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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 756 - Moz Writes The Songs

As I write this, there is no sign of a new statement on the True To You website, so perhaps I have got Doolally Dolly wrong after all. Maybe she IS real, and her mention of a TTY statement on the third really WAS just a coincidence... but it all seems VERY strange, and why is it that DD (Doolally Dolly) was involved so heavily with MorrisseysWorld in August 2011 and then disappeared for two years, before suddenly reappearing in the Twitterdilly Arms as if she'd never been away? If DD hadn't posted those photos of herself, I wouldn't be questioning myself, but images make somebody REAL, and I just can't explain how a pessoa can become REAL. I am trying to think outside of the box to make sense of this all, but I can't even FIND the box, so thinking outside of it seems a long way off!

Leaving DD to one side, the excitement is growing by the second as to WHAT is going to be in Morrissey's autobiography. He has kept his private life SO secret, that we could be in for an explosion, although many people are predicting that he won't reveal much at all. One of the most anticipated subjects will of course be Johnny Marr, and I have a feeling that Morrissey will really open up on this subject.... or perhaps he won't!

On the subject of Morrissey and Marr , a Morrissey fan by the name of Lauren LoPrete recently published some 'Peanuts' cartoon strips with Smiths lyrics, like this one:

A lawyer's letter was apparently then sent to Tumblr (where LoPrete had posted the strip) alleging copyright infringement on behalf of Johnny Marr. Morrissey on the other hand has posted a statement on TTY stating that he is, "delighted and flattered" by the cartoon strip and wants it to stay. It may of course be that Universal (the publishing company) hadn't bothered asking Marr, and just took it upon themselves to issue the infringement notice, but if Marr DID ask them to issue it, Morrissey's action is a real two fingers up to Marr, and it would look as though Moz was saying, they are MY lyrics, not yours, and I alone will decide how they are used'. Are Morrissey and Marr the John and Paul of this generation, in more ways than one? Maybe next Thursday we'll have further insight into Morrissey's current thoughts towards Marr... or maybe we won't!

The Blue Rose Society will of course be scanning through 'Autobiography' next Thursday, l'OO'king for ANY reference or sign associating Moz with either MorrisseysWorld or the BRS. I somehow doubt there will be anything at all, but you never know, and even if there's not, no doubt one of us will interpret SOMETHING to have meaning!

 Tomorrow marks the 1st Anniversary of Blue Rose being fulfilled, when President Kyle handed Morrissey a Blue Rose on stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York. October 10th shall forever be 'Blue Rose Day' and tomorrow the Blue Rose Society will gather in the Twitterdilly Arms to mark the occasion.


Whether Doolally Dolly turns out to be involved in the whole MorrisseysWorld thing or not, this remarkable story continues to rumble on, with nobody outside of the 'Deluded Dozen' really believing Morrissey to be involved... and we wouldn't want it any other way!

*Goes off singing* Moz writes the songs that make the whole world sing, Moz writes the songs of loathe and special things

Foot note:

Broken returned to leave comment on my blog the other day, and if he's to be believed (and why wouldn't he be), then Our Mozzer could yet one day return:

1 No Morrissey tour tomorrow

2 Absolutely no FTM blog posts tomorrow (well, Rat has hardly been active in his fawning lately, has he?)

3 The Blue Rose Society might notice a few coy references to make the trivial pursuit/monopoly reference look positively obscure. Roll on October 17th.

4 Kate Ryan is not Our Mozzer and never will be.

5 Our Mozzer (fake plastic Morrissey) says, 'hello' and states that if Morrissey appears with a Blue Rose again, he will return.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I will try to write more coherently!

    I can't believe its a year since blue rose was fulfilled. It is a lovely suggestion for us to gather to mark this special anniversary.

    The prospect of having the book & dvd in our hands by the end of the month is thrilling.

    Viva Blue Rose Society

    1. What an exciting month it is, with so much to celebrate - it truly is Moztober, as you so aptly called it, EARS. Looking forward to celebrating with everyone in the Arms tomoz. Also delighted to hear that Moz has given his blessing to This Charming Charlie.

  3. Dolly is f'ing mental. Does she know Anna? Is she Anna? Is she Winnie? Does she know Winnie?

    1. I think Dolly is real and is genuinely a person called Kate Ryan from Calgary.

  4. The jury is out with regard to Dolly Wilde, time will tell.
    It is lovely to know that the BRS and Deluded Dozen are
    still around to celebrate Moztober ( great name EARS ! )
    See you all in The Arms tomorrow.
    Not long until " Autobiography " is published - will it have an index ?
    I am so excited.

  5. Moztober it is. Good call Ears.

    I won't be able to make tomorrows twitterdo, but please do have a virtual one for me. Cheers!!

  6. I have a strong feeling that this book will be as no other. I hear the critics singing "unreadable" to the tune of "unloveable". I cannot see it being a conventional autobiography, and if some of the lovely writing we experienced on MW is anything to go by, it will be a challenge for a lot of people. Also, I am delighted that he is not treading the traditional book-plugging routes of chat shows and serialisations.

    No matter what, he is still Our Mozzer.

    1. No doubt the book will be as unique as its author and I look forward to savoring every word. Lovely to see you here, JG.

    2. Totally agree JG and nice of you to drop by! Maybe he will still do the odd chat show a bit later...
      I would still also love to see an audio version read by Morrissey! *gets goosebumps at the thought*

    3. Good to know that you are still around JG.
      An audio book of " Autobiography " read by the author
      would be a wonderful surprise.
      The excitement builds towards 17th October.

    4. hear, hear! JG those last words u said...very true!

    5. Glad to see you here JG. You are missed! x

  7. Dear Rat,
    no time for writing a "real" comment, just a quick hello and cheers for Blue Rose Society! Come back soon, ciao!

  8. well my bet is, shoot out of town, stand and watch the fireworks from where can you find a bit of sun this time of year, oh yeah, lights, camara, action

  9. I am counting the days in my head...I'm very, very excited about this month (Moztober!) & yes Viva the Blue Rose Society! Can I say something? Well...I would like to thank u Ratty & everyone from the BRS & even some of u that aint, but r Morrissey fans that don't disrespect other fans (people in general) becuz I've had ppl saying some very cruel things & I really don't want to hear it. I have to say that none have been BRS members. So I really would love to say thank u, & all of u are so sweet & really kind....So now like I was saying, I'm very excited about the news that I hope I will share with everyone very soon...Goodnight u guys & much love~
    Viva Morrissey!


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