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Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 688 - The Second Coming?

Months ago, the MorrisseysWorld website pledged that Morrissey would appear with a Blue Rose. He has now done this on a number of occasions (as documented here:

Just before the MorrisseysWorld website disappeared, the author pledged that he would reappear if there was, "an official photograph with a blue rose and Morrissey together." Yesterday I reported that a new twitter account had appeared, with the user name, '@RealMorrissey'. Many of the MorrissysWorlders/Blue Rosers/Deluded Dozen have taken this new account with a pinch of salt, but as I wrote yesterday, anybody bold enough to use the name 'Real Morrissey' can't be ignored, especially when one of their first tweets was:

The Blue Rose appears prompting my return as promised. M

I wrote yesterday that I had seen no such 'official photograph'... but now I have! The company distributing the new Morrissey 25:Live film are called Specticast, and on their website, they have three promo images to promote the film. One of the photos is the one below, which shows Morrissey with a BLUE ROSE hanging from his right trouser pocket, just after he took it from nine year old Devan.


Morrissey's Blue Rose Society

So, IS this new twitter account REALLY Morrissey? If it is, we must surely take this as the 'Second Coming' of The Mozziah. Perhaps after four years of subtle hints, suggestions and signs via MorrisseysWorld, Morrissey has decided to make it a little more obvious. As I wrote yesterday, would Morrissey really let an imposter use the twitter name 'Real Morrissey', and let somebody pass themselves off as him?

One thing is for sure, this new twitter account is starting to stir up interest, as Morrissey fans ask 'is it or isn't it?' In the first thirty six hours, the '@RealMorrissey' account has amassed 37 followers. Here are some of the tweets:

The devil made me official. M

The news of my demise has been grossly misled. M

Statement in following weeks on tw00-to-you. M

Could this mean that Morrissey will be announcing on that he has now joined twitter?

In response to James Russell tweeting about BLUE ROSE yesterday, 'Real Morrissey' tweeted: you are aware, this is mine alone. M

A tweet was even sent to Rustle Brind:

shall you tell or I?

Other tweets from today included:

Beautiful things are soon to happen when the gladiolus is replaced by the rose. M

Morrissey1959 and I, are one. M

I meant to write yesterday, and completely forgot, that 'Broken' had recently mentioned on the MW blog, that when Morrissey accepted the Blue Rose Ring from Vulgar Angie at the Staples Center, he used the words, "as in the flower." I had always thought that Morrissey had said, "and a flower?", as though he was asking for a rose. Earlier today I decided to listen to the audio again on Youtube, but when I tried to find it, it had gone! I tweeted 'Real Morrissey' to ask if it's disappearance had been anything to do with him, and he replied:

I could not possibly be suggesting anything different...not directly anyh0w. M

I will continue to watch '@RealMorrissey' with interest. Is this the second coming? Time as ever.

Finally for today, I have recently been contacted on twitter by somebody called '@DrDevereux', who apparently is the co-editor of a book that I've never heard of called, 'Morrissey: Fandom'. He sought my views on the current 'Morrissey situation'. I pointed him in the direction of MorrisseysWorld and... he BLOCKED me! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? WHAT ARE THEY SCARED OF? Anyway, Dr Devereux is giving a speech about Morrissey and fandom at the IFI Dublin on Aug 26th, just before the new film is screened, but as Dr D is oblivious to the fact that the film is a coded link to the Blue Rose, I would suggest his talk is pointless, so I will instead watch the film at the Vue in Portsmouth, with a box of popcorn and a diet coke!

*Goes off singing* Trouble loves me, trouble needs me, two things more than you do....

STOP PRESS: This just in from the MW chat:

Aug 2 2013, 2:25 PM
RealMorrissey: Take a peek a tw00-to-you over the next few weeks for the U.K tour my dearest, Love and a rose to you Manclad. M


  1. RealMorrissey can't write. Similar to MozzerieGuts. Our Mozzer, meanwhile, will be turning phrases in his grave.

  2. I had the misfortune to hear Dr D speak once ratty, quite frankly ,if he has blocked you, he may have done you a favour, whilst I admit he was a lovely bloke to talk to.. well, think Sheldon and Leonard aged 57

  3. interesting: this week I posted something about the anecdote of a concert of 2000 in Buenos Aires, when he was disgusting about a Rose during Alma Matters, but everything was OK with gladiolus, and now a reed this: "‏@RealMorrissey Beautiful things are soon to happen when the gladiolus is replaced by the rose. M" funny and strange... by the way, so he recieves a Blue Rose during Alma Matters in the new DVD?????????

    1. WOW,only three comments so far Whiskers, never mind, being unpopular is all the rage don't you know old son.. dear anon above, we couldn't possibly explain, you have to have been around for the last year or so, good luck reading up on it, I hope you have plenty of spare time on your hands, if I were you I would just go with the flow or should that be against the flow

    2. Last year I saw Morrissey in concert, in my own city, Rome, he regused gladioli anb accepted a bunch of white roses!That's life! And now I'm going yo read the second part! Thank you Rat!

  4. Our Mozzer had to constantly tell us he wasn't Morrissey because the evidence seemed to indicate otherwise. 'RealMorrissey' has to shout from the rooftops that he's Mozzer because there's no evidence indicating that he is. To me, the evidence (or lack thereof) speaks for itself.


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