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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 570 - BrokenReturns Returns

On Saturday evening at approximately 6.30 pm, '@BrokenReturns' returned to the Twitterdilly Arms to entertain the BRS. I was unable to join in, but here are his highlights up until 8.30:

As someone once said, elegance is a passing fantasy.


Morrissey and the Manic Street Preachers would be interesting.

Message from Our Mozzer: watch out for a star drifting open sesame Britain soon LonLonLon.

But don't look out for place in Buckinghmshire, unless it's a leisure centre

Flitwick, Here He Comes!

Do you know what? I'm going to give my account to Log Lady.

You'd probably prefer her company.

I've just purchased a house.

Does anyone care where it is?

A clue: Rat might see me!

It's a long road; it's a good cause.

I wonder whether we all realise quite how precious each second is?

In all of the universe's history, so few have existed and fewer still have had the consciousness and freedoms we have today.

Is Moz going to play a concert in London with the Manics? Hmm



  1. Im glad broken has return
    he was missed

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  3. Just to clarify, Our Mozzer came into chat after Broken was there, and Chuck's notes were spoken by Our Mozzer. I missed what Broken said in chat, but here are a couple more things that Our Mozzer said:

    "Half of what I say is untruth and the other half is half-truth."

    "I will cover Justin Bieber soon, for irony's sake of course, as the blog promised."

    What a wonderful surprise to see Broken and Our Mozzer today. Before Our Mozzer left, he posted an intriguing Log Lady video. I'm unable to paste the link here as I'm on my phone - perhaps someone else would like to.

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  4. Fatal Man Shop6 April 2013 at 22:11

    Morrissey1959: My day has been absolutely dreadful; thankfully it's almost over now
    Morrissey1959: Another record company email letting me know "it's not quite the right time for us to pool our resources"
    Morrissey1959: I wonder if I'll ever release another album sometimes
    Morrissey1959: I'm not Moz
    Morrissey1959: But I could not relive the years in the back of the van
    Morrissey1959: being told where to go by angry record company gofers
    Morrissey1959: dining on salad at wimpy
    Morrissey1959: No, I'd rather have no record company
    Morrissey1959: I'll probably sit around and indulge in leisure activities
    Morrissey1959: What else is there to do?
    Morrissey1959: The crossword, an occasion Dolls album, walks with the dog and...
    Morrissey1959: The occasion visit to my own ironic parody chat forum
    Morrissey1959: In which I play the parody me, claiming not to be myself while I prove I am
    Morrissey1959: Who else could have pulled this off?
    Morrissey1959: Only twelve souls have a clue
    Morrissey1959: Could Boy George have been this subtle?
    Morrissey1959: Just say 'no'
    Morrissey1959: Lizzy, half of what I say is untruth and the other half is half-truth

  5. That's my disc! It's too handsome to play.

  6. Lovely to have had Our Mozzer & broken on in the MW chat...their both funny. Pretty much the girls already posted what was said. Broken whats making me laugh w/ all his Bieber posts. I didnt really care for J.B but it was hilarious today. As for Our Mozzer it was an honor~ I love you


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