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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Day 811 - Pop Music


On Saturday December 8th 1979, a thirteen year old me caught the bus from my village into town, and headed straight to the record department in F.W. Woolworth. I cannot remember exactly how many 7" singles I bought that day, it was probably two or three, but one that I DEFINITELY bought was Complex by Gary Numan. The reason I know I bought this particular record is because when I got home, I played it over and over and over again, driving my family to distraction.


That Saturday in December 1979 was NOT the first, and certainly not the last time that I had bought a pop record and played it non stop, but it just happened to be the first instance that came to mind this morning, as I hit the re-play button on my ipod for the umpteenth time, to play the song Satellite of Love, the new single released by Morrissey yesterday as a digital download.

"The joy of music is that it allows one to dream, which in turn allows one to find that grain of hope. Hope is not a moral; it is a life-force. A good song is as abstract as a dream or nightmare, tethered to reality by frayed threads, liable to snap at any given moment. The song drags one out of bed, it pushes one back into bed and it fills the short period in between. The song - to the true lover of music - is birth, death, and that other part we bravely call 'life.' - Extract from 'An Essay On The Beginnings of a New Man' - First produced on on Sunday 21 August 2011. Writer 'Unknown' (Posted as 'Morrissey').

Pop music is still EVERYTHING.


  1. Good morning Rat! I daily read your blog and I love your post, of course, I read it yesterday to, but I was shocked to see how much you're close to our Morrissey and how much you both are over weight... Please adopt a proper diet regime which means do not eat at all and try to find some old DVD of Jane Fonda with aerobic exercises...First time I expressed a desire of a disc I was very little, just moved from Turin to Rome, always ill and forced to go to nursery with spanish nuns, so, my mum used to buy me almost everything I asked for, not horses or dogs or cats, but discs, a lot of discs, Gianni Morandi, Rita Pavone, Patty Pravo, Mina, but, at time, my favourite was Raffaella CarrĂ :" Maga Maghella, Maga Maghella..." Time passed and my little disc shop is Always there, very very little by now and with a lot of mobiles and just a few discs, but it is always my little corner of paradise. Yes, pop music is everything and Satellite of love is a masterpiece! P.S. from page 307 of The BO_Ok "Don't worry Moz, we're gonna win this. He has'nt got a leg to stand on" Minutes later Johonny is leaning in to a seated Joyce, and they are both in unified grin. This words are stones, but are true, who is Johnny? For years and years people bithcing about Morrissey's sexual orientation, saying he was in love with Marr and a lot of silliness and no one who tried to discover the mystery of Marr's behaviour. Was he simply shy and scared? I don't know, by now I prefer to listen to his music, he's a great guitarist. Have a nice day Ratty!

    1. Lol, I am not sure Our Mozzer will appreciate you calling him overweight!

    2. Sorry Sabine, but naughty Rat posted the hursh truth of the camera eye....:-)! P.S. my massive apologize to OUR MOZZER!

  2. The first disc purchased with my own money was Big Science by Laurie Anderson - like Complex, a bit synthy - and, of course, Laurie Anderson was married to Lou Reed.

    PS: I'm always fascinated when Guitars explains things in reference to "someone" - as in "someone thought" or "someone wanted" or "someone said".

  3. It's a lovely cover. Transformer was one of those albums I had on a loop as a teen.

  4. I am old enough to remember a record shop that had small booths where you listened to tracks through headphones.
    This was an exciting experience !
    Early purchases were My Boy Lollipop by Millie which my sister loved and She Loves You by The Beatles which was my choice.
    Happy times !

  5. I bought my first LP in ca. 1978 when I was 8 years old. It was Abba and I got it from Aldi of all places!

    By the way, ratty, you are looking rather well developed for a 13-year-old in that picture...

  6. First I have to thank Mr Ratty for the picture of the overweight men he posted yesterday it really came in handy. On Facebook friends were posting pictures for Man Candy Monday and I got to summit Ratty's picture I'll have to say they were all impressed with it although a few have questioned me about what types of sites I follow on the internet. As for the first disc I bought myself I don't remember,but I do remember, after digging through the record bins at a local discount store I found a copy of 'Abbey Road" LP for 98 cents.. I grabbed it up. It was relatively new at the time and usually priced 5-6 times higher. I don't know where it is. but I suspect my brother has it seeing he was envious of me scouring it at that price.

  7. Perfect addition from the Essay, Rats - that excerpt says so much. I meant to leave comment yesterday but never found the time. Your post took me back to some of my fondest teen memories, when going to the record store was a regular ritual and an event to be savored, which I believe deepened my appreciation of the records themselves. I think it's hard to derive the same level of satisfaction from an instant download, without a trip to a beloved shop and a record that you can admire with your eyes and hold in your hand. This reminded me of another MW essay, the Essay on Loneliness, which says of today's technological age: "Everything is at your fingertips, flat and grimly satisfying." I wish that today's kids could experience the satisfaction of record store excursions and the full engagement of the senses that only physical records bring.

    I was also reminded of the Essay on Loneliness yesterday while listening to Satellite of Love. Moz's lyric change, "I cannot stand the TV", echoes the essay's disdain for TV. In the Las Vegas YouTube footage, Moz appears to make gestures of throwing a TV away - very funny! Like you Rats, I've been listening to Satellite repeatedly - it's one of my favorite covers.

    Lastly, I'd like to thank Moz for giving me that grain of hope during my teen years and beyond through the magical medium of records - without him, I would have been hopeless.

  8. Do you really look like Diego Maradona?


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