This is from the heart,my heart & I love you dearly~
      *Clover Dean

    8. Hi Leslie - I was commenting on the twins remarks with the assumption that most fans are aware of the Gemini connection (and I mentioned 'I Am Two People' in my essay on MW). But it is certainly worth mentioning the Gemini/twin link in this discussion because it's such a fundamental part of Morrissey's persona. My main point in bringing up Moz's comments was merely to point out that he seems to have mentioned it a lot lately, which one could interpret as a possible allusion to MW.

      I completely agree with you about Morrissey's voice - I find his speaking voice utterly captivating and I could listen to it for hours on end. And I have no doubt that computers comprise a larger part of his life than is commonly believed :)

    9. Thanks for your reply, heathercat. It was just my two cents...nothing more. I don't remember your essay on MW and being that its not open much makes it's difficult to cover all ground before replying to a post. I think we all love Morrissey equally here so I wasn't trying to be a know it all. I'll be the first to say I'm not sure if Morrissey was/is behind MW st all. I enjoy the blog, Rats blog, and the idea behind the BRS and thsts why I support it. I don't thinks he is behind it, though.

    10. I commend you, Leslie, for putting up with us deluded types - your tolerance is appreciated :) MorrisseysWorld was designed to encourage multiple interpretations, so I think it's wonderful that we have a range of viewpoints represented here. Life would be very boring if we all shared the same thoughts! As a point of reference for anyone who may be interested, my essay ('Musings on MorrisseysWorld') can be found on the June 8, 2012 entry of this blog - it's my feeble attempt at trying to make some sense out of the MW phenomenon.

  35. Replies
    1. I really hope it is not his 'bleedin' heart again!

    2. Please Ratty, let us know that you're OK - give us a sign!

  36. Even i have "popped" back on to see if you are still with us ratty... that must count for something, a penny chew perhaps

  37. It is interesting to come back and re-read these old blog posts, but rather sad to see that the likes of Rosy and Chuck have now deleted all of their comments. Their comments were an important part of this phenomenal story.


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