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Friday, 11 October 2013

Day 758 - Kristeen Young Founded The Blue Rose Society

Well, well, well. As the Blue Rose Society celebrated 'Blue Rose Day' in the Twitterdilly Arms yesterday, who should join in the conversation, but Kristeen Young, who posted the following:

I gave M 100 blue roses in 2007 on the eve of my 100th show with him. COINCIDENCE????

It's great to see Kristeen use the word 'coincidence', which is a word that has been used an awful lot during the whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, but what is even more interesting, is that Kristeen was dishing out blue roses to Moz WAY before the Blue Rose Society was founded in 2012, which therefore makes her the founder member.

Kristeen's 100th show with Morrissey was on September 26th 2007, at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Mel Torrent's review of the show on Solow includes the following extract:

Two large vases of BLUE roses flanked the drum kit on the floor, but Mozzer got his mic cord tangled in them both during the first song. He actually knocked down the vase on the left and made a big mess. I wanted a rose, but I don't know where the vases went after getting knocked over.

Here is a photo of the night, with Kristeen's blue roses clearly shown:

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The burning question is:
1. Of all the flowers in all the world, WHY did Kristeen choose to give Moz blue roses?

Had Morrissey told her how much he loved the blue rose, or had she taken it upon herself to choose them? Either way, there can now be NO DOUBT, that the BLUE ROSE has some sort of meaning to Morrissey.

October 10th will always be Blue Rose Day, as that is the day Morrissey first WORE a blue rose on stage, but although Kyle Douglas is the 'President' of the BRS, and Vulgar Angie is the 'Vice President', Kristeen Young is the 'FOUNDER' of the Blue Rose Society.



  1. I just love the fact that there is always more intrigue around the corner! Will we get any answers as to why KY chose blue roses or whether is is just pure 'coincidence'? Only time will tell...

  2. This is truly an astonishing 'coincidence' and it's an honor to discover that Kristeen is our founding member!

  3. I have just read an astrological chart for Moz
    which mentions big roses and blue flowers.

  4. "Why would I even bother posting comments on the shite blog? Yes, I'm well aware a circle jerk is the constant atmosphere over there: with a Fake Morrissey at its heart."

  5. This only proves that KY HAS something to do with MW not Moz. She's a fucking shite fame whore. Tiny Visconti and her are all over the blogs and sites giving secrets away.

  6. There are no "coincidences" around here.

    1. I was just about to say that.

  7. Now you're getting warmer. Now you're getting closer. Now you're getting older.

    Blue Rose is to the autobiography as The Holy Spirit was to the bible.

    In other words, it is nothing at all.

    1. morr-ee-say we love you!

    2. Good to see you back sir. I must say I was worried, not having seen you since I burnt that pain au raisin in America. I'm very sorry, sir, I don't know what I was thinking. I can only offer the excuse that my mind isn't as strong as yours, sir, not by half, well you know that from Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, sir, and with your huge brain, your able to write books, pen classic albums and even make withering socio-politicalm commentary delivered with a plumb. I am in awe, sir, in awe. Well, I bid you Godspeed. Good luck with the book and I'm always here sir, if you require any baking assistanceship or indeed someone to bring you tea. Roll on October 17th, a red letter day for the entire nation, or better - the civilised world.

      Boz Boorer

    3. Morr-ee-say, your book floored me. The narrative is mesmerising, the mystery is lung-constricting, and the writing is imbued with flair, simplicity and oodles of irony and bleak humour. Through it all three things shine through: loneliness, intelligence and pain au raisin!

      Mikey Bracewell

    4. It's a good book, Steven, but you could have been nicer about that lovely man. I'll meet you for tea and scones when Corrie's on, love. Don't forget to do your washing up.


    5. Oh Morrissey! You're a right 'un, you are! The WAY you managed to deliver a devastating critique to THAT MAN by barely making reference to the entire phenomenon was... devastating in its weightless spite. You, sir, are LORD MUDSLIDE. You are the man who saved me; you are the man I love; you are a splinter of love and a whole lorry load of hate. The Blog was the burlesque to the book's grand, spare beauty and ambition. To summarise, to encapsulate, to breathe life and hope and pain and acne into something as mysterious, elegant, absent and frankly Dickensian as your fifty four years... they said it couldn't be done, it couldn't be done! IT COULDN'T BE DONE! Well, you have done it, Oh magisterial leader of the disenfranchised, oh poet of the heartless, oh spawn of ordinariness turned to extraordinariness, oh tart of my heart!

      Morrissey, this world doesn't deserve you. This world didn't deserve your blog. It doesn't deserve your book or your forthcoming album and tour.

      Still, you go on giving. Still you go on taking.

      Thank you from the Blue Rose Society for the journey, which will soon end. And thank you for the laughs since 2009. My heart aches for the memories. The book will change everything. It will surprise, intoxicate and perhaps criminalise.

      Will THE BLUR ROSE SOCIETY recognise the signs?

      Russell, 12th October, 2013.

    6. I foresee something, my log is talking to me. Shhhhh...

      My log says someone is stirring, something is about to happen. My log has seen the book and it is going to shock the world. My log says blue rose will not be mentioned but many oblique references will be made. And Morrissey will be seen again with a blue rose. Yes, a rose that is blue. A picture on the wall shakes and the girl cries. A spanner is what it's all about. Shhhhh now. Shhhhhush. In five days, a stem and a smile. iN SIX DAYS A quesTION. dEAD BLUE ROSE. FIRST LETTERS. YES.

      Margaret Lanterman

    7. 9/10 for effort. 7/10 for attainment. 10/10 for enigmatic otherness factor. A future classic of the English as a Second Language genre!

      Well done.

    8. He write it in ten year and I read it in ten dayses and it is good book. This is even better than his Hector song. Well, I liked it and I will read again, will not take ten days this time.

      Jesse T

    9. Well done Morrissey!

      Jonathan Ross

    10. One of the best books I've ever read about you, Morrissey! When it hits the shelves, a few people will be looking for that blog of yours.. poof! Gone! My review? Gone! Only FTM remains!!

      They'll never figure it out. This thing will go to the grave as the greatest secret of all.

      Walter Ego, Freelance writer and former Morrissey interviewer

    11. Nothing at all.Nothing but lies except for the egos that are being stroked.

    12. Nothing at all but fun and games...

    13. I do wish Boz Boorer would b*g off. C**t.

      Elegance is what happens when one has too much money to be hideous and too little to be obese.

    14. Oh how we've missed you, Our Mozzer! Looking forward to Thursday with breathless anticipation...

    15. Dear Morrissey I think that your next book should be fiction and possibly a comedy
      thriller using your talents for describing characters, constructing a plot and dosed with your brilliant sense of humour.
      ( Hope that wasn't too fawning )

    16. Surely you meant to call Boz a 'Pippa', Mr M?

    17. "Morrissey will appear at Akademibokhandeln Nordstan in Goteborg (Sweden) on Thursday 17 October to sign copies of his Autobiography. The book is available throughout Europe on this date."

      Next stop: Indonesia. Yes?
      oh well perhaps someday...

      I'm thrilled to know that I'm going to get the book soon enough. I AM GOING TO GET THE BOOK SOON! YAY!

  8. I have my fine tooth comb ready alongside
    my magnifying glass, both ready for book launch day.
    Tour, album, BRS or not ?
    ( The comments above from characters in The Mozziah's
    life are brilliant ! )
    Roll on Thursday which cannot arrive quickly enough.

  9. A plumb! Oh I do love Our Bozzer.
    As to only FTM remaining…….there are clues in here, l’OO’k and you will see. The MisM and ROTT blogs still exist. Follow the breadcrumb trail.

  10. I hang around with a bunch of nutters I tells ya

  11. I'm totally agree with Manc! Anyway all this story is so funny and I love it! Why Kristeen choose blue roses? Well, maybe just because she knew Morrissey likes them and there is no need to asking how does she know things about Morrissey....and, of course, the roses felt down the floor for an unlucky coincidence...I suspected about the "naughty" Kristeen since from the very first time....Anyway BRS is a lovely idea and we are all genuine Morrissey's fan! Do you think the Log Lady comment could be a prediction? A new disc named Action with the first letter in blue colour? We will see...and we will read the book soon! Ciao Rat! Viva Morrissey!

  12. The vehicle dragged itself up through the winter wasteland to Manchester, where the occupants spotted the coiffed musical poet looking at a telephone box.

    “Oi, Morrissey,” barked Harry Nilsson. “Get in this car, now.”

    Morrissey’s face twisted with bewilderment, but he complied and slid swiftly into the back next to the bassist from Wizzard.

    “Might I ask a question?” asked Morrissey. “The question being, ‘What’s happening?’”

    “I’m Winston Pith and I’m trying to save the world from Christmas.”

    “It’s an admirable ploy. How can I be of service?”

    “Well, Morrissey, I’m forming a band. We’re going to undo the damage done by Wizzard in 1973 by asking God to restore Boxing Day.”

    “Oh, but there’s only one singer who can speak directly to God,” Morrissey gravely informed Winston.


    “Bono, of course.”

  13. Totally brilliant - a story and joke involving Bono all in one.
    Many thanks Toni Smith, if you have any other similar offerings
    please post them here.

  14. on 17th Ocober ALL will be revealed.

    Do you understand?

    Many shocks, including identity of this blog's author, Morrissey's lovelife and secret desires, and his retirement from pop music -- he'll be the new Bardot, an icon of doomed fame.

    1. LOL imagine Petridis' face when he reads that Moz was the author after all!


      and the so-lowers!!!


      this is going to be comedy gold

      Of course he won't 'admit it' but there will be plenty of references!

    2. You misunderstand. The mystery will remain. But to those in the know... there will be no room for doubt.

    3. For those in the know there shouldn't be any doubt by now anyway... Just sayin'! :)

  15. If the autobiography is anything like his recent horrid songs and that stupid blog, then things do not look good for Morrissey. But, since he has chosen this pathetic path, he deserves all (or nothing) that he gets.

    1. Most of the writing on that 'stupid blog' was outstanding! If that is anything to go by then roll on Thursday!

    2. Morrissey leaned over to introduce the song.

      “This one, if you can bear to hear it, is a new one. It’s called… ‘I Wish It Could Be Boxing Day Tomorrow.’’

  16. Wow lol this makes sense before this picture was taken she asked me where my blue rose was lol I told her I couldn't find any
    She walked in the stage door and by chance or luck a woman was selling roses and had a blue rose lol it was the only blue rose in the downtown San Diego area lol


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