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Monday, 23 December 2013

Day 831 - The Sun Shines Out of Cocteau

All my good intentions to have a rest from blogging over the Christmas period seem to have gone out of the window. How can I ignore the fact that somebody is leaving me exclusive insights into the designs of the Smiths record covers, and what is more, the MorrisseysWorld blog is churning out some of it's best material ever... somebody is in a very productive place!

I will move on to the MorrisseysWorld pieces in a minute, but first things first, I finished my blog entry of yesterday trying to find out just who it was, that the mysterious 'Fifi' believed was the 'Quiffed Blue Man' in Jean Cocteau's Tapestry For Judith and Holopherne.


I had guessed that it was either Morrissey, Jean Marais, or Johnny Marr, but after posting my blog entry yesterday afternoon, I received this comment from Fifi:

Anonymous22 December 2013 19:03
The man in Cocteau's pastel reminds me of a certain record sleeve.
On the record, the man is facing the same way as the one on the tapestry but is the same colour as the one on the original pastel.
So who is this man? Is it the 'quiffed' man as you called him above or is it the naked fella below...?

It turns out Cocteau's art might have secretly appeared on more than one record sleeve of the 'quiffed' poet but this has never been talked about before to my knowledge so surely it means I am wrong, doesn't it?

I look forward to your thoughts.

The Smiths, 'Hand in Glove'

This is a truly amazing revelation. Could the Jim French photo of a naked man really have been chosen by Morrissey for the HiG single because it reminded him of Cocteau's naked man? Fifi's final paragraph states, "Cocteau's art might have secretly appeared on more than one record sleeve." I implore Fifi to share more. She is obviously not referring to the Jean Marais image on the 'This Charming Man' cover, there is nothing 'secret' about that, so could there, for example, be some hidden Cocteau in the photograph used for the cover of 'William, It Was Really Nothing', and if this photo from a 1980's advertisement for ADS Speakers wasn't a Cocteau inspired piece, then perhaps Fifi might explain why she thinks Morrissey did use this particular photo?:


And now to MorrisseysWorld. Two new articles have been posted, 'The Black Lodge' Parts 1 & 2. 'The Black Lodge' is completely different to anything that Morrissey has previously written on the MW blog, and contains both humour and absolute surrealism. The funniest bit is when Morrissey finds himself in what he perceives to be the afterlife. He writes:

"As he rises from the floor wondering where, in fact, he is, a lit figure moves towards him. Morrissey freezes. The figure resembles a pile of untouched sandwiches and carries a wooden hammer. "suoived, tnelucurt dna elbailernu", the figure says, hobbling disinterestedly by. "tnuc," says Morrissey."



Some more interesting works of art have also been added to the MW site, including these:




And now I shall go off to enjoy my birthday and Christmas, although if Fifi reveals any more, I shall of course return. Oh how Tony Fletcher, Dr Devereaux, Simon Goddard and Co will be kicking themselves for missing out on this whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon. They ALL had the chance, but they just couldn't see what was right in front of them.




  1. Clue of the day : 1984

    And I am sure this one is not going to be a revelation. Surely it was discussed before!
    How could I know these things? I can't be the only one.
    I am not talking about "This charming man" which would be too easy.
    I'll let you do your research...

    This is a lot of fun, isn't it?
    I am ecstatic.
    Have a good day,


  2. Hi Fifi, one must presume you are referring to Cocteau's serpent tattoo on the shoulder of Fabrice Colette, from the Hatful of Hollow cover. This has indeed ben discussed before, but any idea WHY Morrissey chose the photo?

    I am glad to hear that you are ecstatic.... and overjoyed too?

    Bermondsey Billy

  3. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas once again Ratty, I'm not ecstatic, I'm under a black moon!

    1. Why are you under the black moon, and why have you been SO scathing towards Morrissey about the editing of his relationship with Jake from Autobiografy? Why does it matter to you so much?

      And Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. A miserable Christmas to you all from The Black Lodge.

    Life is merely an interruption of death.

    1. You are too kind... really!
      A miserable Christmas to you too, from all of us here at FTM.

      Living to Follow.

    2. Many thanks, Our Mozzer. As I eat my Christmas dinner, I'll be thinking of you trapped in the Black Lodge with the Joyce goat. My Christmas wish will be that you might be able to find an escape and join us in the chatroom sometime. Good luck and take care x

    3. We sing from the same hymn sheet ;-)
      Seasons Greetings from the Christmas Curmudgeon. x

    4. A miserable Christmas in the black lodge sounds quite idyllic in a way... Have a good one! xx

    5. Last week i was miserably depressed (after playing Santa 5 times in 5 days and with people dying around me, literally), but as the day approaches, I feel much better again.

      Merry Xmas to Our Mozzer, TRB, the Deluded Dozen and the Blue Rose Society!


      comrade harps

    6. Now, that's the spirit! :)
      Have a Happy Birthday Rats and a Merrily Miserable Christmas to all!


  5. So, it is okay for all of you to join in the Joyce bashing and that of anyone who doesn't meet the standards of the great one, yet each one of your preach being gentle and kind.

    A bit off topic, but good news that the Duck Dynasty family members are standing up for their beliefs; clearly what they say is biologically sound as well--for those claiming that somehow human life would be able to procreate had God made Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve.

    1. for fucks sake, it's lighthearted fun, if you look on the right hand side of the story you will see a picture of me in a dress, am I offended, no way, (actually I look quite fetching) as for adam and steve, who cares, its almost 2014

    2. Lighthearted fun, okay.

      But what is the 2014 point? Just because the year is almost 2014 does not change the indisputable fact about human life and procreation, correct?

  6. Well done Billy, you win the Perry Capsule jacket! I am indeed overjoyed for you.
    The drawing is called "Par Bruno" and is supposed to be a Cocteau self-portrait. I am not sure why you call it a serpent but it's not like I know everything!
    The photo of Fabrice Colette taken by Gilles Decroix in 1983 was published in the French paper Liberation's special edition about Cocteau in the same year.
    There is also a blue line next to the photo which is believed to be the same colour as the one used on Hatful of Hollow.
    That's about all I have to say about this.

    Today, I caught myself watching the video for "All you need is me" and I remembered why I used to like it when it came out. That nipple-revealing jumper and the wallpaper in Boorer's box are such a delight for the eye.
    And is it me or Morrissey turns around to show his backside when he sings 'There's a naked man standing, laughing in your dreams' in a 'Hand in Glove' kind of way?
    No that's probably just me...
    Unless 'You know who it is but you don't like what it means'

    Ha ha ha, am I moving too fast for you? Am I beginning to confuse you?

    A miserable Christmas to you too "Morrissey"!

    1. You just can't beat a bit of nipple frink!

    2. I'm mostly confused, Sometimes, itt's healthier that way.

      Yep, it's the same blue. Thankyou for the education and a Merry, Miserable Xmas to you, Fifi, too!

    3. fifi, I have began to love your posts..keep em coming

  7. Hello Fifi & Ratty...Thank you both for such a lovely & interesting read. It's really quite wonderful the arty ideas Our Mozzer uses. I really really luv the cover of ''William... & now to go read MW 'The Black Lodge' Beautiful art, lovely photos thanx Ratty! Oh & Merry Xmoz to Our Mozzer you (Rat) & Fifi & all The Blue Rose Society...

  8. What strikes me about the Cocteau influence on the sleeves is the posing; the head down position on everything from The Smiths LP cover to Viva Hate and lots, lots more. Leafing through Peepholism, it's quite pronounced once your looking for connections.

  9. Life is an interruption from real life... True. But what an amazing interruption! Merry Christmas Rat and all...


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