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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 665 - .... And It Never Really Began

The tour is off! Morrissey has cancelled his South American tour at the last minute, and the fear is that illness has struck again. It could of course be that my mentioning of The Ashes series has got Moz all excited, and he has grabbed the first flight home so that he can watch Jimmy Anderson and Co rip the Aussies apart, but unfortunately it's probably a bit more serious than that.

Morrissey will no doubt be desperately disappointed that he has been unable to return to the stage, but hopefully he can now be around the right people, eating the right foods, and be looked after until he is properly ready to return to singing live again. Perhaps we will see him turn up unannounced at Bestival on September 7th to help JM with some old Smiths songs. You never know!

Get well soon Mozzer.

I shall now return outdoors, into the glorious English sunshine that we are currently enjoying, and I shall continue to enjoy the best cricket season that I have had for years and years. I may be some time.....

Oh, and by the way, he did tune in after all! Here are the latest FTM audience figures:

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  1. Sending get well wishes and love and prayers to our beloved Morrissey. May he recover quickly -


  2. Many thanks for updating your blog Rats and great news about the
    viewing figures from Peru.

    I am sending light and love to Our Moz in the hope that all will
    be well soon.

    I am sure I speak for many who are very sad to hear about the postponed
    tour which must have been very upsetting for Moz, Boz, Kristeen, the band and crew.

    Best wishes to them all.

  3. Blog stats from Peru, you say?

  4. See you in the autumn then for round 2

  5. I always think of Moz when I hear this
    Sending it with my love & get well soon wishes X

  6. I had invited many friends from Peru to FTM. I posted the link to it, so glad to see amigos en Peru are coming on! Just got word from that Our Mozzer might have headed to LA yesterday @ 6pm, a friends friend works at the airport...Hope we get some word soon.
    Hola fans de Peru!!! Bienvenidos a FTM
    Viva Le Blue Rose Rose~
    Best wishes to Moz & the crew* (Get well soon)

    1. so he might be home already...get some rest love

    2. I think he's still in Peru

  7. fear not people, it will sort itself out

  8. This has been one of the most confusing tours ever. Bar none. I know what it feels like when "someone" (cough) cancels on you and I feel awful for the peru fans. With that being said however I think M knew this was a risk to his health and he just couldn't take it. While most people wish Moz would recover FULLY and hope he takes it easy, Solow is horribly encouraging the Moz bashing. They have even taken a crack at the BRS with phrases like (blue roses blind thee) .

  9. Let's hope that it's just the food poisoning now being reported. Get well Moz and co.

    Tip: watch some of the Ashes, as suddenly it starts to get interesting, my friends.

  10. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Hoping Moz and his group are feeling well soon---and that Moz takes extra care as food poisoning can make you weaker and he can't afford that now. Hope they all rest and take in safe liquids so they do not get dehydrated. My thoughts and prayers will be with them along with wishes for a speedy recovery.

  11. It would require a VERY unambiguous sign to bring me back, and unfortunately The True Artiste doesn't DO unambiguous.

    Our Mozzer

    1. "The True Artiste doesn't DO unambiguous"? Some of us would argue that there has so far been about 100+ 'unambiguous' signs already!

      Back of the Rat

    2. Maybe one will come from the land of the clay pots

    3. So lovely to have you back on this blog and teasing us as usual.
      I do hope that you will make your presence felt through other
      forms of communication. ( Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more ! )

      You have been sorely missed Xx

    4. That's a shame because even if the True Artiste did a very unambiguous sign, they still wouldn't believe us!

      Good to know you are sill alive by the way! Take care!

    5. Our wandering star is back!
      Grand to see you here Our Mozzer

      LOOk after yourself x

    6. Oh how we've missed you and your teasing ways! Please take good care of yourself xx

    7. nope he wont give any sign, black cloud indeed

  12. They seek him here they seek him there. Oh just come back to us OUR mozzer


  13. Such a sweet and funny update from Morrissey on TTY.
    Is the photo significant ?

    If you pass by this blog Our Moz, please rest, recuperate and take time by the pool.
    ( I hope it looks like one painted by David Hockney. )

    With love from me xx

  14. even after releasing a statement on TTY the vile comments on so so low still continue, granted there are some nice people on there but some of them are just vile pigs, enjoy your day by the pool then get packed for that airport again, always on the move yet Moz hates flying and airports etc..

  15. Hello Rat, hello BlueRosers, just read Morrissey's statement on True To You and I'm quite happy for knowing that Morrissey did'nt loose his sense of humour and also he is genuinely disappointed for his beloved PerĂ¹ and for Chile to! It's quite conforting reading he's in L.A. under the supervision of his personal doctor and I'm sure he'll be in fine form for the next concerts! What can I add? Like my grandmother I can suggest to put a red horn in the pocket for the next gigs and I'm offering my collaboration, for free of course, as vegetarian cook when Morrissey is touring, I'm italian and I can prepare pasta in everyway, but, by now, it would be better if Morrissey eats only withe rice with a little bit of extra vergine oil...Have a nice week end you all,and all the best for Morrissey!

  16. Many thanks to Moz for the TTY update. It's encouraging to know that he's on the mend and hasn't lost his sense of humor in the midst of such disheartening circumstances. The choice of photo is also appreciated! Here's hoping he can now get the rest he needs to regain his strength and that he has escaped the clutches of the black cloud. Viva Moz!

  17. Why are comments being deleted? I figured out what the ‘father’ comment was about (thank you whoever posted that) and it has now gone into that great recycle bin in the sky.
    Shame about the loss of ‘Intimate Nights’ in Peru, but I loved the photo that accompanied the TTY statement. Morrissey gently rubbing his ever so slightly swollen stomach has had me sniggering for most of the weekend.
    The penne is mightier than the chord.


    1. Please explain the ' whorin' father ' comment because I didn't understand it.

      Thankyou !!


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