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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day 769 - 'I Am Huma, and I Need to be Loved' (or if you like) 'Humasexuals of the World, Unite and Take Over'

*Takes a deep breath* Well, where do I start? I should warn you, this is a VERY long blog entry, so put on the kettle, make yourself a nice cuppa, put your feet up and 'Eyes down'. There's a lot to take in!

It has been an action packed world of adventure in 'Morrissey Land' (his words from his book) over the past few days, and despite having to go to work on Thursday, I managed to avoid doing much actual work, and sunk into reading,'The Book'. I had nearly reached the half way point by 1.30am on Friday morning, when I realised I was struggling to take everything in, so I stopped reading and slept. In between reading, I also felt the need to check twitter, to see what was happening at the book signing in Sweden, where to my delight, I saw photos of Morrissey sat with a vase of red roses. Reports told how he even leant over to touch them!


On Friday, despite again having to go to work, and actually DO some work, I managed to carry on reading, dipping in and out throughout the day. I still couldn't find enough time to plough all the way through, and I eventually finished the book at tea time on Saturday, by which time my Morrissey 25 Live film had arrived in the post. It was a Moz fest! My wife and children collectively raised their eyes to the heavens at the sight of the sad 47 year old teenager snuggled up on the sofa with his Morrissey book and dvd.

Having finished 'The Book', and then having watched the dvd, I thought I should write a review for this blog, but before I could even contemplate what to say, events took over. I logged on to my blog to find that Morrissey himself had not only left a string of comments, but he'd written a parody article, 'Reviewer of the Reviews', which, in the absence of his MorrisseysWorld blog, he'd asked me to post on MY blog!!! I duly obliged... of course, whilst trying not to wet myself with excitement.

How had I managed to end up in this situation, where I am not only communicating with my hero, but am posting his writings on MY blog? What is more, I am part of a 'secret society', with just a dozen other deluded people, which includes Morrissey himself! Yes, I know, it's all SO unbelievable that even 'I' don't believe it, and I've lived with it for the past two years. F*CKING PINCH ME, MOTHER!


For anybody who missed Our Mozzer's HILARIOUS 'Reviewer of the Reviews' parody piece, please see my last  blog entry, and indeed the entry before that, AND the entry before that! (He is a perfectionist, and kept making me change it.) The other comments left by Our Mozzer and his sidekick 'Broken', who for those of you reading my blog for the first time, is ALSO Morrissey under a different name... yes, yes, yes, I know you don't believe me, but I can't DO anything about that!... where was I? Oh yes, the other comments left by Our Mozzer and Broken (and a few other MW characters), ended up as a parody piece in themselves, so I have re-posted them as follows: (I MUST re-emphasize, that the 'character' called Broken is NOT a real person, he is as I say, a character, and one of his traits in this whole play, and yes, the whole MorrisseysWorld thing is  just one big 'play', is that he dislikes Boz. It should also be noted that 'Boz' is a parody character of Boz Boorer, and is NOT the real Boz Boorer! Understand? No, I thought you wouldn't! Carry on....):

(Written in response to the piece about the REAL Boz Boorer on my blog of Weds - Day 763):

Amazing. Boz spends time claiming he has no idea what MW even is, when we all remember his interview a while ago mocking MorrisseysWorld, and claiming "some people have too much time on their hands!" How can he criticise it if he has no idea what it is?

Then Morrissey basically tells the same joke as the 'opening chapter' of the MW parody autobiography in, effectively, the first paragraph!

Then M appears with a vase of red roses - and if he appeared with red roses, who do you suppose made the decision to put them there? That's right! - at the only promo event of the book launch.


Then Boz drones on about how people take the Blue Rose Society seriously. Since Boz seems to claim he has no idea what MW is, how on Earth can he know what BRS is? Only if a certain Streford poet told him?

(Written in response to a bit about Harris in the 'Review of the Reviews' parody):
Harris' hair is self-washing, and has been since 1993. As Quentin Crisp once said of his hideous flat: "After four years, the dirt doesn't get any worse." Nonetheless, I do feel we might all 'chip in' to buy Harris a bottle of Wash n' Go. Any offers? I would suggest a sponsored event; how about a sponsored eating contest featuring the MorrisseyBand and lots of aubergines and courgettes? I would pay to watch Boz's oesophagus sucking down whole aubergines like a Dyson hoovering up the deceased Quentin Crisp's bitten-off fingernail ends. Who do you think would win?

Aubergine and Courgette eating contest
The most consumed in 8 minutes wins. The vegetables must be alternated.

1 Boz Boorer - 27 aubergines, 26 courgettes, no vomiting
2 Morrissey - 6 aubergines, 7 courgettes, acid reflux-induced coughing for 17 days; 5 cancelled concerts; hospital admission with "mildly grazed Barrett's oesophagus and cancellation-induced clinical despair, this episode moderate without psychotic features."
3 Bruce - 3 aubergines (egg plants), no courgettes: disqualified.
4 = Jesse T and Rick - unable to obtain visas, failed to turn up.

I watched Morrissey on one of the clips tending to his red roses, touching them, trying his best to draw attention to them. Lovely stuff, as Shakin Stevens once said of AGP. Lovely, lovely stuff.

(Written as instruction to me as to how to lay out his parody piece)

Our Mozzer has selected 'appropriate' photographs worthy of mesmerizing blog thing MorrisseysWorld, which, should TRB decide to publish this story on his semi-mesmerizing blog thing, he could appropriate for his own purposes, thus increasing the Enigmatic Otherness Factor of his blog. Here are Our Mozzer's instructions:


*Morrissey's notes: Shame Boz Boorer is in the picture, spoiling an otherwise mesmerizing photograph of Yours Truly whipping the old cord. Still, at least the c*nt is breathing in. Put that one at the top of the story, please. It sums up the mood perfectly: that of old glamour, new theatre and used Vauxhall Astra GTEs without insurance or tax, let alone MOT. This is just the sort of picture a certain iconic star would select for his own timelessly elegant blog, were it still in publication. Which it isn't.


*Morrissey's note: A picture of a dreary middle class person in trouser suite reading the dreariest newspaper this side of the Guardian. Let's have that photograph just BELOW the first mention of the Independent by name. You see how one incorporates one's aesthetic - fighting the forces of containment, rebelling against supercilious bourgeois values - into even something as mundane as a photograph of a newspaper? Tricks of the trade, old son. You'll learn in time.

3 a random picture of a mushroom cloud just before Boz's absurd insinuation of Erectile Dysfunction against a certain seminal artiste. Adds to the overall Carry On feel; injects a little SIDE-SPLITTING slapstick humour; magnifies the stupidity of Boz Boorer's crass misunderstanding in a quite Freudian sense.

4 a solitary picture of the book, please. Just below the part where Mikey admires the cover. Publicity old son! Publicity! If only one of the seven people who regularly visit Rat's blog thing decide to purchase an extra copy for 'toilet purposes' or otherwise as a sensuality aid, that's an extra £1 in the coffer for Old Mozzer's Christmas fund. Look after the pennies, and the millions will look after themselves.

I would stick this one just after Boz makes his comment "Does his doctor know?"

That sums up Boz's entire attitude to life, and serves both as joyful reminder of Boz's easy-going nature, and a chilling reminder of long terms effects of beer and Edwin Collins on those without much 'spare capacity.'

*Morrissey's note: This vile photograph of John Harris perfectly captures the desperation of a hack attempting to balance two conflicting aspirations of: being admired by the liberal readers of the Guardian for not washing his hair properly and looking a bit rough, which makes him 'a man of the people'; whilst simultaneously using Oxbridge-only words and wearing ridiculous shirts to elevate himself above the common working class folk he secretly despises. Yes, yes. Let's place that picture just beneath the part where I common on his need to smarten himself up if he wishes to be a fan of one's modern masterpieces.

6 A dreadful picture of the loose women in the bit where I wittily refer to Petriditis/Harris as such.

*Morrissey's note: Yes we'll have that one just BELOW the part where I burst into uncontrollable laughter. Dear God, Please Help Me. I hate Penguin already. Publicity? What publicity? One might think that if I refuse to do any interviews, the b*****ds would be working overtime to get my book on the TV. But b*gger are they. My novel will be on another label, I think. Something a little more up-market. Something classier and with a larger marketing budget.

8 The final picture should be of a cup of tea. Do you see now how the mind of a pop genius works? The cup of tea brings the piece full circle from the darkly glamorous feeling of the first picture, right through to the humdrum cuppa. I'm hopeful that with my assistance and plenty of IQ boosting exercising, TRB might just be able to make his semi-mesmeric blog thing into something almost on a par with my own hallowed piece of socially-networked high-brow pop art.

comment on, not common on. If the c*nt doesn't amend that bit, this is the last piece I'll ever submit to his derelict BlogSpot.

Your ego is OUT OF CONTROL. It's all very well threatening record companies, gleaming, grinning showbiz managers and institutions such as Penguin Classics. But you can't threaten a chubby, reclusive, unemployed blogger entirely dedicated to blogging about a now-defunct fake Blog. The chap has nothing to lose! You may as well threaten a flea with ECT.

Also, M: I would advise changing the punctuation of sentence in which you drone on about lighting costs and central heating costs again but - thankfully - not the spiralling cost of Co-Op Pain au Raisin. I must say it's sad that your Blog entries were better written and better punctuated than your autobiography. Ten years and Mikey Bracewell editing has really f***ed up your book, Moz. If you'd given me the job, it would read like Wilde fire. How ironic that nothing in your book approaches the wit and literary majesty of some of the blog pieces. How ironic that the so-lowers said it couldn't be you because you would spell sulphuric acid the English way, not the Yankee way, yet in the book you spell glamour glamor. Presumably Kewpie, McWHateverHisFace and SkyNarc think Our Mozzer wrote the autobiography too!

Despite my reservations about your sentences and occasional schoolboy literary missteps, I do consider your book a victory. It is beautiful in parts and darkly comic in parts.

Lots of Love


(This one was added, under the guise/character of Michel Bracewell)

To say I'm disappointed by these comments would be an understatement, Broken. Morrissey has crafted a masterpiece in the realm of autobiography. It is like no autobiography before. Any literary idiosyncrasies are a central part of the book's charm, and add to his genius, rather than detracting from it. Like all geniuses, he breaks rules, and he demeans those who play by the rules, simply by virtue of his very existence. If you read this book, you will cry, you will laugh and you will wish for another volume.

Isn't this enough? Did anybody wish for another volume of David Beckham's life story?

Mikey Bracewell
Former Novelist

Broken19 October 2013 15:12
Haven't you got another celebiography to 'edit' Mikey?


PS. "I will never be lacking if the clash of sounds collide, with refinement and logic bursting from a cone of manful blast," - LMAO!

Broken, you've taken that sentence out of all context. Please, let's not do this publicly.

Mikey Bracewell

Former Novelist

How can blasting man(ful) cones producing sound collisions attracting a seminal artiste immediately to the scene ever have a context that is not utterly ludicrous?

I,Partridge was crying out for a few sentences like that!

Your chances of getting another novel published just went down the pan, my friend. Indeed if you'd spent more time ringing the changes and a little less time being Mr Little Echo Morrissey, perhaps his book would be the classic we were all hoping for. However great the rest of the book, the man cones part will forever mark out the Penguin Classic status as a rather self-deprecating in-joke on M's part.

A full-time role editing FollowingTheMozziah beckons - the only question is: would Rat give such an important task to a man who has performed so poorly in the past?

Kind regards



Having said all that, I do think it was a masterstroke to fashion at least 2/5 of the book out of discarded True-To-You letter notes. How moving it was to read more detail about the legal case in the late 90s, and to read about Morrissey's terrible experiences in not making quite enough millions out of Geoff Travis and co. and - that stuff about how much his fans love him - Viva Morrissey! Viva hate!

The trouble is that an autobiography is more than just a bit of a story and a few complaints tied together with themes of money, injustice and working class clichés. Songs can be made of such things and, in M's case, patently are; but it doesn't make for a truly fulfilling book. We wanted to hear of his teenage anguish, his fumbling sexual encounters, his innermost thoughts, his hopes and dreams, his broken spirit, the cruel things people said, the struggle with his inner demons when writing Smiths songs, his depression, the incredible explosion of his American fan base and elevation to iconic status circa Kill Uncle and Your Arsenal. We wanted more crushingly beautiful vignettes, like Smiths songs, or Vauxhall dream sequences. We wanted to hear about how dreadful sex is, or at least was. We wanted one long Morrissey song, with a little more realism, and a little less amorphous beauty. We wanted the impossible. Instead we were given an interesting story and a very good pop autobiography. Is this good enough? No.

I'm afraid the enigma has been well and truly shattered, and our hopes that his writing would be astonishing have deflated. We're left with something not worthy of Morrissey, and yet still very, very good.

How will we cope?

I don't know. Many MWers will be thrilled. Whatever he does, they will adore. But for Morrissey's wider audience, I suspect 'Autobiography' will be the commercial success that finally hammered the last nail into the coffin of his music career.

Nothing else he writes will ever quite be right. Nothing else will ever touch the places what came before touched. And I blame that dreadful, obsequious man-mouse Mikey Bracewell for facilitating Morrissey's narcissistic obsession with his own brilliance, to the detriment of the book.

Mikey, yer a c**t.

Broken you're the liberal democrats of the writing world. You're entirely overflowing with ideals, which will last as long as you have no means of implementing them. Where is your poetry deal again, old son? Your book contract? Ah yes, old friend - like Mikey, you are a Former Artiste.


Penguin Classic Author, Second greatest living British icon (BBC), Seminal artiste, Literary icon, Singer, Songwriter, Live Performer, Socio-political commentator, Cultural Propelling Force, Animal Protectionist, Vegetarian, Wit, Celebrity, Entrepreneur, and Website Monitor, Creator of 53rd Best Album of the Year, 2004, awarded by a prominent Austrian Radio Station, Friend of Alan Bennett, Much Photographed Sex Symbol. Ah yes - and modern poet. ;-)

Don't lower yourself, Steven. Boys will be boys, but you should rise above the rest. That's my boy.

Steven, it's Supermarket Sweep at 7pm with chocolate hobnobs. Pick me up some Twinings Breakfast Tea, which that lovely Stephen Fry advertises on Tele, won't you, Steven?

I'll see you later son.


Get in those chocolate Hobnobs, Steven, and belittling Mikey later will bring your self-esteem back up!



PS "I appear to be more well known in Mexico than even in Sweden, Peru or Chile." LMAO



The cheaply-assembled but eagerly-deployed scud missile that was British punk seemed to detonate unexpectedly in mid-air, causing chaos, panic and the odd ill-advised trip to the barber’s, but surprisingly little lasting structural damage. As the ash clouds of punk spilled over and fell, gathering like anti-snowflakes on Manchester’s light-absorbing grey paving stones, bringing down as they fell over weeks and then months our studiedly vague aspirations for a slightly different world, the two-up two-downs remained indignant. They seemed to peer up over the brutal urban wasteland – all ersatz municipal parkland, stubborn decaying semis and that mild, nauseating smog that was the Manchester air - wondering what might come next. What would come next? Nothing at all. 
It all starts to go wrong when, for us at least, it all started to go right, with the formation of the Smiths. On page 148, writing of an early rehearsal, there is perhaps the most tin-eared, embarrassing description of their music I have ever read. "The Smiths sound rockets with meteoric progression… bomb-burst drumming… combative bass-playing". One is reminded of that old axiom about artists being the least perceptive critics of their own work. Morrissey seems to have understood the Smiths less than we did.


HOW did that squeeze through, Mikey, like a fart with a pile of sweet corn and overflow diarrhoea?

And remember, Uncle Sweaty, Kewpie, Skylarker and the so-lowers said "the writing isn't good enough to be Moz" when MW wrote this: 

Winter 1982. Manchester seemed glassier than ever, all pale angries, and pale sads, and pale cruelties. The death of punk had informed me of the true power of music – which is that it means absolutely nothing. Aestheticism as pure as any Wildean short story, utterly devoid of a moral; music is about beauty and - Being a Pop Star-? Being a pop star is about being fascinating. If you cannot be fascinating, then be handsome. If you cannot be handsome, may I suggest The X Factor Auditions?

In 1982, intention was all that I had. Wintriness breeds wintriness, as a writer once wrote. When the soul lives in a glum rock box and the air is frostier than any half-remembered June day-excursion to Scarborough, the beauty of the freezing cold is all that one possesses. Sycamore tree leafless and crippled leans, like stag antlers bored into frozen top soil; green frog-eye Wellington boots scurry for grip on un-gritted roads; small bluish hand enshrined in fuliginous fingers, glinting under raw sodium lights; the Arndale centre like some oafish soul-cemetery, sucking in the human spirit like coke through a straw, and twisting it into a walking, breathing, cacophonous death. Snow fell that winter. And I made my plans. 

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, and instantly demolishes much of 'Autobiography.' I have come to believe Autobiography may be a parody version of the actual book - an in-joke, if you will, known only to the inner circle of Moz - which will be released a few months or years later.

Perhaps the Blog and this book are the biggest jokes of all, and the real life story is still to come.

Theses bookies is a classic book and you know nothing Broken. You know nothing for literature because you no published at all. Morrissey is this genius we all know and is on the highest mountain of the world you know.

You forget all he do for you, all the money and time he gived you and such likes.

Well, you should eat shit, my friend.

Jesse T.


I rest my case.

Moz finally signed off with this:

I shall be granting TRB a major exclusive in the days to come. 

Not only had I received a Morrissey parody piece, I had also received another hilarious 'impromptu'  parody piece AND  the promise of an exclusive!!!

And there's more...

... late on Saturday evening, as I lay in bed watching Match of the Day, something made me l'OO'k in to the MW chat room, and guess who was there? Yep, Our Mozzer. EARS was also present, and we chatted about a number of things, although for once, I didn't take notes. He mentioned that his book contained a secret message for the Blue Rose Society, and he pondered as to whether or not anybody would ever find it.

As we chatted, Moz mentioned that the press were now trying to make out that he was gay, because of comments in the book. He said that a one simple statement, would correct this, and then pointed us to the website, where this was waiting:


19 October 2013
"Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course ... not many".
-MORRISSEY, Sweden, 19 October 2013.

I immediately asked Moz why he chose to use the word 'unfortunately'. At this point, I took some notes, as follows:

Oct 20 2013, 12:32 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Because I would love to be able to love with aesthetic abandon, to throw myself into a mad, impetuous craving.

Moz then continued on the subject of love:

morrissey1959 (guest)I reject the illusion that love is real, and that there really is someone for all of us
Oct 20 2013, 12:37 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)we all crave love
Oct 20 2013, 12:37 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)but who knows if love is real, or just something we're both dreaming of?
Oct 20 2013, 12:37 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Like God, it can't be proven
Oct 20 2013, 12:37 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Like God, many people choose to believe in love and live life according to its principles

            morrissey1959 (guest)Yet if God and love are both illusory, what do we have left?

Oct 20 2013, 12:38 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Only the self, only the time which we call life, only the inevitable end of life, which we call death
Oct 20 2013, 12:38 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Other variables: money, fame,beauty, freedom
Oct 20 2013, 12:38 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)But ultimately time is meaningless, yet it is all we have
Oct 20 2013, 12:39 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)This is why I say LIVE

Oct 20 2013, 12:39 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)I implore my audience to have sex, get married, get a haircut, admire that iron bridge,commit a crime
Oct 20 2013, 12:39 AM
Guest335 (guest)thank god its meaningless
Oct 20 2013, 12:39 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Life is too short not to try it all
Oct 20 2013, 12:40 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)But love? Don't make me smirk

Oct 20 2013, 12:40 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Love is a convenience
Oct 20 2013, 12:40 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)nothing more

Oct 20 2013, 12:41 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)When the convenience becomes an inconvenience, love recedes like a chilly Autumn tide

Oct 20 2013, 12:41 AM
TheRatsBackM- having children makes love real. A different love, but REAL

Oct 20 2013, 12:42 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)TRB - I'm sure there is a bond
Oct 20 2013, 12:42 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)They are your genes, your everything, your hopes and prayers

Oct 20 2013, 12:42 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)but that isn't necessarily love
Oct 20 2013, 12:42 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Do animals not risk their lives for their young?

Oct 20 2013, 12:42 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)Do animals feel romantic love?Or instinct?
Oct 20 2013, 12:43 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)ultimately parents are selfish
Oct 20 2013, 12:43 AM
morrissey1959 (guest)they abandon their children,throw them out, give up on them, withdraw their love
morrissey1959 (guest)Again, much of it is illusory

'Unfortunately', my battery died at this time, so I have no idea what else was said, but EARS (Emotional Air Raid Survivor) was there, so perhaps she can leave comment.

If anybody is still reading this VERY long winded blog entry, I thank you. I've nearly caught up. Many more reviews have been written in the past few days about 'The Book', with one of the reviews comparing the section about Morrissey hurting his mother during birth with the parody book, 'I Partridge'. If ONLY they knew, it was actually a comparable to Morrissey's OWN parody piece on the MorrisseysWorld blog. The outside world has missed a treat!

The following VERY INTERESTING comment has this morning been left on my blog entry of yesterday:

Found something amazing, Rat!!!!!

Class sign, missed again!!!!!

Look -,_The_End_Of_Days_1.html

Michael Bracewell gives a low-key video presentation in March 2013 with something obviously designed to look like a blue rose in his pocket! It's probably a handkerchief, but it could easily be a silk rose in blue. It looks exactly like a rose and he must have designed it to look that way!!!!!!! Couldn't be chance!!!!!



I have watched the video and Bracewell does indeed l'OO'k as though he is trying to make his hanky look like a Blue Rose, and as 'Violet' has also commented yesterday, Bracewell's piece features a crying woman, just as Margaret Lanterman predicted. Bracewell also uses these VERY interesting words in his video:

"Popular culture... it always contains an element of premonition. Our society has become far more technological, a virtual reality, and I think that art responds to that scientific progress, by looking more and more towards the unknown, looking towards the idea of that which cannot be controlled."

Is Bracewell talking about MorrisseysWorld, and IS Bracewell Log Lady? VERY possibly!


I started this blog entry with a picture of those roses in Gothenburg, but WHO put them there? I sent an email off to the Akademibokhandeln book shop to ask if Morrissey had brought them. I got this reply:

Dear Sir,
It was an interested experience but a pity he did not stay long enough for all those in the line, most had been waiting for many hours...
No, Morrissey did not bring the flowers himself:)
Kind regards,

I felt this was a 'fob off'. I didn't for one minute think that Morrissey himself would have actually carried the flowers in, so I tried again, this time asking if Morrissey had requested the roses? I received this short, sharp reply, with the niceties all gone:

No, he did not ask for any flowers at all!
Best regards

I didn't actually think Morrissey himself would have asked for the flowers, so I persevered. I asked WHY the roses had been placed there. Here is the reply:

Dear Sir, I have no idea who bought them, but someone presumably thought it would look nice with fresh flowers on the table :)

Vänliga hälsningar

The smiley face was back, and a SOMEONE thrown in for good measure. The whole world knows Morrissey is a VERY particular person. NOBODY would place flowers, rose or other, directly in front of Moz without permission! I tried one last time, and received this, 'Fu*k off and leave us alone' reply:

Dear Sir,
I don't have time to investige who bought those flowers, where or why, if it is extremely important to you check with his publisher Penguin books who was accompanying him at the time...!
I hope it's ok with you to end this rose-debate here as there are some other e-mails to reply but yours:)
Best regards,

I have decided to take 'Rose-gate' no further!

And finally for today, and on the subject of Sweden, and despite my blog having NEVER registered any interest from Sweden before, SOMEBODY in Sweden has been viewing it this week! Hmm.

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  1. I saw M1959 in chat but was put off by the fact that he was shown as 'guest' - anybody can sign in as anybody there, although they will be shown as 'guest'. Doubting Loughton that's me. Pity.

    1. I'm still a firm member of the DD though, for the avoidance of doubt. Even more so.

    2. JG, I am as BIG a doubter as anybody else, but sometimes you just KNOW when you are in the presence of The Mozziah... and we were!

    3. I know what you mean - I have been in there with you before and you're right, you DO know

    4. Broken lost his rag in chatroom once, logged out, logged back in as M1959 (not guest) and banned a user. Lizzy questioned it. Broken's explanation; 'Morrissey' gives him access to the M1959 account. "LOL." Yes Broken is MW.

    5. True.. but broken is our little treasure, we wouldn't have it any other way and someone once said.. Who is Broken.. manc lad

    6. I too am sure it was Our Mozzer we were talking to on Saturday evening. Rats - I have menopause memory, it is shocking so I have little to add apart from I was humbled by M59's sweet words to me.

    7. "Anonymous22 October 2013 14:22

      Broken lost his rag in chatroom once, logged out, logged back in as M1959 (not guest) and banned a user. Lizzy questioned it. Broken's explanation; 'Morrissey' gives him access to the M1959 account. "LOL." Yes Broken is MW."

      This is yet another lie by anon. Broken said, "MorrisseysWorld gave me access," which is completely different to what the anon troll says. I know - I was there.

  2. For someone who feels so much about the world when it comes to love he conveniently thinks his way through it. There is no ideal form of love. Love is not a perfectly formed sentence or perfect style. Its not the perfect cup of tea. Sometimes you just have to get down on your knees and pray to a higher power for it.

  3. Apols i cant log in but i will comment when i get home... on a side note i jope you to know that my blue 'city undies' sometimes resembles a rose... best regards, manc lad

  4. Methinks you may well be eating that hat. Oh well, at least that will put some fibre in your diet.
    For Log Lady's prediction to come true - and Margaret did say "I foresee something..." - Michael Bracewell's video presentation would surely take place in the future, not the recent past. On a brighter note, I may well have just provided the spanner :)
    Cracking video though, so thanks for sharing this Jon. Love the marble veiled lady.

    1. Also, dear Margaret said that Morrissey himself would appear with a blue rose. Certainly an interesting video however.

  5. The trouble with the chat room is that it all goes so fast and you sometimes forget who says what. I remember asking though how many pessoas there are and the reply I got was 'more than you have fingers on your hands.' :)

  6. Just one thing. At the time "Morrissey" wrote all these comments on your blog for what seems like hours on the 19th (check the times, it's pretty much all day), he was also seen is different places in Gothenborg, buying records, etc.
    Mmmm...interesting. Well of course he probably spent the afternoon in town, sending comments to your blog regularly on his latest iPhone 5 with 4G, we all know he loves to do that kind of things, he's such a mobile-addict.
    OK OK I am not saying you are 100% wrong, I like your enthusiasm. There may be many coincidences, sure, try also to see the discrepancies. Just a thought.
    All my love xox

    1. I have to agree with the above comment. It really was a blog and chat frenzy from Our Moz over the weekend.
      Urbanus ( possibly an unreliable source ) said in chat that Moz had watched the Manchester United game on Saturday afternoon in the hotel lobby. Broken was in chat from mid-afternoon on Sunday and was still going late into Sunday night. I am sure that M would have had other things to do whilst in Gothenburg.
      I am proud to be a member of the Deluded Dozen but even I wondered if it was Moz for the whole time.

    2. You were in the chatroom Lizzy when Broken logged in as M1959.

    3. So was i in the past.. manc lad

    4. I wrote the above comment. Thanks Lizzycatmoz for saying you agree with me. I don't feel so alone anymore...

      This photo was posted on Oct 19th in the afternoon by a record shop in Gothenborg :

      Apparently, he was not in a hotel room at the time, obsessively writing articles for this beloved blog...

      Also, I was in a London pub on the 19th late afternoon and as I looked at the TV screen, I noticed the game of the day was "Manchester City vs. West Ham". It made me smile as I instantly thought Morrissey was also watching. West Ham AND Manchester... How could he not be watching?

      But then again, maybe he frantically sent blog comments during half time... Who knows! I sure don't.
      Lots of kisses and roses xoxo

    5. LOL. Morrissey was spotted outside once at an unknown time, so he couldn't possibly have written a blog item or two, let alone posted them via someone else?!!?

      Amazing logic.

      The logic that the coincidences prove MW is M are certainly more logical than this bullshit!

      How do you explain that almost everything ever predicted by MW has come true?

    6. Lizzy says "Broken" who might or might nor be Our Mozzer, who might or might not be Morrissey, posted in chat for a while when URBAN - hitherto one of the chat room trolls - claimed Moz was watching football in the hotel!!!!

      Wow, this is proof at last!!!!

    7. Alright, calm down, "Anonymous" 2 comments above!
      I get you hate when people try to mess with the perfect little world you live in, but when I read the "undeniable proof" you have that MW is M and all those so-called coincidences, it really makes me laugh!
      Your eyes only see what they want to see. It's like reading the horoscope. It only sounds true if you want it to be true.
      I did NOT at any point say I was right and you were wrong, I am not bringing any more proof than you do (and do you even?), I was only saying there might be a small chance that Morrissey is not, has never been and never will be the person behind MW but is only aware through his people of what is going on and because he is a generous guy, drops hints here and there (like that blue rose stuff) just to keep you all content.
      But it seems a bit crazy to believe he spent the whole of Saturday in Sweden writing all these things (or even ask someone to write them for him). That is so gullible.

  7. The author of MorrisseysWorld has stated at least one hundred times that he is not Morrissey. This has been stated as a disclaimer on the Blog, permanently; it has been stated in the form of Morrissey's own repeated denials; and it has been stated on at least fifty occasions on the blog and a further fifty times in chat.

    Our Mozzer is not Morrissey, and will never be Morrissey.

    However, suggesting that there is proof that Broken is Morrissey1959 because Broken(guest) once logged in as Morrissey1959 is not logical. This could just as easily show that Our Mozzer once logged in as broken(guest)! Since Broken has already admitted to writing and posting articles on MW, clearly he must have the password!


    1. Annie Moore Lennox22 October 2013 at 19:35

      Yes of course dear.

    2. Who the hell cares?Would you allow a doctor or someone involved in your personal business or a close friend to treat you this way? Why, when there are thousands of fans are the only ones who are paid attention to on here apparently? It took thousands more for a person to be in the place they are. Why does everything have to seem to cater only to these people who have some sort of ego problem thinking everything revolves around them? How are they different than stalkers trying to track down and piece any bit of info together thinking it is just and only for them? How or why is it that people are only allowed to believe the way you feel the most rewarded for the attention and actions ? Why do you keep on lying ? It's ridiculous and infantile. Everything you say is completely hypocritical and there is always a different way of viewing the things said. You just think you are so self important .Obviously sell your soul for attention rather than the truth and have no real compassion.It is all feigned.

    3. I agree with the above comment. "Why does everything have to seem to cater only to these people who have some sort of ego problem thinking everything revolves around them?" says exactly what I think.

    4. I think that comment is a bit unfair, I have been involved for some time in something that is just a bit of fun, by involved, I mean taking part with other people, It has brought a laugh to my dreary life, where's the harm in that

    5. No harm at all manc lad, I am virtually hugging you right now xoxo

  8. If you listen to what Bracewell says, it sounds like he's speaking about MW. He talks of virtual reality, about technology and science, about how art adjusts. Half way through, there's even a close-up of the all-seeing eye and pyramid featured constantly on MW. Bracewell is wearing a hanky designed to look like a blue rose. If you write everything he says, it's like an explanation for MW. I think this is part of the joke?

  9. Indefatigable.. Mr M.... whatever next dear TTY

  10. The Michael Bracewell video is interesting, and congrats to Morrissey for the sales record. MorrisseysWorld will probably last forever. I hope the blog is brought back soon.

    With love, warmth and uncertainty,


  11. So pleased to hear the news on TTY. So much for 'Best Left on the Shelf' :)

    1. I am delighted for Morrissey, so well deserved.

    2. Many congratulations, Morrissey, on the success of " Autobiography. "
      You must be very proud, I am thrilled for you and still taking my time
      to read and savour every word.

    3. great news TTY but it is word for word the same as the BRITISH newspaper I first read it in... copy and paste indeed

  12. Michael bracewell is referring to MW in his video guys. Amazing.

  13. " Bearded clams " still laughing at and loving that expression !!

  14. I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does

  15. The games you play are a little rough Morrissey1959, moving on, enjoy your next tour. Your boredom over took the best of you.

  16. Biggest pile of crap I have ever read. I can't believe these are real people that actually believe in MW. And as for the writer what the f*ck are you doing with your life?


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