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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Day 797 - Morrissey:World Won't Listen

Morrissey has issued a statement on True-To-You, which is not only one of his greatest statements yet, but it is like an extension to his recent autobiography. As 'The Book' has been so successful (Currently four straight weeks at Number 1 in the paperback chart), perhaps Morrissey should release a new book every year, or better still, he should have a website, where he could give his views on current issues, debate subjects that are dear to him, and also show off his extraordinary talent for 'Self-aware parody writing'. I guess what I am trying to say here is BRING BACK MORRISSEYSWORLD!

Morrissey's latest statement will no doubt either be ignored by the media, or will once again be labelled a 'rant', with the mind numbingly boring heading of 'Bigmouth Strikes Again', but it is, as I have already said, an excellent piece, and the great thing about Morrissey's writing style is that he just lets the words spill out as they come to him. This isn't cleverly pieced journalism, it is as though he is actually in the room talking. Both the Isle of Wight and Coventry get a mention in the article (coincidences), which starts as a report on the hideous murdering actions of the being that is Melissa Bachman, and then goes on to mention a number of other 'famous' people in the world who fill Morrissey with despair, including Princess Anne, who last week announced that the best way to save horses is to.... eat them! Interestingly, most of the people mentioned in Morrissey's statement like 'playing' with guns. Here is the statement in full, which I have broken up with some photos:

The world won't listen

18 November 2013
The world won't listen
I am not ashamed to admit that newspaper photographs in recent days of American TV presenter Melissa Bachman laughing as she stands over a majestic lion that had been stalked and shot dead by Bachman herself left me tearful. Although I have previously felt enraged by the asininity of U.S. congressman Paul Ryan, and political fluffhead Sarah Palin - both of whom also kill beings for fun, there is something especially lamentable about the Bachman smile of pride as the lion - a symbol of strength, heraldry and natural beauty, lies lifeless in answer to Bachman's need for temporary amusement. The world struggles to protect the rhino and the elephant - both being shot out of existence, yet Bachman joins the murderous insanity of destruction without any fear of arrest.

This comes in the same week that Princess Anne condones horsemeat consumption - since she is evidently not content with eating pigs, sheep, cows, birds and fish. Although her slackwitted view is reported with mild surprise by the British media, there is no outrage since the crassness and international duncery of the British so-called 'royal family' remains the great unsaid in British print. It is spoken of, of course, but it is not allowed to go further than that. Why does Anne approve of slaughter of any kind? Has she ever been inside an abattoir? Does she actually know what she's talking about?

Similarly, on October 5, the Daily Mail newspaper gave us all an "amusing" report of thickwit Pippa Middleton laughing as she stood over 50 birds shot dead by her friends and herself after a "busy day's shooting". We are reminded by the Daily Mail that Middleton is a 'socialite', which tells us that she is privileged and can more-or-less kill whatever she likes - and, therefore she does. The sick face of modern Britain, Pippa Middleton will kill deer, boar, birds - any animal struggling to live, or that gets in her socialite way. This is because her sister is, of course, Kate, who herself became 'royal' simply by answering the telephone at the right time, and this association allows Pippa's kill, kill, kill mentality to be smilingly endorsed by the British print media, to which only the mentally deficient could join in with the laughter.
The pheasant posse: The ladies who make Pippa's party one of the most exclusive around
The pheasant posse: The ladies who make Pippa's party one of the most exclusive around consists of partridges, the middle row has hen pheasants, while the back line comprises cock pheasants

The right to kill animals is endorsed by Prime Minister David Cameron who shoots stag whenever he feels a bit bored. In the Queen's Honors List, awards have been bestowed upon musicians Bryan Ferry and PJ Harvey - both of whom allegedly support fox-hunting. There is not one single instance when an animal protectionist has found themselves knighted or applauded by the Queen. That animals are an essential part of our planet (that they are, in fact, the planet) and must be protected, is a shatterbrained concept to the British 'royals'. Historically, we all remember Prince William proudly killing the baby deer, Prince Harry bravely giving the thumbs-up as he pointlessly ended the life of a water-buffalo, the Queen loading her shotgun in readiness to shoot birds out of the sky. How terribly regal.
Although the natural idiocy of the British 'royals' is internationally acknowledged, it still doesn't make their behavior any less alarming.


Prince Harry smiles triumphantly and crouches beside the carcass of a recently killed water buffalo. This picture, in which Harry appears to pose as a hunter proudly displaying his trophy, has been published in a newspaper in the San Luis province where, it is claimed, the photo was taken. The picture was taken at the end of a hunting party attended by Harry and held on land belonging to Count Claudio Zichy Thyssen, in November 2004 according to El Diaro newspaper.Zichy Thyssen is one of the most powerful landowners in Argentina, with more than 170,000 acres of ranch and grasslands 400 miles north-west of Buenos Aires. There, under the auspices of a company called CG Hunting, enthusiasts can hunt wild deer, antelopes, fallow deer, wild boars, axis deer, pumas and the hunter’s dream, water buffalo. According to El Diaro, Harry hunted and killed a buffalo and wild boar. It is also claimed the head of the water buffalo pictured and that of a wild boar have been embalmed with the intention of shipping them to the UK and gifting them to Harry.

This can’t be true, namely because you would need a shotgun to take down a buffalo that big, and Harry’s carrying a rifle. If anything he’s shot it with a tranquiliser dart!

Animals who are free (or, if you insist, 'wild') lead lives of struggle; their every moment absorbed by the need to find food for themselves and their offspring. They have a natural instinct to survive - as do animals in abattoirs, but they cannot compete against the loaded hunting-guns of Pippa Middleton or David Cameron. It is by no means a fair game. Has Melissa Bachman considered hunting without a shotgun? We might then be impressed if she manages to bring a lion down. Dingbat coward Sarah Palin shoots at running bears from the safety of her multi-million-dollar helicopter, and the Queen continues to endorse the trapping of the Canadian brown bear so that her senior servile guardsmen might look their prettiest. The babies of the trapped and murdered adult bears are left to die slowly - unable to survive without their mothers. Wearing enough real fur to encircle Russia, our beloved Queen Elizabeth couldn't care less. Death dwells in life.

In lordly London, a proudly moral statue stands on Park Lane. It honors animals that "served" during the war, boldly telling us They Had No Choice.
There is no statue that states: ANIMALS IN ABATTOIRS - THEY HAVE NO CHOICE.
The homicidal mania of the abattoir, the murderous insanity of the badger kill ('cull' is far too soft a word for what takes place - not in order to protect cows – who are butchered, anyway, but in order to make more money for farmers); and from this, we wonder how the human race can make any claims of humanity. We must ask why it is thought that animals deserve such horrific treatment. No British government has ever had an Animal Protectionist MP, yet animals outnumber humans on the planet.

It is quite easy, I'll admit, to blame the mentally defective 'royals' for continually setting such a cretinous example where animal welfare is concerned; we recall William and Kate in Canada laughing hysterically as a bull, whose abdomen has been cinched with a bucking strap, is jumping in agony before the stiffly-apart-together lovely 'royal' couple - who are both clapping excitedly. Where is humanity? Where is any sense of goodness and pity? And what is so terribly funny about torture?

The nub of this argument is the press insistence that the 'royals' are in possession of a morality that the rest of us would all wish to rise to, and that they are also a form of church for the British people. No, no, no. Not true.
We are continually told (warned?) that we love the 'royals' whatever their conduct, and we see very clearly how this most dysfunctional family must - at all costs - leave a virtuous emblem on the age, as we also see how no British citizens (for we are not subjects) can be considered qualified enough to question the 'royals' - or to even be allowed to ask why it is thought necessary to have a monarchy in the first place - especially as most countries throughout the world exist quite well withoutroyal boils. Although the cash-cow subject of tourism is frequently raised in order to support the annual 50m grabbed from public taxes in order to lavish on the 'royals', it should be noted that people do not refuse to visit the Eiffel Tower simply because there is no Queen of France.

The mystery in England is why the 'royals' are repeatedly forced upon us with a cleansed aura - one that is not theirs by nature. We are asked to feel round-the-clock concern for the failing health of Prince Philip, yet his offhand civility is all we've ever known of him, and since his life has meant nothing to the British people then why should his approaching death?

Although the press is continually conscious of pushing any story too far, there is mysteriously no suspicion of utterly sterile boredom where 'royal news' (i.e, non-news) is concerned. Nothing in the bearing of the Queen speaks to, or for, modern Britain. Speech is a question of rhythm, and even this the Queen has failed to master in her very lengthy lifetime of being unable to address a nation without auto-cue. Is she incapable of speaking directly from the heart? That the future of the monarchy rests on the natural idiocy of Harry, zombified William and airhead Kate, is quite frightening. We, the British public, are trapped.

In our democratic society, how do we call for the 'royals' to resign and retire? Where is our platform? Who will let us speak? We, who are neither apocalyptic anarchists nor extremists, who speak softly and care primarily for the environment and all living beings, feel embarrassed by what the 'royals' do today far more than whatever they did 200 years ago. But how can we speak without being Tasered away? In an England that is said to be democratic, how can a self-elected monarchy have any place? It can't. If the 'royals' are a dictatorship - which they obviously are - then how can England be democratic? When the British public booed Charles and Camel off Regent Street, the British police were ready to turn the tanks onto the very people who are forced to pay for the 'royals'' upkeep. How is this democracy?

Frightened: Prince Charles and Camilla show their fear inside the car as it is attacked by the mob
Terrified: Camilla screams in fear as the Rolls-Royce is attacked on its way to the Royal Variety Performance

Evidently, with visions of rising People Power in the Middle East, the British establishment must be terrified that such an awakening might take place against them.
The media, quite naturally, are always ready to report on 'anti-royal extremists', yet I have never once heard the term 'pro-royal extremists'. Evidently someone is only extreme if you don't happen to like their clothes.
People in power never give up power. Look at Assad - if you must; his dingbat wife continuing to smile and wave, wrapped in Fendi, as the people of Syria disappear into dust. It is the same shame that the British utilized whilst claiming ownership of the Malvinas by shooting anyone who stood in their way. How very brave. Imagine if Taiwan claimed the Isle of Wight. Yes, it is that silly.

The Queen is conveniently said to have no political power, yet it would be impossible to imagine her government disagreeing with her if she elected to return the Malvinas to the Argentinian people, and although David Cameron is gung-ho ready to see more British and Argentinian boys die in battle for this odd bit of turf, he cannot see the richer intellect in simply returning the islands to their rightful owners. Yet Cameron is haughtily aghast when people run riot on the streets of Coventry stealing hair-dryers worth ten pounds. Outrage!

What is never considered is how the occupants of the Malvinas (who want to bask in the south seas whilst also having the benefit of the NHS, and who number only about 2,500) are quite satisfied to sit back and watch service personnel die defending their post box. Has such selfishness ever been known? What makes it all worth it?

Thank you to Russell Brand for standing up and speaking out in recent weeks. Like anyone who speaks out in modern Britain, he has been shot down. Nothing must interfere with the depressive psychosis of modern Britain, which has become a most violent and melancholic country, with no space for measured debate.

Like Russell, I believe that the most powerful vote you can give is No Vote; for the days of Prime Ministers have gone, and it's time for a form of change that is far more meaningful than simply switching blue to red.

The print media will only support people who do not matter and who are incapable of instigating thought - David 'rent-a-smile' Beckham; his wife - famous for having nothing to do; the dum dum dummies of the Katie Price set; the overweight Jamie 'Orrible, who tells us all how to eat correctly.
At what point did the dis-United Kingdom become a cabbagehead nation? Where is the rich intellect of debate? Where is our Maya Angelou, our James Baldwin, our Allen Ginsberg, our Anthony Burgess, our political and social reformers?

At what point did the shatterbrained scatterbrains take over - with all leading British politicians suddenly looking like extras from Brideshead Revisited? Although it is clear to assess the Addams Family of SW1X as the utterly useless and embarrassing ambassadors of a sinking England, how can we effect change without being tear-gassed? In the absence of democracy, there is no way.

I write this without outburst; a staunch non-terrorist, quietly, calmly and composedly, as I mourn the loss of the land.
16 November 2013.

Interestingly, the Morrissey statement was posted on TTY approximately three hours after the twitter user '@FadingGoldLeaf' had posted comments about animal welfare issues, which in itself means nothing, but a few of the 'Deluded Dozen' have recently been interacting with FGL, and I too have suspected that it could well be Mo....yes, I know, we are DELUDED!


  1. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." The world won't listen because it's rotten to the core, particularly its power-hungry leaders. Thank God for Morrissey and the brave few who dare to expose and speak the truth. As Rat said, I too wish that Moz had a more regular platform for speaking his mind. The addition of the photos really helps to drive the point home, Rats - well done.

  2. * chants *
    " Bring back MorrisseysWorld "

    Good research Rats in finding the photos to add to Moz's TTY statement.

    Astraea told me that they weren't Morrissey.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Blue stands for Conservatives and red for Labour. Schwarz Rot in Deutschland. xx

  4. "You said more in one day, than most people say in a lifetime"
    The voice of the voiceless. Like a breath of fresh air, it is so refreshing to hear someone speak unreservedly, with heart & soul.

    Great choice of pics Rats, thank you for doing this.

  5. Reading the statement again with all the photos you added gave me chills. So much violence.
    See, I admire Morrissey for writing such things. I would not be able to do that, when I start on animals, I get too angry to even make sense.
    I don't really know what to think about the royals, most of the time I just don't care about them, it's like they don't exist. That could also apply to socialites actually.

    I joined the "Stop Melissa Bachman" page on facebook only 3 days ago. When I joined, there were less than 5,000 people on the page. Today I think there are over 160,000.


    Fifi x

    1. Looking at all of the photos Bachman has posted on her twitter account is unspeakably horrifying and it's alarming to see that she has well over 10,000 followers :(

    2. I can't even look. It makes me both sad and angry.

  6. Yes, unfortunately it will be far to easy for the press to slag Morrissey off rather than facing the issues! :(

  7. LOL LOL LOL!!!

    So I somehow managed to inadvertently make FTM front page news today! I'm definitely not Morrissey though.

    I'm just a flitting magpie. Born with an eye for shiny baubles, an ear for troubles and for the troubled, and a past full of things both interesting and not. Mostly the former, and slightly less of the latter, because time is short and life is a pigsty. The music to the soundtrack of my life is exquisite, the choices impeccable, and I definitely have an ongoing penchant for an Italian here and there, but none of these things make me Moz, and clicking your heels three times won't take you back to Kansas, either.

    I am a chatterbox who sometimes exists in a whisper, and as someone once recently reminded me, I should dine only on ivy. On a good day, I can make people laugh. My eye is easily swayed but luckily my mind and my principles are not, and thank goodness for that, is all I can say.

    I run rings around the circles, but what is life without a bit of fun? I guarded the mischievous glint in my eye over all of these years, because after all, everyone should know what the one single thing is that they would first save in a fire.

    And my only gripe for today is that if my name was going to be posted under a whole stream of photos of the royal family, it should have been in lights.

    I'm off to look for Atlantis again now, and smother myself under books and blankets in front of the fire. Just remember what he sang to you,

    "Existence is only a game..."

    He wasn't lying.

    Deftly yours,


    1. Dear Astrea,
      no matter who you are, because I like you and I ,simply, want to tell you thanks for enlight me about palm oil with your re-tweet. I always tought about palm oil like any other vegetable oil and not dangerous, but you pointed out like a very dangerous thing for the orangos and for all the forest, so that means we must avoid and boycott any kind of food or cosmetis producted with palm oil. Of course there is a large variety of others vegetable oils and now I know what to do. Thank you.

  8. A mention for the IOW: so often a topic in MW chat and on FTM; how delightful.

    The World Won't Listen.

    Something imminent. Something bold. Something beautiful.

    1. Good to "see" you, Broken. Maybe catch you back in chat again soon?

    2. Hey you... that offer, does it still stand.. regards. Manc


    3. So glad that you are around again Broken.
      Can't wait to hear the news.

  9. And now I realise that @FadingGoldLeaf' has followed me on Twitter as well.

    Yes, the addition of the photos of some people and incidents I previously had the privileged of not being aware of as help to bring home the horror.

    Meat is Murder.
    Hunting is Slaughter.

  10. LoL!!! It is not good. Animal's leather is not thing of cloth for human.

    Luxury Hair extensions

  11. Good morning Rat and thank you for posting this beautiful words with pictures. Animals defenders are always underraten and compared to the old ladies who use to give the remains of the dinner to the cats in the street because there is no one else at their table, "le gattare" as we saying in Rome. Protect animals means protect the planet, that's why I'll never end to say thank you to Morrissey for his clever statement. I'm not agree with Morrissey about the non-vote, because, I think, expecially in U.K., could give more power to the monarchy as the Royal status is considered a God's desire and not a people's choice, so if people refuse to vote will be only monarchy. Maybe vote for Morrissey could be the solution!...There is a reference to Brideshead Revisited, I love it, the author was one of the first tourist in Sperlonga, but, I got to say, this novel is also one of the favourite of Rob Baker the author of the blog "AnotherNickel in the machine". Do you remember? Coincidence. I like very much Astrea with her/his tweets and pics and her/his avatar with Gina Lollobrigida in the character of "La bersagliera" is, of course, another coincidence....Have a nice day you all and Viva Morrissey!

    1. I agree with you on the vote thing Romina.
      I see Morrissey's point but let's not forget about the people who fought for democracy and we must voice our opinion or else we are just sheep waiting to be slaughtered, aren't we?
      Fifi x

    2. Yes, exactly what I think! Thank you Fifi.

    3. Romina, I don't wish to sound patronizing, but HOW does an Italian mother of a young girl (who is a very good swimmer) know the things you know? Wh would you even have heard of Bridehead Revisited? How do you know of Rob Baker, the author of a blog about 19th century London? And yes, I DO remember, it is the website where YOU identified Bobby Britt, the homosexual dancer whose picture was posted by Our Mozzer on the MorrisseysWorld blog. I gave up thinking that you were Morrissey a long time ago, as your grasp of the Italian language is SURELY too good for you to be Moz, but then HOW am I, or anybody else to know if Morrissey is fluent in Italian, after all, he lived in Rome for a number of years. Your pigeon Eengleesh is too pigeon, but WHO the bloody hell are you?

    4. Leave the girl alone.. manc

    5. With all due respect, Ratty, but I first heard of Brideshead in the 80s (in Germany) when they broadcast the Granada TV series there...

  12. As I said to Heather yesterday on Twitter " Morrissey's pessoas have pessoas. "


    1. Sorry that should have been Our Mozzer not Morrissey.

  13. One quick question: Does 'Jamie Horrible' or Jamie 'Orrible' epithet commonly used there? I remember Our Mozzer use it in one of the parody piece and now Morrissey on TTY statement.

    1. I believe Morrissey was calling him Jamie 'Orrible before it appeared on MW.

    2. that I don't remember, thank you for answering my question, Heather! xx

  14. A very,eloquent and from the heart statement from Our Mozzer and show cased with some spot on photos by Mr Ratty For me it was a bit of synchronicity as a few years back there was a terrible video going around about the treatment of dogs in China and Moz had made his Chinese statement, during that time my granddaughter and friends had seen both on the internet and let me tell you what they had to say was on the caliber of what Moz said. We had a good conversation over this. Fast forward to last week when (Ratty's photo) Russell Brands picture was in the news, my granddaughter, out of the blue comes up to me and says "I didn't realize Russell Brand was so smart, I just thought of him as a comedian" and we had another good conversation, one that those who follow MW, Ratty and BRS seem to have much of the time and I am glad for it.


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