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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 697 - Coincidentally Yours... But You KNOW It's Not Him

On August 3rd 2011, the now defunct blog, 'MorrisseysWorld', posted a parody article in which Morrissey and Boz Boorer reviewed Justin Bieber's live DVD, 'Never Say Never'. In Bieber's concert footage, he uses the words,"Welcome to My World." Five days later, Morrissey walked out onto the stage at the London Palladium and said... "Welcome to My World."


Now, to most people, that would just be a coincidence, and in fact, if you'd never read, or even heard of the MorrisseysWorld blog, then Morrissey's words that night in London two years ago, wouldn't have meant anything at all. To the half dozen or so people who had discovered the MorrisseysWorld blog at that time, this action by Morrissey was absolute PROOF to them that Morrissey was behind MW, but as much as they tried to get people to listen, NOBODY would. Morrissey's fans simply put it down to 'coincidence', or used the line, "I KNOW Morrissey just wouldn't do that."

On September 6th 2011, a twitter account by the name of '@MorrisseysWorld' started up, but of course NOBODY believed that it was really Morrissey, after all, EVERYBODY 'KNOWS' that Morrissey doesn't use the internet, and would NEVER use twitter! Because nobody believed it to be Moz, and seeing as it had no followers, it was some what of a surprise  that Morrissey's official website, True-To-You, saw fit to issue a statement on September 14th 2011 denying that MorrisseysWorld was Morrissey's twitter account! Despite all the imitators on twitter, Morrissey had never previously issued such a denial, and hasn't done such a thing since! 'Welcome to My World' indeed - INSTANT PUBLICITY!

The, "Morrissey just wouldn't do that" line has been a constant objection throughout the whole journey of MorrisseysWorld. Even some who thought in the beginning (and indeed at later stages) that it MIGHT be Moz, ignored ALL the evidence, and comforted themselves with the, "He just wouldn't" line instead. Perhaps they found it just TOO incredulous that the God, Morrissey, could possibly do such a thing, but why ANYBODY should think they KNOW Morrissey well enough to KNOW what he would or wouldn't do is laughable.

The London Palladium statement, and the publicity for the twitter account, were of course just the start of many, many coincidences, and yet every time another 'coincidence' would arrive, to add further evidence that Moz was behind MorrisseysWorld, the doubters found a reason why it COULDN'T be him, although the reason pretty much ALWAYS amounted to the old, "I know he just wouldn't", which wasn't much of an argument.

The point when I thought surely NOBODY could carry on denying that Morrissey was behind the MW blog, was on November 29th 2011, when Moz appeared on the Conan tv show. On November 7th, the MW blog had issued a collage of famous people making '0' signs with their fingers. At the end of Morrissey's performance on Conan, he made the following sign:


This act HAD to prove it, and yet STILL, the fans wouldn't believe! I guess that by this stage, the doubters had denied, denied, denied for so long, that they just couldn't admit that they had been wrong, so they chose to either ignore what was happening, and continue to take the more palatable stance of saying, "Morrissey just wouldn't."

 From this moment on, Our Mozzer and the 'Deluded Dozen' were on their own. The '0' signs became a regular feature at concerts, but despite these signs, and all the other predictions made on the MW blog and twitter account that came true, the masses continued to ignore.

On April 10th 2012, the MW blog promised that Morrissey would appear with a BLUE ROSE before the year was out, and of course he did, taking Kyle's rose at Radio City on October 10th and wearing it on his hip (See video here:


Once again, the unbelievers put it down to coincidence that Morrissey would take a Blue Rose, this despite the fact that he has refused ALL flowers on stage in two years, except ROSES!

The list of 'coincidences' linking Morrissey to MorrisseysWorld is now as long as your arm. If anybody could be bothered to read my blog from the start, you could probably find at least fifty. (By the way, my blog has received it's 250,000th hit this week - that's a quarter of a million to you!)

In two weeks time, the Morrissey 25:Live film will hit cinema screens throughout the world, and Morrissey fans will see ('00') Morrissey take a BLUE ROSE from the audience. There may even be a '0' sign in there somewhere, but to most fans watching the film, these things will mean NOTHING! The vast majority of Morrissey fans throughout the world will never have even heard of the MorrisseysWorld blog... they all missed it. There may however be one or two people who DID find the blog, and dismissed it as fake, who might, just might, see Moz take the rose in the film and think, hmm......

........But of course, once they've thought about it, they will come to their senses and remind themselves that they "KNOW Morrissey would never do that."

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  1. Great blog Rat personally I'm super excited for M25:live its almost like waiting for an actual show. Over the weekend I tried to convince 2 of my fellow Moz friends about #BRS but as you've mentioned they dismissed it as coincedence or He didnt know" But I had all the signs on my side I even showed them a picture of moz shirt at salford lads club Hello Blue Roses!! open your eyes. They just didn't get it.

  2. It's always been those blue O's that made me consider the possibility.

  3. Congrats on the quarter of a million hits, Rats!

    Looking at a few of these 'coincidences' on their own, as isolated incidents, they could appear to be genuine coincidences. However, the total number of these 'coincidences' and the fact that many of them occurred soon after being mentioned on the MW blog, makes it impossible to dismiss them all as mere coincidences. (For those unfamiliar with all the 'coincidences,' or for anyone wanting to review them, 'The History of MorrisseysWorld' and 'The History of Morrissey's Blue Rose,' both found on this blog, are good places to start.)

    The assertion by some that Morrissey is unaware of the significance of these incidents to MW simply doesn't hold up. How clueless do people think he is? He has gone out of his way on multiple occasions to deny being connected with MW, so he is obviously keenly aware of it. If he was opposed to MW, does it make sense that he would repeatedly do things mentioned on the blog, or that the first concert film released in several years would feature footage of him leaning into the audience to take a blue rose and wear it in his pocket? One would think that he would go out of his way to avoid doing these things if he didn't approve.

    1. I never thought I would say this, but I think you guys are right. I was one of those who dismissed the whole Morrissey's world thing as the work of a faker, but as you say, there have now been far too many things happen for them all to be coincidences. I find it incredible that Morrissey would imitate Justin Bieber, but I guess it goes to show that he has a sense of humor. I will be taking a rose to my next concert, I just hope it's soon.

    2. welcome to the 'MorrisseysWorld' ;)


  4. Many congratulations Rats on your quarter of a million hits - quite an achievement !

    Thank you Ratty and Heather for pointing up some of the coincidences.

    I can't wait for the Morrissey 25 : Live film in a couple of weeks.
    It will be extra special knowing that I am one of the Deluded Dozen (or so)
    and a member of the Blue Rose Society !

  5. It is 2 years ago this month that I found the gem of a blog by the name of MorrisseysWorld.
    I consider myself so lucky to have been a part of this journey & to watch the list of 'coincidences' grow.

    I agree with Heathers reasoning.I believe Morrissey is way too shrewd to be unaware of the significance of all that has happened.
    Thanks to Rats all the evidence is here for people to make up their own minds.

    Viva Blue Rose Society.


    1. We started this journey at the same time EARS, what a special time it has been.

  6. Hello Rat, thanks for your post! I don't how some people could say what Morrissey would, could should.... For the little it that I know about him he was and, still is, a writer, in his young age he used to be in touch with a lot of pen pals and, by now, why he can't use some modern instrument of communication? Of course he's doing all in a very particular way, he's unpredictable just like always. Do you know some other artist who sends official message by an internet fanzine created by an huge fan of him? Usually there are newspapers for this, interviews...I got to add that I saw some soft reference to MorrisseysWorld in his two last messages on TTY, but maybe it was just my immagination! I'm going to Paris and I got to do a lot of things. Have a nice day Rat and see you soon! Viva Morrissey and BRS!

  7. Well its been a h00t from the off, we can only but pray to our mozzer that this is not the end, by the way who would have thought that you would receive so many hits (well maybe with a spade) thanks for holding it together through your blog sargent major whiskers.. whistles *still they wont believe us*

  8. Great blog, Rats, and well done on the number of hits! If there is one thing I have learnt on this journey is that to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME! Never assume anything about what Morrissey would or wouldn't do! Just look at the facts and figure it out for yourself!


    1. Well said Sabine !! I totally agree.......

  9. Not passing judgement here, but can someone please explain the difference between the assumption that "Morrissey would/wouldn't do XYZ" and the assumption that "Morrissey is too shrewd NOT to be aware of XYZ"?

    1. I think you'll find that the statement you have quoted from Emotional air raid survivor, was prefixed with an, "I believe", not an, "I assume." Simple really!

      A No Knee Mouse

    2. I take your point, it is of course subjective. However I remain confident that Morrissey will be very aware of all that has happened.

      He took the blue rose ring & accepted roses on stage.... :-)

    3. "Aware"? Of course he's aware, it's HIM that is behind it all... ISN'T IT?

      Anne 'O'N Amass


    4. Are you related to Annie Moore by any chance ?

    5. Not any more

    6. Having taken into account the convictions of my fellow comment-crafters, I'd like to say that I also assume Morrissey is both shrewd and aware.

    7. I'm going to go one step further, I KNOW Morrissey is both shrewd and aware.Not that I've ever met him, but he's like Princess Di isn't he, I mean, you feel like you know him.

      Morrissey, the Princess Di of the indie pop world... without the flicky hair... and still alive... just about!

      A non E mos

  10. Congrats Ratty! Morrissey25Live sOOn & it already looks like its gonna be a hit! Of course it will! All thanks to James Russell... I am sad that I couldn't attend that show that evening, but I am glad a few friends did, & also proud to be a member of the BRS & to have known about MorrisseysWorld! So Im very excited to see them in the film!! As for all this here, I not once thought it was bullocks, I loved what it all represented! Thank you Ratty for it all & to know such lovely ppl like you guys. And most of all thank you Mozzer! I love you...
    Viva Le BlueRoseSociety
    Good night~


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