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Friday, 22 March 2013

Day 555 or is it Day 7 of NOT Following The Mozziah?

It has been a week since my last blog entry, and yet it feels so much longer. I have become so used to writing 'Following The Mozziah' on a daily basis over the last eighteen months, that to suddenly stop, has left me a little in limbo. I have kept a daily lookout to see if either the MorrisseysWorld blog or '@BrokenReturns' have returned, but they haven't, and my gut feeling is that the MorrisseysWorld story is over. I decided not to do my traditional Top 10 Chart on Tuesday, because if the MW phenomenon IS over, there is no point in trying to drag the whole MW experience out, I have to just appreciate it for the awesome experience that it was, accept that it's over, and move on.

This could of course just be a pause in the MW story, but for now, I am going to take some literal time by the pool, and after my pool time, I will only return to write this blog if anything happens to re-ignite the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon.


Hours after I posted my blog entry of last Friday, Morrissey issued an announcement saying that the whole of the USA tour was cancelled due to his "ongoing medical problems." It has been reported by Manc Lad that Morrissey is now back in Britain, where hopefully he will be able to get complete rest.

Before flying home, if indeed he really is back in Britain, and if indeed he considers Britain 'home', Morrissey gave an interview to a radio station in Mexico, but as far as I am aware, there were no 'signs' relating to MorrisseysWorld, so I won't pick through the bones of the interview here. One thing that I will mention though, is that Morrissey said that he had been "cautioned" to retire from singing live, which Johnny Marr's mates at the NME subsequently turned into a sensational headline, despite the fact that Morrissey also said, "I'm very optimistic now." Once again it is poor journalism, but what else should we expect from such a trashy rag whose opinions are worthless?



If MorrisseysWorld doesn't return, I will at some stage write a blog entry charting my eighteen month journey of 'FollowingTheMozziah', but in the meantime, it would be great to read from all the other people who have also been on this journey, so, whether you are a member of either the 'Deluded Dozen', or the 'Blue Rose Society', please use the comment section below to tell YOUR story of MorrisseysWorld.

And on the subject of  the 'Deluded Dozen' and 'The Blue Rose Society', as I see it, the main difference is that the 'Deluded Dozen' are the ones who wholeheartedly believe that Morrissey was (is?) the author of MorrisseysWorld, whereas the BRS members don't necessarily believe, but still likes the idea of Blue Rose. It would be great to know how each person sees it.

Please let your story spill out while it is fresh in your mind, because in years to come, it will be a distant memory, and we will no doubt all ask ourselves, 'Did that REALLY happen?' It DID, and we were there.

Whether or not MorrisseysWorld returns, the Blue Rose Society must NEVER die, and when Morrissey starts touring again, which he will, it is imperative that we take roses galore...... BECAUSE WE MUST!

Now, where's that pool?



  1. The 2nd person in the world i love dearly who has kept me on this planet is morrissey and he didn't seem to want to be on twitter,but there were quite a few profiles for him but all of them seemed wrong until the fateful day of sept 6th 2011 when @morrisseysworld appeared on the twittersphere and the #BlueRoseSociety was born i loved it instantly, athough i didn't find it straight away. I loved the intellegence of a blog linked with a twitter profile. Our moz has led us a merry dance always buggering off but then returning, sort of makes it exciting as when he comes bk your following number goes up by one. It makes me smile as i nae theres a new blog post. It is a parody site but i think whoever does it creates so much joy they might aswell be moz. i was sad to think if there is no sign in new york the fun will be over. I nae some of you wont nae what i'm banging on about but gan here and learn
    one of the best things about the #BlueRoseSociety is we all hae a common love of one of the best lyricists/musicians in the world.

  2. Oh Ratty, so nice to read a new post! I got to go now, but I'll post my tought later, ciao!

  3. The rat lives! Thanks for showing us a sign of life so we can stop worrying about you. I'll write more later when I have more time, but for now just wanted to say how annoyed I am by the recent sensationalized headlines in the press. It seems that Morrissey can't say anything without the press exaggerating and twisting it for the sake of a headline. Oh well, nothing ever changes...


  4. When I discovered the Morrisseys World blog around July or August 2011 I could
    never have imagined what would blossom from contributing to it.
    When Morrisey joined Twitter in September 2011 many people from the blog
    started to follow him there, myself included. His wit and marvellous way with
    words were amazing to behold on Twitter. Eat your heart out Stephen Fry !!

    Since then I have made virtual friends around the world and have actually
    met two of them at the Moz concert last year in Manchester, Sabine and EARS.
    Sabine in particular has become a very good friend because we are generallly in
    daily contact ! EARS is lovely too, very caring.

    Central to this has been Morrissey, the catalyst for all that has happened.
    From being an ardent admirer of him, his songs and the Smiths, I have been on
    a wonderful journey.
    It has been awesome to interact with the person I believe to be Morrissey via
    blogs, Twitter and the chatroom.
    He is hilariously funny, naughty, flirty, intelligent, and opinionated of course !
    As well as being thoughtful, kind, emotional, caring and complicated.

    Sabine and I were discussing this week what has happened and saying to each other
    that we hope that this isn't the end.

    Rats you have played a massive part with your blog. It has been funny, informative
    and entertaining when Our Moz hasn't be around and you have held everything together.
    Many thanks for that.

    I wouldn't have missed any of this for the world, eternal thanks to you my Mr M.


    1. Damn two typos - sausage fingers - spot the mistakes !!

    2. Thank you for your kind words Lizzy.

  5. What can I add to Lizzy's comment? It has certainly been an incredible journey, brilliantly documented by you Ratty! Thank you! Having followed the MW phenomenon, I must have felt every emotion under the planet and it has certainly been a very intense experience. The 'is it?' or 'isn't it' question has added to the fun and mystery that has got me hooked in the first place. I do 100% believe Morrissey to be behind it all but still have to pinch myself sometimes! TRM and Our Mozzer have been and always will be my favourite teacher - always stretching my mind, introducing me to new things, encouraging me to be myself and most of all encouraging me to think for myself. I love all the people that I have got to know so far and hope to meet a few more of you for real in the near future! Viva BRS and a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Morrissey!!!

  6. Thank you for blogging rats, good to see you are still knocking around!
    The MorrisseysWorld journey means so much to me & I'm not sure I can find the words to express just how much.
    I have said this before, but I believe it is worth repeating - It gave me hope. I felt comfortable enough to be 'me' The memories of the mystery, fun, laughter & tears will never fade.

    To share my love of Morrissey with like minded souls has brought me tremendous joy. The opportunity to communicate with people from across the world has been great. The meet up was special & I hope will be repeated.
    We must do all we can to ensure BRS continues to flourish.

    Our Mozzer - I will miss your unique wit & beautiful essays. You are one in a million & I can't thank you enough.
    Whatever happens MW will always live on in my heart.

    #DeludedDozen :)

    1. In my haste I left out one of the most meaningful things to me....

      MW made me feel less alone.

  7. Rats,
    It's so nice to see an update!

    As far as the MW phenomenon is concerned, the following words sum it up for me: Brilliant, delightful, entertaining, thought provoking, unique, mysterious, often hilarious, sometimes serious, occasionally alarming and sobering, and always very, very, clever.

    Enjoy your time at the pool and long may Blue Rose continue!

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  9. It began as a dream often does, a very fast and life changing . I was a usual checker (never a commenter) of Morrissey-Solow, till then it was the only way I could experience a Show without being there physically. What struck me as odd was the first comments would begin "was there a white, red or blue rose?" constantly over and over again. Then came the second true-to-you denial, I disregarded the first one after visiting MW blog once before I found it amusing the ramblings of a novice blogger, after the second one I decided to peek in again and the blogger had found his bearings and there was the plea to bring a white red or blue rose devoid of thorns. I continued reading and I really enjoyed it. regardless if it was Morrissey or not. Then came twitter and the quick fulfilling back and forth responses with the MW twitter account. Secretly hoping that YES indeed it is morrissey These must be morrisseys words in my head I can hear him lucky lisp and all. Teasingly I continued to follow and read just as everyone else I have met on this incredible journey.The chats were amazing as well my favourite was the group hug. Human contact without actually physically touching one another. How very morrissey-esque.
    Time passed and then came the leg of the tour in Japan. Tweets were a aplenty and when I had suggested to MW that Boz should be dressed as a geisha He seemingly found the idea acceptable and therefore introduced Boz as a beautiful geisha on stage. My jaw dropped the fickle flame inside my soul began to blaze bright and from that moment I knew, I just knew.
    Of course I had thought that Our Mozzer had some help but that will always remain a mystery as it should be. But how on earth could someone who was not Moz read that tweet and within that amount of time Those very words come out his mouth. He must have read it directly we've gone over this and I will not waste anymore time assuming anything.

  10. The next big thing to happen was the SD birthday show and as excited as I was, I was apprehensive about bringing my dozen of blue roses, The company I kept was less than willing to consider that morrissey had written a secret blog and despite the laughs, my roses did not go unnoticed by Our Mozzer and I was thrilled to find that immediately after the concert occurred that my twitter pictures were the front page news on the blog. Ecstatic X100000 Morrissey accepting the BRS ring was a nice gesture, at least he didn't reject us.
    Since then the blog has closed and has reopened countless times, Morrissey has fulfilled even more pledges and coincidences Even accepting roses (red white and BLUE) on stage, BRS has made a name for itself on So-low even if that name is delusional and "a load of crap" I fail to listen to them and will follow what it is that I think. That was the greatest gift that this experience could have given me. The gall to stand up and say No I shall not be swayed into the mass thinking and pitiless bullying of the so-lowers. I await the day that awful site ceases to exist.
    Morrisseysworld has since been closed. Twitter is as silent as the grave.
    Is it the end, I cannot say but I smile knowing that I was there at least for a bit.
    As a final word I Would like to give a Big THANK YOU!!! to our Rat your blog is only my second favorite blog since...Also a thank you to HeatherCat LizzyCat and GOB the very first people I remember meeting in this mad world. thanks to Rosy Mires even in her negativity was at first a very compelling spirit. Thanks to all the New friends I've made because of this experience Ol' Willoughby is a fantastic person who I'm glad to have met as well as crystal and jimi- james. Thanks to Mr. Mystery MancLad and Chuck Norrissey hopefully one day we can meet.
    And Thank you to OUR MOZZER and THE REAL MORRISSEY for the dream.

  11. As I stated once before in the past - The best part of Morrisseysworld is/was the "Mystery"

    Morrissey you are in my prayers and thoughts, you will get better and stronger I am sure. Thank you for playing as much as you did. The next time you see Kyle he will probably be in his teens. We love you and God Bless You!

    P.S. Kyle asks on a daily basis how you are:)

    - BRIAN

  12. I shall write a proper response when I have more time. Until then, know that it's great to see you all again!

  13. Morrizzey (jjaz) was the person that introduced me to MW and the BRS.
    I recall her telling me to check out the blog that.Mozzer writes it and there were signs everywhere.

    I started to see the signs she spoke of :-)
    then came the bday show in Mozzer Diego where we were giving our Mozzer OO signs my O is in one of the pictures she posted.

    I recall always finding myself on MW amazed by everything.
    When I learn about the BRS I wanted to be part of it so bad.
    But not realizing I was already a member lol

    When I join the twitter arms was when I started seeing more signs and was very.much involved with the BRS.

    I honestly do hope that MW shall.return
    I do honestly miss the short stories.

    The humor of our Mozzer is amazing.

    As for Our Beloved BLUE ROSE SOCIETY it will not die it will always live on forever.

    When our Mozzer is well enough to tour again ROSES will be in hand.

    Mozzer get well soon.

    But please do take a long rest before you decided to take the stage once.more.

    Love you kind sir cheers


      (BRS VP)

    2. Everyone except the person you stole the idea from.BRILLIANT!

  14. This was always a safe place to come. Safe from the bile of so low. I've enjoyed all the blogs by Rat and Parody Moz, not only for their dagginess and humour, but because they are respectful of the real Morrissey.. (I've felt for poor Boz at times though ha ha). Most of all I love how you mentioned that Morrissey WILL tour again. It gives me hope. I was lucky enough to see him in Australia before he fell ill. I am forever grateful it was a wonderful show as being so far away, we miss out on a lot down under. Reading all your blogs and BRS members' stories of being able to attend many shows makes me feel less far away. Thanks for the nutty blogs and thanks everyone for your photos and videos.

  15. Hi Rat,

    I cannot remember what brought me over to MW in 2009/10, but I remember thinking it was the best thing I'd found in years on the internet! I had mentioned in my journal not too long before that how I wished there was a place (unlike hell...) where I could go and meet people who wanted to talk about Morrissey in a mature way - without the discussion falling to the trolls and it ending in gif wars and harmful and hateful comments being made about Morrissey and/or the fan posting the positive posts. A place to meet real fans - and a place where I could use a blog. I don't use my blog at all on here, sadly. I should, but I often forget about it.

    Anyway, I read through MW and found my journal was mentioned as one of the few that "Morrissey" enjoyed reading from Solow. Of course that made me feel wonderful. Even if it wasn't TRM, at least someone found it worthy enough to list on MW. I loved the parody and it was nice to be in a place where there was humor and light and like-minded people. One thing that I can do without, and I don't mean this in a derogatory way, but fawning over Morrissey physically is not my thing. I mean, yes, he is the most beautiful man I've ever seen (alive) and I'm attracted to him, but the frinking thing is a bit much, so it was also nice that MW wasn't hooked on posting silly "Oooh" and "Ahhh" pictures and comments. In fact, it was a relief to find someone who could take a very beautiful picture of Morrissey and, not make fun of it, but label it with a bit of Morrissey-esque self-degradation - in a fun way. I'm typing this out fast, so that probably doesn't make sense to anyone...But, honestly, I hate the "my baby Morrissey" comments - ugh.

    At one point I really did believe it was Morrissey, or at least someone close to him, running the blog. I sent a thank you to the email provided and immediately felt like a fool. Wishful thinking, I suppose. Anything to have contact to the person you admire and love the most in this will make you do things before thinking clearly. The more I read along, though, the more I just felt it was someone with a very good hold on Morrissey's wit and talent to eloquently express feelings in the way Morrissey does so well.

    I'm rambling...sorry.

    In short, it was exactly what I had been looking for all along. Good company, humor, news, and a space to create my own world within Morrissey's world. My only shell of protection as I like to think of him. I support The Blue Rose Society because I think you have to be someone of great love and compassion to be a part of it, or to even understand the meaning behind it. I'd like to think it will remain. In my opinion, since Morrissey is fully aware of BRS now, I do believe he is touched and most definitely supports the idea. I think that's why after a while he started playing along, and started wearing blue flowers on his shirts, etc.

    I hope MW will return...But more than anything, I just want Morrissey to be well and healthy. He's optimistic and that's very good! I think we'll have something to look forward to musically speaking in the near future. And if MW doesn't return, why couldn't we still carry on the BRS through its own blog/website? Just a thought.

  16. Dear Blue Rosers,

    My time with Our Mozzer on Twitter reminded me exclusively of the encounter between the young Jesus Christ and his anonymous spectral spirit-twin in the Pistis Sophia. Bound to the bed by a suspicious Mary while Jesus watched Joseph raise a pole in the vineyard, but unloosed when all was well, this brother in Light and Word of Jesus smiled and embraced his fellow. The not-quite-two became not-quite-one. I think everybody in the Blue Rose Society agrees that that's what happened. I bless you all.

    Yours with a throbbing pineal gland,


    1. My throbbing pineal gland is telling me it's not quite over.

      Otherwise I quite agree with your analysis of the deeper meaning of MorrisseysWorld.

    2. I hope Broken's pineal gland is accurate. This is very exciting news!

    3. Dearest Broken,

      We had the whole world in our mouths.

      Yours with a calcified pineal gland following an understandably vigorous tooth-brushing session with a fluoride-laden vegan-friendly toothpaste,


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It was actually quite fun in the chat last night! Thanks guys! Our Mozzer must have been chuckling to himself - five girlies fawning over him. Lol!

    2. Yes, thank you! It was nice to finally spend some time with you guys :) Hope to see you around again soon!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. So glad to hear from u Ratty!! Honestly nice to see everybody's post...I cant stop laughing about that pic of Mozzer w/ Rulo!!! Good one Rat! I too Im hoping for MW & Our Mozzer to return very soon...Moz it was an incredible expieriance to have seen u in SD & LA (Staples) & I will never forget them! Wish u good health & glad to hear u are back home. We love you & hope to hear from u sOOn...Also I would like to add tonite on my very, very favorite radio station based out over hear in the San Fernando Valley, it is a public radio they go on by the donations from the listeners & they do a fantastic job! Resident D.J Mr. John Minincucci promised to play my get well dedication to Mozzer & a great big shout out to the BLUEROSESOCIETY tonite!! 12 am p.t @KCSN 88.5 fm...Pleas tune in at midnite hope u all can hear it!!!! Much love to u all~ Get Well sOOn Morrissey <3

  20. Log Lady should have a few choice words to say about this


    1. Good morning, what a pleasure to know that you have been here
      as I start my day at work.

    2. What a pleasure it would be to be graced with Log Lady's presence again. Thrilled to see you here, Broken.


  21. Gutted to have missed the chat room experience last night.

    I shall be sad if Our Moz has disappeared from Twit forever.

    And I really hope that the MW blog appears again too.

    I feel adrift in the sea with only Rats blog to cling to.

  22. I might be the newest member of the blue rose society. I found MorrisseysWorld on May 2012, right after he played in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was looking for the footage, news, then read all reviews, and photos, and twitter statuses. But all those things didn't satisfy me, I wanted more, I was greedy!

    My searching activity has lead me to many places (included the blog, which I ignored). Yes, I ignored MorrisseysWorld the first time I noticed the blog. I honestly didn't even read anything except the first two paragraphs which said:

    Morrissey has DENIED three times that he is the author of MorrisseysWorld or indeed in any way --connected to this site... (etcetera)"

    But then strange things happened... (playing a horror movie theme song).

    After my finding of MorrisseysWorld’s blog, wherever I go, either to other blogs, forums, or even tumblr pages, I found there was always someone questioning about MorrisseysWorld as well as there’s always the "It's fake", the "Morrissey wouldn't do that" or the "Don't go to that place, it's a fraud" answers.

    Fortunately for me, if people say no I will say yes, if people say don't I actually will do. Just like kids who get more curious when parent prohibit them to do something. And so I came back to MorrisseysWorld blog and realized how brilliant it is! This could be written by Morrissey himself, I thought. And when I found the twitter account, I had no doubt that Morrissey is behind it. Until now, I am still a 100% deluded, a wholeheartedly believe that Morrissey is behind the blog and twitter, and the man we spoke to us on chat. There's no second in my life that I ever doubt it!

    I'm very grateful that I have a chance to get involved with this experience and very sad if it has to end. If only I found it earlier, I might had a chance to present a blue rose (I was standing close enough to the stage that night). Yes, if only…

    For me, the journey may seems very short, but it surely stay in my heart and veins, forevermore...

    ---Commercial break---
    (Ugly girl come out with a big blue box and says:)
    "Don't forget, the MorrisseysWorld package include a society named the "blue rose society". Trust me, you will loooove this additional beautiful gift, it's all yours for free, but only if you believe."


  23. Our Mozzer would like it known he will be doing one final interview for TRB's semi-mesmerizing Blog thing.

    The conditions are as follows:

    1 It must be published in full with no errors
    2 Our Mozzer only answers interesting questions
    3 thirty mesmerizing questions must be posed and some of these must be original and previously unansked
    4 some of the questions must come from other BRS members
    5 No questions must be asked about: (a) The Smiths or (b) the artiste's personal life

    1. - should say 'unasked.' Apologies - 'R'

    2. Welcome back!! Will put my tinking cap on.

    3. Thrift Whimswell23 March 2013 at 13:31

      Like a sponge shredded in a blender, will the Smiths ever reform?

    4. Is it possible to wink one's Third Eye?

    5. Climmy Worseapple23 March 2013 at 13:49

      Sometimes, when I cry, I sit with a mirror before me and imagine that I am my own nonexistent disillusioned long-term partner, looking with scorn at my puffy, leaking face - immune to the rotting diseases of affection and empathy for "myself" thanks to a tough course of painful injections and some hard-earned antibodies. Can you recommend a song I can listen to while I do this?

    6. This is a very generous offer from Our Mozzer - we look forward to it greatly. Rat requests that interview questions be submitted to him via direct message on twitter and he will compile the questions next weekend. If you wish to submit a question and Rat doesn't follow you on twitter, please DM your question(s) to me, @heathercat222. If you're not on twitter, you may write your question(s) here in the comments, but Rat would prefer direct message if possible. Thanks everyone -

      Heathercat, functioning as 'R' for Rat :)

    7. The Chaldaean Oracles of Zoroaster (144) state that,

      "The progression of the Stars was not generated for your sake."

      Does this finally prove that astrology is bollocks?

    8. Question from me for Our Mozzer.
      When he met you at a recent Hollywood party, Gristle Bandage commented that you were like Bette Davis and Garbo, sat in a corner uniquely like someone from another era. How do you feel about this comparison and is there some other Hollywood star that you would have preferred to be compared to?

    9. Paper? Or plastic?

    10. Rat already has my questions :-) hope they will be answered

  24. I am a MorrisseysWorlder,with one foot in Twitterdilly, a little toe in the Deluded Dozen, scampering behind Following the Mozziah, scattering rose petals in my wake. I stumbled on the MWblog in June/July 2011 at a time that was really difficult for me – all I wanted to do was cry and the MWblog combined with the twitter account turned that into tears of laughter - for that I will be eternally grateful.
    For me, MorrisseysWorld always was a parody blog – full of fun, mystery and intrigue. I do not believe that Morrissey is/was behind MorrisseysWorld, not because he wouldn’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t be, but because of what I had observed. Regardless of that, it does not matter to me who the author is or what anyone else wants to believe about the author. What we all seem to have in common is respect for Morrissey and a love of MorrisseysWorld .
    Where I do tiptoe into the deluded dozen is in keeping my Eyez peeled for signs. Whilst I do think that some of the signs can be explained or are just plain coincidences, there are some that have me baffled, and it is the ones that puzzle me that make me w’OO’nder if Morrissey has taken a sideways glance at the MWblog.
    Sooo, the ones that really tease and taunt me are: Conan Owl eyes; hand signs (and I mean the concert where Morrissey examines his hand as if it was acting on its own); Cosh tshirts at Edinburgh; Green Carnation at Ardentes. And not forgetting Rats toothbrush.
    I’m sure if I revisited the ‘coincidences’ I would be *shaking* my head at quite a few more.

    I do love the idea of the Blue Rose Society and am sure that roses will continue to pop up at future concerts @-'-,-

  25. Regardless of the questions posed, Our Mozzer has asked me to inform you he will be selecting a few questions of his own and he encourages you to leave them here, on the FollowingTheMozziah thing.

    Our Mozzer chortled to himself at the following question:

    "Climmy Worseapple23 March 2013 13:49
    Sometimes, when I cry, I sit with a mirror before me and imagine that I am my own nonexistent disillusioned long-term partner, looking with scorn at my puffy, leaking face - immune to the rotting diseases of affection and empathy for "myself" thanks to a tough course of painful injections and some hard-earned antibodies. Can you recommend a song I can listen to while I do this?"

    In between mouthfuls of red pepper and aubergine hummus, Our Mozzer stated: "Some of those c*nts wouldn't know a good question if it slapped them in the Barrett's oesophagus; on the other hand, Climmy Worseapple clearly does."

    Our Mozzer took one bite out of his pink dessert apple before discarding it and rolling his eyes. Then he sighed: "Don't trust Rat with the questions, old son - we need to be a little more discerning than that. So I'll retain absolute executive control over the interview, while creating the illusion of democracy... democracy has f***ed up more than enough Morrissey interviews, thank you very much."


    1. That's right Our Mozzer, put Rats in his place and keep control over
      the questions.
      My mind has gone into overdrive to construct a question
      which will a) bowl you over and b) be answered by you.

      I am THRILLED to be once again within your orbit.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. What is your favourite cover version of one of your songs? And is there any song of another artist(e) that you think would be worthwhile covering?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I came across Morrissey’s World by pure chance in the middle of one night in the early summer of 2011 and found it very charming and a most welcome distraction. I enjoyed reading the blog posts by Our Mozzer and the mystery and suspense that came with it. Beyond the much appreciated escapism that the blog has provided, I like the idea of presenting Morrissey with roses as a sign of appreciation and how this idea has by now created such a unique community of gentle and likeminded people. And I can only agree with previous comments - being part of this community has made me feel less solitary and I have met some fantastic and inspiring people in Twitterdilly.
    Based on what I have seen and heard since summer 2011, I very much doubt that Morrissey is the author of the blog or that he is pulling the strings behind the blog. Nonetheless, many incidents and coincidences have had me both puzzled and amused (not least the very peculiar mentioning of the toothbrush!), many things I have simply failed to understand or interpret (log lady, the Masonic references). So I am left wondering whether and how much Morrissey has been following the adventures and antics of the Blue Rose Society. In my opinion, the pooling of creativity that has created the Twitterdilly Arms, the weekly charts, the opportunity of following the concerts from afar through the pictures and soundbites disseminated on Twitter, the interesting and respectful discussions about Morrissey’s music and the sharing and discovery of music on the internet jukebox is an achievement in its own right that has often eclipsed the need to ask who is behind Morrissey’s World.


    1. Great to see you here Mme and I totally agree with your comments regarding the
      extra dimensions of being part of MWorld.

  27. Best and worst moment of the MW / BRS journey?


  28. My question for Morrissey AKA Our Mozzer is, and I consider this to be ' personal' however not ' personal life.'

    Having been extremely ill and on IV drips for 5 weeks, did the
    experience change you at all ? You must have had many hours
    to think whilst you were in a foreign country, so what effect did the
    whole experience have on you please ?

  29. Dear Our Mozzer, would you mind to let us know what did you do to the blue rose ring?

    1. Great question!!!!!!!

      Yes what happened to the blue rose ring after I gave it to you?

  30. Urban is dead!

    I am Thomas Munster in Bavaria. I use swedish IP to type in the name of Urban

  31. I visited MW after the first official denial and was taken by the possibilities and played along for a while, unsure what to believe. At the very least, I figured that it was someone close to Morrissey's entourage.

    Then, everything went awry for me. Depressed and full of self-loathing, I became concerned about the racism claims and what I was reading and how such things are treated in Australia. I was concerned for Morrissey in a totally obsessive and misguided way. Once my concern was posted, I dug myself in deeper. A stab in the back, indeed, and with my hero since 1987. Of course,and rightly so, I was banned for the MW Twitter. By then, I feeling ill to the stomach from waking to sleep each day, obsessing about trivialities and foolishly wearing my trolling as a badge of honour and independent thought. With this nadir moment, I realised that I was deep depressed and sought medical assistance.

    There are reasons that I am depressed. It runs in the family and I have personal relationship issues that are contributing factors. There was probably something to it that my father had recently died too.

    With the help of FTM and a daily dose of strange pills, I have seen the light again and deeply regret my Julie Burchill moment. Sorry, Morrissey. I was sick and I was dull and I was plain and not accepting myself and lashing out at the world. It was a time when I understood John Lennon's lyric that "God is a concept by which we measure our pain".

    I deleted my offending comments from both MW and FTM and have attempted to rehabilitate myself. I have a blue rose image on my season creep bog linking this blog, I have removed the feed the hateful creche and added a feed to True-To-You. I am a self-proclaimed member of the Deluded Dozen.

    It had been quite a journey, but I feel good now and am at peace with Morrissey and MW. I just wonder if he is at peace with me?

    1. Thank you for your honesty and great you have managed to sort yourself out! Sorry to hear about your dad! *hugs*

    2. Thank you GOB).

      We all have burdens, which is something that I'm sure binds us here and which attracts us to Morrissey and his art. We feel Morrissey's ups and downs and it helps us come to terms with our own experiences as Morrissey shares his through song. It's how you handle them and what you learn from them that counts.

      Viva the Blue Rose Society, Morrissey, TRB The Educator and the Deluded Dozen!

  32. Someone wake the schizo running this webshite. You are delusional and a mess and quite frankly this is the worst attempt at starting a myth that I have ever seen.

  33. Morrissey needs to realize that he has totally screwed himself because of his affiliation with this site and that horrid blog that existed. Had he in fact cared about his career and reputation as a respected artist, he would have come out and denounced both of this dumps.

    The true sadness lies in the fact that he has not, and the devolving that has taken place continues to reach new lows.

    All of this stupidity and the Blue Rose and the ring--come on Morrissey, no wonder you have become a caricature of what you used to be.

  34. My journey with MorrisseysWorld has been one of life-changing discovery. It has helped me to discover new things about myself and grow as a person, to gain new perspectives on the world, and of course to discover the many delights hidden within Morrissey's world. I came across it during the summer of 2011 (proving that the TTY denials were effective publicity) and found it so mesmerizing that it soon felt like a second home to me. I was immediately captivated by the brilliant mix of humor, mystery, and profound, thought-provoking elements, which greatly reminded me of the same combination of qualities in Morrissey himself. I was thrilled to find intelligent, respectful fans and to make new friends from around the globe. It was exactly what I had been yearning for, both as a Morrissey fan and on a personal level. I had just endured a soul-wrenching crisis in my life which left me feeling battered and isolated. MW offered a sense of belonging and purpose that greatly helped me through that difficult time.

    I suppose I could probably be considered a charter member of the Deluded Dozen, as I've always believed MW and Morrissey to be one and the same. Of course, I had some moments of questioning towards the beginning, but the more I witnessed the unparalleled wit of the twit account, the never ending string of coincidences, and chats with Our Mozzer in the chatroom, any doubts soon vanished. I remember that soon after Rat appeared on the scene in September 2011, he sent out a tweet inviting people to join his group of MW followers. I think I was one of the first and among very few who responded. Maybe that could be considered the original roots of the Deluded Dozen, and perhaps qualifies me as being extra deluded, but I wear the deluded badge proudly. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything and I'm eternally grateful to Our Mozzer for giving us this opportunity. Whether or not the journey is over, Blue Rose will live on forever in our hearts.

  35. Hello.

    What inspired you to start the blog initially? Did you have any objectives? If so do you feel you have achieved them?

    Which song or songs by another artiste & yourself best reflects your life thus far?

    What are the greatest similarities & differences between Our Mozzer & TRM?

    I too was going to ask about the #BlueRose ring.

    With love & thanks.

  36. My questions:

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Bliar or Cameron?

    The Smiths or Morrissey solo?


    Why did your image mutate around the late 80s and early 90s when you went from soft wallflower to brusquely assertive? Was it a conscious decision?

    Could anyone ever tempt you to try the pleasures of eating flesh? What would it take for you to eat a fillet steak?

    If someone asked you to choose between the life of one of your fans and a thousand lambs, which would you choose?

    Do you consider yourself elegant?

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Mr. Morrissey please choose to ignore the following:
    what is your go to activity(if any) for fending off boredom?
    How many pillows do you sleep with?
    Do you use an inhaler?
    How did it feel to be without medical insurance in the states? Sadly It makes me smile that for a minute Morrissey and I were on the same sinking boat. all is well now for you I hope.
    and now for some silly ones:
    Despite everything that has occurred on this 3-4 year journey are you satisfied with what your creation has become? God once flooded the earth to purge his paradise of the evils of humanity. Is this "end" your attempt to put our faith to the test? Will MW rise again from the tomb of your mind?
    Secondly: Does it make you smile to see that many of us have actually become friends with one another even if it is online, was this an unexpected surprise to you? would you consider us at any point as your friends?

    I keep my glands hidden

  39. Our Dearest Mozzer

    I left 2 questions with Rat :-) hopefully you will received them and answer 1.

    I have another question to ask it might be rather ridiculous but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    I read somewhere that you enjoy the song "LONELY DAY" by System of a Down.

    My question for you is will you consider covering this song??

    Also would you be at their show at the Hollywood bowl in July??

    Love always


    One more question

    What other bands or Musical artist do enjoy as guilty pleasures??

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. What is the suspense date for question submissions? I ask because it could take awhile to think up a truly mesmerizing question.
    In the meantime, a few less than mesmerizing questions:
    Greggs Bakery or Panera Bread?
    Where can one acquire the 'glammy' finger lingerie and golden nail varnish that always looks so cool in concert videos and photos?

  43. Favourite Shameless character?

    1. I've become socially irritated by people who use stock phrases in conversation -- without considering their language carefully -- in a attempt to direct the listener towards their poorly-housed opinions using the least effort possible. As if waving their hands in the general direction of their cupboards when someone asks where the sugar is. AND MOST PEOPLE JUST OPEN THE RIGHT CUPBOARD AND FIND IT. Not me. Should I continue to feel frustrated by this, or should I recognise that it grows from my own misplaced pomposity?

      Thanks Morrissey,

      Solar Lent

    2. You (Girl On Bike) called someone a lying cunt on twitter because they spread a harmless April-fool style rumour about Morriseey/Marr, yet you fawn over a prankster who plays on the desperation of deluded Moz fans by lying about being Morrissey. Classy.
      Solar Lent, apologies for the usage of any 'stock phrases'

  44. Least favourite Medieval II: Total War mod?

    1. I have always said that there is more joy in an old woman's tear than there is misery in a baby's smile. I play the game exclusively in the vanilla version. Mods aren't for me. There are thousands of ways to boil an egg.

  45. Junion Kingslip24 March 2013 at 20:41

    My question to MORRISSEY is in the form of a poem. There is no question mark, because I avoid punctuation in verse, but please answer it as you would a fully punctuated question.

    his feet are warm
    his socks are worn
    his heart is cold
    his weapon is drawn
    on the backs of 1000
    on their blazers
    chalky dusty
    by 1000 soontobe fully
    this is his error

  46. DiscerningMorrisseyFantasist24 March 2013 at 21:24

    The following lines with question marks attached to them are my questions:

    1) When on stage, do you choose to make prolonged eye contact with audience members you imagine might make good close personal friends/lovers, whilst avoiding eye contact with audience members who seem unpleasant?

    2) When you visit the houses of friends or relatives, do you think their pets pick up on the fact you're more famous and "a bit different" than most humans?

    3) In 2009, at the Liverpool Empire theatre, you used the phrase "you'd have to be an archaeologist" during a witticism. Was this because popular MorrisseysWorlder and raconteur Menippus (Kevin Stoba) studied Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Liverpool?


    1. I must commend you on your very unusual and interesting questions.

      I would imagine that they will be answered given their depth, thank you
      for bringing your talents to the room.

      Sincerely, LCM

  47. Question One: Why can't you see that your current band is horrible, and your choice of Jesse is a huge mistake?

    Question Two: Why would allow for your good name to slowly disintegrate into what you have become--a bitter old man?

    Question Three: Connecting to question two--why would you allow yourself to be made into a laughingstock by showing interest and approval for this horrid blog and the MW website?

    1. Another Anon who believes that it really is Morrissey. Welcome to the Blue Rose Society dude. You are a member by default.

  48. Dear Moz, here are my questions:

    1. In you last interview you said you'd like to come back to Mexico in June. If you do, will the US also have a chance to see you again? Please come to New York...

    2. What does one have to do to get a chance to meet you for a cup of tea?

    3. This one is a little personal. At a Brooklyn show (BAM) I tried to give you a teddy bear I had made for you, but had no luck. I later gave it to Arturo and he promised me to give it to your PA. Have you ever received my gift? I know it was cheesy and probably not your taste, but I was still hoping that maybe you would like it...

  49. Last few days were very exciting, Ratty returned to post his blog and M1959 was in the chat room Friday and Saturday, Broken was on twitter and in chat Sunday. M1959 in chat mentioned Ratty and how he thought Ratty would be changing culture in the future with something connected with Sandown. I doubt very much of what I just wrote is verbatim as I had to goggle to make sure Sandown was on the Isle of Wight, which it is. The Isle of Wight has often been connected with Mr. Rat, and just recently was in the news that some little girl there had discovered a fossil of a new type of dinosaur and they were going to name it after her. On hearing this I immediately questioned just how scary the next Jurassic Park movie will be if the actors are being chased by a dinosaur named Emily?

    Now I will finally get to posting on my MW adventure. I have posted some of this before, so if you've read if before just skip over those parts. I discovered Morrissey years after the Smiths had disbanded and he was a solo artist. I stumbled upon him by accident as, I was researching some newer bands and they all credited Morrissey with being their biggest influence. I was curious, so I looked him up, listened to him on the internet and started getting his CD’s. I did eventually learn about his connection with the Smiths and knew some of their songs, but I prefer the solo Morrissey. I think of him as a poet with his lyrics and love the way he blends and intertwines his voice with the music, which within itself is unique. I don’t know why it took me a couple of years to see if he had a blog, but in spring of 2011 it was announced he was going on tour and I took to the internet to find out the dates and cities. That was when I found MW and became hooked. I assumed he was busy with his music and tours so was unsure if he wrote it, but it always seemed to me he knew about it. I pictured him, with some of his friends sitting around laughing and putting some of the articles together. I did have some doubts because some of the articles were in different styles and when he denied the site, but he never put a stop to the blog and the signs that appeared. After following MW for a few months I came upon Mr. Ratty’s blog which opened up a new world to me. I joined twitter, visited the chat room and made new friends whose only thing in common was their love for Morrissey. And soon the #BlueRoseSociety was formed. To me there were just too many signs that showed Moz was actively participating with the MW, BRS thing like: his taking the flowers, the toothbrush, the Conan eyes and more. One sign I had myself was when I mentioned a singer on twitter to the account we thought was Moz’s and he mentioned the same singer a few days later in an interview. I hope they keep MW going, it has been fun, but will understand if it has gotten be too much. I do hope Moz rests, heals and gets his strength back and send him my wishes for a speedy recovery.

    1. Morrissey1959: TheRatsBack will change the nature of Western culture

      Morrissey1959: He is destined to change the world

      Morrissey1959: And he will do so by changing Sandown pier

  50. Now about my questions. I noticed Climmy Worseapple's question. I myself do not have to sit in front of a mirror to feel that crappy and alone, but if I needed a song to listen to, I would use 'Wide to Receive' It is a beautifully crafted song, but one that can leave you feeling completely alone and useless.

    My mundane questions are: I've seen you in many photos with animals. Do you have any pets? Do they ever travel with you?
    Do you have any hobbies normal or strange?
    Do you have any peccadilloes you can talk about?

    1. Climmy Worseapple25 March 2013 at 12:28

      I've just tried "Wide to Receive" and it really helped me establish a sense of alienation from my fictitious lover, thanks!

    2. Glad I could help you. I will have to admit that at first I thought yours was just a fake, bogus account. You never can tell if you've connected with some troll. I even thought you were possibly connected with the J.Timberlake's song I used to complain about for being on the radio every 20 minutes, until I discovered the fricken thing was on almost that long and I was always catching the longgggg version. It's called 'Mirrors', and in it, he too is staring at a mirror in love with what he sees even putting his hand on the reflection to get it out of the mirror(not sure if you'd want to try that)other times he likes the mirror itself because it's shiny. Well, once again I'm glad I could be of some help connecting you to your fictitious lover.

    3. This is related to my questions. I just noticed that Morrissey did not want questions r/t his personal life. If you think mine are too personal, feel free to switch them to be pertaining to Boz i.e. Does he have pets, hobbies and any peccadilloes he can talk about besides wearing women's clothing? Plus, I am adding a non personal question for you: Is Boz ever going to answer any questions on Ratty"s blog or elsewhere that pertain to you?

    4. It's definitely not trolling. Our Mozzer understands it. We're like two genetically modified peas in a pod in a supermarket.

      You can safely assume that any future posts attributed to fabulous names like Climmy Worseapple and Thrift Whimswell are me, and can skim over them without troubling yourself, if you wish. I'll be okay. I'm on the good side of history.

      Meanwhile, is it a COINCIDENCE that the individual wrongly but famously associated with the phrase "Credo quia absurdum" is the mystical initiate and Christian author Tertullian, while the longest word which can be made out of the letters contained in TERTULLIAN in the Oxford English Dictionary is TELLURIAN, a word that quite accurately describes the MorrisseysWorld experience?

      As I said, I am on the good side of history.

    5. Dear Menippus,
      Mensa much?

    6. It's no secret who Menippus once was...get over it.

    7. Dear Leslie,
      It was meant as a compliment to Menippus' intelligence, sorry if it came off as anything else. Have a nice day.

    8. I was being facetious r/t Climmy Whorseapple being a troll and I think it is a wonderful name. As for "I believe because it is absurd" that could pertain to MW and BRS, but in the area where I live, TELLURIAN is the name of a facility that treats people who are addicted and/or mentally ill. Now, while I may fit into one or both of those categories, I do not believe it is fair to dump the lump sum of the MW or BRS into one or both of those groups. Although, I'll give you that some may be addicted to the MW or BRS experience, I do not believe they are mentally ill?? Well, at least TELLURIAN is not for the criminally insane.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. He'd better come to the Runcorn Brindley or he's going to face some very stern questions from me next time there's an interview.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Transparent tactic no 43: Post anonymous anti-moz sentiments in the style of Solo moaners, but simultaneously acknowledge that MW really is Morrissey. Reply to own anonymous comment by way of reinforcement.
    There's no 'broken' and there's no 'our mozzer'. Just ONE big fat hairy-backed scammer who can sometimes write well and seems to have a penchant for naked male torsos and conjuring up online identities. Tune in properly and you'll recognise his scent.
    (Don't get excited, I only typed a capital m)

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Quod erat demonstrandum. I'm glad you find it amusing. In trying to guide you away from this twisted corner of the virtual world, I seem to have cemented you in deeper.
      I've never brightened your day. How could I? You don't know me. I'm just a capital m.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Is a corner still a corner if it's twisted? I'm no physicist or town planner -- far from it -- but I think it might be time to decapitalise that m.

  55. Dear Morressay,
    My question to Mr. M. is:

    Q 1. What are you going to do about all those SoLows? I tell myself, I cannot wait 'till he put's all of them in their place.

    Q 2. Will you finally admit that it has been you all along on MorrisseysWorld or been part of it.

    Q 3. Will you finally tell the world that the Blue Rose Society is real, that you do know about it & will you ever mention about the ring?
    Mr. M sir...I hope you do,because it will be the greatest thing to see the lOOk on their faces when they realize how wrong they we're...

    Please sir take care of yourself, hoping for your return & I love you so...
    Thank you for your time~
    Rosy Clover Dean
    BRS forever~

  56. Broken...always puts a smile on my face.

  57. To be honest, Morrissey has so become a thing of the past that the only thing that would make him relevant in any way would be releasing some good music. The problem is that he will never do this with his current lineup--especially with Jesse on board. He can keep deluding himself into thinking that he is putting out something quality, but in reality, he is churning out utter nonsense and horrible music. This is why no one is really into his new music, and you hear such strong opposition and dislike.

    Additionally, Morrissey has shown that by reverting back to singing Smiths songs that he cannot fill a setlist with quality tracks--especially since he will not sing such quality as Playboys, Disappointed, Boxers, Arsenal songs (not Fatty), and so on. He should do away with Paris, LMKY, Action, etc.

    Come on Morrissey, wake up and see that you have really begun to tarnish what once was a wonderful, stellar career.

    1. How is it your are an expert on being a famous pop star?

  58. I am not nearly as clever, witty, or humorous as all the people who have already told their stories and asked their questions but I feel I should say SOMETHING.

    I had a dream and woke in the middle of the night in 2010 wondering about Morrissey which was kind of weird. I did a Google search and found MW. I thought it was amazing and also that if it weren't TRM, then someone close to him.

    Then, after Morrissey denied the site was affiliated with him, I found it peculiar-especially when it said something like "Be warned." Seems a strange thing to say if you just want to deny association.

    Then, I happily went about writing my blog and being ignored by Mozarmy (but have nothing against them), and Girl on Bike I think introduced me to Rat. Then I just rediscovered MW all over again.

    I do not have as much a history in chat as many of the BRS, but its just because I was busy and when I did have time, there were weirdos and trolls in chat so I did not stick around for long. My very recent experience in chat was great fun. I consider myself lucky to keep such company.

    I met Morrizzy a few times already and she is great fun, I also met Vulgar at the Hollywood High show and @jimmy_james.

    I feel amazingly at home here although I lack the history (the wit, and the talent), but yet I am solidly here with you all in mind and spirit.

    I don't care how deluded I am in my belief that it is TRM or anything else. Despite my personal shortcomings, I am fairly intelligent and intuitive in some kind of balance. For me, it is more than simply the desire to believe in it.

    So, now my question: The very first time you sang in front of an audience, how did you get through it since you were obviously so shy, and what gave you the confidence to do it again, and again?

    Whatever it was, I am so grateful you continued.

    Old Willoughby

  59. When I informed Our Mozzer that the interview questions still aren't published, he replied: "Give an obese rat a rice cake and he thinks he's a serious talk radio journalist."

    Later Our Mozzer stated: "The c*nt had better get a move on. I've blacklisted journalists before for turning up on-time. One expects a little more politeness as a seminal artiste."



    1. Just to let you know that Rats told me on Sunday that he would not have
      internet access for five days.

    2. Hmmm - well some bloggy blogger is coming on here and deleting the spammy comments linking to other sites ;)

    3. As I mentioned above, Rats said he wouldn't be able to get the questions ready until this weekend. If that's not acceptable, I'll tell him to get a ruddy, bloody move on!

  60. Hello Rat, I got a lot of things to say and I dont know how to start! First thing I got to say is that i got no complete view about MW because I never been in the chat and now I think it is a very peculiar part of the the entire phenomena and I missed it! Sad. Of course I miss the blog very much, and I'm still hoping for a great come back! The mistery of the blog was the best part of the fun and a kind of test for our sense of humour. I discovered the blog after Morrissey himself denied it on TTY and that could mean something.This blog and the fantastic Blue Rose Society giving me a lot of fun and a way to know lovely people and, last but not least, a way to express my feeling to my favourite singer and lyricist. And now I got some questions:
    1) Your voice sounds a little bit different from the past, ( better), is this a natural change or the result of some particular exercise?
    2)Do you choose the setlist with your band, thinking about what song the audience would prefer, or simply, do you sing what you feel to sing?
    3)I simply belive that music can't dead and the music industry will never be able to bury the good music and the talented people maybe am I too optimistic?
    4) This is very silly, but I like to be silly, sometimes,in Rome there is a urban legend about you, it says that you use to wash by yourself your dresses in a little laundry near Piazzale Flaminio. Is it true? Next time may I help you?
    Wishing Morrissey a speedy recovery! Ciao Rat! Viva Blue Rose Society!
    P.S. Forgive my mistakes, please!

    1. Ms romina, I too want to hear our Mozzer's answers to your questions.
      Especially about the first one, I love his voice all the better for its change, and love current his voice best. I think that you probably feel just like me.
      Natural change is beautiful.
      BTW I live in Tokyo, Japan. During the time of cherry blossoms, I will go to Hie Shrine (the shrine where took the photo for picture disc of Suedehead Mael mix) to pray for his speedy recovery.
      I thank you for the questions you spoke for me nicely. Ciao!


  61. Rats appears to be snowed in on the Isle of White and if he does not get his snowshoes on and shovel faster, this offer of an interview might melt before our eyez.

    Another question from me for Our Mozzer.
    If you were to interview yourself, what would be the most interesting question that you would ask yourself?

  62. You guys have interesting questions for "Our Mozzer". I hope he can answer them before Rat loses his internet access!

    I once asked "Our Mozzer" about the after life - what he thought happened to us once we die. It wasn't answered, so it still stands. Maybe since Morrissey was near death, "Our Mozzer" will have a fascinating response?

    "Our Mozzer": What is your belief of the after-life? Do you think we just die and go to a better place, or do you believe in the spirit world - ghosts and hauntings, I suppose you'd call it...?

    1. I never thought this might be a personal question...Sorry if it is viewed that way. To me, well, it's everyday conversation.

  63. I hope this question doesn't fall into the taboo "personal life" category. If it does, please excuse in advance.
    Given that your likeness is a very popular tattoo motif, do you have any tattoos of yourself on yourself? If so, where?

    With Best Regards (and a nosey question),
    Poncho LaRue

  64. Before I forget: Morrissey mentioned "indecent books" in a recent statement. What's on Our Mozzer's reading list these days?

    1. why are people missing all the signs? MW twitter mentioned indecent books months ago and Morrissey quoted MW yet again. Isn't rat supposed to notice these signs?

    2. not at all, i just assumed that it had all come to a shuddering halt.. manc lad

    3. oops, let me clear the above up, i mean i clocked the books reference, as did you, now, i am not the brightest so i guess others picked up on it as well..but as i have already said, the train is sitting on a platform with no driver at the moment

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. How can you be so sick yet running around at soccer games?

    1. i think taking it easy at a footie match is not actually running around

  66. It was nice seeing pictures of Morrissey with his cousin at the game today in Ireland. He looks rested and seems to be enjoying himself which will help him heal and get his strength back. #BlueRoseSociety

    1. I felt the same way. It makes me happy.


    2. I agree with you both. The Mozziah looked in fine fettle and was obviously having fun
      during his evening at the match. I am sure the fresh air did him good. It was lovely to see
      all the photos of him appearing on Twitter during the evening.

      Dublin is a fabulous place for reviving body and soul. Bring on the craic !!

  67. You take the big M then, Mennipussy. You are more deserving of it. More so than ANNIEone.
    aka Twisted


    1. I don't think that you should have given away the capital M so easily.

      Menippus needs to earn the honour.

      signed : The Girl Most Likely To

  68. Our Mozzer would like it known the offer of an exclusive thirty question interview for Following The Mozziah has been retracted.

    Our Mozzer instructed me to inform you all that he apologises for this but unfortunately the pecuniary offer from FTM was grossly inadequate for an artiste of his calibre.

    Our Mozzer muttered as poured himself some Ceylon: "That b*****d blogger has no respect for his elders. I wonder if it's that c*** from the NME behind it all?"

    1. Dear Our Mozzer, please answer those questions we posted on the blog.
      There are so many...

    2. I crack the whip and you skip but you deserve it you deserve it deserve it deserve it

  69. Morrissey, you are a "has-been" anyway. If you read anything, check out Solo. There is where true, honest fans voice their opinions about your songs, concerts, etc. Here is where you find the "yes-men" who never question anything you do.

    If you had any pride or true credibility anymore, you would reach to David and allow him to ask some questions.

    However, we all know that you would never do this because you would not be in control.

    Ahh, and you have the nerve to criticize the Queen and others.

    1. not at all, i dont like some of his songs, i was at Warsaw when he made that KFC statement and whilst i knew the point that he was trying to get across, i too, thought it was a little you see its not always a yes


  70. Where is " Broken Returns " and WHO is he ?

    1. 'Broken' is 'Our Mozzer', the guy with the hairy back. You know that, right? Who knows where he is?
      Look, solo-moaner is back again.
      Has the crazy-balloon finally popped?
      Go to a gig and get on the rail. Get a hand touch, or a hug, or the mic or 'prolonged eye contact'. That's as close as we'll get to Mozza.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Morrissey can moan constantly even about things he takes for granted.(When he has more resources available to him than some ) Talk about repeating oneself? He has done it several times as well.Rather amusing that some people have worse lives and more important things to worry about .Anyone who complains must surely be from Solow.By the way , people who pretty much lie and think that they are the only ones.Your questions are all very lame and uninteresting. You treat people just as badly as you claim you do not appreciate such things about other fan sites.If you really meant what you said about not liking them you would not go there at all and if the goal was to take over it would have been done by now.It isn't very nice what you do to other people or how you treat them just to get attention.Not everyone who likes or loves a person needs to agree with them.People have differences in their lifestyle and interests. I don't see how any of you are really that different. You are just followers who have nothing interesting to talk about at all so you may steal things or ideas from other people then adapt then for yourself and pretend you are some hipster which essentially is what you seem like for the most part but it is really sad for you.REALLY ,REALLY SAD. You even pull the we are the only ones nobody else believes nonsense. SO when did you start telling people what they think? You are no better than the people you claim to dislike . You are brats .Seriously .Your attitude sucks. Everything you do is a lie .You would start following someone like some goon just to get any info about him even if you never liked a person before .You were not even nice to the person who initially mentioned blue roses in the first place AT ALL but you thought it was a cool idea.Lovely .Nice work. A lot of hypocritical things you say are really stupid.

  71. Stop treating fans with favoritism.You totally favor the carnivore from this page over anyone else and these people are no different .People are not all the same .They also do not have to agree with each other all the time .Just because some people can exploit an idea and can afford to chase you around it does not make them special. It just means they have more disposable income .Blue Rose was first mentioned on the blog by someone else. You know this is true. You say you dislike anonymity yet it was an anon who said the first remark about blue roses to begin with . Some of these people totally try to lick your boots. If you respect individuality and it is so important for you to be that way then why not accept other people for who they are? If anything , the same way you choose to remain anonymous by the way you play mind games with people by not being a part of that group of people others have stayed out of your business. You only pay attention to the people who make fools out of them self over it .You also lie.It is really sad that other people have been impacted by the music , etc but they are slighted unless they fit into a box .So many times it seems very butt kissy the way these people are almost fake too. Makes no sense why they would be favored.Blue Rose society proves how shallow some people can be. even if it is never noticed. Someone can tell. Someone you never appreciated to begin with who does not eat meat.

  72. Hello, here are my questions for you.
    1. Have you worn the shirt I gave you, did you get it?
    2. Is there another cologne that you wear besides Com De Garcan?
    3. Are you going to do a book signing in New York?
    4. Why did you pick Long Island to start the Tour again?
    5. Will we ever meet again , and did you read what I gave you?

    Your Friend, KYLE��

    1. ur simply adorable, i hope he answers ur questions

    2. Mozzer please answer our president :-)

  73. seems Our Mozzer was in the MW chat??

  74. Cant wait for the questions to be answered sOOn... Our Mozzer hope ur doing well, u lOOk absoultely beautiful in your pics out in Ireland, alongside your cousin Mr. Keane...Who's handsome aswell runs in the family, eh?


  75. * Sings in the style of Bill Withers *

    " Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone,
    It's Not Warm When He's Away "

    Please come back soon Mr M, to Twit,
    Chat or bring back the MW blog !
    I miss you xxxx

  76. On a regular day I go solo for my internet Moz fix. I scroll on by when I notice the crazies over there. Sure Moz hates it and I get that but it don't stop me wanting to read about him. I've bought every record and been to dozens of shows. I don't feel bad.
    Just what the fuck is it with some Morrissey fans? I've been visiting solo and posting on twitter for years and this thing keeps on. Year after year. Fantasists pretend to be Morrissey. Loners pretend to be places they're not so peeps think they know Morrissey. Kinda sad.
    Some of you guys think Morrissey would single you out and talk to you online? Really? While there's folks here callin' other folks smelly, stinky, scum, vile, slumdogs, cunts??? That's some kind of fucked up shit right there. Take a step back dudes. You been had real bad.

  77. My let's-remain-anonymous dear friend, sitting next to me, is laughing. What do you think now?



    IT'S MY CAT.


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