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Friday, 29 November 2013

Day 807 - Back Home (?) to the Sodium Light Wilderness


It has been reported that The Mozziah is leaving LA, and is heading back to the UK. Before parting, he was obviously in a poetic mood, as he posted the following words on my blog:

Signs fall like red wine into the glass of our minds, hollow and willing. Peachy skin and desolate heart; you yearn for sodium light wilderness of the M62 by dusk. Shambolic and yet more elegant than they could ever be - your eyes pale and clear, the opposite of his white hot furnace eyes, unblinking, electric, empty. Did they cry? Did they even try? Memories of weeping willow swallowed up by fog when we gazed across the pond to the rusty round-a-bout and the red swing. One day I'll walk; one day I'll lie down; one day I'll die.

M (fake Morrissey)


Such beautiful words are of course wasted on a philistine like me, and they deserve a better home than a shitty two-bit blog like this, but I accept them none the less.

So, as Morrissey heads home, if indeed England is his home (he described home as a question mark when I interviewed him in May 2012 - See here:, we await the next chapter in the story of his life; not that his life has chapters, as his book showed, Morrissey's life is one long ramble!


The latest edition of Uncut magazine was published yesterday, with Morrissey on the front cover, and a very detailed account of his year spread across a number of pages inside. Although the article didn't tell us anything we didn't know, it was none the less, an excellent piece, with Jesse Tobias explaining that certain venues were played because they had "special significance." Greenvale, Long Island....The home of the President of the Blue Rose Society.... enough said.

And finally for today, I wrote on my last blog entry about Marcus Markou's comment regarding obsession with numbers, and yesterday, the TTY statement about Autobiography being kept off the No.1 spot by 51 sales, had been changed to 21. An 'in joke'?

26 November 2013
Autobiography by Morrissey is the number 2 best-selling paperback in this week's UK book chart. Morrissey was dislodged from number 1 byPhilomena, the book of the film starring Judi Dench, which out-sold Morrissey's Autobiography by 21 copies.


  1. You're not a philistine Rat! Here... especially for you.

    'Allo, I'm-a Giuseppe, I got-a something special-a for you, ready
    Uno, duo, tre, quatro...
    When I was a boy, just about the eighth-a grade
    Mama used to say don't stay out-a late
    With the bad-a boys, always shoot-a pool
    Giuseppe going to flunk-a school

    Boy, it make-a me sick, all the t'ing I gotta do
    I can't-a get-a no kicks, always got to follow rules
    Boy, it make-a me sick, just to make-a lousy bucks
    Got to feel-a like a fool and-a mama used to say all-a time

    What's-a matter you Hey! Gotta no respect
    What-a you t'ink you do? Why you look-a so sad
    It's-a not so bad, it's-a nice-a place
    Ah, shaddap-a you face...

    1. Marcus i used to hate that song with a passion, everyone used to walk around saying that stupid catchphrase.. regards, Manc

    2. I agree Manc - I hated that song too.

    3. Manc, I'd like to venture that the only real hatred you have is for yourself.

    4. that could well be true young fellow..manc

  2. It is a joy & a privilege to read the poetic words from Our Mozzer.
    A metaphorical hug.

    I am rather fond of your 'shitty two-bit blog' Rats. Don't put yourself down.
    Have a good weekend all of you at BRS .

  3. What a beautiful pictures Rat! "Fake" Morrissey's comment sounds like an " epitaffio" and we all know he's obsessed with Death, beauty, eros, thanatos...all things strictly related to a poet. have a nice day Rat! I'm happy he's coming back in Europe, if he's really coming back....

  4. Welcome back Our Mozzer, so good to have you back in the UK.
    I hope that you don't suffer from jetlag ?

    Ratty I love your blog, whoever you are !

    Love and hugs to all of the BRS xx

  5. I love the pics you chose, Rats. I wish you could have included the photo from 'Uncut' of Moz wearing the blue rose - it's a real beauty and it was great to see it in there. As I said previously, Our Mozzer's latest comment is simply mesmerizing - I hope he continues to treat us to such comments on this 'two-bit blog' :)

  6. In defence of the much maligned Joe Dolce Music Theatre, I would say the success of this song globally was Dolce's ability to tap into the, by then, obsolete but terribly missed, British music hall tradition - which found its revival in wonderful TV shows like 'Morecombe and Wise' and the Italian theatre comedy art form of the Commedia dell Arte. It was the combination of both these elements which was so surprising. The innocent fool archetype - which Dolce recreates for his chart topper - is something many instinctively responded to - and is sadly missing from today's lighter musical entertainment acts.

    Dolce is also an acclaimed poet in his own right. According to Wikepedia:

    "Dolce has achieved further recognition as a serious poet and essayist winning the 25th Launceston Poetry Cup in Tasmania in 2010. He has set over one hundred poems to music, including works by Sappho, Sylvia Plath, Les Murray, Ali Cobby Eckermann and C.P. Cavafy. He wrote Hill of Death from a poem of Louisa Lawson's that won Best Folk Gospel Song at the Australian Gospel Awards. Cocaine Lil, a public domain lyric, formed the basis for an up-tempo blues song - both of these poems-set-to-music appeared on his 2007 album The Wind Cries Mary. Cocaine Lil was also included as a featured track in Australian Guitar Player Magazine for Dolce's extraordinary one-take no overdubbed forty-bar guitar break. He has had thirty-four of his own poems and twenty-three new song-lyrics selected by Queen's Medal for Poetry recipient Les Murray for publication in Quadrant (magazine), including two poems in Best of Quadrant Poetry 2001-2010. Quadrant (magazine) has also published nine of his essays including: Biblical Imagery in the Songwriting of the Creative Infidels: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Paul Kelly (Jan-Feb 2012), Hey Mr Cowbell Man: Sir Christopher Ricks' Dylan's Visions of Sin (Mar 2012), Anti the Anti (June 2012),Who Is This White Fella Fella? (Oct 2012), In the Op Shop With Percy Grainger (Nov 2012),Father Scapegoat (Jan-Feb 2013), Pen Pencil or Keyboard (March 2013) and Elysium in Paraguay (July-Aug 2013)."

    I found this poem on the internet (first two versus):

    Bogong Moth

    A Bogong moth
    darts out of darkness
    to seize fire -
    it’s burned away its tarsi,
    yet continues to swoop,
    kiss, careen, sizzle,
    fluttering and candle-banging
    like fawn-crazed Nijinski.

    I look up from my book
    accepting the immortal,
    fatal dance
    of life and light,
    like Icarus’s father
    resigned to watch
    his flying boy
    hurl against brilliance.

  7. Before you accuse me, I am not Joe Dolce in disguise! It would be entirely natural of you to think so, as the Italian Comedia tradition uses the idea of 'Masks' to convey serious messages through comedy and mishap.

    I've had an advert on Gumtree for about 3 years, as I am looking for his single "You Toucha My Car I Breaka You Face" (from June 1982).

    I got very close last year when a Mrs J. Robotham of Bridlington replied to say she did have this single in her possession but due to her Lombago she was unable to reach the post office in Bridlington to post the desired seven inch single to me. Would it be possible for me to collect? How could I resist?

    However, I was extremely disappointed to find, after purchasing a second class return to Bridlington, in March 2012, to find that Mrs J Robotham didn't exist at all, but was in fact a prankster using the same Comedia mask comedy art form (discussed in this blog entry) to fool me into a wasted trip.

    However, I may have had the last laugh. On the return trip I revealed the nature of my business to a fellow passenger - who turned out to be the assistant to the deputy commissioning editor for Factual TV at the BBC. I mentioned my film Papadopoulos & Sons was about to open in just a handful of cinemas the following week. He said he would check it out and would recommend the film to some of his colleagues. I can't prove that this was the vital link that led to the purchase of Papa & Sons by the BBC but in my bones I couldn't help but feel that 'Mrs J Robotham Incident' (as we refer to it at home now) was part of some grander design, a hidden hand, that aided me in my efforts to get Papa & Sons to a wider audience one day.

    1. oh dearest Marcus, you appear to have quite a lot of time on your hands just lately..regards, manc

    2. I do - for the first time in three years (which is how much Papa took up of my life). I was saying this to my wife last night... this is the first time in three years I'm not planning something for the film. It's been so intense for three years. And yet shooting the film was just 24 days in that whole time. Crazy. For the first time, I really do have time on my hands and I'm spending it here??

    3. Great story Marcus, I suspect you have many more up your voluminous sleeves

    4. Mrs J Robotham could become my Moriarty in a series of mundane and pointless tales... I like it!

    5. We'll excuse the Quadrant publications for the poetry alone.

  8. Can I ask where you read or heard that Morrissey is moving back to the UK, please?

    Just as I am about to move back to The Manc City myself, after too many years under slightly clearer skies...

    Too many years apart, yet still in my heart
    Abandoned too often, never forgotten
    Open your arms and forgive
    Your Northern ire is furtive
    A quiet walk in the park, a sky much too dark
    Mancunia of my heart
    There is no joy when we're apart


    1. I don't think Rat meant that Moz is moving back to Manc but he obviously visits his mother when back in the UK.

    2. I read the post too quickly. All the answers are in Fake Morrissey's comment. I should've seen.

  9. dear all. mam has had a bad year, what is a boy to do with Christmas round the corner, well I guess you buy her something nice..regards

    1. I've had a bad year, too. I doubt he'll buy me a present...

  10. yea lovely words by Our Mozzer, I'm glad he back in the UK but not for long...Cant wait to see him & the boyz at the N.P.P.C! And once you're done, comeback to the U.S once again!
    Thanks again Ratty always lovin the blog! & Happy holidays to all BRS!

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