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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day 581 - "Surely How I feel Is Not Nothing?"

The MorrisseysWorld blog has gone, but Our Mozzer certainly hasn't, he has disguised himself as Morrissey, and issued a statement on the True-To-You website.

The new statement on TTY, entitled, 'Surely how I feel is not nothing?', has been signed by Morrissey, but much of the wording is a mirror image of the message Our Mozzer has been giving on the MorrisseysWorld blog, especially with regard to the illuminati and the 'New World Order'.

In the first sentence of his TTY statement, Morrissey/Our Mozzer writes, "I have seen a lack of truth that we dared not believe existed in modern Britain." This is immediately followed up by, "Margaret Thatcher has left the order of the world." WOW! It is SO blatant, that Morrissey may as well have written the actual words 'New World Order', but TRM (The Real Morrissey) probably doesn't feel comfortable enough to do that, as potentially it would be a career wrecker. If TRM declared that he believed a New World Order existed, the media, along with So-Low, would rejoice in the fact that Morrissey had completely and utterly, lost the plot.


Perhaps I am wrong, and perhaps Morrissey would be comfortable enough to mention the 'New World Order', but MAYBE he just prefers to add a little bit of mystery. Perhaps Morrissey would like his fans to OPEN THEIR EYES, and discover the REAL meaning of his thinly veiled TTY message for themselves, but if that IS what he wants, then he had better not hold his breath, as his fans failed miserably in discovering his previous 'veiled offering', ie, MorrisseysWorld.

Leaving out the word 'New' from his TTY statement, makes NO difference whatsoever to the message, and if Morrissey's fans bother to google the words 'Margaret Thatcher order of the world', they will be led to the 'New World Order' and her involvement in it. There is NO other reason for Morrissey to use the words "order of the world" in his statement, other than to flag up his interests in the 'New World Order', and to give us MorrisseysWorlders YET ANOTHER sign, but will ANYBODY other than us MorrisseysWorlders pick up on it?

Over at the So-low place, they are already calling the statement "a rant", although bizarrely, one of the So-lowers who was VERY dismissive of MorrisseysWorld, Crystal Geezer, writes "This isn't about Thatcher. It's about the BBC and how the media molds the minds of the non-thinker." By jove, I think he's got it, but will he (I think Crystal is a he) be able to make the link to MorrisseysWorld, and realise that Morrissey's THREE statements on TTY about NOT being involved in MorrisseysWorld, were just his way of showing people that they need to OPEN THEIR EYES, and look beyond what they are told? Somehow, I doubt it.


Morrissey's TTY statement goes on to say, "In thought, we have killed Thatcher off a million times, but now that we have the reality of her death, the Metropolitan Police have set up new laws against us, and within paragraphs of law, we are not allowed to register our feelings so that anyone might overhear them." WOW! The words "thought" and "police" and "overhear them" ALL in the same sentence. All VERY 1984 and all VERY much the thoughts of Our Mozzer from the MW blog, ESPECIALLY his piece entitled 'The Morrissey World Order'.

The statement continues, "Echoes of any Middle Eastern patch whose troubles are thought too uncivilized for a democratic England where chivalrous respect is afforded to "freedom", and where we are all servile to "democracy." It is, of course, The Big Lie." WOW! Notice that Morrissey doesn't write 'a big lie', he writes "The Big Lie", which is of course, the phrase used by both Adolf Hitler and George Orwell in 1984, but more recently, it has been used by the likes of David Icke, when talking about.... The Illuminati.


This will all be FAR too uncomfortable for most Morrissey fans (and the public in general), which is why it is far easier to just dismiss everything Morrissey says as "a rant".

Morrissey's TTY statement concludes by saying, "modern media reporting in Britain is a disturbing fog of taboos and prejudices, reviving the divisions that Thatcher hatched, whilst hiding her horrors. Even in death, Thatcher remains 'the enemy within.' And the truth sleeps."

Apart from the media lying, and governments lying, the OTHER big deception is religion. I have often wondered how so called intelligent people, such as world leaders, ALL seem to believe in a God of some sort, but I have finally realised, THEY DON'T, but religion is a great way of scaring the masses, and keeping them in check.... but, perhaps that is a story for another day.

Today's story is about Thatcher's funeral. I haven't bothered watching it, as I have NO interest in her, but the news reports will all be full of phrases like, "thousands of mourners lined the streets of London to say farewell to a much loved leader", where as anybody with an ounce of intelligence will realise that in truth, the reports should be, "thousands of 'tourists' lined the streets of London, not to mourn, but because there was 'an event'."


"Surely how I feel is not nothing?" asks Morrissey. No, it's not "nothing", but what you feel is only recognised and felt by a few, where as the majority are happy to be told what to eat, what to think, when to pray and even what music to listen to. Don't let it frustrate you, let it do what it has always done, inspire you to write, educate, and entertain the few of us who DO understand. 'Surely How I Feel Is Not Nothing?' even L'OO'KS like a song title!

Viva Blue Rose


  1. I relished reading every word of this latest TTY statement, not only for its brave exposure of the truth, but also for its obvious connection with MorrisseysWorld. It's beyond me why people don't see that the same themes that Morrissey continues to mention - corruption and deception in the media and government - are central to the message of MorrisseysWorld. I'll be reading this essay several times over because it's so chock full of mesmerizing truths and insight.

  2. Thanks for blogging Rat. I shall have to read the TTY statement properly now as I only got 5 minutes before work this morning - not enough to even read it all let alone take it all in!
    I turned the TV on earlier for 5 minutes only to turn it off again! I am like you and have no interest in that woman whatsoever and am glad when this whole charade is over! Trouble is, it will never be over because now she is dead all that remains are those 'fake' headlines about her and people will forget the truth...

  3. You ask far too much of solo

  4. I have been familiar with NWO for several years so I was pleased when MW started to highlight it.
    Morrissey's TTY statement was refreshing, shrewd & a very welcome read. As was the case with the articles on MW blog.

    Cracking stuff today, thanks Rats.

  5. about to read the message he left

  6. I have found the recent postings, by you, Moz and others, to be very educational, as I don't remember much of the UK politics during that era. It might be because I was busy following the USA politics at the time. I have noticed that your 'Maggie' and our 'Ronnie' were doing much the same. I do not know if she sold weapons to Iran, but they both were busy busting up labor, practicing voodoo economics, fighting mini wars Falkland/Grenada and more. I will admit I probably felt more secure and at peace, than the UK citizens of that time, as my leader had his wife's(Nancy) astrologer making the decisions. #BlueRoseSociety

  7. Always loved the X-Files. The truth is out there, in more ways than one, and I can't fault TRM's statement

    Anyone up for shape shifting reptilians? Oh, that's right, Maggie hatched, didn't she?

  8. Very beautiful post Rat! As I said yesterday Morrissey's statement are very clever, well written and they must be collected as a mirror of the time. Crystal Geezer? Well sometime on so-low must be written clever comments...Is she a "He"? Are you Crystal Geezer? No. I think no. Viva Morrissey!


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