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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Day 770 - Britain's Number 1

Since discovering the MorrisseysWorld blog in September 2011, and subsequently starting my own blog to write about the MW blog, I have had a tag line at the top of my blog page which reads as follows:

'On September 15th 2011, I stumbled upon a website called MorrisseysWorld. It appeared to me that Morrissey himself might be the person behind the website, so I kept a daily watch on developments. Two weeks later I was CONVINCED that it was Morrissey behind MorrisseysWorld, so I started blogging my findings. What has happened since, has been phenomenal, especially Morrissey's formation of The Blue Rose Society. The WHOLE story can be found here, within my blog.'

I amended this tag line only once, to add in the bit about the formation of the Blue Rose Society. Today I have REMOVED the tag line completely, for reasons that I hope will become apparent in the near future. I have now added the simple tag line, 'A Morrissey Fan Site.'

At the end of the day, those deluded dozen people who have followed the MW story from the start KNOW the truth (or at least are pretty sure they know enough to know!), so the tag line is no longer needed. Those who are new to my blog will NEVER believe the truth... unless their minds are stirred enough to question it, which is something I am hoping might happen... but it's out of my hands! Hopefully things will become clearer soon. I have my fingers crossed.

Yesterday the following comment was left on my blog:

The author of MorrisseysWorld has stated at least one hundred times that he is not Morrissey. This has been stated as a disclaimer on the Blog, permanently; it has been stated in the form of Morrissey's own repeated denials; and it has been stated on at least fifty occasions on the blog and a further fifty times in chat.

Our Mozzer is not Morrissey, and will never be Morrissey.

However, suggesting that there is proof that Broken is Morrissey1959 because Broken(guest) once logged in as Morrissey1959 is not logical. This could just as easily show that Our Mozzer once logged in as broken(guest)! Since Broken has already admitted to writing and posting articles on MW, clearly he must have the password!


Our Mozzer has once again felt the need to stress that he ISN'T Morrissey, and I for one believe him, 100%.

I also believe that, despite Morrissey issuing THREE statements on his True-To-You website that he ISN'T involved in the MorrisseysWorld site, he IS a fan of it, and my ego also leads me to believe he reads, and likes, MY blog too! Three days ago the following comment was left on my blog, which could of course be a hoax, but I happen to believe it may be real:

Good afternoon,

I have long enjoyed both this blog and the other place, before it was cruelly stolen away from us all in its prime. It is mystifying that you're willing to spend so many hours writing about such a mundane thing as my life. If the book proves anything, it proves that a word as vital, immediate and expansive as 'life' probably doesn't apply to this thing I've been doing for the past fifty four years. Still, we breathe, we eat, we sleep, and we listen to music. This, to some, is life.

I have no intention ever of requesting either of the blogs be closed down. I will continue to touch, caress and grab them whenever possible - blue roses, that is.

And now to other things, grim and pointless; this is what Sundays are for.


Sweden. 20th October, 2013.

One thing that is for certain, is that Morrissey reads an awful lot of things on the internet, particularly things to do with him! We KNOW he doesn't like the Morrissey-Solow website, and we know he does like 'This Charming Charlie', so it is VERY feasible that he would have stumbled across both MW and FTM, and WHY wouldn't he like them? His book has proven beyond ALL doubt, that he has a wicked sense of humour (sorry, humor as Morrissey now insists on calling it!), and MW is HILARIOUS!

From now on, my blog shall be offered purely as a Morrissey fan site, although if anybody should find it and decide to dig back through it, perhaps, just perhaps, their eyes may be 'O'pened.

It was announced yesterday that Morrissey's Autobiography is the NUMBER ONE BEST SELLING BOOK IN THE WHOLE OF THE UK... which is rather a surprise, as Carole Cadwalladr writing for The Observer on Saturday said that Morrissey ceased to be relevant "sometime back around 1992." I haven't managed to read too many reviews of Autobiography, mainly because A) I've been too busy reading it, B) I've been watching the Morrissey 25 LIVE DVD, C) I've been busy working and living, D) Because other peoples opinions on 'The Book' are of no relevance to me. There is NO E)!

I was talking to mention to Morrissey1959 on Saturday night in the MW chat place thing, and on the subject of the press reviews, I said to him, "You don't care about them", to which he replied, "You are wrong, I care greatly." This wasn't the exact quote, as I wasn't taking notes, but it is obvious that despite 30 years in the business, the criticism STILL hurts.

I gather that MOST reviews have been favourable, sorry, 'favorable', but I would have thought it means MUCH more to have comment from people who matter, rather than from old hacks who know NOTHING, and have achieved NOTHING! Annie Lennox surely says it best with her offering:

Annie Lennox statement

22 October 2013
Reading the various reviews of Morrissey's autobiography, the divisive reactions are fascinating...With a life steeped in the acute articulation of what it feels like to be an "outsider's outsider"... Mr M continues to stir and shake us up.
I'm appreciative and grateful for his extraordinary artistry, artifice and social/personal commentary... and more than anything I wish him the freedom and space to be himself...unencumbered and unhampered by anyone's "opinion" or projection of who they think he is or should be. He's made a profound connection and difference to a multitude of lives, which is more than can be said for the belligerent scribers who seem to have a bone to pick with his very existence.
We all have to live with ourselves at the end of the day, till the end of our days...and I think he's a very elegant survivor.
God bless Morrissey and all who ever dared to sail forth, with or without a compass.

I have nothing to add!

Morrissey has proven, just like Marcus Markou did with his film 'Papadopoulos & Sons', that you don't need marketing 'experts' and great management to achieve things. Morrissey's book has reached NUMBER 1 despite NO newspaper serialisations, NO advertising, and NO marketing. It will become a best seller (it already has!) because it is a good, sorry, mesmerizing book, it's as simple as that. Despite not having a record company, Morrissey has used his own nouse to release his DVD at a time when he is ALL OVER the national television stations, ALL OVER the printed national press and ALL OVER the internet. Who needs post graduate thirty somethings telling you how it should be done? Morrissey is a marketing expert, but then again we knew that from the very first time we saw a Smiths cover.

The NME have shown that they are as thick skinned as ever, and have today listed 'The Queen Is Dead' as the greatest album (LP to you and I) of all time. It was voted for by NME journalists past and present. It they wanted to win Morrissey back, then they should have voted for 'You Are The Quarry', or if they REALLY wanted him back, then 'Years Of Refusal'!

With Moz mania hitting Britain, it is surely just a matter of time before a major record label signs our man? SURELY?


1. Autobiography - Morrissey 34,918 (NEW ENTRY)
2. Mad About the Boy - Helen Fielding 32,172 (Down 1)
3. Demon Dentist - David Walliams Sales Unknown (Down 1)
4. My Memoir - David Jason 27,733 (Up 4)
5. The Black Box - Michael Connelly (Up 1)
6. The Broken Man - Josephine Cox (Up 4)
7. Guinness World Records 2014 (Down 2)
8. Always Managing - Harry Redknapp (Down 1)
9. The Sins of the Mother - Danielle Steele (Up 10)
10. The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriaty (Up 2)

Autobiography by Morrissey is the biggest first-week sale from a musician's memoir since official records began in 1998, beating previous record holder Keith Richards' Life, which sold 28,213 copies in its opening week, but don't let that fool you, Morrissey is NOT relevant? Oh Carole Cadwalladr.... do FUCK OFF!


  1. God bless Annie Lennox for that brilliant statement, and heartfelt congratulations to Morrissey for his well-deserved success.

  2. I am hoping that the slight change to your blog name might encourage more traffic
    to your site and away from the Solow one.
    Morrissey followers will realise that there is a positive site about him, where ( mostly )
    friendly people visit. People who love and respect him.

    Is something going to be revealed in the near future ?

    1. Oh how I agree with you Lizzy.
      I joined the Solow forum a few weeks ago as a need to talk about the great man that is Morrissey.
      What a disappointment.
      All I read are aggressive comments, negative things, private jokes no one understands, etc. Members on the forum seem to have been on there for a long time and most hate each others.
      Such a shame. It could have been good but now I am scared to get virtually slapped every time I write something on there, which happened a few times...
      I do like this blog, it seems much more positive and caring.

    2. Please join us here, we do not bite.
      This is a pro-Morrissey site !!

      ( I am a poet, alas not a Stretford one )

    3. Oh yes, I am joining you :)

    4. disappointment on Solow, what's new?

  3. Watching Cagney and Lacy (series right now) but i have had to break off just to say that i have enjoyed the chase or is that paperchase.. i hope we still comenon here but i fear MW will never be seen again.. manc lad

    1. I fear that you might be right about MW my friend.

  4. Well done to Morrissey on his success which is well deserved! I love Autobiography, even though it took me a while to get my head around it. I think at first it upset my German sense of order but now I quite like the fact that it goes off at random tangents. It is like daring to venture off the well trodden path to discover delicious little secrets. I also love his poetic, yet also crass descriptions of people and places; and the fact that one minute I am laughing out loud and the next crying my eyes out!

    Thank you also to you, Rat, for persevering with this blog for the past two years. I hope this journey will continue for a while yet!

  5. Carole something wrote about Morrissey's Autobiogtaphy just fot starting a pamphelet about failed dteams economy crise and so goes on, next Carrot something better starting with recipes, or pilates workmatt. Anyway, thank you dear Rat for everything, for the blog and the chart! Morrissey is a fantastic bird, or the Araba Fenice, and we can just catch his shadow and be lucky and happy! Have a nice evening!

  6. What a grand statement from Annie Lennox.

    Thank you Morrissey, for being you & congratulations for the tremendous number of books sales.

  7. I am one of the "new readers", I did not follow the whole Blue Rose thing and never read MW blog. I stumbled across yours and have been reading it regularly. Thank you for it, it is well written and entertaining.

    Here's my newbie point of view on what you just wrote.

    I never believed Morrissey himself was behind the MW blog and I don't believe he comments on here as often as it seems to be believed. However, I do think he read the MW blog and now reads yours and likes it and comments on it (anonymously maybe?) once in a while. I also think he tried to show a few times he knew about the BRS by dropping hints (or "coincidences" as you call them ;) ).

    That comment from "Morrissey" in Sweden on the 20th could well have been written by him. Who knows! But it sounds like something he could say. I like it anyway.

    All I am trying to say is that you are doing a good job and we are many to enjoy following your blog so keep it up.
    Who cares if people who read your blog believe everything you say or not, the point is everyone is interested enough to read it.

    And, Morrissey (the real one), if you really wrote the above comment, thank you for doing so. It means a lot.

    All my love,
    Fifi xxx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Chucky :)

  8. I may well leave the interweb for good, if Moz is not going to tour anymore I feel that I have run my course, I have enjoyed my time with you people more than words can say, one of my highlights (checks hair) yes, I know about the spelling, was leaving books for Moz after some of his shows, I know he gazed through them, but of course I cant tell you how I know, maybe in the future I will pop pop back on, 100% if Moz tours again I will be back, but for now dear friends, goodbye

    1. It's been such a pleasure to have you with us as part of this incredible journey - it wouldn't have been the same without you. We'll miss you loads - here's hoping for another tour! Take care of yourself and all the best xxx

    2. I shall miss you Manc! You have certainly been a core part of this journey and I shall miss being smutty with you! Let's hope that Moz can overcome any problems and that he will be on tour again soon!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I shall miss you Stewie, your brilliant sense of humour
      and photos from the pub on Twitter. No pictures of you sadly.
      I really hope that you have cause to return soon. Take care xx

    5. Oh Manc, why? Come back soon and take care!

    6. Manc, you have been a star throughout this. I shall always remember how kind you were to me when I first found the MW blog.

      Singing The Blues
      EARS xx

    7. Manc, you do more pop pop offing than Our Mozzer. Do please stay xx

    8. Manc, the last two years would not have been half as much fun without you. Lost track of all those burnt dinners... Hope you will be back soon. xxx

    9. Wait!? Manc why are u leaving? Dear Manc thank you so much for everything! I really hope u do come back very sOOn...I really appreciate everything really I do!

    10. Oh girls, you have made an old man wet himself oh wait maybe thats just my age, but seriously you are some of the nicest people that i have ever met.. i wont be far away.. remember, you can check out but never leave, ask mme or jg.. regards manc lad

  9. I wish this blog will stay forever, it should be a fan site and you could be helped by someone you like! Maybe there'll be a new tour, maybe a documentary about the Autobiography and there are a lot of artists related yo Morrissey.Oh it's not like any other site, this one is different because is blue...Ciao Rat!

  10. You are so spot on.Absolutely nobody else gets it except for 12 people you are brilliant. Anybody who was not there at the beginning missed you bullying other people online and constantly accusing others of being Morrissey while playing pretend that somehow you are more enlightened than anyone else.They also missed that your now blown up story about blue roses was instigated by an anonymous person who honestly does not like any of you.Just because you get on well with each other does not mean anything else.You're a total nitwit and a glorified stalker. You know that you are lying and if you really believed all of those things at the very beginning why on earth did you bully so many people?Then you try to assume you are some elitist asshole about it like you never sat there making an ass of yourself over it .RIGHT. Nice to know you have adapted some sort of society for attention gain but for the most part you lied about all of it .You thought it was a cute little gimmick and used it as a means to your own end.

  11. Can anyone who has the Morrissey25 Live dvd check something for me please? I noticed in the credits at the end of the film Frank Tewkesbury was mentioned. The credits flipped over too quickly for me to spot anything else, but Frank Tewkesbury was the photographer of the teenagers in the cropped trousers/Dr Martens (one of the concert backdrops). I was curious if there was another credit there to help us solve the picture of the man on the drums.

    1. There isn't!

      Frank Shrewsbury (Distant relation on other's side)

    2. Why thank you kindly for looking.

  12. Thanks for the mention Rat! Always an honour to be mentioned on the greatest blog in Britain.

  13. He's always been #1! But so utterly happy that 'Autobiography' is at #1...

  14. so good to know he enjoys the blog! lovely to hear from you (Morrissey)

  15. The Australian edition of Autiobiography has just arrived! Am desperately trying to catch up. So far (up to page 100) it's a sheer joy of Manchester misey!

  16. what happen to banjaxers tweet that said "Morrissey tour dates" - it was yesterday afternoon. did he delete it?! can still see it on my phone tho

    1. I saw that too - methinks it's a wind up!

  17. very sad about Lou Reed cried with Mozzers statement on TTY very moving...

  18. Sorry to read about Lou Reed. whenever an artist of his caliber passes away I always feel as if a part of my past has died. RIP Mr Reed.
    P.S. I got my copy of Morrissey's autobiography end of last week. It actually arrived sooner than I thought it would as it was coming from the UK. I've had items shipped from Calif. take 2-3 weeks to get to where I live(Wisconsin). I just started it today,as we had a busy Halloween weekend and I wanted to finish another book I'd been reading. I will have to say his written prose so far is as just as superb as his lyrics.


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