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Monday, 6 January 2014

Day 845 - Blue is Blue and Grey is Grey(er), Since You Went Away

It has now been three days since Parody Morrissey went away, but he never goes far, and after a lengthy (16 month) absence, the Twitterdilly Arms is pleased to welcome back...... '@GreyerGirl' *audience applause*


Greyer Girl is, of course, one of Morrissey's pessoa's.... I think!... but then again, who knows? If she(?) isn't a pessoa, then she is DEFINITELY a member of Morrissey's inner circle, but we still have NO idea as to which of his friends are actively involved in this whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, and which ones have NO idea about it. GG's tweets have been certainly been very informative, but more about that in a minute.

Since posting my last blog entry on Friday, a few of my regular readers have posted some more of Parody Morrissey's tweets from last week. Here they are:

These are some of my favourite tweets - I especially liked his interaction with Boy George:

1. Boy George ‏@BoyGeorge
@MorrisseyParody @twitter is the perfect platform for a man of the people! Why would you not use it! Joining in is not surrender!

2. morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
@BoyGeorge Once one has thrown one's arms around Paris and one's legs around @BoyGeorge what is left? A left hook around @NiallOfficial ?

3. Boy George ‏@BoyGeorge
@MorrisseyParody @NiallOfficial No, it's Liam from @oneerection that requires attention! Lol!

4. morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
@BoyGeorge @NiallOfficial @oneerection Liam is your favourite? I had you down as a Harry Styles man.

5. Boy George ‏@BoyGeorge
@MorrisseyParody @NiallOfficial @oneerection I think Liam has issues! Lol!

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
@TheRatsBack Autobiography was nothing but an in-joke. I'm amazed nobody 'got' it, but then journalists don't have a lot up top.

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
Only the few will find me now. The unfortunate few.

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
I will continue to generate controversy, poetry and enmity. I will never change.

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
Though it would be quite surreal, I can see myself as an X Factor judge.

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
I could simply frown throughout, and occasionally puff out my cheeks or raise an eyebrow.

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
Despair equals suffering multiplied by intelligence, multiplied by number of friends and children, divided by number of pets.

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
Time is short and wishing is more costly than gold.

morrissey ‏@MorrisseyParody
The purpose of life - if indeed there is a purpose - is to strip away this mental window-dressing and simply live.

FROM: Anonymous3 January 2014 18:12

I liked the poetic one but can't remember it properly. I also loved his line about art,

"bad art takes over one's life, good art changes one's life, great art replaces one's life."

Related to the autobiography, he also mentioned that his memoirs (which are not ironic in intent, I presume) will be published posthumously. He had made a comment along the same lines in chat a few weeks ago.

Missed a lot of the tweeting, but have to shamefully admit that I guffawed about the one where he said that he tripped while running up the stairs and hit himself in the eye with his laptop and could not see anyone’s tweets. Thought I was the only person daft enough to have ever done that.
Question is: where was he running up the stairs to?
And now we are on the l~OO~k out for a hairy backed blogger with an eye patch. 

It might mean nothing, but there's something I can't get out of my head.

@MorrisseyParody favourited one single tweet of them, and it said something along "Bring me a new song, Boz - you're not cheap, you know, and there's other 'musical directors' out there". I wonder if he was telling us that there'll be different songwriters contributing to the album. Is that too far-fetched?

And on the subject of Boz Boorer, Boz yesterday posted this poster on twitter. Not only is there a lot of  blue in the poster, but I am SURE that is a BLUE ROSE in the bottom right hand corner, and if it's not, then WHAT could it possibly be?:

The colour blue, and indeed roses, have been mentioned a lot by members of the BRS since Morrissey published his list of 'Most Revered Singers' on True-To-You last week. Long time 'Deluded Dozen' member, Marcus Markou started the ball rolling with this observation:

I went for a walk on Wimbledon Common thinking about the, at times moving exchange with @MorrisseyParody, and the song 'BLUE Spanish Eyes' popped into my head by Al Martino. I love that song. I actually have it. It then occurred to me, whilst communing with the trees on the Common, that the list of songs he posted have a 'BLUE' connection:

Bobby Hatfiled - Out of the BLUE
Jimmy Jones - BLUE and Lonely
General Johnson - Veitnam BLUES
Buffy Sainte Marie - Soldier BLUE
Elvis - BLUE Suede Shoes
Matt Monroe - When Sunny gets BLUE
Melanie Safka - I'm so BLUE
Tim Buckley - BLUE Afternoon

Klaus Nomi is a more obscure link but he did cover "Falling in Love Again" which was a Dietrich song in 'the BLUE Angel' and I'd like to add that my father named his first business - a chip shop in Erdington - 'The Blue Angel' - after seeing the film! It's still there... where my life began.

Timi Yuro's final live performance was at Gregs BLUE Dot in Hollywood.

Need to Google the other missing links... to see.

You see! Talking to the trees does work!


Marcus' observation was picked up by others:

Wow, Marcus - I might start communing with the trees myself!
Timi Yuro is considered to be a 'blue-eyed soul' singer and she sang 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea'. A couple more songs for the list:

Dawn Upshaw - Little Girl Blue
Levi Stubbs (with The Four Tops) - Whenever There's Blue
In addition to singing 'Blue Spanish Eyes' and 'Red Roses for a Blue Lady', Al Martino also sang 'Love is Blue', which has been covered by many artists, including The Spinners. Philippe Wynne (#3 on the revered singers list) sang with The Spinners, although apparently not when they recorded 'Love is Blue', so I don't know if that's enough of a connection. I couldn't find any other 'blue' songs associated with him.

The only other singer on the list who hasn't been accounted for is Damien Dempsey, who sang the Dublin GAA anthem, which is entitled 'True Blue'.

If most/all of the singers are connected to blue, maybe they or something else in the statement are also connected to 'rose' as 'blue rose' was meant to be a theme?

Anyone know?

Jed the Bed

Roses do appear to be a theme. So far I've found:

Elvis - Mama Liked the Roses
Timi Yuro - Honeysuckle Rose
Matt Monro - Roses, Roses and Roses
Dawn Upshaw - Roses ardentes & Dans un parfum de roses blanches
Tim Buckley - Sally Go Round the Roses
Buffy Sainte-Marie has a rose named after her.

I haven't been able to find any more songs with 'rose' titles (doesn't mean they're not out there), but I have found two songs that mention roses in the lyrics. Melanie Safka wrote 'The First Time I Loved Forever', the theme song for the 'Beauty and the Beast' TV series, which mentions the rose that is essential to that story by Cocteau. Levi Stubbs (with The Four Tops) sang 'Love the One You're With', which mentions a 'rose in the fisted glove' in the chorus. Maybe some of the other revered singers have rose-related lyrics or other connections but I haven't found an easy way to search for them.

WOW! This is incredible! Morrissey is sending US messages by thinking up lists of artists with a connection to the colour BLUE! It's not the first time he's done this either. Look at the list of artists on his Desert Island Discs choice. New York Dolls, Marianne Faithful, Ramones, Velvet underground, Klaus Nomi, Nico, Iggy and Mott The Hoople. ALL of them have song titles or connections to BLUE. Go ahead, Google it if you don't believe me!!
Morrissey formed the blue Rose Society long before we were here. He was just waiting for us. Why can't people SEE this? They are missing out. They can't see the wood for the trees!!! None so blind as those that cannot see!!!
Do the same with this list from 2010!! You'll find BLUE connections with EACH artist

He even lists number 6 as Buffy Sainte-Marie, Soldier BLUE. Just as Marcus googled so accurately. Genius Marcus. GENIUS!!

And now..... back to 'GreyerGirl', who yesterday entered the 'Blue Rose' connection with this:

I just discovered a Linder interview where she explains the meaning of 'roses' says she got into roses 2 years ago - when things were hotting up on MorrisseysWorld - and Morrissey sings in background of interview! She wears red rose t-shirt and 2 pieces of blue rose art! Linder = MW?

Meanwhile, over in The Twitterdilly Arms, GG posted a Linder interview, and also added these comments:
Linder post-MorrisseysWorld puts white roses over men's privates in her exhibition

Wow, thought I saw blue roses too. Love the song choice :)

Tim Walker and Linder Sterling for Vogue Italia, 2010.



While Linder talks about music with white roses in her art work, Morrissey's Glamorous Glue plays!

Linder is beautiful, like an older, more intelligent Nicole Kidman. Never heard of 'sploshing!' message in Linder's work

Hilarious that Morrissey plays while Linder discusses him with men and white roses and girl called him "morr-ee-say!"

omg heather is right!!! BLUE ROSE on b&w photo in linder interview! Morrissey sings! Morr-ee-say! White rose!

Linder is making a tongue in cheek reference to MorrisseysWorld??

another linder interview with white and red roses!!!!!!!!

And guess what? Linder is wearing a red rose t-shirt!!!! This is like an insane dream!!!!! Moz is having a laugh!

Or is Linder even involved in MW? Is she MW?

after 7 mins linder begins discussing 'the rose' and says she began working with roses 2 years ago! 2 years ago is when Morrissey posted the 'see the rose and know' symbol of his face with 2 roses!!!!!!!!

Linder art entitled "I don't see how you can write on the wall about roses." Remember MozWorld poster with moz, a wall and roses??!

So, Could it possibly be that the Blue Rose Society is the artistic brainchild of Linder Sterling? And if not her brainchild, IS she involved? My guess would be a big, fat YES. Is Linder among us here? Is she '@GirlWithout' for example? 

Oh, the mystery.

Linder, Femme / Objet à l’ARC : punk is not dead!

And while us Blue Rosers get terribly excited about the possibility of a new Morrissey LP, a new tour, a novel, and of course the ins and outs of the BRS and MorrisseysWorld, WHAT is the main topic of conversation at Morrissey-Solo?...... 'Has Morrissey Got AIDS?' And NO, I am not making this up. Solow has sunk to the VERY bottom of wherever it is that it was once floating.

The so called 'story' was written anonymously, and has NO FOUNDATION whatsoever, and yet the very mixed up Uncle Skinny (the Solow moderator) writes:

"If you know it's bullshit, say so. It may or may not be true.P."

What sort of reasoning is that to run such a hateful story? Even the Solowers aren't happy, with 'Mozza220559' writing:

"Oh come on Peter, we all know it's absolute bollocks, what cretin really thinks he has AIDS?

Have a shred of common sense."

The user 'ItsVeryCold' adds:

"This is a ridiculous article written by a cunt, based on an original article also written by a cunt."

WHY would Solow publish such a story? The site owner, David Somebody or other justifies it with this:

"We're making the link known so people can decide to read it and decide what to do with it on their own."

So, if an anonymous blogger from Bridlington were to write that the Duke of Edinburgh's recent illness could be AIDS, would the BBC report it on the 10 o'clock news?  No, they would not. Solow is dead.


That is DEFINITELY a BLUE ROSE in the Boz Boorer poster, you know.

And here is a Linder video of 'I Don't See How You Can Write On A Wall About Roses', from 2007. Please take the time to watch it, it's quite unique:

*Goes off singing* "I see the summer roses, your favourite shade of roses, and that reminds me too of yooooooooouuuuuu."


  1. Interesting Linder Sterling performance. I would be interested to know what things are rehearsed before performing a largely improvised piece. Would love to do one of these where audiences are brought into the larger improvised work, so by the end of the piece everyone is part of it. Not for the self conscious... or maybe something for the self conscious.

    1. You're right, Broken, Marcus has just described MorrisseysWorld.

      Bermondsey Billy

    2. Interesting! Yes, MW is an improvised online drama where the audience become the drama itself. This happens a lot in Second Life... where I was an Avatar called Pacino Hercules and together with an Avatar called Sugar Seville we created Odyssey in 2006 one of Second Life's first art galleries - which took the art to new a new digital level. It was utterly bonkers. I never knew who Sugar was... but she brought some amazing artists to the island (real world artists and institutions). We then tried to create shared ownership of the space (which by then grew to another island called East of Odyssey) but everyone fell out. And in the end Sugar and I walked away... but handed the island on. Where is Sugar Seville now? She was cool... one of the first online digital artists to only exist online.

    3. Ha! Just looking at old articles about Odyssey... this is an interview with Sugar Seville. As I say, she only ever existed online and curated the most wonderful space:

    4. Sugar Seville is now doing a 10 stretch in Belmarsh.


    5. Here is another write up for the work Sugar and I did in creating Odyssey:

      Shame to hear she ended in Belmarsh... but I'm sure she is making good art out of the experience

    6. Marcus, STOP clogging my blog up with your bloody online arty farty nonsense. It's bad enough that I'm having to try and show some sort of understanding of the whole Linder 'Can't Write on a Wall' thing, without having to try and show even more non-existent artistic bent for whatever that thing of yours is. All I'm interested in from today's superb blog entry is - Is that a fucking blue rose in the corner of Boz Boorer's fucking poster!

      Thank you

    7. If it is then it's too small. We need something big and blue

  2. Great research Heather! The rose references MUST be signs! This whole phenomena is truly fascinating, incredible and unbelievable... and I'm fast running out of hyperbole!!

    It's no easy task finding references to roses in pop songs! Thank the good lord for Google! I was singing away in the garden... 'and there's a rose in the fisted glove ... la la la" whilst I tended to my Rhodochiton Volubilis when my thoughts drifted back to Moz's Desert Island Discs artists.

    New York Dolls - Guns n ROSES wrote a tribute to Johnny Thunders
    Marianne Faithful - you cant go where the ROSES go
    Ramones - I see trees of green,red ROSES too
    Velvet underground - Heavenly wine and ROSES
    Nico - ROSES in the snow
    Iggy Pop - La Vie En ROSE
    Mott The Hoople - ROSE

    What about THAT?? And you know what the likes of ... (I won't name names) will say? Coincidence!! Yes that's what they'll say!! The FOOLS!

    Klaus Nomi is a bugger isn't he? No roses AND no blue. I'm beginning to wonder what Morrissey sees in him. Really.

    Right I'm off back into the garden to sing Piccadilly Palare to my potted petunias.

    1. This is quite remarkable, especially considering that the DID list came out in 2009. I shall continue to try researching rose references in the current list. I think the effort is well worth it. Didn't the MW blog say it would return if Morrissey issued a statement having to do with 'blue' and 'rose'? I'm hoping this would count, as I'd really like to read the new unpublished parody pieces, and I'm sure others would, as well.

      Rat's closing line reminded me that I forgot to mention another rose song for Timi Yuro, 'And That Reminds Me', posted by Astraea on twitter yesterday. Also, Timi's birth name was Rosemary.

    2. Wait... the coincidences are getting curiouser and curiouser. What about this? The Top Five artists from May,1959 (Fluff Rat you'll be able to verify this).

      Ray Charles - ROSEtta (I know but near enough eh?) AND BLUES before sunrise
      Richie Valens - BLUE birds over the mountain, Big Baby BLUES, Ritchie's BLUES, Summertime BLUES (Fuckin' 'ell!)
      Fats Domino - BLUE berry hill, My BLUE heaven, (! lol) BLUE Monday... AND.. ROSE Mary
      Jackie Wilson - St Louis BLUES AND St Terese of the ROSES
      Chuck Berry - wait... EVERY song of his has got the word BLUES in it??? What's going on?

      Morrissey must have controlled the charts from within mam's womb. It's the only explanation.

      My GOD this is HUGE!!!! .... Or am I deluded?

  3. Interesting and informative. I knew there was a reason I didn't bother with the Spectator today.

    The latest rumours on So-Low are beneath contempt of course: not because there's anything wrong with the disease, but because it's just an unsubstantiated fantasy with no credibility. That Old Uncle Sweaty is enjoying engaging with the rumours and winding up the crowds of trolls only makes him look more oafish and more insincere than ever, as he puffs his angry moobs out and sighs with fake censorial outrage over The Blue Rose Society!

    What a disgraceful, brainless pleb.

    It's also well worth noting - and I am alerting Morrissey to this little-known legal fact herein - that one can sue easily for slander or libel over rumours of infectious disease in the UK courts without even demonstrating harm. It is relatively easy to obtain large payments with little legal fees and in a timely manner, precisely because it's such a vulgar defamation that the courts come down hard on the perpetrators. Might be worth suing those originating or perpetuating the myth?

    Regarding the old BRS, more fascinating overlaps between MW and TRM and friends.


    1. Interesting stuff, Broken, but enough about all that, what about that Blue Rose on the Boz poster?

      Bermondsey Billy

  4. It was great fun on twit yesterday with fellow blue rosers. @greyergirl gave us plenty of food for thought & laughs whist Astraea supplied some musical delights.
    It wouldn't surprise me if Linder was involved with MW in some way.

    I''m not surprised Solow would publish such a vile article either. They will always scrape the bottom of the barrel, not showing an ounce of thought or respect for Morrissey . I find it nauseating.

  5. Looking at the Francoise Hardy picture that was used to create the Boz poster, I say a big NO to there being a blue rose in the bottom right hand corner. The Francoise Hardy LP has been replaced by 'Some of the Parts' and some shades in the picture have been picked out in blue, including the Parts image. Difficult to say what the blob at the bottom is, but in the Francois Hardy pic it looks more likely to be a record player cover.

  6. damn, I go back to work after Christmas and you lot have been so busy, anyway you have all missed out my old favourite..* paper woses * by marie Osmond in fact I/m going to sing it whilst in the shower

    1. hey rat, for the record, just how many people have you pointed your tail at and come up with* That's Morrissey* must be in to double figures by now

  7. Fuck them cunt in the slums of so-low

    1. Beautifully put... Vulgar.

  8. And your Linder pic just made it to @MorrisseyParody's twitter
    Fifi x

  9. I am very impressed with the research into the blue rose songs.
    Heather and GWO ( Linder ) are to be commended.
    As to Solow and the posting about Moz's health, they really have
    plumbed new depths this time. Truly disgusting content.
    A fan site for Morrissey - what a joke !

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Re "Heather and GWO ( Linder ) are to be commended."

      In the MW chatroom recently, Broken suggested that GWO might be Julia Riley, as GWO knew about unpublished drafts in the blog. Maybe that was a miss-direction?

      I had suspected Fifi of being Linder, because she's knowledgeable about the arts and M's artwork in particular, but then I found what might be Fifi's own Wordpress blog (which includes references to Linder Sterling):

    3. This is not my blog, Comrade. I only use the name Fifi on here.
      Good research but no, it's not from me.
      All the best

    4. Joining the dots can draw the wrong image. Thanks for the correction.

    5. Funny how all of a sudden that blog isn't available anymore...

    6. I find it suspicious that it suddenly vanished.
      I know it makes ME look suspicious but it really wasn't mine.
      I am not much of a blogger. I'll start writing a blog and then ferociously go back to my pens and notepads. It's just how I feel comfortable.

  10. Boz using a rose on the poster? It's not very likely I'm afraid. This, however, might keep you interested.


    1. Interesting & lovely, thanks for sharing Fifi.

  11. this is not the first time that some on solo have mentioned mozs' health but please remember it is not all of them on there.. anyway sorry but I have had to pull the plug on my twit account as my blasted phone wont stop bleeping.. I will try and find a work around

    1. Bleep, bleep!! Have a look at this link for your phone

  12. Hi Ratty, finally I'm at home, trying to work..., and I'm very happy for all the things happened and happening! Greyer Girl is very interesting. I did a quick research about Klaus Nomi and apparently he was'nt connected with roses or with the blue colour, but I think it's not very important with all the references and the "coicidences" found in three long years full of fun! Linder involvement? Yes, I think it is more than a possibility! Buffy Saint Marie is on Morrissey's list not for the first time and the song Soldier Blue is the most popular one in Italy due to the film very appreciated in my country and always played in the school. But now, naughty Rat, I have to ask you one little thing: did you post a video of Matt Monro on this blog or on your twitter account? Hmmmm! I got to go now, got to remove Christmas decorations, they look so sad after the festivity! Ciao!

    1. I really don't remember writing about Matt Monro, but perhaps Morrissey's reference to 'We're Gonna Change The World' on Page 45 of his Autobiography is some kind of reference.

    2. Lizzycatmoz here ! Can't be bothered to log-in at work.

      This Matt Monro song has odd lyrics, but I like it. In fact I think that
      he was a very underrated singer.

      Sunday, March 01, 2009Matt Monro: We're Gonna Change the World


      Whoever supplied the words for "We're Gonna Change the World" made them redolent of sixties unrest without making it clear exactly what they are about. The result is an interesting historical curiosity: the singing bus driver meets the counter culture and sounds surprisingly at home with it.

    3. I also meant to add:
      " David Matthews, who wrote the music for this song said "The lyrics were about the lives of my co-writer's ex-fiances. "

    4. Sorry for the duplication !!


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