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Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 590 - I Don't Like Cricket....

It has now been seven days since I last made a blog entry. The reason for this isn't because I have suddenly lost interest in the word of The Mozziah, far from it, it is just that he has completely gone to ground. There hasn't been a peep from either Morrissey, Our Mozzer, Broken or even 'R' in the past week, and so I have turned to my other passion, cricket. Here is a summary of my week:

Day 584 - Saturday April 20th
Watched eldest son play cricket in glorious English sunshine.

Day 585 - Sunday April 21st
Led my football team to a 1-0 cup final defeat in the morning. Fell on my sword and resigned my managerial position at lunchtime. Played cricket in the afternoon in bitter English wind.

Day 586 - Monday April 22nd
Watched youngest son play cricket in bitter English wind.

Day 587 - Tuesday April 23rd
Cleaned out my swimming pool in glorious English sunshine.

Day 588 - Wednesday April 24th
Watched Hampshire play cricket in Southampton in glorious English sunshine.

Day 589 - Thursday April 25th
Went for meeting with my Chemical Pathologist who informed me that, for the first time ever, I have the correct Triglyceride level. I now have no excuse not to score a hundred this season! It is obviously the imbalance of my triglycerides that has impaired my batting ability all these years. English weather irrelevant today.

My week of virtually wall to wall cricket, included me listening exclusively to 'Kill Uncle' on every car journey to every cricket ground. The new 2013 version of the album has grabbed me like I would never have believed, and it really does feel like a new record. Singing '(I'm) The End of the Family Line' at the top of your voice, with the sun shining and the car windows all open, is extremely therapeutic.

Today I will again be watching cricket, and tomorrow, and Sunday, and Monday. I shall abandon this blog thing until either Morrissey or Our Mozzer return.

Hit Counts on MorrisseysWorld - 362,332 up 1200 in the last week.
Hit Counts on FTM, which has been just as dormant, and is only here to follow MW - 194,116 up 3700 in the last week.

You couldn't make this up.


  1. Thanks for the update, Rats. I correctly assumed that your life has been consumed by cricket recently. I'm praying that we'll hear something from Our Mozzer or TRM soon, but they may be just enjoying time by the pool right now. It was nice to see a pic of Moz in Hollywood posted on twitter, which apparently was taken yesterday. Hope he's enjoying his time off and gaining strength for the upcoming tour. Enjoy the cricket, Rats!

  2. Being Australian, I've given up on cricket.

  3. I have been taking time out by the pool, not watching cricket.

    Unfortunately I haven't been keeping company with Moz in his absence.

    It was great to see the photo of Our Mozzer looking happy and well in LA,
    as Heather mentioned.

    Now we know where he is !! I hope he enjoys the sun, warmth and R and R.

    Have fun with the cricket Rats and thanks for continuing to blog.

  4. dormant thanks to croquet, henry tudor you are not, how dare you play while the flock fall away, although i agree the figures say otherwise

  5. No idea what the cricketing term for an own goal would be, but think you just scored one. You know Our Mozzer is a sensitive type - MWblog has now gone as well. Moody blogger.

    1. Moody AND a little mad... well, more than a little, maybe an eye too much O-O <3 <3 <3

    2. You winking...or got something in your third eye?

  6. Dont go Ratty! Well will still be here waiting, waiting for Our Mozzer & you oh & broken...I was so happy to see Our Mozzer out in about in Hollywood, MozAngeles. I missed him so! He looks good, funny thing isnt Mozzer about 5'10 5'11 in height? He looks tiny next to that fan, that guys pretty tall! Oh Our I love him!

  7. I thought maybe Our Mozzer had been absorbed by the snooker, I think of him every time I hear the name Judd Trump!

    Moz is looking grand. I hope he is fighting fit again.

  8. I'm sorry for being late once AGAIN. I'm happy to see you blogging... I wonder if one can stop blogging once one get started... I'd love saying something smart about cricket, but I don't understand much about it... actually, I don't think I really understand a thing... Oh, there is ONE thing I'm sure about... but it's rather weather related and you said it was not relevant 'today' or something like that... oh dear, I'm starting confusing myself again... sorry.

    But there is something I cannot repeat often enough: thank you SO much for keeping this blog alive.

  9. Rat's going on holiday. Teehee

  10. Glad to see you're enjoying your self watching cricket. I do not know the first thing about it I'll take your word for it. And congrats on the good news r/t your health. We are finally having our spring here. The past 2 days have been gloriously sunny and warm. Too bad it will be over tomorrow when the rain is scheduled to return. The current crop of kids here that I go watch their sports are into archery during the winter and go karting on a team in the summer. Luckily(?), we live close to a race track where they race stock cars Sunday nights and they let the kids race on a section of it with the go karts Sunday mornings. Hope you remain healthy and Moz also. See you next time MW or Our Mozzer appears #BlueRoseSociety


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