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Friday, 20 December 2013

Day 828 - The Story of The Mind

When I first discovered the MorrisseysWorld blog, 828 days ago, I started writing this little blog of mine, as my own personal diary. It wasn't aimed at an audience, and in fact, there was no audience, it was just me and my excitement. I woke up one morning to find that the MorrisseysWorld blog had written an article about 'Following The Mozziah', and from that moment on, I DID have an audience, and the audience grew. At one stage, my blog was receiving around 500 hits a day, and many people would leave comment, as the mystery of MorrisseysWorld gripped.

As time passed, my audience dropped away, mainly because the MorrisseysWorld twitter account (which had built up 8,500 followers) closed down, as did the MW blog. Despite MorrisseysWorld disappearing, a dozen or so hardy souls stuck with me as we attempted to keep the MW flame burning.

Periodically, the MorrisseysWorld blog would reappear, and then disappear again. The hardy few, who became known as the 'Deluded Dozen', continued to 'stick in there', and a few more stragglers were picked up along the way as the idea of a Blue Rose Society took hold. When the concerts stopped, interest dwindled in both MorrisseysWorld and my blog, and my audience virtually disappeared.

The ironic thing is, MorrisseysWorld is now BACK, and the story being told is more fascinating than ever. So much is happening that I hardly know where to start today's blog entry, but I am no longer writing for an audience, I am back to writing for myself, and for history; for I do actually believe that what Morrissey is currently sharing with the half a dozen of us who have continued to follow this story on a daily basis, is just as important as the contents of his Autobiography. Autobiography is the story of the flesh, MorrisseysWorld is the story of the mind. I like that....

"Autobiography is the story of Morrissey's flesh, MorrisseysWorld is the story of his mind." - The Rat Dec 2013.


So, shall I start where I left off yesterday, with the story of Jean Cocteau, or shall I write about the latest MorrisseysWorld offerings? Let me start with four quotes, the first being an Oscar Wilde quote that Our Mozzer has posted on the latest MW article, which incidentally is entitled, "Life is not a destination", the second and third come from Astraea aka '@FadingGoldLeaf'(FGL) on twitter yesterday, and the fourth is from the MW blog three days ago. I should add that Astraea IS, in my deluded opinion, Morrissey.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde

"Alienation from one's self. The search for the authentic self. Changing personae. Loneliness. Aesthetic of excess. Aesthetic of denial." - FGL/Morrissey(?)

"The line between reality, one's art, and the Self. Is it invisible? No. There is none. They are all one and the same." - FGL/Morrissey(?)

"When Blue Rose is finally revealed, you will not believe your eyes. It might even change your life." - Our Mozzer

I suppose I should pick up from where I left off yesterday, with Jean Cocteau. I must confess that until two days ago, I knew nothing about Cocteau, and only knew of his name because of Morrissey. I wrote two days ago about a theory I had, that the song Jeane had been written by Morrissey about Jean Genet, and from there, a much bigger picture has been revealed. First of all, a link was posted on my blog by 'Thoth', of Cocteau's 'Crucifixion' mural in the Church of Notre Dame de France in Leicester Place (just off Leicester Square) London....

Jean Cocteau mural - Notre Dame de France church, London by TheAltruist.

.... and then THIS was posted on my blog yesterday morning:

I love this mural. This stunning piece sits in the very heart of London. Yet no one even knows it's there. Thousands of people walk right past it, every single day. A few who knew it was there, have forgotten in the decades since it was first created. And so many others, seem to never have been aware of its existence at all. So this beautiful piece, created with Cocteau's lightest touch, remains hidden to most despite the fact that it is out in the open, and in the beating heart of the city centre. In Soho.

When you walk into the church, you walk into an oasis of silence, serenity, and light. The panels represent the Annunciation, the Crucifixion, and the Assumption.

It is said that as he worked, Cocteau would speak to his characters as he created them. But the mural is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and others recollect that as he came in to work each day, he spoke only to her.

They say Cocteau would arrive every morning, light a candle, and whisper to the Virgin Mary, “O you, most beautiful of women, loveliest of God’s creatures, you were the best loved. So I want you to be my best piece of work too … I am drawing you with light strokes ... You are the yet unfinished work of Grace”.

The mural is referenced in a couple of different books about hidden locations for solitude and reflection. And it is said that Cocteau even commented himself that time seemed to stand still around him here.

Leaving the church once the mural was completed, he was sad and said 'I am sorry to go, it is as if the wall of the chapel had drawn me into another world.’

Cocteau was a deeply complicated man. A complex artist. A tortured soul. Impeded only by what came from within, he was full of life, and life was full. But this life was conflicted, - as he also was - at different stages and during different periods. There was the contradiction and clash of his open bisexuality, juxtaposed against his deep-rooted Catholicism, there was his innate genius, there was his absolutely crippling drug addiction throughout, and then there was the fire from within to create ever more... to express more, to be more…

Themes of deeply conflicting wants and desires, a man's inner suffering, repeating life-long struggles,.. these things all eventually find their way back into any artist's oeuvre, and can often remain a common and pervading thread throughout an individual’s entire artistic canon.

It widely held that Cocteau hid Masonic symbols or messages in his murals. Of note to you all on this blog, is perhaps the fact that Christ is not shown at all in this piece – only his legs and feet are shown, as they weep blood on to a delicate blue rose.

Equally interesting, is the fact that this Church’s very own mission has always been to remain absolutely as anonymous and as unknown as possible.

Of Cocteau’s work on the whole, the most important themes we see repeated are reflection, duality, the desire and need to profoundly understand and know one’s self, and - ANIMALISM.

In France, in the church where Cocteau is buried near his hometown, he also painted the murals on the walls. Indeed he did so in anticipation of his own death, and for his subsequent burial there. So I leave you with the words he chose for his own epitaph, inscribed across a marble slab on the floor of the chapel where he now lies forevermore,

Je reste avec vous


The similarities between Cocteau and Morrissey are INCREDIBLE, and apart from the drug addiction, Astraea could actually be describing Morrissey, in fact, if the lyrics of 'Something is Squeezing my Skull' are to be taken literally, then we have the drugs as well!

 For Morrissey fans to truly understand Morrissey's link to Cocteau, this piece by Tracy R. Twyman should be read: Twyman's piece will also help the 'Deluded Dozen' understand why Our Mozzer is interested so much in freemasonary, with the piece about the 'Rosicrucians' (who Wilde was also associated with) being particularly interesting. It is all SO intriguing, and this blog of mine just cannot give justice to the whole phenomenal story.

Two HUGELY intriguing things that Astraea DOESN'T mention above, are: 1) Cocteau's mural was painted in 1959, the year of Morrissey's birth, and 2) Cocteau painted a mysterious letter 'M' on the altar. Now I have NO religious beliefs, I don't believe in phrophets, and I'm not a spiritual person, BUT, Cocteau's Crucifixion has a quite UNBELIEVABLE connection to Morrissey. Of course, most people presume that the 'M' is for 'Mary', but other things ALSO link to Morrissey, including the number '58', which was of course the year Morrissey was conceived. This section from Twyman's piece is interesting:

"(the) letter “M” is mysteriously placed on the altar, directly beneath the scene of the crucifixion. To the left are depicted the dice thrown by the Roman soldiers, who according to the Gospels, cast lots to determine who should get Christ’s clothing after he died. The number of dots that are shown on the dice is fifty-eight, a significant number. The skull of Baphomet, which the Templars and later the Priory of Sion are said to have possessed, was referred to cryptically as “Caput 58M.” 5+8 = 13, and “M” is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. 
The same statement is being made in Cocteau’s mural at Notre Dame. This statement is further reinforced by the fact that the “M” on the altar is directly below a rose that Cocteau has placed on the cross, precisely beneath Christ’s feet. Not only does that make it a “rose cross”, but the rose is above the initial “M”."

Is that the word 'Rice' written on the foot of the unseen Messiah? Why 'rice'? Was Coctaeu hearing a word in his head? Mor 'rice' ey? I think I'd better stop writing before the delusion goes any further, and anyway, this is out of my comfort zone, as I've said, I don't believe in such things, but one last interesting point, Cocteau signs his piece with three D's... well, it happens a lot 'round here.

Signature of Jean Cocteau. by TheAltruist.

Right, back to MorrisseysWorld. Two new articles have appeared in the last two days, the most recent being the 'Life is not a destination' piece, in which Our Mozzer has posted a number of pieces of art (including the depiction of hell, which I posted at the top of this page) and a few quotes. The MW site itself has also had a 're-fit', and includes some new pictures, including these:






The other MW article is a hilarious parody piece entitled, "Morrissey lifts the red curtain", which begins with Morrissey taking afternoon tea with Jonathan Ross and Boz Boorer in "an elegant cafe", before heading into a circle of sycamore trees via a lavatory and fire escape. The red curtain enters the story right at the end, but has yet to be lifted (is this a euphemism?) and the story is set to continue!

In other news, following on from my blog entry of the other day, regarding my Jean Genet theory, and the piece about the Blue Rose art by Shizu Salamando, I received these three comments from 'Fifi' (who I also believe to be Morrissey):

"I remember asking Johnny once who ['Jeane'] was about. He replied, 'Morrissey's mum probably!'"

- Sandie Shaw

Ah the Jean Cocteau / Marais / Genet triangle! You are getting warmer my dear friend.
I appreciate you thanking me for the video. I hope you liked it.
Shizu met the man and is indeed a big fan. That is not the only Morrissey-inspired art on her portfolio actually.
If you wish to see more, I can show.

"The big ship sails on the last day of September... la la la la la"
Fifi xx

This was followed up by this:

I just don't know how to post photos (not links, actual photos on here), computers are not my thing. I am as clueless about them as Sandy is about the Jeane song! Actually, in that case, Johnny was clueless about it. Or maybe he just knows how to keep secrets.

I can elaborate more about the famous triangle and I will try and do that soon but right now I must go, I must attend a very boring dinner. Hopefully the wine will be good!

Shizu met Him quite a few years ago. In 1998 to be more precise. I have a photo of them both in my archive somewhere.



And finally this:

Day 825 A few words about Jean Genet and the "Théâtre de l'Absurde"
Day 826 Astraea shares truly interesting facts about Jean Cocteau
I predict Jean Marais will be visiting on day 827...
And the triangle will be complete. Unless it is not triangle, but a full circle involving far more than the 3 Jean.

So much beauty and poetry in just one place. This blog is more than what it appears to be.

Don't forget. Life imitates Art.

"Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life"

Fifi xx

There are many interesting things to take from Fifi's comments, including that Moz met Shizu in 1998, and that there is a photo of them together. Perhaps Fifi could post a link to it?

My blog also had a visit from Our Mozzer yesterday, and it would seem that he is slightly perturbed that my semi-mesmerizing blog is getting more attention than his:

Morrissey19 December 2013 12:43

At his vegetarian curry house of choice, Our Mozzer was heard to state between mouthfuls of cauliflower and aubergine tandoori:

"The s**ding thing has more comments than mine. And worse - the intellectual crowd seeming to be spending their time over at the other place these days; the breakup of the Smiths, 9/11, the Iraq war, Alain and Gary showing up late with no apology to a video shoot, finding out Jobriath was already dead when booking Meltdown 2004, the seven years in the wilderness, Weeksy's verdict, Camden Roundhouse-gate, being voted Boy George's favourite tweeter, the death of Larry Grayson: I won't lie - this is right up there, old son. Truly crippling. It's like I hardly even exist. Waiter!... Waiter...! More mango chutney please!"

I should remind Our Mozzer that if he hadn't publicized my blog all those months ago, I would still be here, just typing away to myself... about him!

And now, as it is Christmas, and as I have a family, this blog will not be updated for a while, but if ANYBODY is still reading it, I would love to hear from you, even if you just say hello, and just acknowledge that you are still 'Following The Mozziah' with me.

Did Cocteau see the coming of The Mozziah, and is this what BLUE ROSE is all about?

*Goes off singing* And if you think peace is a common goal, that goes to show how little you know.



  1. Yep, I'm still here as you know. Thanks for doing some of that research. There are so many things to read up on but finding the time is difficult. I got as far as reading the Wiki entry about Jean Cocteau. I like his epitaph (the one Astraea signed off with) "Je reste avec vous" meaning "I stay with you" which hopefully means Our Mozzer will stay around and educate us a bit longer.

    There is so much to the MorrisseysWorld/Following the Mozziah story which makes it really exciting but also hard for any outsiders to get a hang of if they haven't been there from the start (even though everyone is welcome and the story should be picked up by a lot more people!). Anyway - the pleasure, the privilege is mine to be part of this and long shall it continue!

    Have a good Christmas, Ratty! Maybe have a few drinks in the Twit Arms?

  2. Ooh guess we're we are this weekend..sadly no camera allowed.. Manc

    1. Enjoy your weekend Manc, I am sure you will.
      Reunions are usually great fun !

    2. yeah meeting up with some friends from the big one you know

  3. Hey Rats,
    Still enjoying your wonderful and fascinating blog. Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season to you and yours and to all the BRS!

  4. The recent postings on the MW blog have been fascinating.
    I love the artwork on the most recent update.
    This blog today is also very intriguing.
    You deserve a break from blogging Rats, so enjoy your family Christmas.
    Yes, we are still here and most of us are still deluded.
    I wish I could be in Cheshire over the weekend, but sadly that is not possible.

  5. Hello from the Emerald Isle me old Ratty, still here and fascinated by the emerging connections and coincidences.

  6. The 'M' under the rose on the crucifixion mural is certainly an interesting coincidence, especially since the article Rat mentioned says that "Cocteau repeatedly insinuated that his poetry and artwork came to him from somewhere else: either a divine entity or a secret organization posing as a divine entity."

    For those who might be interested, another article to read about the mural is 'On Jean Cocteau's Crucifixion' in International Times. Merry Xmoz and happy birthday to Ratty and happy holidays to the BRS! Hope to see you all on the MW blog and in the Arms.

  7. Rice? Are you bonkers!! I do see what you mean, but those are just toes.

  8. Dear Blog Master, thank you for making my comments such an important part of your posts nowadays.
    It makes me feel I still exist, even if it is only somewhere in the virtual world.

    I did promise more information on the latest topics but this time of year is not the most ideal to spend time on a computer. I am always surprised when my family members express the need to spend time with me but their wish shall be granted.

    I will share some thoughts with you, if you are not too bored with me, when I have some spare time to do so. There is so much to say, so much to show! But how much can be said, how much can be shown? That, I am not sure.

    There is an explanation for the M on the Cocteau mural in Soho. The same M can be found on many of his art pieces, in different forms.

    One last thing before I go. As it is very much an Art-related blog entry, please let me share with you one of my favourite Cocteau pieces, called Tapestry for Judith and Holopherne.
    The naked blue man in the background always looked very familiar to me. Maybe I met him in another life.

    I will be back soon, je suis toujours là. Je l'ai toujours été.
    Fifi xx

    1. WOW, and I do mean WOW! Has Moz ever discussed or mentioned in any interviews the Cocteau picture of him?

      I presume this has been discussed before, I mean, it must have?

      Bermondsey Billy

      Ps Great arse in the picture!

    2. Au revoir Fifi and enjoy spending the festive season with your family. xx

    3. That's quite an incredible tapestry! We look forward to hearing more from you Fifi when you have the time. Joyeux Noel!

    4. Thank you everyone for the kind words!

      I have been thinking about all the interesting Cocteau / Genet / Marais stories and I feel lucky that my internet browsing brought me here. There aren't many places I can talk about the things I feel passionate about without the uncomfortable feeling people find those stories boring.

      I look forward to sharing thoughts with you all.

      Bermondsey Billy, I believe the Cocteau connection has never been talked about before but I could be wrong.
      As for the blue man on the tapestry, although you are not wrong about the resemblance you mentioned, I was actually thinking about someone else. One more guess?

      Take care of you, dear friends.

  9. As for me, well,... the first strange thing could be that I exist nowhere but here at all. On the other hand, however...

    While it could be said that we both used to be quite fond of a bit of gold lamé, I think I definitely look infinitely better than him in a dress.

    1. I would love to see a photo of you wearing a gold lame dress !
      You are always fun to be around Astraea, happy Christmas. xx

  10. After Introducing the band in Buenos Aires (2004)...Moz finally said... "and My name is Jean Cocteau" Surely you've already knew this, but good to mention in case you didn't
    Feeds: ... and my own ears ;)

  11. I have been without internet since Monday and I when I came on today I found I had missed so much. I still have to read much of what has been posted. I found the Jean Cocteau connection intriguing and will have to research more but I may not get around to it until after Christmas so for now I wish you a Happy Birthday Mr Ratty and Merry Christmas to all esp #BRS

  12. The new additions to both blogs deepen & enrich the story of Blue Rose. Thank you to everyone who has contributed & added to the intrigue.

  13. some horrible person stole my coat last night out of the orange tree pub.. not happy this morning, as a trip to buy a replacement around this time of year is going to be hell

    1. Sorry to hear that Manc, as far as the thief is concerned,
      what goes around, comes around.

  14. What's important is not the stretches that Ratty makes, but what M may have made: Ratty's just trying to follow the path and the past. If Morrissey has read himself into Cocteau's work and believes some metaphysical connection with Cocteau, that's the truly intriguing thing for a reductionist materialist like me to try and understand. We know Morrissey believes in ghosts and such. It's fascinating to see what else his highly creative and self-educated mind might connect and accept. There is more to him than any of us mere downtrodden plebs might dare to speculate or understand.

    I don't understand the references, but the fact that there is symbolism on the Years of Refusal cover makes more sense now - and all the heraldry on Ringleader etc

    1. A further thought. It may not be what Morrissey or NOTMorrissey believes, but what he is willing to consider and play with. It's a playful game. "Existence is only a game."

  15. I appreciate for this research you have done and shared some interesting facts on the regarding topic.It is a great step towards become a modern famous artists. Nice art work. Keep it up.

  16. Of course I'm still here, where else can I be?

  17. Coincidentally, my first name start with an M and I was born on the 13th.
    The delusion continues...

  18. Hello Rat,
    I hope you don't mind me popping into the hotel California (again!)
    Very interesting - you and MW have opened up the world of jean cockteau for me for which I thank you both. I was in that Notre Dame church in Soho a few times (as recently as September) as I am drawn to all things shameful and catholic and stigmata-related on account of my damaged Manc-Irish childhood. But I never knew about the murial. I'll check it out next time I'm going to waste in Soho.
    Love Mirez. Xxxx
    Ps. It definitely says 'rice' on that nailed foot. The word 'cake' is tattooed on the other foot out of view.
    *goes off singing* mirrors on the ceiling pink champagne on ice ...

  19. Dear Rat, of course I feel the need to say you Hello and msybe something more! You are doing a great work and I don't know if Morrissey deserves such a total devotion, but anyway perfect post! Very sorry for Manc's coat. Today I'm home alone and bedridden, flu has a great come back and I'm doing my best for a speedy recovery, anyway Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to the best Rat! See you soon!

  20. after reading this I now understand your tweet from earlier....
    How intriguing.


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