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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Day 790 - The Death of the CD Single

It seems to be all go on the Moz front in recent weeks; first we had 'The Book', then the dvd, and now it has been announced that a new single, Satellite of Love Live at The Chelsea Ballroom, will be released as a download on December 2nd, followed later by both a 12 inch and 7 inch picture disc, which will have additional live tracks.
Satellite Of Love Sleeve Artwork

The new record is once again being released by Parlophone, who have also stated that, "more Morrissey news will be announced soon." Could it be that Morrissey has re-signed to Parlophone, who in July were taken over by Warner Music, or is it still the same as earlier this year (when The Last of the Famous International Playboys was released) when Morrissey announced via TTY that, "Parlophone will continue with their Morrissey re-issue campaign"?

The biggest difference is that Satellite of Love is a NEW release, and NOT a re-release, so perhaps there really is a new deal in the offing, and it has been noted that Morrissey has recently stopped issuing  the tag line on TTY of, 'Morrissey remains without a record deal'....Hmm.

But on the flip side to this argument, only last week Boz Boorer announced that, "Morrissey is unable to secure a record deal so we haven't made a record in a few years, despite having an arsenal of new material".

Morrissey & Boz Boorer, at Arsenal Station

It will be interesting to see how Satellite of Love performs in the singles chart, particularly as Playboys didn't make it in, but that was a re-release, whereas Satellite has never been released before. The re-issues of Everyday is Like Sunday and Glamorous Glue both made it onto the chart (although not the Top 40), so I am going to predict an entry around Number 50 for Satellite, although IF the 12 inch and 7 inch were released at the same time as the download, it would be a lot higher, which therefore makes it appear that  Morrissey is NOT bothered about how Satellite performs.


Interestingly there is NO cd release this time around, which has become a very common occurrence with single releases from MOST artists. I have NO idea how my collection of Number 1 singles has managed to limp on, as virtually NONE of the songs released as singles has a commercial cds issued anymore. The cd single will be completely dead before long, but the good news is, that the death of the cd single could well be the cue for the further revival of vinyl. This weeks UK Number 1 single, Look Right Through (MK Remix) by Storm Queen has not only been issued with NO commercial cd, but there isn't even a promo cd for the radio stations, but my collection has survived thanks to a limited edition 12 inch.

(product image)

With previous Morrissey releases, I have always bought both the cd and vinyl. The vinyl would be for 'collection' purposes only, whereas the cd would be used to listen in the car, and to burn onto my mp3 player. With Satellite of Love, I will once again purchase both of the vinyl releases for my 'collection', but this time I will also HAVE to purchase the download too, which is something that I don't normally do. The most annoying thing about getting different tracks on the vinyl release, is that you can't then add them to your mp3. This happened with Morrissey's last release, when People are the Same Everywhere was released on the vinyl copy of Playboys, but WASN'T issued as a download, which meant that fans were unable to actually listen to the song 'on the go'. I would much rather see ALL  new tracks released as downloads too.

Morrissey: The Last Of The Famous International Playboys: Picture Disc Vinyl


The best thing about Satellite of Love being released, is that it is a LIVE track. I have recently found that I am listening to LIVE recordings of Morrissey's songs more than studio recordings. My albums of choice in the car at the moment are; Rank, Beethoven Was Deaf, Live at Earls Court and Live at Hollywood Bowl. There is something very special about live tracks, and I can't understand, why in this day and age, artists don't record ALL of their concerts, and make them available to download! Who WOULDN'T want to download a concert that they had been to, so that they could relive the moment time and time again? The music industry seem to be very slow in reacting to what fans want. It must be the easiest thing in the world to do, and with downloads now being the way that virtually ALL music is bought, the concert recordings could be with the fans within days, perhaps even hours!


Despite Morrissey being a traditionalist who loves his vinyl, his songs are also in demand to the download generation, with the Official Chart Company announcing last week that This Charming Man has SOLD 139,000 downloads, which is a mesmerizing amount. At some stage in the future (when all's well), the download generation will discover the rest of Morrissey's vast back catalogue, and his sales will rocket.

Meanwhile, the current music market is seeing a change in the way that singles from albums are released. In the past, an artist would usually release a 'teaser' single from a forthcoming album, and would then release further singles once the album had been released, but now, as most singles aren't actually records or cds (which offered extra tracks), but are just single songs, there is NOTHING to release as a single once an album has been released, as the track has already been bought! It therefore has meant that singles need to be released PRIOR to the album release, with Eminem releasing FOUR singles recently BEFORE his The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released. THREE of the singles were released in a four week period!


All this talk of vinyl has made me desperate for a new record player. I haven't owned one since I threw away my dreadful plastic Crosby retro thingy, but I miss not being able to play my vinyl, and if Morrissey isn't going to be issuing his new live releases as downloads, I will need to actually play the new records if I am to hear the songs! I have therefore asked Mrs Ratsback to buy me a new record player for Christmas, but by new, I actually mean a reconditioned original Dansette, but of course, being a control freak (or at least liking to make the right choice), I can't leave Mrs TRB to find me a record player, I need to buy it myself (and then act surprised on Christmas day for the kids sake). The question is, which model should I buy? I quite like these two:



I shall have to make up my mind soon, but whatever record player I buy, I will be able to play these two little beauties that I added to my Number 1 Collection this week:

In the words of the Number 1 written by Edith Lindeman, and recorded by Kitty Kallen, Little Things Mean a Lot, which has just made me remember one of the funniest album cover photos of all time, and makes the Maladjusted album cover look like a classic:

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, Morrissey was last night spotted (minus a neck brace or sling) at the Fonda Theatre in LA, watching Sparks, but who is he talking to in this picture, is it Jesse?

Embedded image permalink

IF it isn't Jesse, perhaps it could be the mysterious Gelato, who was mentioned in Autobiography, and has been mentioned again in the comments section of my blog, which I missed seeing until today. Here it is:

RE: Gelato:

After I read the book, I was surprised to find that very few people were discussing this particular revelation, as I remember that during the ROTT era there was a lot of fan speculation about whether or not Morrissey's relocation to Rome was romantically motivated. I grew curious and decided to see if I could figure out who the hell "Gelato" is. Since Morrissey doesn't give a whole lot of details about him beyond the fact that he owns a wine shop and coaches youth soccer, I didn't have a lot to go on, but I did some Googling.

This is the webpage for Il Tiaso, a wine bar/library/cafe-type joint. A link to Morrissey's (now defunct, apparently) website can be found on the page, and the owner, Gabriele, is pictured here (third photo from the bottom):

I thought he looked familiar and then I realized it's because I've seen him in photos with Moz before, like this one:

This is hardly a definitive answer, but I don't think it's too much of a stretch to wager that this guy is probably "Gelato".



  1. Jesse posted a picture of the outside of the Fonda Theatre with the words ‘sparks tonight’ so I guess that it could be him sat next to Morrissey.
    I’d go for the peach melba Dansette – it has more knobs on it so must be the more sophisticated record player :))

  2. The other person in the photo at the Sparks concert could be Jesse - I read that Jesse was seen at the concert with Moz. So glad that Moz is feeling well enough to be out and about, and I'm thrilled about the Satellite release - I loved hearing Moz sing it live in Chicago. Like everyone else, I'm anxiously awaiting the impending 'Morrissey news'...

  3. Dear Rat, the men in the pic are the owner of Montecarlo pizzeria and Gabriele Grandoni owner of Il Tiaso, that's for sure. I don't know if Gabriele is Gelato, but there are a lot of usual...He's the Mister of a young soccer team and in the evening works at his wine bar! I think he's in Rome by now so he can't be the other guy next to Morrissey. Next time I 'll go to Il Tiaso I'll you know Morrissey? Do you like Gelato? And I'll be out of the bar with a kick in my arse...surely! Anyway I hope for going out running and listening to faboulous Morrissey songs! Have a nice evening Ratty! #BRS

    1. And HOW would you know that Gabriele is in Rome at the moment? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    2. I know it just because a friend of mine works near Il Tiaso, and she, just this morning, saw him walking in Pigneto pedonal area, I'm not Gabriele...naughty Rat, you'll never change....but it's ok!

    3. Is that where Our Mozzer picked up his love for playing Football Manager???

    4. Maybe, but in the book he wrote his dad played football to and they were all exited for the local famous team....not city I think!

    5. it cant be the old guy right?

  4. yea it was Jesse & Damon but not sure if it was Donnie, looked like him a lot (could have been) but yes it was them for sure. I was at the show, didn't get to see or chase Mozzer down, Andrea @awillo9658 did & she said that '' guy with shorter hair'' didn't let her get her book signed, that I'm sure was Damon (B.G) I couldn't even find them, did see a few other ppl. But Mozzer & company tippy toed their way out... Very happy to see him out & about & in good health. Luv yous Morrissey~

  5. 'Gelato' I wonder why that nickname? hmmm...Gelato's is really good btw Rasberry! Anyways...Handsome chap, but I don't know about that hair.

  6. A great and interesting blog Ratty - many thanks !!
    I fondly remember our old red Dansette.

    Glad that Our Mozzer is well enough to be out and about again.

    The Gelato storyline is very interesting, and I'll say no more.
    Thanks Caterita for adding to what we already knew.

    I have just finished ' Autobiography ' because I didn't want to rush it !
    Very much enjoyed the book especially the beginning and middle.

  7. Dear Rat, I read once again your post and I like very much your picture about dansette! Old vynil are always great and, as I saw you got a fantastic collection and, seeing you, now I decide to put in order all my vynil, expecially because most of them are still in my parents home, a very dangerous place, my mother could decide to realize some strange Christmas decoration with them or my dad could put them on some tree, in our country home, as a new kind of scarecrow.No doubt, my vynil are in trouble, I got to save them! Anyway, the Anonymous comment you reported is a little bit strange, it is unclear how the person arrived to "Il Tiaso" link, it would be more logic if he, after saw the picture with Carlo, owner of La Montecarlo, reconized Gabriele, but, as he wrote it was the opposite! Hmmmm.... And who is the author of the post? Morrissey is an abituè in Pigneto, sadly I never met him, but many people told me spotted him in famous Necci bar, at Circolo degli Artisti and simply walking around the pedestrian area. Pigneto is a special place, quite like a little village with a large variety of human been and like every tribal village it got his own Guru: Vladimiro Guadagno, alias Vladimir Luxuria, a transgender with a life quite like a Balzac's novel...Anyway dear Anonymous above if you got time would you please clarify how did you arrive to the link "Il Tiaso"? Thank you! P.S. Tiaso in old Greek means college and the most famous was the Lesbo Tiaso, yes the Island of Saffo the poetess and the noble mother of all the lazy dykes! Oh, I saw a tweet by April Richardson saying she was at Spark concert sat by Morrissey and, last but not least, the book is great, great, great! Could you arrange a chart with the best quote of the book? Thank you! Have a nice day!

    1. Dear Romina, had a good laugh about what could happen to your "vynils" that are stored at your parents' home! Save your vynils before it's too late! :)

  8. Ratty,glad to see you're still posting and that your vinyl collection is going strong. I remember from past postings you were having a difficult time finding some of the newer ones.I still have a record player packed away in the basement, but very little to play on it as I replaced most of my vinyls with CDs. I was especially happy to see Our Mozzer out and about enjoying himself after that last posting about him being hospitalized I worried that next time we'd see him he'd be in a wheel chair or on a stretcher. It was also good to hear from some of the BRS also especially Romina's input on Rome and Gelato.

  9. Thank you Fancy have a nice day you and all the Blue Rosers! Always Viva Moz!

  10. If Gabriele is Gelato, he is obviously a meat eater, or at the very least, he serves meat in his wine bar. Perhaps that is why the relationship ended.

  11. Here is a video for that red Dansette A35:

  12. This exact Dansette A35 is for sale - please contact me for details. I have lots of others too. All fully restored and in full working order. All models can be re-covered to your specification.
    Thanks for the unauthorised use of the photo and subsequent free advert! ;)


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