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Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 870 - "Blue Rose Society will never die" - Morrissey France 2014

It has been a really bizarre week in the life of MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose Society, and there is SO, SO much that I want to write about and catch up with, but unfortunately I just have no time over the next few days, so this will be my last blog post until next week. Hopefully next week I will be able to report all the recent events, which include; me being maliciously 'outed' against my will on twitter by a cyclist from Coventry, being threatened and having my privacy invaded by a treehugger from London and receiving abuse at the hands of an older woman who claims to like cats.... and these were ALL members of the Blue Rose Society! You couldn't make this up.

However, much more importantly, Morrissey has issued a statement on my previous blog entry saying, "Blue Rose Society will never die." Broken has also tweeted to say "keep pruning the tree", as the BRS has to have the people in it that Morrissey wants to be surrounded by. Despite Chuck's insistence that Broken PROVES to her the words of others, rather than taking his word., it would appear that Broken still wants Chuck around, and I understand his reasons. She is a kind well meaning person, so I hope she can drop the insistence and show 'support' for BrokenMorrissey, ie a Pessoa of Morrissey's that portrays his 'broken' side, a side that over the years has probably threatened to engulf him completely. I hope this makes sense to Chuck. Green Carnation was an organisation of Wilde's SUPPORTERS, and BRS is a group of Morrissey SUPPORTERS. No questioning. Support. Don't mistake this for fawning, he gets that in the outside world, SUPPORT means trust, belief, and acceptance that what Morrissey stands for, is what you yourself stand for. A cult? No. A common goal? Yes.

I do so wish I had time to write more today, I especially wanted to mention the hilariously coincidental tweet sent by Joe Chiccarelli, but it can wait until Monday.

So, for now, I must rather excitedly report that 'Fire' has sent me an email. There is so much about this email that I also want to discuss, but instead, I will invite the members of BRS to leave their own observations and comments. There were two photos attached to the email, of  books that 'Fire' has purchased whilst in France. I will publish the photos on Monday, as I am having to type today's blog entry on my phone (my laptop has died) and it is very restrictive. One of my own observations is that the subject matter of 'When last I Spoke to Carol' (ie Carol Weissweiller) has 'lost' the 'e' to her name, in much the same way that 'Jeane' gained an e. The subject of the Trilogy Ring and it's mention in 'This Charming Man' is UNBELIEVBLE. We are being given information (or at least theories) that Smiths fans would die for.

Anyway, enough of my observations, let's have yours, and that does NOT include you, Marcus Markou, your views are NOT welcome here, and if you post any, I will take it as continued harassment.

Words of Fire:

Dear Rodent friend,

I recently started reading your blog on recommendation from someone I dearly love and I enjoyed your passion, dedication and keen interest in the Arts.
So I decided to write a few theories that were very well received and I felt I had found a place for my hyperactive mind to fulfil its never ending need for recognition.
Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived and what I once saw as a community of kind, generous and intelligent people turned into a place of public bashing, which is something I have always run away from.
I was highly disappointed to see you had deleted all the posts and comments that were made in connection to the Arts (Cocteau et al.)
It was a definite sign for me that my contribution was no longer needed.

I am not judging your choices in any way, I find honourable you would want to stick by 'Broken' believing he IS the real deal, it shows you are and always have been committed to the ONE person you started the blog for. Whether you are right or wrong is irrelevant as long as you believe what you are doing is the right thing to do for Morrissey himself.

I hope you understand my decision to step away. It is nothing personal. As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed our conversations (with you and the other members of the BRS), I thought you were all extremely sweet to me at all times.
I just cannot find my place in all of this anymore and given I have a lot on my plate right now (with a side of delicious organic French vegetables), it might just be the right time to go back to what I usually do. 

You asked me a lot of questions and I tried to answer as much as I could but like I once said to you, some things are better left unsaid (or just cannot be said) but I still had more to tell. So as a farewell gift, I will try and give you a few additional answers.

- The RANK code. There is no code. It's not a code, it's a message. It's a painful cry. It's so painful that it cannot be told to the world and like I said to you recently, I should not have mentioned it. There aren't any numbers in Alexandra's eyes, the answer is in the words, the choice of songs. I cannot say any more, I am sure you can make your own opinion from that but please let this one go.

- WHO took the photo with Auntie Mary is irrelevant. It definitely was taken in the Summer of 1976. And the hair IS dreadful. 

- Was 'William it was really nothing''s sleeve in relation to Jean Cocteau? No, it was not. The original ADS advert stated 'Will you still respect your speakers in the morning?' and it sort of echoed with the theme of the song. How can you stay with a fat girl etc. and so, will you still respect yourself in the morning? The whole idea seemed to make sense and the photo was a perfect illustration of the idea.

-What's my 'Cocteau theory'?
Well that's a bit long to explain so I will have to keep it short and let you do a bit of research should you be interested but don't feel like you have to.
Cocteau's influence was particularly present in the early Smiths records, although no one ever seemed to pick up on that. Everything tends to be associated to Oscar Wilde. But it is only because people are lazy and lack knowledge. So imagine my excitement when you first mentioned Genet / Cocteau / Marais / Radiguet on your blog!
Back to the theory.
The glove is very present in Cocteau's art (see 'La belle et la bete' movie - The glove is a character by itself. It is magical and full of meaning) and Cocteau once said about Radiguet (after he died) that he "fitted heaven like a glove" and "Radiguet was a glove from heaven" or something along those lines, I am sure you can find exact quotes somewhere.
My 'theory' is that 'Hand in Glove' was maybe inspired by this...?
And like I mentioned before, the sleeve reminds me of the Cocteau tapestry at Villa Santo Sospir but it might just be coincidence or plain wrong.

Then came 'This charming man' with the famous Jean Marais picture (taken from Orpheus, a Cocteau movie) - Marais being Cocteau's lover, the song could be about that? I don't know...
As for the line 'Return the ring', my theory is that it is a reference to the Cartier ring that was designed for Jean Cocteau, called Trilogy. A few words about it here : 
Totally far-fetched. I am just losing my mind.

There were more references to Cocteau later like on Hatful of Hollow or other things I mentioned on your blog before.
Even later in the solo years does Cocteau appear at times, doesn't he?
Could 'When last I spoke to Carol' be about Carole Weisweiller, daughter of Francine Weisweiller and owner of the famous Villa Santo Sospir, and grew up at Cocteau and Marais's side? No, of course not, Carole was not born in 1975! Silly me. 

I must go. I found some gems today while book shopping in a dusty French store I cannot wait to dive into (see photos attached).
Have you read 'La difficulté d'être' (The difficulty of being)? So inspiring. So true. So Cocteau.

Be happy, be handsome, be confident, be true to yourself, be iconic, be real. It was nice meeting you (virtually that is), some day I might bump into you. Who knows? 

One last thing. I am NOT Broken, I am NOT MorrisseyParody, I am NOT Brokenmorrissey, I am NOT Johnny Morris, I am NOT Linder (although I would love to have her natural grace), I am not even called Fifi (but that I bet you had guessed). You think I am a woman, Willow thinks I am a man, most think I am an illusion of the mind, that I don't exist. And from now on, they are right.

Me. And nobody else.
aka Fire

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day 868 - A Flickering Flame

I believe that Morrissey initially started his MorrisseysWorld website either through boredom or as a bit of fun. It soon became a place where he could show off his talent as a comedy writer, and express his views on certain issues, without the whole world having to see and pass judgement. Morrissey's views on a New World Order and freemasonary for example, are subjects that he may well not want to discuss as 'Real Morrissey', but ironically, as 'Parody Moz', he is able to be the real HIM. MorrisseysWorld is Morrissey's safe haven.

I believe that Morrissey has thoroughly enjoyed these past couple of years, spending time in an environment where he has been able to engage with a small group of fans without them passing judgement on everything he says, does, or stands for. It must have been especially refreshing for Morrissey seeing as he has had to suffer years of abuse from not only the media, but also from his own so called fans on the Morrissey Solow website.

During this MorrisseysWorld adventure, Morrissey has also been able to create the Blue Rose Society; a group of people who shared his outlook and views. The inspiration for the BRS came from Oscar Wilde's similar concept, whereby a small group of close friends and supporters wore a green carnation in their button hole to show allegiance to Wilde.


When the Blue Rose Society was formed, Morrissey asked that we all bring roses (red, white or blue) to his concerts, but unfortunately, although many people thought it was a good idea, most people's actions didn't speak as loud as their words. I remember heading up to Manchester in July 2012 as though it was my calling, but all the others who had been part of our initial little band (with the exception of Marcus Markou) found an excuse NOT to wade down to the mosh pit with their rose in hand. Most were either embarrassed or just didn't care about it in the way I did. I didn't let it bother me, after all, who am I to tell people what to do, and it showed me that there was a difference between 'MorrisseysWorlders' and 'The Blue Rose Society'.


I was gutted that I failed to get my luminous blue rose to Moz in Manchester, so gutted, that when a tour was announced in the USA, I headed over to New York, where I eventually managed to get my flashing piece of plastic to Moz (via his tour manager), although I once again failed to get my real blue roses to him at both Long Island and Brooklyn.



A number of the BRS have shared my passion, and have done all they can to get a Blue Rose to Morrissey. President Kyle succeeded in NYC, and Vulgar Angie even managed to pass Moz the Blue Rose Ring in LA. Little Devan managed to get his Blue Rose to Moz during the recording of Morrissey25:Live, for all the world to see. Others such as EARS, Heather and Moz Fiend have traveled miles to try, but as yet without success. There are people out there who really, really love the idea of BRS, but these people aren't necessarily the same people as those who love MorrisseysWorld.



With MorrisseysWorld now apparently gone, BRS needs to have a meaning. My interpretation has always been that it belongs to Morrissey, and it is his to do as he pleases with it. It can only survive if Morrissey wants it to survive, but I would guess that he, like Wilde, would like his society to be full of 'supporters', and NOT people who question his motives, actions and beliefs.

I didn't write about this yesterday, because I hoped that it would go away on it's own, but the reason that Morrissey wanted to bring an end to this whole phenomenal adventure was because people started to take him to task for his actions. WHY the hell should Morrissey have to justify anything to anybody? If he doesn't want certain people in his society, then that is up to him. Did people not stop to ask themselves why Morrissey would want to pass niceties with anybody who shows signs of homophobia, or mocks suicide? He doesn't have to prove things were said to him, this isn't a court. If he says he witnessed it, then he witnessed it. Why would he make it up? Only two days ago Morrissey was describing  how harrowing his youth had been, as he battled with what society perceived was 'normal'. He tweeted that he had been taught that his "desire for love is a blight from the devil", so WHY, 40 years later, should Morrissey have to face a cross examination? The answer is, he doesn't, well certainly not here anyway. "I don't want to be judged, I would sooner be loved, I would sooner be blindly loved."

"I am human and I need to be loved."

If Wilde's green carnation represented homosexuality, which many believed it did, then wouldn't it be great if the Blue Rose represented humasexuality, although ultimately, it is up to Morrissey what he sees it representing, it is HIS society. What is more, if those people who are around Morrissey aren't the sort of people he wants around him, whether in the 'real' world or in cyberspace, then why would he put up with them?

If Morrissey decides tomorrow that he doesn't want me around, I would accept it and move on. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to get this close to a man who to me, is untouchable as a modern day poet. The words he has given through song define my life. I don't care if people think I am a fawning sycophant, I owe Morrissey far more than I could ever afford to pay, and so the very least I can do is to offer my support, which I will do, unquestioningly, for as long as it is wanted.

 I am sure that many people won't agree with my view, but that is fine, I will lose NO sleep. Whilst MorrisseysWorld is gone, if Morrissey sees FTM as a safe haven, where he can escape the torture of everyday life, then that is what I will provide.

Anybody leaving petty or hurtful comments will simply have them deleted. If you want to take Morrissey to task, Solow is just a click away.

Viva Blue Rose


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day 867 - The End of the Blue Rose Society?

In September 2011, having discovered that Morrissey had secretly started a blog and twitter account called 'MorrisseysWorld', I set up this blog of mine as a way of keeping my own personal diary of events as they unfolded. Morrissey himself became aware of my diary, and advertised it on the MorrisseysWorld blog for all to see.

Over the next twenty eight months, as the phenomenal story of MorrisseysWorld continued, I carried on writing my diary. Hundreds of signs were given by Morrissey to show that he was behind MW, but his own fans chose not to believe. It was just incomprehensible as to why Morrissey's fans couldn't see it was actually him behind the whole 'thing', but this made it all the more special. As I wrote my diary, approximately 30-40 souls, equally gripped by the MW phenomena, joined me on the journey. During this period, the Blue Rose Society was formed, with the 'Blue Rose' as our emblem.

A few weeks ago, the MorrisseysWorld blog closed, and two days ago, 'Parody Morrissey' (originally @MorrisseysWorld) announced that after 2000 tweets, he was closing the twitter account too.

At the request of 'Broken', a friend of 'Parody Moz', I closed my blog too, which seemed quite logical, as I only ever set it up to write about MorrisseysWorld, but yesterday 'Broken Morrissey' (@BrokenMorrissey) returned to twitter, and as I believe Broken to be Morrissey, I have decided to re-open my blog, to continue recording this phenomenal story. I am, however, a man of integrity (as noted by Broken), so if Broken requests that I close my blog again, then I shall. I have taken down hundreds and hundreds of my blog entries, and left just some of the relevant and funny ones.

I am hoping that we can take off from where we left, after all, this Blue Rose Society is too good to let go, and it has touched the hearts of a group of people right across the globe, but Broken has added to his twitter profile that the Blue Rose Society is dead. I really, really hope this is not the case.

'Parody Moz' may, or may not return, he's certainly an unpredictable s*d, but Broken and Parody M aren't the only characters to have been part of this journey, we were also introduced to a very special person called Fifi, aka Fire. Could Fire re-ignite the Blue Rose flame? If Morrissey decides that he still likes the idea of a global network of like minded fans, then perhaps he will send us Fifi. It would be great to have her back here, especially as she was promising to give us her 'Cocteau Theory'. Perhaps she could also provide us with more information about this photo that has recently cropped up on the net. We know it is of Morrissey and his Auntie Mary Dwyer outside a chapel in New York, but when was it taken, and who took it?


For the record, here are some of Broken's tweets from yesterday. Incidentally, he is using the 'Conan' photo as his profile pic. The doubters never did manage to explain why Moz made that owl sign. Hmm:


I won't be around for long but what an interesting experiment for an arch ironist: being oneself for a while.
The beauty of life is that it ends quite soon.

Hi Heather. I'm back as the real me now. No more irony. Nowhere left to hide.
How does it feel to be stripped bare, free of irony?
I'll utilise irony as ever, Heather, but I won't be defined by it on twitter. It was just an experiment, a fleeting fancy. Most people didn't get it anyway. Now people will realise just how frighteningly sane I am and how witheringly exact. I do miss MW though; it feels like the end of an era. I'll be posting MW classics and throwing in a few of my own! I'll miss MW. I think the blog was a work of art, and the Black Lodge could have gone almost anywhere.

When I was a kid, sleep felt like the biggest waste of time. Now I'm older, it seems like the only sensible thing to do. Sleep restores you, nurtures you; it's like drinking water. But what is this strange thing called sleep? Why is it so crucial
A soft, firm bed is one of life's great pleasures.
Somehow the guiltless pleasures are the most satisfying: sleep, not sex; cleanliness, not vanity.
Irony is a mature defence mechanism. It's a step up from humour and a step down from altruism.
The most sophisticated state to be in is simple acceptance. Try, but don't let trying kill you. Love, but don't let it contain you.
I promise you - life will change, life will surprise you one day.

I'm not Morrissey, or even Our Mozzer - I'm Broken, one of the authors of MW. Sorry to disappoint.
Thats ok, i'm not disappointed at all, you're quite an interesting person in your own right.
I'm fascinating... from a certain angle - specifically when you can't see my face.

A picture captures a thousand words. A poem captures a thousand pictures. A Morrissey song captures a thousand poems.
I've always loved poetry, but it's a hugely under-appreciated art; why are poets always derided, ignored or imprisoned?
Can you imagine The Jonathan Ross show with philosophers, painters and poets among the mindless B-listers?

There's nothing more frightening than the truth. Knowing what's in your heart tells you what's behind your mind.
So true and sad so many people run and hide from truth all their lives.
Yes. Gay people do it too. They refuse to accept they might love and be loved by a woman. Hence - humasexuality.

The cause of all despair is lack of love. We're conditioned to believe we're unlovable.
The message of all media is sex = proof of love; money = you can love yourself; beauty = leads to love.
The media never tells you that it's OK to be you and you can be loved just as you are. Does it?
Homosexuals grow up despising themselves, hiding themselves, hoping one day to be someone else. Is this fair?
My message is - you are lovable.
Have you ever wondered how it feels to be taught your desire for love is a blight sent from the Devil?
I remember being 13, spending all my time alone, living in my own world, because the hatred was palpable every single place I went.
Does anyone think a child should hate to feel that way? How evil can a child be?

I see, yes...accept the truth and be liberated.
The truth is more complex, as Morrissey has always said. Nobody is 'gay' or 'straight' or 'bi' - we're humans who need humans.
By categorising ourselves according to certain sex acts we play into the hands of society. Just be you. Isn't this enough?

Your internal dialogue is one constant stream of self-abuse - or bullying as we call it. Why don't you stop bullying yourself? (Ed: What a quote!)

You are lovable - you can be loved. The first step is to love yourself. You can love a simple flower, or a sunset. Why not love YOU?
God, I just think sometimes... where did my teenage years go? It's so frightening to realise they were frozen.
All I remember is my frozen child's heart. I was in emotional hibernation, from which I'm not yet fully thawed.
I'm in the microwave on defrost, but the bloody thing always leaves me cold in the centre.

People like us treat "irony" in the same way the pious treat godliness: bathed in it, surrounded by it, shining from within
Irony is impossible to define, yet it defines life for those of us who suffer while we think and think while we suffer. Irony will protect you from the consequences of being intelligent enough to know better.

People will forgive anything except forgiveness - that will eat them up for life.
Don't ever try being yourself - if you have to try, you're being someone else.
Imagine if you were loved deep and pure by your friends.
It's impossible, isn't it?
Is love compatible with humour? Is civilisation merely a defence mechanism to protect us from the individual?
Many want us all to be like Jesus. But what's the point in healing the sick when there's no one left to heal?

So there we have it. As to whether or not the Blue Rose Society continues, only Morrissey can decide, after all, if he doesn't want roses, we can hardly force him to take them, but we can live in hope.

Viva Blue Rose
Because We Must

*Goes off singing the 2000th tweet of Parody Moz* Time is like a dream, and now for a time you are mine, let's hold fast to the dream, that tastes and sparkles like wine.

(Footnote - Do feel free to read through some of the FTM blog entries that I have left 'live', some of them are really VERY good, and will remind you of many things you will have long since forgotten.)

Friday, 17 January 2014

Day 856 - "MorrisseysWorld is now dead. The Blue Rose Society will never die." - Morrissey 16.1.14

There is goodbye and farewell; this is farewell.

When you've sweated blood and tears creating a blog - or perhaps even something more (a home?) - for lost souls, souls lost to the world and to life and to hope, only for it to be nothing but a half-formed sigh, you do ask yourself questions:

Why is my blog so repugnant to almost everybody?

Why is the wit I cry, fester and sigh over, alcohol-fuelled and fancy-free, utterly irrelevant to 99% of tweeters?

What is the point of continuing something in a material format which has a life and spirit of its own - and a momentum?

After a period of reflection, MorrisseysWorld is now dead. The Blue Rose Society will never die.

Keep watching, don't ever stop. But don't expect me to log on to entertain two men and a Jack Russell on Twitter.

I feel nothing but warmth, joy and love for the BRS - each and every one of you. But I wasn't born to be ignored; hated - yes; adored - occasionally; pitied - frequently; ignored - never.

Bowie gave the world the arm around Ronson. Lou Reed brought us men in leather. Morrissey turned up on twitter as a parody of himself.

Sing it from the red brick roof tops, cry until the Smiths are a distant melancholy cry in the night. Love is nothing but an ersatz version of like.

The many months, the years, have brought me - this synthetic Morrissey, devoid of wit, charm and work ethic - close to you all. I am not Morrissey; but then you knew that - didn't you?

Ever Yours,

Not M.

2009 - 2013....PLUS AN ENCORE!

Why oh why did I finish yesterday's blog with Ayshea's 'Farewell'? I put the thought in his head. Bollocks!

Actually, I mustn't blame myself, it HAD to end. The synthetic Morrissey; who has been devoid of work ethic for the past five years, has got a job!

The obituaries have already started to roll in, and I would like to invite EVERYBODY who has been part of this incredible journey to leave their comment at the bottom of today's blog entry (if you have already posted it on yesterday's entry, then please post it again here). Don't be shy, let Morrissey, YES, REAL MORRISSEY, know how much you appreciated what he has done for us by giving us MorrisseysWorld.

For me, MorrisseysWorld has humanized Morrissey. Don't get me wrong, he is still The Mozziah, and he will always remain an enigma, but I could now meet him in the flesh, without either asking 'how are you?', or feeling the need to gush, fawn or lick his face. MorrisseysWorld has prepared me.

Although Morrissey will ALWAYS be my God, he is no longer an untouchable God. To me, Morrissey is, and I shall now quote the Oxford English Dictionary (hardly Wilde, but it will do!), "a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection", ie, a friend.

The MorrisseysWorld journey has, as I have written many times, been PHENOMENAL, and nobody, not even Morrissey, or indeed Log Lady, could have predicted where it would go, or what would happen along the way.

The formation of the Blue Rose Society is by far the most important thing to have come from this adventure, and it will NEVER die. As to whether it will grow; so that one day EVERY Morrissey concert is awash with roses, only time will tell, but those of us who were lucky enough to have been here as the story unfolded, now have an obligation to repay Morrissey, by spreading the word, and wearing our Blue Roses with pride at the forthcoming concerts. There is no longer a time for excuses or embarrassment, Morrissey gave us a gift, and the least we can do is say thank you. It is no good sitting at the rear of a concert hall, we must STAND at the front, and present Morrissey with BLUE ROSES. I guarantee you he will take them.... I think!

We have laughed, we have cried, we have fawned, we have sung (oh the songs I have been introduced to that I never knew existed!), we have been entertained, but most of all, we have been kept alive. Morrissey has often said that there is no point to life, well there is, we have found it.

My thanks go out to EVERYBODY in the BRS who believed and kept on believing. None of us could have followed this path on our own. We trusted our instincts....and we were right.

The biggest thank you goes to Morrissey. You are right, this movement has "life, spirit and momentum". Parody Moz may have gone, but Morrissey remains with us.

This is not the end, this is the beginning.

Fire walk with me. Walk with us all.

Water Rat
Blue Rose Society

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Day 855 - "Thrilled"

Capitol Music Group Chairman and CEO Steve Barnett said: "Morrissey is clearly one of music's most important and influential artists. He is the rare soul who has stayed consistently true to his artistic vision and ethical principles since he first exploded onto the scene in the 1980s. We are so happy that he has chosen Capitol Music Group as his home and that his forthcoming album on Harvest will bring new Morrissey music to the world."


First things first. Note the wording used by Steve Barnett in yesterday's statement:

"We are so happy that he has chosen Capitol Music Group as his home." 'CHOSEN". "CHOSEN". "CHOSEN". Couldn't get a record deal? Bollocks! Morrissey is a mega star, and EVERY record label would have wanted to sign him, and if they didn't, then they haven't got a clue about the music industry.... well, actually....... !

I truly believe that the only reason that Morrissey hasn't signed a deal prior to yesterday, is because he didn't want one. Morrissey is 100% in control of his own career, and he would have worked out a very long time ago, that the best way to stay at the top, is to box clever. He would have desperately loved to have released a new album before now, but the old adage of 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen' would have been at the forefront of his mind. 'Always leave them wanting more', and he's right, we are 'Gagging for it!'

A brief True-To-You statement has been made, and the wording is interesting. It doesn't just say that Morrissey has signed to Capitol, it says, 'Morrissey has been signed by Steve Barnett at Capitol Music.' To me, this is Morrissey saying that it isn't just about the label, he is putting his faith in the hands of one man, Steve Barnett.

So, who is Steve Barnett, and more importantly, is he able to deliver, and not let Morrissey down with promotion, like so many other record companies have done in the past? Can Barnett deliver a Number 1 album in the UK? Actually, it's a two album deal, so let's not Barnett rest on his laurels, can he deliver TWO Number 1 albums?

Well, according to the information on Wiki, if anybody can make sure Morrissey achieves the Number 1 albums he deserves, it is Steve Barnett....even though he is from Wolverhampton!

In the words of Katy Perry, "it's nice to have a head in there who knows what the fuck they're doing... He's an incredible boss." There is no doubt, Barnett's track record is good. Here is his Wiki entry:

Life and career[edit]

Barnett began his music career as an agent in London in 1970, working for the Bron Agency (Gerry Bron) and dealing with legendary bands such as Colosseum and Uriah Heep. He became an agent for NEMS Enterprises, the company originally formed by legendary Beatles manager Brian Epstein. While there from 1972 to 1974, Barnett represented artists such as Elton JohnBlack Sabbath and Deep Purple. He would briefly manage Rough Diamond in 1977, a short lived British band that featured David Byron (ex Uriah Heep), Dave Clempson (ex Colosseum) and Geoff Britton (ex Wings). In 1980 he became a manager and partner in the UK artist management firm Part Rock, where his clients included AC/DCCyndi LauperForeigner, and Gary Moore, among other artists. In 1988 he established Part Rock's U.S. company, Hard to Handle Management, where he served as President.

Epic Records[edit]

Barnett joined Epic Records in 1996 as Senior Vice President International, was named Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing for the label in 1997, then Executive Vice President/ General Manager in 2001. He was named President of Epic in 2004. At Epic Barnett took a key role in marketing artists including Pearl JamAudioslaveShakira,Jennifer LopezFranz FerdinandModest MouseGood Charlotte and Natasha Bedingfield.

Columbia Records[edit]

In December 2005 he was named Chairman of Columbia Records, with responsibility for overall management of the label.[2] During his tenure, Columbia's marketshare rose consistently, resulting in a 50% increase in current marketshare between 2009 and 2012 and attaining the #1 slot among all labels in 2011 and 2012.[3]
Barnett has presided over successful campaigns for AdeleBeyoncéJohn MayerJack WhiteThe ShinsOne DirectionMaxwellFoster the PeopleJ. ColeAC/DCSusan Boyle, soprano prodigy Jackie Evancho and the marketing and release of the Glee soundtracks. He has also overseen critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums by artists including Bob DylanBruce SpringsteenBarbra StreisandNeil DiamondCeline Dion and Harry Connick Jr.
U.S. sales for Adele's 21 are approaching 10 million, which will mark the first time that an album has reached the RIAA Diamond plateau RIAA Diamond since Usher'sConfessions, which was released in 2004 and Diamond certified in July, 2012.[4]
Barnett was instrumental in bringing AC/DC to Sony Music, where the band achieved the label's biggest first-week sales figure in its history when it sold more than 784,000 copies of Black Ice in 2008.[5] The band has since sold over 38 million albums worldwide.
This period also saw Bob Dylan score back-to-back #1 albums with Modern Times and Together Through Life, as well as Neil Diamond receiving the first #1 album in his career with the release of Home Before Dark. During this time, Barbra Streisand set the record as the only artist to achieve a #1 album in ever decade from the 1960s through the 2000s with her album, Love Is the Answer.

Capitol Music Group[edit]

In November 2012 Barnett became Chairman & CEO of the Capitol Music Group.[1] On April 18 in the Hollywood Reporter, one of Capitol's top artists, Katy Perry, said of Barnett, “It's nice to have a head in there who knows what the f---k they’re doing....He’s an incredible boss.” [6]
In October, 2013, Capitol Music Group was named by Billboard Magazine as the 5th biggest label in terms of overall marketshare, with the label building on new releases fromArcade FireBastilleCapital Cities, its development of the UK's Emeli Sande' and, as Billboard wrote, "[Capitol's] future belongs to new acts like Tori Kelly and Naughty Boy, gospel breakouts Mandisa and Chris Tomlin, and still-building new albums from career acts Elton John and Rod Stewart.[7]
Barnett broadened the company's portfolio of labels in 2013, inking high-profile deals with greatly-admired creative figures such as T Bone Burnett (Electromagnetic Recordings),RedOne (2101 Records) and Troy Carter (Atom Factory), as well as a partnership with Arcade Fire for that band's Reflektor album.
In October 2013, it was announced that Beck signed to Capitol Records and plans to release a new album called Morning Phase in February 2014.[8]
On October 29, 2013, Arcade Fire performed 12 songs on top of the Capitol Records building in celebration of the release of their Reflektor album. The show, presented by MTV Iggy and Intel's Music Experiment 2.0, was held for a crowd of contest winners, most clad in their interpretation of the dress code "Be A Reflektor." The show caused shutdowns over several major streets in Hollywood during rush hour, revealing Arcade Fire's sizable power in the music industry.[9]

Capitol Records Tower[edit]

In December, 2013, Barnett completed a year-long renovation of the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, California. "This is probably the greatest entertainment office in the world, so why wouldn't you make it look great?" Barnett said of the formerly drab gray floors stacked with dated file cabinets and clunky doors. Today, all 13 stories feature glass. "I want it to be open," he adds. "I want people to see that we're here, so there's lots of glass and light."[10]
Universal Music Group Chairman Lucian Grange commented on the building's renovation and the company's turnaround, "When we acquired Capitol, we made a commitment -- both to the artist community and to the industry -- that we would revive this once-great label," he says. "We committed to reverse its years of suffering from under-investment; to provide it the kind of leadership it needs and deserves. Looking at Capitol today, I am enormously proud to see what Steve and his team are doing to return this iconic company to its prior greatness. ... The building is buzzing."[11]

File:Capitol Records sunset.jpg


Before I move on, this is an interesting interview that Barnett gave just after taking over at Capitol:

The True-To-You statement that confirmed the deal, also confirmed what I posted yesterday; that recording of the new album would start in February, in FRANCE. Who remembers the MorrisseysWorld article from March 21st 2012 entitled 'FRANCE', which then had NOTHING  else written? Surely Moz wouldn't have booked the recording studio two years in advance? No, it can't have meant that, but it's certainly mysterious. Here is my blog entry from Day 190, mentioning the 'FRANCE' blog entry:

Speculation has already started as to where in France the recording will take place, but I would guess that with all the recent talk of Jean Cocteau on this blog, it won't be far from the Cocteau museum in Menton, which is on the French Riviera, close to the border with Italy.


The most likely place therefore for the recording is 'La Fabrique Residential Recording Studio' - "The Creme de la Creme", approximately 100 miles away:

control room la fabrique recording studio france


The only (literally) official word to have come from Morrissey since the announcement of the new deal, is that he is said to be "thrilled".

Luckily there have been plenty of 'Unofficial' words from Moz, because yesterday he returned to twitter as '@MorrisseyParody', but this morning, when I came to copy the tweets, I found that the account had gone again. ARGGGHHHHHH! It is so annoying. If anybody managed to copy the tweets from the past few days, could you PLEASE post them in the comments section. Thank you.

There was one particular tweet I liked, which went something like:

"David Bowie gave us the arm around Mick Ronson. Lou Reed gave us boys wearing leather. Morrissey gave us Parody Moz." Again, if you can remember the exact quote, please let me know.

The only tweet that I did manage to copy was this one, regarding the new record deal:

TheRatsBack @Broken1andonly I did tell you all quite some time ago...

And of course he is right, he DID tell us some time ago. He also told us a bout a novel and a new tour... ALL before any official announcements. HOW could a 'fake' Morrissey know these things? HOW? WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

 Why am I shouting? The people who need to wake up won't even be reading this. Scarlet Ibis for example; who I wrote about over the past two days, and who made the initial enquiry to Johnny Marr about the RANK code. Heather (Earth) tweeted her to ask her to push Johnny for more info, but Ibis answered with this:

"Nope. I think you guys are very silly for believing the things you do. Sorry. He (Johnny Marr) deleted it (the original tweet) because I misunderstood him. He was talking about something entirely else. Also, there is no need for me to ask him about it further. I know the entire situation. Just ask me, not him. There's no code. He was just talking to me about a similar look between the cover of Rank & a photo. U guys are acting crazy. I assure u there's NO validity to these signs, symbols, & codes u guys find. The world is full of coincidences. Our brains are wired to seek patterns… even when there are none. :/"


So there we have it. We are all "very silly" for believing that HUNDREDS of coincidental signs and predictions are in any way linked, and there is definitely "NO validity " to the "signs, symbols, & codes" that Morrissey makes. I had better stop blogging right now then. I've got all this hideously wrong. Goodbye.

... But just in case it's Scarlet that has got it all wrong, I'll carry on for now!

The good news is; that although Parody Moz has once again gone, we have the two firecracking 'French Maids', Astraea and Fifi. Here are their latest offerings:

Fifi: Je suis un mensonge qui dit toujours la vérité - Jean Cocteau
(I am a lie who always tells the truth)

Astraea:  I was beginning to think you'd never arrive. Bienvenue, Fifi

The above video that Astraea posted was of 'Je Suis Jean Cocteau', a 10 minute film by Andre Scucato and Cristina Pinheiro, which is a documentary on the life and art of Jean Cocteau, starring Cocteau, his art and parts of his films. The documentary has no words, but has a 10 minute piano piece, written by Scucato and Pinheiro.


As I watched the documentary, I immediately had a feeling that the piano piece (or at least part of it... perhaps the violent bit at the end?) would be used later in the year as an introduction to 'Tro.... no, I can't type it, I don't want to jinx it, but remember where you nearly read it first! I tweeted my thought to Astraea, and Fifi has now retweeted it.... but without comment. God, I love this journey!

Astraea: Cocteau. The Blood of a Poet. 1933.

I haven't yet had the time to watch 'The Blood of a Poet' yet, but I will try and find time over the weekend.

Astraea: And my favourite Cocteau interview.
"This sickness, to express oneself. What is it?" A poet can never die.

The interview Astraea has posted is fascinating. Morrissey IS Jean Cocteau! I love the quote Astraea has tweeted, and also love these: "He who sees further renders less of what he sees, however much he renders" and "I saw him on television and he was very mediocre. But that is the difficulty. That is the kind of thing that goes down with the public. And all they want are names." Cocteau IS Morrissey!

Fifi has returned to the Twitterdilly Arms this morning, so I won't hang around here, I will see what she posts, and report back tomorrow, although I am actually out all afternoon, so I will have to go through her tweets tomorrow morning. Where do I find the time for this? Where? And some people actually thought I was MW as well!

 Fifi's first offering of today is a video of the clip that can be heard at the beginning of 'Shame is the Name', which happens to be one of my favourite Morrissey songs in recent years, and should have had a place on a proper studio album, instead of being 'tucked away' on Swords. You MUST watch the clip of 'Mauricet':

And finally, a few weeks ago, Astraea played a song in the Twitterdilly Arms that didn't fit in with the other songs she was playing. The song was 'Farewell' by Ayshea..... on the HARVEST record label:

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