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Friday, 5 April 2013

Day 569 - Thirty Questions From The Blue Rose Society For Our Mozzer

The man who posts on my blog with the user name 'Morrissey', but insists he is 'NOT Morrissey', has asked that I interview him, asking, "thirty mesmerizing questions." I have no idea if the hairy backed bedsit dweller will answer these questions in the guise of Morrissey, or  as 'Our Mozzer', so I will ask a variety of questions aimed at both of them. He/They may of course decide not to answer any of them at all! Here are his original conditions, I would guess that conditions 1 and 5 are EXACTLY the same wording Morrissey uses when he responds to all the email interviews that he does :

Our Mozzer would like it known he will be doing one final interview for TRB's semi-mesmerizing Blog thing.

The conditions are as follows:

1 It must be published in full with no errors
2 Our Mozzer only answers interesting questions
3 thirty mesmerizing questions must be posed and some of these must be original and previously unasked
4 some of the questions must come from other BRS members
5 No questions must be asked about: (a) The Smiths or (b) the artiste's personal life

So then, here goes. I will include questions from as many BRS members as I can, but as Our Mozzer has stated that he will only answer "interesting questions", I have decided to use a bit of artistic licence (license) to 'sex up' some of the slightly, er, 'duller' questions. *Deep breath* Eyes down for your first number this time:

Q1: From Climmy Worseapple
You've already stated that you liked my question, so TRB has decided to post it again, with a slight alteration. Sometimes, when I cry, I sit with a mirror before me and imagine that I am my own nonexistent disillusioned long-term partner, looking with scorn at my puffy, leaking face - immune to the rotting diseases of affection and empathy for "myself" thanks to a tough course of painful injections and some hard-earned antibodies. Next week sees you release your first 'new material' for four years, albeit as 'b' sides to 'Last of the Famous International Playboys', do you think it will reach the Top 100 in the UK, and do you care?
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys Digital Single Artwork

Q2: From girlwithout
Question from me for Our Mozzer. When he met you at a recent Hollywood party, Gristle Bandage commented that you were like Bette Davis and Garbo, sat in a corner uniquely like someone from another era. How do you feel about this comparison and is there some other Hollywood star that you would have preferred to be compared to?

Q3: From Chuck Norrissey
Ok here comes my question. Don't be disappointed. Dear Our Mozzer, was there anything about this whole journey that surprised you, that came unexpected - concerning your followers/fans and/or media? Was it a mudslide, or did it all develop and unfold according to your plans?

Q4: From Uncle Halfwit
This is ridiculous, you are just a "dickhead pulling a scam." You are just "some wanker who hatched a plan to make a film about internet gullibility", with the subject, "Morrissey fans." How long do you possibly think you can get away with pretending to be Morrissey before you are caught out? Tops P.

Q5: From Mme de StaĆ«l
What is your favourite cover version of one of your songs? And is there any song of another artist(e) that you think would be worthwhile covering?

Q6: From Lizzycatmoz
My question for Morrissey AKA Our Mozzer is, and I consider this to be ' personal' however not ' personal life.' Having been extremely ill and on IV drips for 5 weeks, I'm sure the
experience changed you, but what I'd really like to know, but am afraid to ask, so am relying on that b**tard Rat to 'sex up' my question up a bit, is:  You have used lots of homoerotic imagery in your art over the years, and yet I have found you quite flirty, do you bat for both sides? 

Q7: From TRB
I'm sorry about Lizzy's deeply personal question, I did warn them not to, but they just ignore me. Let's cut to the chase and get down to the nitty gritty, do you have a fold away sofa bed in your bedsit, or a proper bed that takes the place of a couch?

Q8: On Behalf Of  Marcus 'The Greek' Marcou
I saw it as my calling to travel to Manchester with a Blue Rose, but I couldn't get it to you. Today I am releasing my debut feature film, 'Papadopolous and Sons', have you any plans to watch it?


Q9: From Vulgar1mkela
I was so honored that you took the blue rose ring from me in Moz Angeles but what happened to it after I gave it to you and have you any plans for it?


Q10: From Anonymous
Morrissey needs to realize that he has totally screwed himself because of his affiliation with this site and that horrid blog that existed. Had he in fact cared about his career and reputation as a respected artist, he would have come out and denounced both of this (sic) dumps. The true sadness lies in the fact that he has not, and the devolving that has taken place continues to reach new lows. All of this stupidity and the Blue Rose and the ring--come on Morrissey, no wonder you have become a caricature of what you used to be. When will The Smiths be reforming? (Note from Ed - Sorry Our Mozzer, I don't know how this one slipped through the net, but NO Moz interview is complete without some twat asking a Smiths question.)

Q 11: From Emotional air raid survivor
Hello. What inspired you to start the blog initially, did you have any objectives, and if so, do you feel you have achieved them?

Q12: From Emotional air raid survivor
Hello, me again. What are the greatest similarities & differences between Our Mozzer & TRM? 

Q 13: From Girl On Bike
The MorrisseysWorld story has been a phenomenon. What are your best and worst moments of the  journey?

Q 14: From Broken
Why did your image mutate around the late 80s and early 90s when you went from soft wallflower to brusquely assertive? Was it a conscious decision?


Q 15: From JJazmine
Despite everything that has occurred on this 3-4 year journey are you satisfied with what your creation has become? God once flooded the earth to purge his paradise of the evils of humanity. Is this "end" your attempt to put our faith to the test? Will MW rise again from the tomb of your mind? 

Q 16: From JJazmine
Secondly: Does it make you smile to see that many of us have actually become friends with one another, even if it is online, was this an unexpected surprise to you?  

Q 17: From Fluff Rat
What the f**k shall I do with the '@MorrisseysWorld' twitter account that is currently in my possession. Will you PLEASE take it back, and rise like a parody phoenix from the parody ashes? 

Q 18: Talbot 'Tubby' Cheapknockers
It's a picture question from me, and you MUST know the answer because, after all, all you do all day is sit in your bedsit finding out ALL there is to know about Morrissey, just so that you can pretend to be him! So come on, let's see if you REALLY know your Moz stuff, who are the two people in this picture?: (Note from Ed, sorry for Talbot's slightly disrespectful tone, but I quite like his question.)

Q 19: From Anastasia Ames
Dear Moz, In your last interview you said you'd like to come back to Mexico in June. If you do, will the US also have a chance to see you again? 

Q 20: From fancy123
I noticed Climmy Worseapple's question. I myself do not have to sit in front of a mirror to feel that crappy and alone, but if I needed a song to listen to, I would use 'Wide to Receive' It is a beautifully crafted song, but one that can leave you feeling completely alone and useless. Do you have any peccadilloes you can talk about?

Q 21: From Andy 'Old Willougby'
What's wrong with hairy backs? That isn't my main question: The very first time you sang in front of an audience, how did you get through it since you were obviously so shy, and what gave you the confidence to do it again, and again? Do you suffer from nerves at all now?


Q 22: From Clover Dean
Dear Morressay, Will you one day tell the world that you know about the Blue Rose Society? Please sir take care of yourself, hoping for your return & I love you so...
Thank you for your time~
Rosy Clover Dean
BRS forever

Q 23: From romina
This is very silly, but I like to be silly, sometimes,in Rome there is a urban legend about you, it says that you use to wash by yourself your dresses in a little laundry near Piazzale Flaminio. Is it true?
Roma-Piazzale Flaminio

Q 24: From Leslie
"Our Mozzer": What is your belief of the after-life? Do you think we just die and go to a better place, or do you believe in the spirit world - ghosts and hauntings, I suppose you'd call it...?

Q 25: From Mozkidkyle
Hello, as President of the Blue Rose Society, Rat says I am entitled to ask as many questions as I like, so here are my questions for you.
1. Did you get the BlueRose Society t-shirt that I brought for you?
2. Is there another cologne that you wear besides Com De Garcan?
3. Are you going to do a book signing in New York?
4. Why did you pick Long Island to start the Tour again?
5. Will we ever meet again , and did you read what I gave you?

Your Friend, KYLE


Q 26: From heathercat
This isn't really a question, but more a statement. The fact that Morrissey once said, "I don't know if I even exist offstage" could make one wonder who is actually more real - TRM or NotMorrissey. All I do know is that NotMorrissey's identity doesn't concern me. Hirsute bedsit dweller or not, he's intriguing, brilliant, hilarious and mesmerizing, and his presence will be greatly missed. 

Q 27: From Tiffany Tidychuff (Bond girl or Carry On character? - Ed)
Like Tubby Talbot, it's a picture question from me too, who is the person featured on your drum kit?:


Q 28: From comrade harps
As a good athiest skeptic, I don't believe in astrology, but even as a fellow Gemini (I'm a 23 May to Morrissey's 22 May) I'm finding this all a bit confusing. If it is the real Morrissey behind all this (as us Deluded Dozen believe) then he cannot own up to that as he needs to maintain the mystery and keep the distance, all the while giving us nudge-nudge wink-wink signs. Is that the post-modernist game being played out here?

Q 29: From TRB
You have made many, many predictions of things that Morrissey would do, and HE HAS DONE THEM. You predicted back in 2011 that he would take his shirt off in London, and despite him not having taken it off in recent times, HE TOOK IT OFF! You predicted that Morrissey would accept a red rose on stage, and despite him not having accepted ANY flowers on stage in years, HE ACCEPTED A RED ROSE IN POMONA! You predicted that Morrissey would accept a Blue Rose, AND despite fans offering Morrissey gladioli and numerous other flowers throughout the last year, he refused to take ANY of them, and yet accepted BLUE ROSES IN BOTH NEW YORK AND LA! You predicted that Morrissey would play in Argentina, AND HE DID! The list goes on and on. Add to this the huge list of 'coincidences' over the past two years, including you mentioning a toothbrush on stage in Long Island just hours after I had blogged about losing mine, and yet STILL your fans refuse to believe you are Morrissey. I even asked you in an  interview last May about the NME court case, and the answer was posted  on True To You, but STILL nobody believed. Forget about the media, WHAT do you think Morrissey would have to do to FINALLY  get his OWN FANS to believe? 

Q 30: From TRB
What now for MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose Society? Can we have another prediction please?

Thank you very much to Our Mozzer for taking the time to read our questions. We now wait with huge anticipation for the answers. This BlueRoseSociety interview is like no other interview, this one's  different because it's us.


  1. oh you naughty, naughty, rat


  2. Rats,

    I do not appreciate the fact that you have amended my question to suit your own purposes.

  3. Because my 'question' here is really more of a statement, please feel free to choose one of the real questions that I wrote on the previous blog entry at the last minute, if that would be preferable. Thank you.


    1. That goes for my question of yesterday too, if you would prefer to answer that one.

      Many thanks !

  4. Thank You, Rat, for adding my question :)

  5. Thank you Ratty!! Luv ya!! BRS Forever~

  6. damn, the one time I miss a post all this happens.
    great questions.

    *patiently waiting to buy KIDS A LOOKER*
    crossed off check-list.
    Art Hounds still the #1 though.

  7. You should have asked what Beck songs put him into a trance

  8. Thank you for including my question, but you did not add the addendum I had added: That if Our Mozzer thought the question too personal he should feel free to switch it to be pertaining to Boz i.e. Does Boz have any any peccadilloes he can talk about besides wearing women's clothing--on further thought if he wants to reveal any peccadilloes any of his mates might have would also be all right. Thank You #BlueRoseSociety

  9. I must be hallucinating thinking that I've post the ring question. Oh well... I must have been insane.

  10. Sorry Rat, I read this post just today and, of course, I have to say tank you for including my silly question! The picture is right and beautiful! Thank you once again for all! Viva Morrissey and Viva Blue Rose Society!


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