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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 573 - Thatcher Dead, but WHO Fired the "Blast"?

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is dead, which doesn't interest me in the slightest, just as her life didn't interest me, but what DOES interest me, is WHO fired the "blast"! Let me explain.

Margaret Thatcher's death was announced yesterday lunchtime in the UK, and the freelance journalist Kevin 'Banjaxer' 'Walter Ego' Mar(r)inan immediately took to twitter to celebrate, but he then went quiet for five hours, so what could he 'possibly' have been doing? It is my guess that he was writing a piece on Thatcher with a 'Morrissey angle'. Mar(r)inan returned to twitter just before 8pm and posted the following article that the Daily Mirror had just published online:

Margaret Thatcher dead: Morrissey blasts former PM as "barbaric" just hours after her death

The musician has been a long-time critic of the former Prime Minister and aired his views in songs like Margaret On The Guillotine

Critic: Morrissey
Critic: Morrissey

Outspoken Morrissey tonight blasted Margaret Thatcher as "barbaric" and someone "without an atom of humanity".
The musician has been a long-time critic of the former Prime Minister and aired his views in songs like Margaret On The Guillotine.
Tonight, just hours after her death, he released a strongly-worded statement slamming the former Tory politician.
The former Smiths singer said: "Thatcher is remembered as The Iron Lady only because she possessed completely negative traits such as persistent stubbornness and a determined refusal to listen to others.
"Every move she made was charged by negativity; she destroyed the British manufacturing industry, she hated the miners, she hated the arts, she hated the Irish Freedom Fighters and allowed them to die, she hated the English poor and did nothing at all to help them, she hated Greenpeace and environmental protectionists, she was the only European political leader who opposed a ban on the Ivory Trade, she had no wit and no warmth and even her own Cabinet booted her out."
Morrissey, whose first Smiths single Hand In Glove was released a month before Baroness Thatcher won her second term of office as Prime Minister in 1983, was highly critical of her role in the Falklands War.
He said: "She gave the order to blow up The Belgrano even though it was outside of the Malvinas Exclusion Zone - and was sailing AWAY from the islands.
"When the young Argentinian boys aboard The Belgrano had suffered a most appalling and unjust death, Thatcher gave the thumbs up sign for the British press. Iron? No. Barbaric? Yes.
"She hated feminists even though it was largely due to the progression of the women's movement that the British people allowed themselves to accept that a Prime Minister could actually be female.
"But because of Thatcher, there will never again be another woman in power in British politics, and rather than opening that particular door for other women, she closed it.
Outspoken Morrissey, who recently cancelled a series of shows due to ill health, went on: "Thatcher will only be fondly remembered by sentimentalists who did not suffer under her leadership, but the majority of British working people have forgotten her already, and the people of Argentina will be celebrating her death.
"As a matter of recorded fact, Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity," he added.

Two things immediately grabbed me about the article, firstly that it was credited to Ben Rankin and NOT Kevin Mar(r)inan, which I had expected, and secondly, that I hadn't seen this "strongly-worded statement" anywhere else, not on True To You, Morrissey's facebook page, and not 'even' from his publicist Lauren Papapietro. In fact, Papapietro's first comment on the matter was to re-tweet the Mirror article:

comments on the passing of "...Thatcher was a terror without an atom of humanity"

The fact that Papapietro tweeted the Mirror's article, meant that the statement was OBVIOUSLY authentic, and had come from Morrissey, although not according to good old UncleSkinny, who thinks he knows better than Morrissey's own publicist! Can Skinny ever get ANYTHING right? Here is his tweet:

That Mirror article isn't new, it's a mash-up, mostly from the Loaded article. No Moz statement. Journalistic opportunism.

Mar(r)inan obviously took umbrage to Skinny calling the Mirror piece "journalistic opportunism" and posted the following tweet:

Wow... Some people get angry about the strangest things. Usually on another person's behalf.

But WHY would Banjaxer be so protective over an article that he didn't write, or DID he write it? Straight after he had tweeted the Mirror article, which incidentally he spotted before ANYBODY else, he posted the full Morrissey statement on his blog, a blog which he usually uses to publish articles that HE has written:

So, if Mar(r)inan DID write that statement on behalf of Morrissey, WHY wouldn't he want to be seen to be taking credit for it? Could it be because he 'borrowed' virtually all the content from the 'Loaded' interview, as noticed by Skinny, or could it be because Banjaxer aka Walter Ego CANNOT be seen to be linked to Morrissey, as it would expose him as possibly being involved in MorrisseysWorld? Only last week Our Mozzer told us that he knows nothing about Banjaxer, but we must remember that nearly two years ago, BEFORE MorrisseysWorld was discovered by the masses (if twelve can be counted as masses!), and before FollowingTheMozziah had arrived on the scene to question EVERYTHING, an article was written on the MW blog, which went as follows:

MORRISSEY: Speaking of twitter, what on earth am I going to do with my blog? *the artiste yawns wistfully*

MIKEY: Still not getting much traffic, Morrissey?

MORRISSEY: I've seen more traffic passing through Sale pedestrian precinct.

MIKEY: I went there the other day. The blog I mean, not Sale. You/ve had a few hits. A few thousand actually, Morrissey.

MORRISSEY: Oh that's just Walter Ego.

MIKEY: Walter Ego?

MORRISSEY: Yes, he's one of the so-low trolls. I pay him to write nonsense all over the so-low site and do odd internet-based jobs for me, like repeatedly visiting my blog and posting links around the place.

MIKEY: You pay him?!

MORRISSEY: Nothing excessive. Just £50 a month.

MAM: It's not £50, Steven - it's £47. You reduced it when he fell into a diabetic coma in July and forgot to start a so-low forum thread about the blog. Poor lad. He was in  intensive care for weeks.

Has the fact that Mar(r)inan posted the Thatcher statement on his blog given him away? Has Walter Ego's ego exposed him, just as Gristle Bandage's ego exposed him when he posted that New Statesman article about Richard Dawkins/Abu Hamza whilst he was playing the character of 'BucktoothedBoy'? (See here: An ego is a very difficult thing to control.


Of course, former MorrisseysWorlder, RosyMires, will be straight out to attack me for being divisive, and maybe I am completely barking up the wrong tree, but if Walter Ego DIDN'T write that statement, then WHO did, and where did the Mirror get the statement from? Maybe Morrissey's publicist is completely wrong and Uncle Skinny is right, perhaps the Mirror HAVE made it all up..... and whilst Mires and Skinny are pondering on everything I've written today, perhaps they can answer this too, WHO IS MORRISSEYSWORLD?



Girl Without (GWO) added the following comment to my blog at 2:26 pm:

The ‘strongly worded statement’ was published first on The Daily Beast at 1.59 EDT (time of this being published may have changed if it was edited etc, but it is a starting point). As far as I can make out this is about 5 hours behind UK time. And the author is ……*drum rolls*…… MORRISSEY. Looks like this ‘statement’ was then used in the Daily Mirror article (published 19.36 so about half an hour after the Beast), and in all subsequent articles.
I was curious that a lot of the article appears to be ‘lifted’ from the Loaded interview with Morrissey, but they were Morrissey’s words then and he can re-use them now, or whenever he wants.
I would stand corrected, but unlike Uncle Skinny I think that there was a ‘moz statement’ and Morrissey made it in The Daily Beast. As to US call on ‘journalistic opportunism’ ……

I have since checked on twitter to see what came first, 'The Beast' or 'The Mirror'. It transpires that the Daily Mirror article was posted on twitter WAY BEFORE The Beast article, and Banjaxer was the VERY FIRST PERSON to tweet it on twitter, ahead of the thousands and thousands who have subsequently retweeted the story. Banjaxer also tweeted the link to the FULL STATEMENT on his own blog WAY BEFORE there was any mention on twitter of the Beast article! I still get the feeling that Kevin Mar(r)inan wrote the article on Morrissey's behalf, unless of course, you know different. *Pauses* "Cyril!"


  1. who is this banjaxer chap that you are always on about rat, anyway, i reckon when Morrissey tours Argentina he will make a statement to the Argentine crowd that will have the press over here baying for his blood..fireworks ahoy

  2. Hey, you are Duncan Barkes, aren't you (?), so you are allowed to bark up the wrong tree! :)

  3. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Confusing, innit?

    I was looking for a Morrissey statement on this triumphant day and can't fault it.

    Thought: Kill Uncle gets re-released 8 April, 2013 and Thatcher dies the same day(funnier if it was Viva Hate).

  4. The ‘strongly worded statement’ was published first on The Daily Beast at 1.59 EDT (time of this being published may have changed if it was edited etc, but it is a starting point). As far as I can make out this is about 5 hours behind UK time. And the author is ……*drum rolls*…… MORRISSEY. Looks like this ‘statement’ was then used in the Daily Mirror article (published 19.36 so about half an hour after the Beast), and in all subsequent articles.
    I was curious that a lot of the article appears to be ‘lifted’ from the Loaded interview with Morrissey, but they were Morrissey’s words then and he can re-use them now, or whenever he wants.
    I would stand corrected, but unlike Uncle Skinny I think that there was a ‘moz statement’ and Morrissey made it in The Daily Beast. As to US call on ‘journalistic opportunism’ ……

    1. So, has the Daily Beast made it up, and if so, WHY did Lauren Papapietro tweet the story? And if it IS a real statement, then why did Lauren not re-tweet the Daily Beast story instead of the Mirror's? Answers on a postcard.... or here please!

    2. No.
      She did.
      Postcard sent.


  5. In my humble opinion TRM would have issued a NEW statement on the demise
    of Mrs Thatcher and it would have gone straight onto TTY.

    Therefore I am confused by what actually happened, but excellent research
    GWO, well done !!

    1. I was just about to make the very same post as this one. I think Morrissey would have posted his statement directly onto TTY, as well. It is the unofficial official Morrissey website for authentic updates - for the most part. The only news that I know of that wasn't posted on TTY was when he went ill in Flint.

      Why would this statement be such a mystery, anyway? Most everyone knows how much Morrissey hated Thatcher.

  6. as heather also tweeted the billboard copy (same article) it just proves how lazy hacks are these days, i mean sat at home scouring the web to pass stuff on.. shame on them

  7. If you checkout a few more articles, The Daily Beast is referenced as the source.
    Banjaxer's copy of the statement on his blog seems to be a copy of The Daily Beast article - even down to the spelling 'Argentinean'. Most UK newsites have changed this to 'Argentinian',including the Mirror.
    The Beast was first, the Mirror reflected the beast, Banjaxer was next and Rats is still changing into his trainers.
    The author credited with The Daily Beast article is Morrissey.

  8. What is it with this Rat guy? Fascinated with anybody who pretends to be Morrissey. Fascinated by anybody who even pretends to know Morrissey. Taken in by fake locations on tweets and Googled Mexico photos and pretend Russell Brands. Likely it's all the same man. Or two different guys who need a fight to the death to see who is best at pretending to be/know Moz! What kind of a stupid game is this? Rat thought MorrisseysMum was Morrissey when everyone on solo has know for years who it is. What happened to Sweetest Flower? Or was that REALLY Morrissey? LOL And what about @solomorrissey? That was another one that went on the tweet delete rampage. And @MarqueeSmith?

    And poor lonely rat stuck in the middle all confused.

    1. um yeah and the person who mentioned blue roses for the first time is a chick who lives in Wisconsin.That crap is seriously just that and a huge load.Get a grip you are not nice people you only pay attention to anyone who you think knows him up until you discover they do not deliver the goods you are looking for and you all do it too. Sad.There is nowhere that it is safe or good or positive to be a Morrissey fan anymore.You all act like jerks. It does not matter if you are on Solo or on here. You are all guilty of it .You follow people on twitter until you know they have anything to do with him.You are really shallow and pretending to be sad outsiders but you are not .Just goes to prove there is no sincerity for anyone who is true or a genuine outcast. You just play pretend thinking you are something special.every single one of you does that .You should be shamed of yourself masquerading behind " Being nice" you don't embrace people at all just your ego

    2. you have the right to ur own opinion., but sorry u dont know me or anyone on here to even say that at all! Like u know somebody...

  9. Replies
    1. No mate, I'm not Kevin, but I might know a man who is. Can you fools not see that you've been taken for a ride? Let me spell it out for you, Banjaxer has been pretending to be Moz for a long time. All of us at solo have known for years. In your own 'borrowed' words, "WAKE UP." I will not be posting here again, you and your Rat leader are all morons, now fuck off back to your sad fantasy world.

    2. Thanks for putting us straight P. Just one thing, your and Kevin's main argument against the MorrisseysWorld Blog has been that the deception is utterly disgusting etc., but obviously there are rules for some and but not for others! Hypocrites!

    3. What's worse? To pretend to BE him? Or to pretend to KNOW him?

    4. Well, whoever runs the blog is certainly spot on with their predictions. Draw your own conclusions.

    5. Cold reading. #faithhealer

    6. There have been too many 'coincidences' for that! And if you are going to say Morrissey is playing along, ok, but why would he make the predictions of a con-man come true and thus fuel the fire?

    7. What predictions? Playing along with what?

    8. The numerous ones mentioned on here before. Too many to mention!

    9. The most recent one I can think of is Broken tweeting "Well I wOOnder." and Moz singing it that same night during the pause in Speedway.

    10. Did he? How about he spotted a pattern? or was at the soundcheck? Loads of reasons. You're not suggesting Broken is Morrissey are you? Christ on a bike!

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Girl On Bike...shhhhhhhhhh

    13. I am not suggesting anything, that is the whole point! Everyone of us has come to their own conclusions and we are just enjoying each others company.


  10. There is a new posting on TTY from Morrissey about Margaret Thatcher.

    Case closed !!

  11. "That Mirror article isn't new, it's a mash-up, mostly from the Loaded article. No Moz statement. Journalistic opportunism." Pretty much spot-on I'd say. The official TTY statement is the only 'new' comment from Morrissey.

  12. You talk shit on Rat, but who's the damn fookin idiot who was going around pretending to be Morrissey!?

  13. Once again for those who come on here saying negative comments, SORRY but this is not that other site! Have u seen all that is being said about Our Mozzer? Im sure u have. I have never been so disgusted by so call fans! FANS?? Sorry no ur not! You hate him & you say all these f****d things about him. Like i said b4 everyone is 'entitled' to their opinion, even him! WTF has he done to u but showed u that he loves u, comforted u w/ his music when u were down, when no one else didnt understand! All these yrs! But u speak of him as if u hate him soo much!! I dont go around agreeing w/ everything he saids, but just cuz he saids certain things Im not gonna go hate the man. And plze stop talking about Mozzer like he's still that 20 yr.old!! Plze He's a freaking man stop thinking he's the same. Who cares if this guy isnt him or that guy... if it is TRM I mean, if u love him then support him, if u hate him then go where others agree or that feel the same as u,(that other site) cuz no one here does. We love him & we respect him either way wrong or right...As a true fan that I have been for almost my whole life I have never been so disappointed! Mr. M if u are out there reading what is being said in this blog, plze I hope u remember what I had said to u. I think its time u do! I hope we hear from you (TRM) soon once again & really give a sign a real sign...

    - so very sickend

  14. Hello Rat! What a mess! The Mirror article, in my modest opinion, was simply a "Crocodile"! I'll explain better: in Italy, my country, every professional journalist got in his p.c. a ready article about people who could die in a few hours and it was not a secret that her Baroness did not play cricket or having fun in the past week. So, as the news of her passed bye was official the "Crocodile" came out on the web! Journalistic opportunism? Speculating on Morrissey's ideas? A common way of working? A mix of all this things, maybe. Anyway the official statement is on TTY, so as Lizzy said, case closed. Anyway I have to add thet the word "Crocodile" does not fit perfectly for this circumstance, this word was used in due to the strange crocodile's behaviour: he cries after ate his prey, but I think, about Thatcher, that people cried a lot when she was alive and in her role, not now. Take care Rat! Ciao.

  15. Well, what do I know – obviously absolutely nowt. But.... the TTY statement Morrissey said ‘The difficulty with giving a comment on Margaret Thatcher's death to the British tabloids is that, no matter how calmly and measuredly you speak, the comment must be reported as an "outburst" or an "explosive attack" if your view is not pro-establishment.’
    Was the explosive attack the ‘blasts’ in The Mirror? Pitchfork reports that ‘A Morrissey representative confirms that the singer's strongly-worded criticisms of Margaret Thatcher, which surfaced after news of her death yesterday, came from an old interview in an issues (sic) of Loaded magazine’. About half of what was said in the open letter on The Daily Beast came from the Loaded interview – but where did the rest of it come from? A mash-up, fake, an Italian crocodile?
    More questions than answers.

  16. Hah! Addendum to the Daily Beast article ( ) kindly pointed out by Uncle Skinny on solow thread.

    'Editors Note: This piece was submitted by Morrissey after the news of Margaret Thatcher’s death. Portions it were previously published as an interview with Morrissey in Loaded magazine.'


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