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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 580 - Taste The Hatred

Morrissey's brilliant re-mastered release of Kill Uncle, which NOBODY expected to chart, has unsurprisingly, failed to chart! The re-issue of 'The Last of the Famous International Playboys' has also not entered the Top 100 Singles Chart, which again, I for one never thought it would, in fact, my very first question to Our Mozzer in the recent thirty question interview was, "Do you think it will reach the Top 100, and do you care?" We haven't yet received Our Mozzer's answers to the questions, but I doubt for one minute that he expected it to chart, although over at the So-Low place, they are treating this non event as the end of Morrissey's career. Here is Uncle Skinny's reaction:

"It was an ill-judged release from a person whose chart career is going down the pan. All facts. In fact, since we could do with facts, what are the sales figures and positions (UK) for these releases, compared with sales figures and positions (UK) for his previous albums and singles releases? What does the trajectory look like?



You can taste the hatred as it seeps through Skinny's words. WHY does this man hate Morrissey SO much?  "Chart career going down the pan"? Morrissey has NEVER failed to score below the Top 8 with a 'new' album EVER, and whilst we're dealing with FACTS, Morrissey's last album, 'Years of Refusal' reached Number 3. How is THAT 'going down the pan'?  And if it were going down the pan, WHY would Skinny take such pleasure in that? WHY IS Skinny running a Morrissey website? WHY? WHY? WHY? Last week, Skinny was boasting how he would be downloading 'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' (which incidentally didn't reach number 1), whilst us Morrissey fans were downloading 'The Kid's A Looker'. You couldn't make this up!

I know I shouldn't keep on about Skinny, but by going on Mastermind, and by running a Morrissey website, the man has made himself a high profile Morrissey fan, so I suppose I expect him to be 'on our side'. To me, being a Morrissey or Smiths fan, has always been a bit like 'Us Against the World'. People who don't 'get' Morrissey are always quick to have a go, and I, along with thousands of other fans, have spent thirty years trying to explain what it is that we see and hear that others don't. I have always presumed that it is the same for ALL Moz fans, and I would expect those who run a Morrissey website to be particularly protective toward their idol, but I have been SO naive in my expectations! But WHAT IS THE POINT? WHAT does Skinny get out of having a place to show his hatred for everything Morrissey now does? I honestly believe that he 'USED' to like Morrissey, but now that he obviously no longer does, WHY doesn't he just walk away? The ironic thing is, if an 'outsider' were to have a pop about Morrissey, Skinny would probably still defend him.... or perhaps not.

 Rosy Mires, Still.I.Cling and Cathy5 ALL abandoned MorrisseysWorld to become friends with Skinny, presumably because of a common interest in Morrissey, and yet all I EVER read from Skinny is constant criticism of Morrissey. The MorrisseysWorlders are so full of love, the Solowers are SO full of hate. Is this all just a bizarre dream I'm having? Is it still September 14th 2011?

As I mentioned yesterday, Morrissey is an artist, and with these re-mastered albums, surely it is the equivalent of a painter, 'touching up' a painting? Too many changes, and it no longer remains the same painting, but the odd stroke here and there, enables the artist to feel happier about his work. The audience/viewer/critic is irrelevant, the artist is doing it for himself. On a much smaller scale, when I write my blog, if I don't like how something flows, I HAVE to change it. It doesn't matter to me if NOBODY were ever to read what I had written, but if I  hadn't written it in the way 'I' wanted it to be written, I wouldn't be happy.

I cannot stop playing the 'touched up' version of 'Kill Uncle', it flows SO much better than the original, and the addition of 'Pashernate Love' and 'East West' into the middle of the album, bring a completely new feel to it. I have gone from only really liking two or three tracks from the original 'Kill Uncle', to there now only being one track that I don't particularly care for ('Found, Found, Found'). I've even found a love for 'Our Frank', which I was never really fond of before, but the tracks that I have really, really fallen in love with are 'Asian Rut', 'Driving Your Girlfriend Home', 'The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye', 'There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends' (the version on the 2013 album is MUCH better than the original) and my absolute favourite, '(I'm) The End Of The Family Line', which works SO much better by just being the final track.

To anybody who hasn't bothered buying 'Kill Uncle 2013', as they didn't see that there was much difference from the original, I would urge them to make the purchase, and find out what I'm going on about, or at the very least, burn a cd of the songs, and put them in the new track order, the difference is amazing.


So what DO Skinny, Sean Calder and the rest of the Solowers actually WANT from Morrissey? They no longer like the songs that he is writing, they don't like his band, they don't like him 'touching up' his own art, so WHAT do they want? I for one wouldn't care if Morrissey were to NEVER release another album EVER. He has given us enough quality songs to last a life time. What MorrisseysWorld has reinforced, is that Morrissey is a really witty and clever writer, and I for one, would really, really love to see him start writing plays/screen plays/films or comedy. Rather selfishly, I would also like to see him carry on singing live, but Morrissey will do whatever he WANTS to do, which is EXACTLY as it should be.


And finally for now, and probably for a while, as Our Mozzer seems to have completely disappeared, a few members of the Blue Rose Society have picked up on the fact that Morrissey told Victoria Wood that he doesn't drink coffee, where as Our Mozzer often mentions drinking coffee. So, which one is lying? Interestingly, Morrissey laughed when he told Victoria that he never drank coffee, so perhaps he was having a little joke. A few of the BRS are also still struggling with the fact that Broken was tweeting during the Ireland v Austria football match, when it is known Morrissey was sat with Robbie Keane. Maybe we were all deluded after all!

*Goes off singing* Ooh, I don't want to be judged anymore, I don't want to be judged, I would sooner be loved, I would sooner be, just blindly loved.


  1. I am glad that I was not the only one who found it strange that TRM said in conversation with
    Victoria Wood that he didn't drink coffee.
    M1959 has mentioned in the chat room that he loves coffee and chocolate.
    However I did ask him a week or so ago, in chat, if he had tried " Millicano " ( coffee )and he said ' no.'

    I think that Broken might sometimes be TRM and
    at other times, someone else, but WHO ??

  2. to me it's like when everyone wrote britney off after
    the GIMME MORE vma appearance. i.e. slow day
    at the office. no relevance at all. this kind of re-release
    is always going to cater to a smaller audience - and
    added to that I bet there are many people who don't
    even know about it. to treat it's chart placing like
    a regular release is laughable.

  3. I will never be able to get my head around the likes of Skinny & Co claiming to be Morrissey fans, yet expressing such horrible & negative views.

    I agree with you Rats with regard to Morrissey writing screen plays or comedy. The prospect is so delicious.

  4. I too was appalled (but certainly not surprised) by the KU comments on Solow. I may be deluded, but I'd rather be among the loving than the hateful any day. Thanks for writing, Rats.

  5. I never pay attention to the charts, but wanted to see the outcome of the chart duel between ‘Ding Dong’ and ‘I’m (not) in Love With Margaret Thatcher’. Ding Dong chimes in at number 2 with about 52,000 sales (5000 short of the number 1) and Big Ben doesn’t chime for Maggie at 35 with about 8800 sales. Maybe there is not much sales differential between the singles in the remaining 65 chart places in the top 100, but I am surprised seeing these sales figures that LOFTIP did not make the top 100. Maybe Rats can shed more light on this?

    Eh - ‘lying’ is a very strong word. Artistic license may be a more fitting substitute :)

  6. It's a shame you're all missing the signs without MW documenting them.

    First V Wood mentions the very tea shop mentioned on this blog thing, which prompts raised eyebrows from Moz - he probably had this comment added to the script. Then Moz mentions his weak Ceylon tea. Don't you remember MW professed to drink exclusively "pathetically weak Ceylon?" It was in one of the MW articles and on Twitter.

    More amazing, blatant signs.

    When will you learn?

    1. Following the Mozziah mentioned the tea shop and Morrissey has mentioned many times that he drinks Ceylon. Nothing to see here.

      Anonymous (Not related)


    2. Some of us did notice the reference to Ceylon tea, but as it is widely documented that this
      is a favourite of Morrissey's, it wasn't worth commenting on.
      In the Mozipedia under the heading ' tea ' : ' Morrissey is a devoted Ceylon man, but likes it
      fairly weak.'
      Once on Twitter I told MorrisseysWorld a joke about a drum machine, to which he replied,
      as I remember, " I nearly spat out my iced Ceylon !! "

      Not much of a sign !!

  7. news: Morrissey has just been seen wearing the blue rose society ring with a Justin Bieber t-shirt on his person! Look it up, I'm not kidding.

  8. Hello Rat! You are right! Skinny is a very strange kind of Morrissey's fan! Pratically he dislikes almost everything about Morrissey's solo work and remarking the fact about the remastered albums failed the top 100 he showed his poor taste! I do not read so-low by now, but I can image what kind of things could be written and truly I don't care. Also, this morning I enjoyed reading Morrissey's new statement about M. Thatcher! I saved it in my personal file because I'm sure it would be useful in the forthcoming years. I'm truly a Morrissey's fan! P.S. I think it would be very interesting collecting all Morrissey's statements quite like someone else did with Pasolini's "Scritti Corsari"="Pirate's note".


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