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Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 870 - "Blue Rose Society will never die" - Morrissey France 2014

It has been a really bizarre week in the life of MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose Society, and there is SO, SO much that I want to write about and catch up with, but unfortunately I just have no time over the next few days, so this will be my last blog post until next week. Hopefully next week I will be able to report all the recent events, which include; me being maliciously 'outed' against my will on twitter by a cyclist from Coventry, being threatened and having my privacy invaded by a treehugger from London and receiving abuse at the hands of an older woman who claims to like cats.... and these were ALL members of the Blue Rose Society! You couldn't make this up.

However, much more importantly, Morrissey has issued a statement on my previous blog entry saying, "Blue Rose Society will never die." Broken has also tweeted to say "keep pruning the tree", as the BRS has to have the people in it that Morrissey wants to be surrounded by. Despite Chuck's insistence that Broken PROVES to her the words of others, rather than taking his word., it would appear that Broken still wants Chuck around, and I understand his reasons. She is a kind well meaning person, so I hope she can drop the insistence and show 'support' for BrokenMorrissey, ie a Pessoa of Morrissey's that portrays his 'broken' side, a side that over the years has probably threatened to engulf him completely. I hope this makes sense to Chuck. Green Carnation was an organisation of Wilde's SUPPORTERS, and BRS is a group of Morrissey SUPPORTERS. No questioning. Support. Don't mistake this for fawning, he gets that in the outside world, SUPPORT means trust, belief, and acceptance that what Morrissey stands for, is what you yourself stand for. A cult? No. A common goal? Yes.

I do so wish I had time to write more today, I especially wanted to mention the hilariously coincidental tweet sent by Joe Chiccarelli, but it can wait until Monday.

So, for now, I must rather excitedly report that 'Fire' has sent me an email. There is so much about this email that I also want to discuss, but instead, I will invite the members of BRS to leave their own observations and comments. There were two photos attached to the email, of  books that 'Fire' has purchased whilst in France. I will publish the photos on Monday, as I am having to type today's blog entry on my phone (my laptop has died) and it is very restrictive. One of my own observations is that the subject matter of 'When last I Spoke to Carol' (ie Carol Weissweiller) has 'lost' the 'e' to her name, in much the same way that 'Jeane' gained an e. The subject of the Trilogy Ring and it's mention in 'This Charming Man' is UNBELIEVBLE. We are being given information (or at least theories) that Smiths fans would die for.

Anyway, enough of my observations, let's have yours, and that does NOT include you, Marcus Markou, your views are NOT welcome here, and if you post any, I will take it as continued harassment.

Words of Fire:

Dear Rodent friend,

I recently started reading your blog on recommendation from someone I dearly love and I enjoyed your passion, dedication and keen interest in the Arts.
So I decided to write a few theories that were very well received and I felt I had found a place for my hyperactive mind to fulfil its never ending need for recognition.
Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived and what I once saw as a community of kind, generous and intelligent people turned into a place of public bashing, which is something I have always run away from.
I was highly disappointed to see you had deleted all the posts and comments that were made in connection to the Arts (Cocteau et al.)
It was a definite sign for me that my contribution was no longer needed.

I am not judging your choices in any way, I find honourable you would want to stick by 'Broken' believing he IS the real deal, it shows you are and always have been committed to the ONE person you started the blog for. Whether you are right or wrong is irrelevant as long as you believe what you are doing is the right thing to do for Morrissey himself.

I hope you understand my decision to step away. It is nothing personal. As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed our conversations (with you and the other members of the BRS), I thought you were all extremely sweet to me at all times.
I just cannot find my place in all of this anymore and given I have a lot on my plate right now (with a side of delicious organic French vegetables), it might just be the right time to go back to what I usually do. 

You asked me a lot of questions and I tried to answer as much as I could but like I once said to you, some things are better left unsaid (or just cannot be said) but I still had more to tell. So as a farewell gift, I will try and give you a few additional answers.

- The RANK code. There is no code. It's not a code, it's a message. It's a painful cry. It's so painful that it cannot be told to the world and like I said to you recently, I should not have mentioned it. There aren't any numbers in Alexandra's eyes, the answer is in the words, the choice of songs. I cannot say any more, I am sure you can make your own opinion from that but please let this one go.

- WHO took the photo with Auntie Mary is irrelevant. It definitely was taken in the Summer of 1976. And the hair IS dreadful. 

- Was 'William it was really nothing''s sleeve in relation to Jean Cocteau? No, it was not. The original ADS advert stated 'Will you still respect your speakers in the morning?' and it sort of echoed with the theme of the song. How can you stay with a fat girl etc. and so, will you still respect yourself in the morning? The whole idea seemed to make sense and the photo was a perfect illustration of the idea.

-What's my 'Cocteau theory'?
Well that's a bit long to explain so I will have to keep it short and let you do a bit of research should you be interested but don't feel like you have to.
Cocteau's influence was particularly present in the early Smiths records, although no one ever seemed to pick up on that. Everything tends to be associated to Oscar Wilde. But it is only because people are lazy and lack knowledge. So imagine my excitement when you first mentioned Genet / Cocteau / Marais / Radiguet on your blog!
Back to the theory.
The glove is very present in Cocteau's art (see 'La belle et la bete' movie - The glove is a character by itself. It is magical and full of meaning) and Cocteau once said about Radiguet (after he died) that he "fitted heaven like a glove" and "Radiguet was a glove from heaven" or something along those lines, I am sure you can find exact quotes somewhere.
My 'theory' is that 'Hand in Glove' was maybe inspired by this...?
And like I mentioned before, the sleeve reminds me of the Cocteau tapestry at Villa Santo Sospir but it might just be coincidence or plain wrong.

Then came 'This charming man' with the famous Jean Marais picture (taken from Orpheus, a Cocteau movie) - Marais being Cocteau's lover, the song could be about that? I don't know...
As for the line 'Return the ring', my theory is that it is a reference to the Cartier ring that was designed for Jean Cocteau, called Trilogy. A few words about it here : 
Totally far-fetched. I am just losing my mind.

There were more references to Cocteau later like on Hatful of Hollow or other things I mentioned on your blog before.
Even later in the solo years does Cocteau appear at times, doesn't he?
Could 'When last I spoke to Carol' be about Carole Weisweiller, daughter of Francine Weisweiller and owner of the famous Villa Santo Sospir, and grew up at Cocteau and Marais's side? No, of course not, Carole was not born in 1975! Silly me. 

I must go. I found some gems today while book shopping in a dusty French store I cannot wait to dive into (see photos attached).
Have you read 'La difficultĂ© d'ĂȘtre' (The difficulty of being)? So inspiring. So true. So Cocteau.

Be happy, be handsome, be confident, be true to yourself, be iconic, be real. It was nice meeting you (virtually that is), some day I might bump into you. Who knows? 

One last thing. I am NOT Broken, I am NOT MorrisseyParody, I am NOT Brokenmorrissey, I am NOT Johnny Morris, I am NOT Linder (although I would love to have her natural grace), I am not even called Fifi (but that I bet you had guessed). You think I am a woman, Willow thinks I am a man, most think I am an illusion of the mind, that I don't exist. And from now on, they are right.

Me. And nobody else.
aka Fire

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day 868 - A Flickering Flame

I believe that Morrissey initially started his MorrisseysWorld website either through boredom or as a bit of fun. It soon became a place where he could show off his talent as a comedy writer, and express his views on certain issues, without the whole world having to see and pass judgement. Morrissey's views on a New World Order and freemasonary for example, are subjects that he may well not want to discuss as 'Real Morrissey', but ironically, as 'Parody Moz', he is able to be the real HIM. MorrisseysWorld is Morrissey's safe haven.

I believe that Morrissey has thoroughly enjoyed these past couple of years, spending time in an environment where he has been able to engage with a small group of fans without them passing judgement on everything he says, does, or stands for. It must have been especially refreshing for Morrissey seeing as he has had to suffer years of abuse from not only the media, but also from his own so called fans on the Morrissey Solow website.

During this MorrisseysWorld adventure, Morrissey has also been able to create the Blue Rose Society; a group of people who shared his outlook and views. The inspiration for the BRS came from Oscar Wilde's similar concept, whereby a small group of close friends and supporters wore a green carnation in their button hole to show allegiance to Wilde.


When the Blue Rose Society was formed, Morrissey asked that we all bring roses (red, white or blue) to his concerts, but unfortunately, although many people thought it was a good idea, most people's actions didn't speak as loud as their words. I remember heading up to Manchester in July 2012 as though it was my calling, but all the others who had been part of our initial little band (with the exception of Marcus Markou) found an excuse NOT to wade down to the mosh pit with their rose in hand. Most were either embarrassed or just didn't care about it in the way I did. I didn't let it bother me, after all, who am I to tell people what to do, and it showed me that there was a difference between 'MorrisseysWorlders' and 'The Blue Rose Society'.


I was gutted that I failed to get my luminous blue rose to Moz in Manchester, so gutted, that when a tour was announced in the USA, I headed over to New York, where I eventually managed to get my flashing piece of plastic to Moz (via his tour manager), although I once again failed to get my real blue roses to him at both Long Island and Brooklyn.



A number of the BRS have shared my passion, and have done all they can to get a Blue Rose to Morrissey. President Kyle succeeded in NYC, and Vulgar Angie even managed to pass Moz the Blue Rose Ring in LA. Little Devan managed to get his Blue Rose to Moz during the recording of Morrissey25:Live, for all the world to see. Others such as EARS, Heather and Moz Fiend have traveled miles to try, but as yet without success. There are people out there who really, really love the idea of BRS, but these people aren't necessarily the same people as those who love MorrisseysWorld.



With MorrisseysWorld now apparently gone, BRS needs to have a meaning. My interpretation has always been that it belongs to Morrissey, and it is his to do as he pleases with it. It can only survive if Morrissey wants it to survive, but I would guess that he, like Wilde, would like his society to be full of 'supporters', and NOT people who question his motives, actions and beliefs.

I didn't write about this yesterday, because I hoped that it would go away on it's own, but the reason that Morrissey wanted to bring an end to this whole phenomenal adventure was because people started to take him to task for his actions. WHY the hell should Morrissey have to justify anything to anybody? If he doesn't want certain people in his society, then that is up to him. Did people not stop to ask themselves why Morrissey would want to pass niceties with anybody who shows signs of homophobia, or mocks suicide? He doesn't have to prove things were said to him, this isn't a court. If he says he witnessed it, then he witnessed it. Why would he make it up? Only two days ago Morrissey was describing  how harrowing his youth had been, as he battled with what society perceived was 'normal'. He tweeted that he had been taught that his "desire for love is a blight from the devil", so WHY, 40 years later, should Morrissey have to face a cross examination? The answer is, he doesn't, well certainly not here anyway. "I don't want to be judged, I would sooner be loved, I would sooner be blindly loved."

"I am human and I need to be loved."

If Wilde's green carnation represented homosexuality, which many believed it did, then wouldn't it be great if the Blue Rose represented humasexuality, although ultimately, it is up to Morrissey what he sees it representing, it is HIS society. What is more, if those people who are around Morrissey aren't the sort of people he wants around him, whether in the 'real' world or in cyberspace, then why would he put up with them?

If Morrissey decides tomorrow that he doesn't want me around, I would accept it and move on. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to get this close to a man who to me, is untouchable as a modern day poet. The words he has given through song define my life. I don't care if people think I am a fawning sycophant, I owe Morrissey far more than I could ever afford to pay, and so the very least I can do is to offer my support, which I will do, unquestioningly, for as long as it is wanted.

 I am sure that many people won't agree with my view, but that is fine, I will lose NO sleep. Whilst MorrisseysWorld is gone, if Morrissey sees FTM as a safe haven, where he can escape the torture of everyday life, then that is what I will provide.

Anybody leaving petty or hurtful comments will simply have them deleted. If you want to take Morrissey to task, Solow is just a click away.

Viva Blue Rose


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day 867 - The End of the Blue Rose Society?

In September 2011, having discovered that Morrissey had secretly started a blog and twitter account called 'MorrisseysWorld', I set up this blog of mine as a way of keeping my own personal diary of events as they unfolded. Morrissey himself became aware of my diary, and advertised it on the MorrisseysWorld blog for all to see.

Over the next twenty eight months, as the phenomenal story of MorrisseysWorld continued, I carried on writing my diary. Hundreds of signs were given by Morrissey to show that he was behind MW, but his own fans chose not to believe. It was just incomprehensible as to why Morrissey's fans couldn't see it was actually him behind the whole 'thing', but this made it all the more special. As I wrote my diary, approximately 30-40 souls, equally gripped by the MW phenomena, joined me on the journey. During this period, the Blue Rose Society was formed, with the 'Blue Rose' as our emblem.

A few weeks ago, the MorrisseysWorld blog closed, and two days ago, 'Parody Morrissey' (originally @MorrisseysWorld) announced that after 2000 tweets, he was closing the twitter account too.

At the request of 'Broken', a friend of 'Parody Moz', I closed my blog too, which seemed quite logical, as I only ever set it up to write about MorrisseysWorld, but yesterday 'Broken Morrissey' (@BrokenMorrissey) returned to twitter, and as I believe Broken to be Morrissey, I have decided to re-open my blog, to continue recording this phenomenal story. I am, however, a man of integrity (as noted by Broken), so if Broken requests that I close my blog again, then I shall. I have taken down hundreds and hundreds of my blog entries, and left just some of the relevant and funny ones.

I am hoping that we can take off from where we left, after all, this Blue Rose Society is too good to let go, and it has touched the hearts of a group of people right across the globe, but Broken has added to his twitter profile that the Blue Rose Society is dead. I really, really hope this is not the case.

'Parody Moz' may, or may not return, he's certainly an unpredictable s*d, but Broken and Parody M aren't the only characters to have been part of this journey, we were also introduced to a very special person called Fifi, aka Fire. Could Fire re-ignite the Blue Rose flame? If Morrissey decides that he still likes the idea of a global network of like minded fans, then perhaps he will send us Fifi. It would be great to have her back here, especially as she was promising to give us her 'Cocteau Theory'. Perhaps she could also provide us with more information about this photo that has recently cropped up on the net. We know it is of Morrissey and his Auntie Mary Dwyer outside a chapel in New York, but when was it taken, and who took it?


For the record, here are some of Broken's tweets from yesterday. Incidentally, he is using the 'Conan' photo as his profile pic. The doubters never did manage to explain why Moz made that owl sign. Hmm:


I won't be around for long but what an interesting experiment for an arch ironist: being oneself for a while.
The beauty of life is that it ends quite soon.

Hi Heather. I'm back as the real me now. No more irony. Nowhere left to hide.
How does it feel to be stripped bare, free of irony?
I'll utilise irony as ever, Heather, but I won't be defined by it on twitter. It was just an experiment, a fleeting fancy. Most people didn't get it anyway. Now people will realise just how frighteningly sane I am and how witheringly exact. I do miss MW though; it feels like the end of an era. I'll be posting MW classics and throwing in a few of my own! I'll miss MW. I think the blog was a work of art, and the Black Lodge could have gone almost anywhere.

When I was a kid, sleep felt like the biggest waste of time. Now I'm older, it seems like the only sensible thing to do. Sleep restores you, nurtures you; it's like drinking water. But what is this strange thing called sleep? Why is it so crucial
A soft, firm bed is one of life's great pleasures.
Somehow the guiltless pleasures are the most satisfying: sleep, not sex; cleanliness, not vanity.
Irony is a mature defence mechanism. It's a step up from humour and a step down from altruism.
The most sophisticated state to be in is simple acceptance. Try, but don't let trying kill you. Love, but don't let it contain you.
I promise you - life will change, life will surprise you one day.

I'm not Morrissey, or even Our Mozzer - I'm Broken, one of the authors of MW. Sorry to disappoint.
Thats ok, i'm not disappointed at all, you're quite an interesting person in your own right.
I'm fascinating... from a certain angle - specifically when you can't see my face.

A picture captures a thousand words. A poem captures a thousand pictures. A Morrissey song captures a thousand poems.
I've always loved poetry, but it's a hugely under-appreciated art; why are poets always derided, ignored or imprisoned?
Can you imagine The Jonathan Ross show with philosophers, painters and poets among the mindless B-listers?

There's nothing more frightening than the truth. Knowing what's in your heart tells you what's behind your mind.
So true and sad so many people run and hide from truth all their lives.
Yes. Gay people do it too. They refuse to accept they might love and be loved by a woman. Hence - humasexuality.

The cause of all despair is lack of love. We're conditioned to believe we're unlovable.
The message of all media is sex = proof of love; money = you can love yourself; beauty = leads to love.
The media never tells you that it's OK to be you and you can be loved just as you are. Does it?
Homosexuals grow up despising themselves, hiding themselves, hoping one day to be someone else. Is this fair?
My message is - you are lovable.
Have you ever wondered how it feels to be taught your desire for love is a blight sent from the Devil?
I remember being 13, spending all my time alone, living in my own world, because the hatred was palpable every single place I went.
Does anyone think a child should hate to feel that way? How evil can a child be?

I see, yes...accept the truth and be liberated.
The truth is more complex, as Morrissey has always said. Nobody is 'gay' or 'straight' or 'bi' - we're humans who need humans.
By categorising ourselves according to certain sex acts we play into the hands of society. Just be you. Isn't this enough?

Your internal dialogue is one constant stream of self-abuse - or bullying as we call it. Why don't you stop bullying yourself? (Ed: What a quote!)

You are lovable - you can be loved. The first step is to love yourself. You can love a simple flower, or a sunset. Why not love YOU?
God, I just think sometimes... where did my teenage years go? It's so frightening to realise they were frozen.
All I remember is my frozen child's heart. I was in emotional hibernation, from which I'm not yet fully thawed.
I'm in the microwave on defrost, but the bloody thing always leaves me cold in the centre.

People like us treat "irony" in the same way the pious treat godliness: bathed in it, surrounded by it, shining from within
Irony is impossible to define, yet it defines life for those of us who suffer while we think and think while we suffer. Irony will protect you from the consequences of being intelligent enough to know better.

People will forgive anything except forgiveness - that will eat them up for life.
Don't ever try being yourself - if you have to try, you're being someone else.
Imagine if you were loved deep and pure by your friends.
It's impossible, isn't it?
Is love compatible with humour? Is civilisation merely a defence mechanism to protect us from the individual?
Many want us all to be like Jesus. But what's the point in healing the sick when there's no one left to heal?

So there we have it. As to whether or not the Blue Rose Society continues, only Morrissey can decide, after all, if he doesn't want roses, we can hardly force him to take them, but we can live in hope.

Viva Blue Rose
Because We Must

*Goes off singing the 2000th tweet of Parody Moz* Time is like a dream, and now for a time you are mine, let's hold fast to the dream, that tastes and sparkles like wine.

(Footnote - Do feel free to read through some of the FTM blog entries that I have left 'live', some of them are really VERY good, and will remind you of many things you will have long since forgotten.)

Friday, 24 January 2014

Day 863 - Postcards from the Poolside

Dear Blue Rosers, I have arrived back in the real world, where I find nothing much has changed. For some, the real world is hell on earth, but I am one of the lucky ones; my home is a loving place, and taking the dog for a long walk along the beach yesterday with a wife who adores me (well why wouldn't she?) was as blissful as one can hope for.
I will no doubt be "back down the rabbit hole" soon.



Dear Earth, Wind and Fire (llllol), Earth, thank you for keeping us all grounded, Wind (Air), thank you for providing a soft cooling breeze, and Fire, never stop burning.

Dear Justin, I know you won't be reading this, but following your arrest yesterday for 'driving whilst under the influence', I fear for you. You are just nineteen, and you are rebelling, but it looks as though there is NO cause. What was it that Log Lady foresaw in the last MorrisseysWorld article? Oh yes, a car crash. Hopefully, Justin, for you it will just be a career car crash, but I fear for you.

Live fast, Justin, Live fast.

A Friend of Broken's

Dear GOB, The MW journey has helped us all open our eyes and minds to many things, and it has shown us we have prejudices, no more so than how we all pre-judged how we thought Morrissey would behave. The journey has also shown us we have prejudices that we may not even have realised existed.

Sometimes in life we have to put our hands up, and admit we are wrong. With regard to your argument with Broken, despite what you think, YOU are wrong. You are perhaps seeing something in yourself that you do not like, but rather than offer excuses, or blame another (ie Broken), it is time to reflect, and then if you can see that you are wrong, you should apologize to Broken.

If after reflection, you still think you are 100% right, and you decide NOT to apologize to Broken, then I guess that you will be mounting your bike, and heading in the same direction as Rosy Mires, Still.I.Cling et al. Perhaps the BRS is not the place for you after all.

I hope to see you here on my return, but if not, enjoy your ride, wherever it may take you.


Dear Harrison (@OdysseyNumber5) and Stephanie (@Stracy1675) Thank you for your messages of support. The BRS is indeed a global family.


Blue Rose Postcard postcard
And now, back to the poolside...... "H, be a darling.... wash that caramelised onion off your hands and come and do my back for me dear."

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 862 - Wrong

Yesterday's post went in the wrong direction. An over-active imagination perhaps.

Broken: "TRB your blog was interesting but wrong today."

Time for a rest.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Day 861 - The Spirit of the Rose

I promise that today, my theory on Blue Rose will be explained, but I am very short of time, so I may not get through the whole agenda. This will also be my last blog entry for a few days.

1. Apologies For Absence
2. Matters Arising From Yesterday
3. Morrissey on Twitter
4. France
5. What/Who is Blue Rose
6. Justin Bieber
7. The Pessoas 
8. Album and Tour
9. Any Other Business

Blue Rose Society Members Present in the past 24 hours: TRB, HeatherCat, Loughton Lil, LizzyCat, Willow (@Smashingblouse7), Bermondsey Billy (a c**t), Fifi (Fire... a Morrissey pessoa), EARS, Romina (back to me thinking she may be a possible pessoa.... somehow.... with Damon's input?), Kate Ryan (a Morrissey pessoa), Yunaragunarso, Comrade Harps, Chuck Smith, MancLad, Astraea (a Morrissey pessoa), Father Brian (good to see you sir), GWO, Edge (not him out of U2...the photography guy), Kellie the Crisp and Clover Dean.


Girl On Bike
To set the record straight, I didn't criticise Broken's sexual preferences, nor did I call JB (or anyone for that matter) a fag. Parody Moz correct in stating that there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. For me, that line is being accused of things like mocking someone's suicide attempt (???) etc. Real Moz or not, but accusing people of things they didn't do and tweeting sarcastic comments about them is not on. But that is my problem, not yours.

It was fun while it lasted but for now it's good bye.


A) 'H'Yesterday, Morrissey mentioned 'H' when describing caramelised onion. I took it to mean a person called 'H', perhaps a waiter, but GWO offers this:

girlwithout21 January 2014 21:43

I did not read the 'caramelised onion H' as being a who, but as a what. But what a what I do not know.


HeatherCat has pointed out that Fifi's comment left on Day 859 of FTM referred to item 4 of that day's agenda, ie Rank, and not item 3, ie Jeane, as I reported yesterday! I really am getting rather muddled lately. In truth, I didn't understand what Fifi meant when she said, "last line on 3. He was. He is. I am." Here is the whole comment from Day 859:

What have you done, Water!?
Not cool.

Joking aside, very good job once again on the blog. You are on fire! Well, not literally. You know what I mean.

1. "Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires"
2. See R's comment above.
3. Great analysis, Mr Rodent. Very, very interesting indeed.
4. Last line on 3. He was. He is. I am too.
8. Oh no you didn't! Bloody public domain.

I have to go. I have a swimming lesson.

Heather's interpretation was later confirmed by Fifi as being correct:

Heather is right about what I meant. Heather is always right.

I must go. I have to go buy some Fred Perry wellies and they're not easy to find. I will be back later.


Bermondsey Billy got confused by this, and thought it therefore meant Fifi was referring to track three on Rank (Vicar in a Tutu), but Heather later explained:

Billy, Fifi wasn't referring to the last line of track 3 on Rank, but rather the last line that Rat wrote on item number 3 on the agenda, which asks if Johnny was keeping a secret (about Jeane). Fifi is saying that Johnny is keeping a secret about Rank, and so is she. She also wrote 'soon', which I'm hoping means that she will reveal the secret of Rank to us soon. Thanks, Fifi - I'm not always right, btw :)

So what is this secret code that is in Rank? And on the subject of secrets, WHY were both @MorrisseysMum and @Banjaxer tweeting the number '22' the other day, and WHY, before disappearing from twitter, did Fifi and 'Mum' both post tweets quting the 'Vicar of Wakefield'? WHY WHY WHY? So many mysteries.



Romina suggested that Kristeen Young's song should have been higher in yesterday's chart, but the way in which she suggested this, with a highly amusing reply in 'broken' English, has ONCE AGAIN thrown suspicion back on her as being a Morrissey pessoa. I have always believed she had to be a pessoa, but her Italian is so fluent, I just couldn't work it out.... but it's simple, Damon Anacreonte is responsible for providing the Italian... or maybe Moz has learnt Italian himself! Either way, Romina HAS to be connected to Morrissey.

Here is Romina's comment from yesterday, which interestingly enough mentions 'swimming', just as Fifi mentioned it the day before! Hmm:

Dear Rat, sending you my massive apologize for the char, I was out for shopping and these promotional sales make me waste a lot of time! Anyway cheers for the fantastic songs! maybe Kristeen's song deserves an higher position, but cousin Fluff is the DJ and I don't want to hang him! Fingernails is very interesting, the word remainds me my holiday in Dublin three years ago, on a local newspaper there was a picture of Morrissey and Tony Visconti busy recording the three "new" songs, but in the front page there was a large picture of Shane McGowan sporting a veru strange kind of French manicure, do you know French manicure? Simple, just the top of the fingernail is painted with withe nail polish and all the finernail is painted with transaprent shining polish, but Shane's top fingernails were painted in black as the dirty fingernails of a young boy...curious coincidence, as always. Yesterday post was very interesting to, I'm agree with Comrade Harps about the interpretation of the lyrics, in fact, interpretation is strictly related to the personal culture of the reader and sometimes the author does'nt know about the symbols or the connection with other artworks, or maybe the reader, or the listner, got a particular idea about the author and misunderstands the meaning of the words. This, in my opinion, happens with the song "I can have both", due to the constant gossip about Morrissey's sexuality people read this song as a clue of bisexuality, but in my mind it is simply a song about the attitude with love's choise, not about gender choice. Sorry if I'm a little bit boring, now I got to go, my daughter got very important swimm training. Ciao!


The Parody Moz account has once again been closed, so there is nothing to report. More importantly though (and you'll see where this leads under items 5 & 6), Broken has been back on twitter with his 'Ironic Boy Belieber Twitter Page'. It is also important to note that Broken's twitter profile reads:

'A Boy Belieber. I believe Justin has talent and will in a few years discover The Smiths. He will be the new Morrissey/David Bowie. Watch this space.'

Here are some of Broken's (@Broken1andonly) tweets from yesterday, and remember, these have been written by Morrissey. This IS important:

Will the real Justin Bieber please stand up?
I think the real JB is a sweet, slightly damaged dude from Canada and he's created an image to sell to the world.
He loves animals, his family and pizza pie.
But somewhere along the line he picked up a Georgia accent, indoor shades and a few Ferraris. He needs to find himself.
Maybe that's what Justin's doing? Finding himself?
People don't realise Justin just has to live. He'll make mistakes but he'll come out stronger than ever.
He's too good a singer and performer to keep doing this bland R&B shit.

Menippus (@Menippus) made a very brief appearance yesterday, with just this one tweet of note:

For some surreal reason I dreamt I was at Judy Finnigan's 70th birthday party at a funfair/carnival. No Bieber in sight.

Astraea (@FadingGoldLeaf) is the musical director of Morrissey's online life, and most of her tweets are music related. I actually wonder if Astraea is feeding us material that may at a later stage appear on Morrissey's pre-concert warm up video. I do hope so, her taste is impeccable. If that is to be the case, then her account will no doubt disappear before the tour starts.

Yesterday, after the weekly chart was published, Astraea posted the Jayne Mansfield's version of Quando Quando Quando, which is just UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE! : Astraea also posted Suey by Jayne M, which will make your liver quiver:

The only other pessoa to put in an appearance yesterday (the only other to my knowledge that is, although there could of course be hundreds more) was Kate 'Dolly' Ryan, but as she has now apparently blocked everybody, I can't report on her tweets, although she was having a rant about Morrissey not using his official twitter account '@itsMorrissey', which incidentally hasn't been used since 2009, and yet still has over 72,000 followers. It will be interesting to see if the marketing men at Capitol look to get that account active before the next album comes out.


It is interesting to note in Fifi's first quote above, that she posts a link to floods in Saint Tropez, and then mentions buying Fred Perry wellies in her second post. Presumably this means that Morrissey is heading to the South of France, as I previously suggested.... perhaps he is already there!

So, WHY France? Morrissey's previous two albums were recorded in LA and Rome, so is he heading to France for any particular reason? I personally believe that Jean Cocteau is the pull, and Cocteau has obviously influenced Morrissey for years, but why go now, why has he not gone before? Perhaps Moz always meant to record in France, but just never got around to it.

Perhaps Morrissey is planning to meet up with Francoise Hardy. Could that be the French connection? There has been rather a lot of Francoise's music played in the Twitterdilly Arms lately by Astraea.


Right, I've put it off for long enough, so here goes.... THE MAIN EVENT of today's blog entry.
I don't really know how to start, and I don't even know what I am going to write, so let's see what spews out of my rat like brain. For many people, this whole next bit might be a little bit too much to comprehend, and I have to admit, it is WAY outside of my comfort zone.

Ultimately, most Morrissey fans will probably see the Blue Rose Society as just a bit of fun, although I use the word 'most' fairly loosely, because actually, most Morrissey fans have never heard of the BRS. Actually, the word 'fun' is a fairly loose word too, as most Morrissey fans who have heard of the BRS don't think it's fun, they think we're all a bunch of crackpots, and what I am just about to write is probably only going to heighten those thoughts.

I suppose that this whole Blue Rose thing could just be a Morrissey Fan Club, set up by the man himself, via a parody website, but I agree with Broken, "it goes deeper than any of you realise."

I am very much an atheist, and as far as I am aware, I have never had any sort of spiritual side. I'm just your average run of the mill bloke, who likes cricket and football, works hard (or probably smart rather than hard if I'm honest), and doesn't try to think too deeply about things... but this MorrisseysWorld experience has opened my mind on so many matters, and I keep stumbling across things that seem to link to other things. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw. I'm waffling aren't I?

Ok... *deep breath* my theory on Blue Rose is that Morrissey, or perhaps we, the BRS as a group, have 'subconsciously' created a modern day equivalent of either the Priory of Sion or the Rosicrucian, but perhaps not with any religious connotation.

For those who haven't immediately logged off, and are interested enough to want to see where this is going, then I aught to explain just what the Priory of Sion is; although because I have neither read The Da Vinci Code, nor read any more than a wikipedia entry on the Priory of Sion, I am very much out of my depth here. Here is the wiki entry:

The original Priory of Sion is supposedly a secret organization responsible for preserving the truth about the 'Real Jesus', and according to what I have read, it's Grand Master between 1918 until his death in 1963, was none other than Jean Cocteau. It is believed by some that Cocteau was unable to find a successor to his role, presumably because there was nobody who he felt worthy, and it may well be that the order failed to continue after 1963.... but if I had a spiritual bone in my body, I would say that perhaps it was just 'on hold'.

It could be that Cocteau had initially earmarked the younger Raymond Radiguet to succeed him as Grand Master, which is why, when Radiguet died so suddenly, Cocteau took it so badly.

Image result for cocteau radiguet

Although all this is out of my comfort zone, I can't help but feel that there was a 'spiritual' reason for Cocteau to come to Britain in 1959 and draw his 'Three Frescoes of the Annunciation, Crucifixion and Assumption' at the Notre Dame de France church in London. Could it be that Cocteau was drawn to England because he sensed his successor was here, even though he didn't know their identity? Was it his calling?

Cocteau's drawing in the Notre Dame de France church is very interesting, in that he doesn't show the face of the person on the cross, so although most people would presume it is Christ, it could be Cocteau's faceless successor. Cocteau drew a large Blue Rose, a large letter 'M', and he signed it off with DDD.

Jean Cocteau mural, London. by TheAltruist.

More information about Cocteau's drawing in London can be read here:

The article mentions another society with whom Cocteau was supposedly involved, called the Rosicrucian. I have a feeling that I have read somewhere before that Oscar Wilde may also have been linked to the Rosicrucian. Information on the Roscicrucians can be read here:

I don't believe for one minute that Morrissey has ever been 'inducted' as the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, but I DO believe that he himself feels some sort of spiritual connection with Cocteau, and Morrissey will be more than aware of both the Priory of Sion and the Rosicrucian. Does Morrissey feel that he is Cocteau's successor, albeit that it may be a 'spiritual' succession, and if so, has he ever shared this with anybody?

I can't imagine for one minute that Morrissey would ever go public with such matters, it would put him into David Icke territory, and I don't believe for one minute that either the media, or indeed Morrissey's own fans, would be willing to let him off lightly if he ever made such a claim

All the masonic imagery that Morrissey placed on the MorrisseysWorld blog, was put there for a reason. Perhaps it was Morrissey showing that he knew there was a connection between him and the Priory/Rosicrucians, but maybe he didn't know what he was supposed to do with it. Perhaps it is only the natural evolvement of the BRS that has awoken something inside him, which again, may account for him feeling the need to record in France, close to Cocteau.

I may of course be barking mad, but there is definitely something spiritual about the Blue Rose Society, and perhaps I have only touched the tip of an iceberg, perhaps this already runs far deeper.

Morrissey IS Blue Rose.


As well as masonic imagery, another 'constant' throughout this MorrisseysWorld journey has been the inclusion of Justin Bieber. There has to be a reason why Bieber of all people is continuing to be part of 'this', and I think it could be that despite Bieber's awful songs, fashion faux pas' and THAT moustache, Morrissey finds that he has a connection to him, and if I am right about the whole Priory of Sion thing, Morrissey could actually see Bieber as his protege!

Having observed Morrissey's behavior towards Bieber, both in 'real life' through press comments, and via Morrissey's 'online pessoas', I would guess that Morrissey is battling himself about Bieber. Every bone in Morrissey's body must be telling him that Bieber is just "another nonsense non-star" who can't dance, can't sing, can't do anything... and yet, and yet, and yet.... he feels a connection. By using the pessoa of 'Broken', the 'ironic boy belieber', Morrissey can pass the whole Bieber thing off as a joke, and if Bieber fails to live up to expectation as a successor, then the whole thing WAS a joke, but those words,  "I believe Justin has talent and will in a few years discover The Smiths. He will be the new Morrissey/David Bowie. Watch this space.", I believe could very well come true. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw.

There was an interesting tweet the other day, not by Broken, but by Parody Moz, which said something like, "They are ruining him." Bieber is only 19 (20 in March), and if he's not careful 'they' might not only ruin him, they might kill him. And people thought 'The Kid's a Looker' was a throw-away song? Bollocks!

Knowing who is who in this whole phenomenal MorrisseysWorld journey is one of the biggest mind fucks. Most people on twitter hide their true identities, and therefore everybody is suspicious about everybody else. There is also the impossibility of working out which pessoas might, or might not be, the work of Morrissey. Personally, I believe Morrissey to be behind Parody Moz, Broken, Greyer Girl, Menippus, Kate 'Dolly Wilde' Ryan, Astraea, Fifi, possibly Romina, and Morrisseys Mum, but I may be wrong. There could also be MANY others. Each pessoa has there own personality, gender, age etc, just as Fernando Pessoa created his. In the case of Kate Ryan, she is not only mentally unhinged, but she is also a writer in her own right. What is very important to remember is that NONE of these pessoas is Morrissey.

There are now just 10 days before work starts on the album. The excitement is going to be electric. Hopefully the tour will also be announced soon, and I can't wait to see what cities the tour takes in. The 2013 tour kicked off in Long Island, especially, it would seem, for Kyle, the President of the Blue Rose Society. Will Morrissey play concerts close to the homes of EARS, GOB, Loughton and me? He knows where we all live! And will any of Astrea's music, or any of the MorrisseysWorld imagery make it onto the tour video? Can you imagine our faces if Billy Britt suddenly appeared?

It's going to be a GREAT year for Morrissey.


A) David Bret

I had never heard of David Bret until the other day, when a few of the Blue Rosers got into an argument with him on twitter, but although he is being particularly scathing about MorrisseysWorld and Parody Moz, it is only because he, like many others, just can't comprehend that Morrissey could possibly be behind it. From the comments left by Broken though, I get the feeling that Moz actually has a soft spot for Bret. Here is what he tweeted:

Broken: Bret seems a bit petty. Have you seen him interviewed? He's rather eccentric. But he's superior to the average Moz fan. He's also right about M-solo. He's more enlightened than the cesspit of Morrissey fans. He's a many-times-published writer. He's got something to say.

Chuck: disagrees is just too brainless to understand his enormous insights.

Broken: So very much like Morrissey then? Every TTY note more or less says the same. I'm right and you idiots don't understand, you idiots! And why am I so ignored?

If Bret is as intelligent as Morrissey thinks, then it will only be a matter of time until he realises that there couldn't possibly be anybody except Moz, who is behind MorrisseysWorld. Many have tried to find somebody else who could possibly be behind it, but once you put together all the pieces of the jigsaw, there actually isn't ANYBODY else it could be. It's impossible. Slowly, slowly, they will all begin to realise.

B) Blue Rose member, Chuck Smith, has created a blog, which keeps tabs of all the 'coincidences' and 'signs' that surround the mystery of MorrisseysWorld. It is currently a work in progress, but hopefully she will list as many as she can.... and there really have been HUNDREDS. Here is the blog:

So, that's it. I have entered unchartered waters with my Blue Rose theory. I certainly don't expect Morrissey to admit it, but we are on a ride to somewhere, and I'm holding on tight.

Love Blue Rose MT (Menton) - Trouble Loves Me

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 860 - All Mixed Up

So, carrying on from yesterday, here is today's agenda:


1. Apologies For Absence
2. Matters Arising From Yesterday
3. The Latest From Parody Moz.... and Broken
4. Justin Bieber
5. The Pessoas
6. France
7. Album and Tour 
8. NME nominations
9. What/Who is Blue Rose
10. Any Other Business
11. Twitterdilly Arms Top 10 Chart

Blue Rose Society Members present in the past 24 hours: Broken (a Morrissey pessoa), TRB, Marcus Markou, Chuck, LizzyCat, HeatherCat, AIR, GWO, MancLad, Willow, Romina, Astraea (a Morrissey pessoa), Greyer Girl (a Morrissey pessoa), JJazmine, Comrade Harps, Menippus (a Morrissey pessoa), Bermondsey Billy (a c*nt), The Other Half (left a comment about many people reading the blog, and then deleted it), Fifi (Fire.... and a Morrissey pessoa) and Kate 'Dolly' Ryan (a Morrissey pessoa). If I have missed anybody out, please leave a comment.

None received, although HeatherCat asked that President Kyle be listed. I am only listing people who are active and getting involved. I would guess Kyle is at school, but it would be great to see his father, Brian here. No apologies have been received from John 'Loughton Lil' Gill, who quite frankly seems to come and go as he pleases. No apologies received from GOB, who is currently sulking after receiving a telling off from Parody Moz after she showed intolerance towards Broken and his sexual preferences. Come on GOB, reflect, and then get back on the bike. He is here to challenge our prejudices. Edge of Industrial photography guy has disappeared too. Is there really so few of us?



I don't think I've ever been to a meeting where there is something brought up under 'Matters Arising' concerning 'Apologies For Absence', but Fifi posted this quote from Francois de La Rochefoucauld regarding her absence:

"Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires"


HeatherCat, Parody Moz (via his secretary 'R') and Fifi, were all quick to point out that I had mixed the lyrics of the new Morrissey song 'My Fingernails Collect the World's Problems', with a parody song written by Parody Moz about Justin Bieber, called 'Never Say Always'! What can I say? I am hanging my rat shaped head in shame. Here is the comment left by Parody Moz (who still deludedly signs in as 'Morrissey'), which was sent by his admin guy/secretary 'R':

Our Mozzer emailed me this evening thus:

"R get that s***ing Ratb****** to correct his sloppy journalistic rag tag of a blog post immediately. The c*** has mixed up the two songs in the most catastrophic fashion. In the more sincere song the dead pop star on a park bench is suddenly transported - without explanation or vaguely rational musical bridge - to his bedroom, watching youtube, presumably from beyond the grave. For f***'s sake - is a little journalistic integrity too much to ask? A little fact checking? A bit of due s***ing diligence? Instruct that good-for-nothing inbred that the songs were as follows:

'The sky was crimson and your jokes were barbed
Blackest envy gripped your precious heart
You vomited for hours
You died on a bench

As coldness rotted your still-living bones
Politicians made cuts
Bankers got fat
My fingernails collect the world's problems
My fingernails collect the world's problems

As bitter and cold as I am,
My heart, such as it is, goes out to you,
Your blue lips colder than Fulham Road in December,
Your small mind broken by the spite of this world,

I'm sorry I did nothing,
So sorry,
As I live, I will never feel a thing again,
Your life was everything to me,
And now I am a frozen shadow.'

'Never Say Always' as follows:

' In your room you sit
Youtube mocks and haunts you,
There for all the world to see
Your many failings and fears,
A public spectacle again

Tears fall like raindrops
But managers apply foundation and touching cream
Lights hurt your eyes
But still you smile
Never say always'

Ever Yours

Fake M!

PS Tell that presumptious c*** that they won't be on the s***ing album now; instead I'll release them posthumously. My laughter shall reverberate around Hell like thunder.

PPS All out of caramelised onion H. over here old son. Also Boz forgot to bring me some blue brie. Useless c***. I don't suppose you could pop over with some pain au raisin, blue brie and caramelised onion H? Before 8 pm please. Thanks. Oh and don't forget my laundry."

I hope this clarifies matters.


I really am a Grade A c**t. Is M serious that this beautiful new song will now not see the light of day until after his demise? Actually, and this has nothing to do with today's agenda, I have often thought about singers recording albums/songs to be released posthumously. You quite often get a situation where some old demos are found in a loft, but wouldn't it be a completely novel thing to do, to record an album, and then leave it safely locked up, with instruction that it only be released upon death. Has any artist ever done this before? Morrissey should do it. It could be called, 'I Bet You Miss Me Now I'm Gone'. Any other suggestions for a posthumous album title may be left in the comments section!

One last thing on this matter......Who the fuck is 'H'?



Fifi left this comment regarding my thoughts on Jeane:

"Great analysis, Mr Rodent. Very, very interesting indeed. Last line on 3. He was. He is. I am too. 

The comment "He was. He is. I am too." would appear to mean that Johnny Marr WAS keeping a secret from Sandie Shaw about the subject matter on Jeane, and he still IS.... and so is Morrissey.... but I think I might just be right!

Comrade Harps also offers a theory:

As for the meaning of Jeane or any other song, as a failed poet I can attest that the meaning of a work of art (written or otherwise) can be multiple. Writers can be aware of these multiple meanings at the time of composition and even through moments of self-revelation at a later date. Cocteau and Raymond Radiguet, Moz and Linder Sterling, Linder and Howard Devoto: Jeane could be about all of the above and more at once.


With regard to the photo of Morrissey and Shizu, Fifi commented, "Bloody public domain."

E) There is no 'E'.... so we shall move on to the next item on the agenda.


Parody Moz once again returned to the Twitterdilly Arms yesterday, and although there are just too many great witticisms to reproduce them all here, I worry that if I don't at least repeat some, they may all be lost forever (once he deletes the account, which inevitably he will), so here we go. Morrissey is quite generous with his wit, and doesn't keep all the best lines for Parody Moz; his pessoa 'Broken' is just as amusing.

With 1800 tweets and 642 followers, I'm obviously doing something very right.
At this rate if I typed for 24 hours a day it would take me 315 lifetimes to reach 's number of followers.
I'm happier than ever on Twitter with my rag-tag bunch of followers, but I can't help feeling envious and bitter over Katy Perry.
Don't my tweets deserve a chance to influence the world, or at least appear in a gossip column in Missouri?
The purpose of life is to realise there isn't one.
The purpose of death is to challenge our faith in the pointlessness of life.
On twitter I wield an enormous influence - over my right hand.
Every tweet is an egregious act of wanton self-destruction. Each witticism further erodes one's hopes for this life and the one after.
Wit is one of the most destructive forces. Brilliant wit undermines one's trust and faith and hope until one is too demotivated to think.
Thus in producing genius wit, one erodes one's spirit until one is a witless bore. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Wit destroys the soul faster than cocaine. Cocaine steals the soul; wit obliterates it.
However bad things get, I can comfort myself with the thought that I'm neither Ryan Seacrest nor Richard Hammond.
Ryan Seacrest retweeting Kim Kardashian - is there a better definition of the word vacuous?
The outwardly beautiful and inwardly ugly have the most pleasurable lives.
The outwardly ugly and inwardly beautiful live principally for death.
The goal of democracy is to make people's lives better. The goal of politics is to make people's lives meaningless.
Broken: Love is like God - it only exists as a concept. Politics deals with absolutes - like sex and gold.
A valid point Broken. Politics deals with sex, gold and power, while pretending to manage love, money and justice.
We're all a bit Asperger's on Twitter.
I live to be ignored so that when I die I'll always be remembered.
Is anyone else on Twitter capable of being Wildean over a quick pot of tea?
If there was any justice in this world, your song would get to number one. There is justice - but only in my house.
The human mind can cope with absolutely anything, except reality.
Last time I left twitter for a year when I reached 8000 followers. This time I think I'll depart when I pass 1000.
As a certain singer said in an interview recently "Twitter is interesting." But ... how would he know?
I am not Morrissey.
I truly hope Victoria Beckham outlives me; the prospect of a tearful Elton trotting out ‘Candle in the Wind’ for a third time is unbearable.
Blessed with the wit to ask myself all the wrong questions, I quickly realised that to look at oneself is to dislike oneself.
After three lifetimes of soul-searching I have discovered the solution is simply to avoid all mirrors.
My retweet figures are scandalous. There are dustbin men giving daily updates who get better figures than I do.
Broken: It is a fri***ng disgrace how few retweets you get. You're like Rimbaud quoting Wilde on a particularly cloudy day. - Plus, you're a c*** and that usually goes down well on twitter.
Everybody's lost but they're pretending they're not.

Parody Moz: Bieber supports PETA.
Broken: Can shit music be cancelled out by PETA activism? In other words is it OK if you release 'Baby' just so long as you avoid meat and support animal rights?
Parody Moz: Releasing 'Baby' and supporting is better than releasing 'For Your Pleasure' and going fox hunting.

Life is darker than the days but lighter than the nights.
The intelligent long for beauty. The beautiful long for fame. The famous long for wealth. And the wealthy long for obscurity.
Life is the curse and sleep is the cure.
Almost 2000 tweets. Still I struggle on, devoid of wit, charm and followers.
I long for the pure white light of poetic redemption, the grim leaden Manchester night and Rome's skyline by dawn.


I actually don't have the time to write anymore today, so I will jump to item 11.


The chart was advertised to take place in the Twit Arms at 12pm today, but as nobody turned up (except half a Heather), it was cancelled. Here is the chart that was lined up.... not that anybody is remotely interested.











Bubbling Under



Back to the real world. Perhaps I should stay there.

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