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Monday, 16 December 2013

Day 824 - Surrealism

Today, I was going to write the next part of my pantomime, but it would take a lot of hard work, and to be honest, for a readership of just twelve people, I can't be bothered! All twelve of my readers know the story anyway, so they can make up the rest of the pantomime in their heads, which will be far more exciting anyway.

I have decided that whilst everything has gone quiet on the Morrissey front, I am going to put this blog thing of mine to bed. It has taken over my life for the past two years, and although I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey, I find that it is like living another life, which leads me nicely onto this:

I would like to share with my twelve readers a theory about MorrisseysWorld. It is not my theory, but that of one of the more intellectual members of the Deluded Dozen:

"I happened to read that November Spawned a Monster was inspired by Les Chants de Maldoror, a poetic novel that inspired the surrealist movement. 'Sleep on and dream of love' supposedly comes from the passage which concludes with, 'sleep on, hermaphrodite, awaken not, I implore you.' The importance of this work to surrealism made me think of David Lynch, who's considered a surrealist filmmaker, and thus the Twin Peaks/MorrisseysWorld connection. Lynch often talks about the blurring of lines between fake and real, a central characteristic of surrealism.

Another link to Morrissey, MorrisseysWorld and surrealism is the fascinating film by Orson Welles called 'F for Fake', where Welles completely toys with the viewer, making it unclear what is real and fake. 'I started at the top and worked my way down' from 'Now I Am a Was' comes from the Welles film, so Moz is apparently familiar with it.

A literary movement associated with surrealism is the Theatre of the Absurd, which includes Samuel Beckett, whom Moz has been compared to. This literary style is obviously characterized by absurdity and often uses nonsense speech because surrealism values the subconscious/dreamworld and irrationality. If Kate Ryan is one of Morrissey's characters, she would be the nonsense/irrational representation of the subconscious to play with our notion of reality. If you notice, she often tweets about reality and truth."

One of the Deluded Dozen
December 2013

If the author of the above wishes to put their name to it in the comments section below, then please do so. The theory seems a perfectly logical one to me. I have to admit that I'd never heard of the Theatre of the Absurd, but then again, why would I have, I don't read! Oh, my poor education. For anybody interested, I googled the Theatre of the Absurd (which to me sounds like a Monty Python sketch):

The Theatre of the Absurd (FrenchThéâtre de l'Absurde) is a designation for particular plays of absurdist fiction written by a number of primarily European playwrights in the late 1950s, as well as one for the style of theatre which has evolved from their work. Their work expressed the belief that human existence has no meaning or purpose and therefore all communication breaks down. Logical construction and argument gives way to irrational and illogical speech and to its ultimate conclusion, silence.[1]

Critic Martin Esslin coined the term in his 1960 essay "Theatre of the Absurd." He related these plays based on a broad theme of the Absurd, similar to the way Albert Camus uses the term in his 1942 essay, "The Myth of Sisyphus".[2] The Absurd in these plays takes the form of man’s reaction to a world apparently without meaning, and/or man as a puppet controlled or menaced by invisible outside forces. Though the term is applied to a wide range of plays, some characteristics coincide in many of the plays: broad comedy, often similar to Vaudeville, mixed with horrific or tragic images; characters caught in hopeless situations forced to do repetitive or meaningless actions; dialogue full of clichés, wordplay, and nonsense; plots that are cyclical or absurdly expansive; either a parody or dismissal of realism and the concept of the "well-made play".
Playwrights commonly associated with the Theatre of the Absurd include Samuel BeckettEugène IonescoJean GenetHarold PinterTom StoppardFriedrich Dürrenmatt,Alejandro JodorowskyFernando ArrabalVáclav Havel and Edward Albee.

And finally, Morrissey was photographed in London's Claridge Hotel on Saturday with a group of lads from the isle of Wight. Noel Gallagher was spotted in Claridge's too. Perhaps it was a Freemason meeting!

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  1. I would put money on GWO being the source of the surrealist info, but she's not likely to post as anon. Fascinating connections though. Coincidentally i have come across Orson Welles a couple of times over the weekend in unconnected searches. His short 22 minute film Glennascaul is a classic, a ghost story set in Dublin, and is on Youtube.

    Don't disappear completely Ratty, you have been a mainstay of the last two-plus years, and particularly if there is any prospect of a leisure centre or village hall tour.

  2. Interesting food for thought.
    Hope you won't be away for too long Rats, enjoy the break.

  3. What? You tease us with part one and then refuse to give us more? Maybe you have been hanging out with Our Mozzer for too long...

    As to the above theory, isn't that just an extension of the brilliant essay that Heathercat wrote and which was published on the MW blog?

    1. Exactly right, Sabine - I do consider it an extension of my essay since it's my theory. For the record, I didn't post it anonymously, as JG assumed; I discussed it privately with Ratty, who surprised me by posting it here. Good thing I like surprises :)

  4. It is a shame about the panto but never mind " it's behind you ! "

    I found the above theory very plausible, but the only person who really knows
    the truth is obviously Morrissey.

    Enjoy your break from the blog and I hope that you have reason to return
    again soon Ratty. And thank you for all the work involved.

  5. Interesting. I do wonder how different MorrisseysWorld would have been had we not voted for Log Lady. There would have been no Twin Peaks. What a difference Alan Partridge would have made to MorrisseysWorld.

  6. Since you have been running this pathetic site, you have gone back and rehashed the reasons why you claim Morrissey is behind the other pathetic site on countless occasions.

    Since everyone knows you are full of bollocks, why don't you go back and count how many times you have claimed to be done with this blog? You will see the same pattern--a bunch of garbage.

    If you truly mean it, then do it. The world is lacking people of their word.

    1. And yet you read this blog, comment on it and I am sure you do often.
      Who's pathetic now?
      Get a life, loser!

    2. yes and these people are jerks as well.

  7. Jean Genet was a prominent and controversial French novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, and political activist.
    He directed the movie "Un chant d'amour" (A song of love) in 1950.
    Because of its explicit (though artistically presented) homosexual content, the 26-minute movie was long banned and even disowned by Genet later in his life.
    Un chant d'amour was quoted by Morrissey as being one of his favourite movies.
    And yes, Genet wrote "theatre de l'absurde" plays and is part of the movement.
    Saying Morrissey and "Absurde" are linked is an understatement.
    You could also read this. It compares Genet and Morrissey in Jean-Paul Sartre's paean "Saint Genet". An interesting read.
    There would be a lot to say about this and I will leave it to that.
    If you want to find out more, you should wander to some obscure Parisian theatres on some cold nights. Absurde plays are not the most sought after plays these days, but you might meet a gentle soul who will convince you that life is better lived absurdly.
    When I lose this concept, I know where to find him and he knows where to find me.
    Good luck with whatever is next on the cards for you, Rat. Sail on, we will be waiting on the docks for your return.
    "Oh the big ship sailed on the alley alley oh..." you know the song...

    On your way to your new absurd world, drop your anchor at the Isle, make your way to Robin Hill. Johnny Marr will be there, I will be there and maybe good old friends will be there too. Who knows. I sure don't, I am only deluded.

    Fifi xx

    1. Fascinating - thanks for sharing your insight, Fifi. Interesting coincidence that one of Genet's novels is entitled 'The Miracle of the Rose'.

  8. You won't be able to resist, my rodent friend - not now I've given you more free publicity on my widely-read and semi-widely respected mesmerizing Blog thing. You'll be back tomorrow before the sun sets. And I shall smile and flip a coin.

    Our Mozzer

    1. Many thanks, Our Mozzer - life is so much more satisfying when you and Rats are both around.

    2. Our Mozzer and Ratty always brighten my day.
      Thank you :-)

  9. Thank you Rat, your post is very interesting! It's truly positive give attention to Morrissey's lyrics using classic literature gems, but sadly I think the men himself will not apreciate. I think he desires only having the same old gossip around him he's still playing like an half naked woman on a calendar who moaning:"Oh people think about me just like a sexual object..." And God only knows how much he hates women. An italian journalist wrote it better than me comparing Morrissey to our beloved Nanni Moretti playing in his second movie saying his most famous punch:" They will notice me more if I don't go to the party or if I go and stay all alone in a corner without saying a word?" In these days I can't imagine nothing more boring than Morrissey, sorry!


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