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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day 841 - Our Mozzer Returns to Twitter

I decided to take a complete break from the MorrisseysWorld blog, my blog and Twitter over Christmas, but I returned today, to find much had happened. It would appear that whilst I was in self imposed exile, the MW blog all but disappeared, whilst Our Mozzer has, VERY unexpectedly, returned to twitter in the new guise of, '@MorrisseyParody'.

The only article that remains on the MW blog is a new one, dated Saturday 28 December 2013, entitled 'The Magic Has Gone.' The article explains how the blog was meant to be more than a joke, and adds that it was a shame that so few left comment, or spread the word. It finishes with, "In the end, it was too much work for so little reward, just like The Smiths."

I have no idea WHY Our Mozzer suddenly decided to take to twitter (or the Twitterdilly Arms as it is fondly known around these parts), but he is back with a BANG! As I type this, he has posted 371 tweets in the past 24 hours, and has amassed 127 followers. It's just like 2011 all over again, but the big question is, will Morrissey get bored of pretending NOT to be Morrissey, and delete the account again, or will the clues and signs be slightly less subtle this time around, and will more of his fans actually realise this time that... IT REALLY IS HIM!!!!!!

Interestingly, the True-To-You website yesterday posted this:

Morrissey's most revered singers

1 January 2014
Morrissey's most revered singers
1 Al Martino
2 Bobby Hatfield
3 Philippe Wynne
4 Klaus Nomi
5 Timi Yuro
6 Jimmy Jones
7 General Johnson
8 Buffy Sainte-Marie
9 Elvis Presley
10 Levi Stubbs
11 Damien Dempsey
12 Matt Monro
13 Dawn Upshaw
14 Melanie Safka
15 Tim Buckley

There is of course, NO rhyme or reason to this list, it is just random singers that Morrissey happens to like, so the question Morrissey fans should be asking is, 'WHY, out of the blue, has Morrissey posted this list?', and the second question is 'WHY is Al Martino of all people listed at Number 1?'

The answer to both questions has been provided by '@MorrisseyParody', who has today tweeted:

- M's list of revered singers. Weren't you surprised by number 1? Al Martino ahead of Bowie and Elvis?

Of course Al Martino sang a song - does anyone remember the title?

"Red Roses for a Blue Lady" doesn't count I'm afraid Moz. It's too tenuous. You'll actually have to past a statement featuring blue and rose.

So now, it is time to sit back and enjoy the ride..... AGAIN! It was 841 days ago that I first discovered Morrissey on twitter, and now he is back, but will his fans realise it is him this time, or will they once again miss all the signs? The 2014 tour will no doubt prove to be VERY interesting.... once it is officially announced!

(Please feel free to post comment on your favourite twitter quotes from Our Mozzer)


  1. No mention of a return to Twitter just 2 nights ago from Broken or OurMozzer in the MW chatroom. Broken was dejected and low and determined to end it all.

    Interestingly, several times Broken ignored my questions about the role conspiracy theories in MW before an oblique reference to the blog having a range of references.

    Oh, and Broken confirmed that GWO was right when she wrote that a draft response to the questions was in draft on the blog and then questioned how she knew (and GWO wasn't saying).

    It was an interesting New Years chat.

  2. Hello Ratty, very happy to read a new post on your blog, Morrissey's list is very interesting, but did you post something about Matt Monro? I like very much Dawn Upshaw, Maria Callas not in the reading some MorrisseyParody tweets as I'm watching Downtown Abbey, goodnight!

  3. twitter's taken over for tonight but my favourite quote is this one:

    morrissey ‏
    @gooba71 @piersmorgan The only people in the world who can stand Piers Morgan are US TV viewers - and, from what I hear, not many of them!

  4. I hear a similarity in Morrissey and Al Martino voice.

  5. uyou won't believe this! The latest coincidences may be the biggest yet, but no one will notice!!

    Yesterday on Twitter Morrissey announced they're to record their new album and he's working on a novel. Less than 24 hours later Morrissey announced on TTY that they're about to record their new album and he's half way through a novel! I kid you not!

    But will the press notice? Will his fans notice?

    It's unbelievable! Everything he does he predicts with MW! This has to be the most incredible 'coindence' so far!!!!

    How long can this go on?!

  6. Not only that if you remember Moz tweeted 'istanbul' for no reason 2 years ago. We never knew why. Now he tells us on TTY about a new song named Istanbul. Also MW says there's an obscure twin peaks connection to do with fruit pies!

    That's 3 amazing coincidences at least!

    Christ! Will they finally realise?

    Rat I feel I'm going insane.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. funny to see morons like banjaxer - who knows all the coinciences cause he wrote about them in an article - posting a link to the tty article saying how interesting it is, yet the idiot hasn't taken the time to establish that MW revealed both of the big pieces of news - new album and Morrissey novel - 24 hours prior!

      Also as you say chuck, other coincidences too

    2. I don't know how you can say it thickens. He's already proven he's Moz. Don't you remember 0wl eyes? Hand signs? Argentinian tours? Falklands quotes? Years of refusal mentions on TTY? White rose? Red rose? Blue rose? Twice? 25 Live? The list goes on and on.

      Everyone gets disillusioned then seizes on the latest proof. Truth is MW was Morrissey and no one will ever know.

      These coincidences are powerful but no more so than past coincidences.

    3. aaw don't call banji a moron..its' not very nice

  8. I noticed the "coincidence" about the novel and I remember very well about Istanbul because there is an Italian song called Istanbul to and, at time, it looked me very strange that Morrissey mentioned an old song of Litfiba, but now I know why he did it! I'm very exited! Ciao Rat!

    1. Im listening to it I love it, so Im with you I know now why he would! Thanks Romina!

  9. Replies
    1. We'll miss you - take care, dear friend. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude at having the opportunity to be a part of this whole experience. We eagerly look forward to the new album, tour, and novel. Endless thanks and all the best to you x

    2. You certainly give new meaning to the saying "seize the day"! Thanks for the enjoyment over the past 48 hours. I can't believe people are so blind. You couldn't have been more obvious if you had waved with a fence post. As we say in Germany! :)

    3. 'Twas lovely to chat with you. The Loughton concert is off I fear as the shop-warm pastry proved to be a deal-breaker. No imagination I'm afraid, but i keep the spare room ready just in case.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. You have been a joy, as ever. I keep saying it but I feel blessed to be share this experience with you & BRS.
      I am delighted about the novel, its bound to be a cracking read.
      Pop back when you can.
      Take care & thank you for being you x

    6. if you still get this, thank you for it all! Im so excited about what lies ahead...wish all the best to you

  10. I did enjoy those exchanges with @MorrisseyParody Every few minutes, right up to about 2am here, I was flashing tweets to my wife (who would often burst into a big smile). I don't care who this man is. He is hilarious, thought provoking, and intelligent and frankly, you just don't associate those qualities with pop music. He should drop the mic for the pen - for sure...

  11. Hello little charmers!

    It's funny to see how a cold breeze in the neck and rainy days can spur creativity.

    I know you have not posted (yet) about the TTY Q&A but do you mind if I share a thought about this?
    I happen to have a photo of Fabian (the fashion reference mentioned on TTY) from the movie 'A bullet for pretty boy' and it always reminded me of 'You are the Quarry'
    I don't know if the inspiration behind the sleeve was ever revealed and if so, I might be completely wrong.
    What do you think? (Sorry I cannot post actual photos on here so I found the photo I am talking about on ebay) :


    1. Definitely looks like an inspiration to me. Thanks once again for your insightful info, Fifi.

  12. my my what have I missed, still being late once in while does one the world of good, Turkish delight anyone ???


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