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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 846 - Parody Moz Returns...Mass debates... and then Fu**s Off again.... and Greyer Girl gets Stuck into Joyce

He came, he twaught, he left.

Morrissey returned to the Twitterdilly Arms again yesterday and today, first as the 'confident' and 'loving', Greyer Girl, then as 'Parody Morrissey', and then as GG again. GG took to attacking Marcus Markou for his defence of striking lawyers.... and wiped the floor with MM's flawed (did you see what I did there?) argument. GG also took the time to try and fathom out the workings of one time MWer, Rosy Mires, but GG got nowhere, with Rosy seeming to deny that she ever believed that Morrissey was behind MorrisseysWorld! Really Rosy? GG also managed to engage Mike Joyce in debate, but more of that later. Here's the Rosy bit:

So Rosy you believed M was MW for a while, I saw your blog comments and LOLed!

Nope... just interested. In anyone who can write that well and yet devote thousands of hours to larking about. A mystery....

No mystery if it's Morrissey!
And here are yesterday's Twit highlights from Parody Moz:

“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” Wilde.

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Wilde

"MorrisseysWorld is dangerous." Morrissey


The tragedy of success is that it is entirely without meaning; thus we begin all over again.

Early success is liberating and late success is fatal.

When one succeeds, one finally realises one has wasted every effort in striving for it.

I followed no one and no one followed me - till you came with the tweet.


The wise man knows he's a fool and the fool thinks he's a wise man.

Wit is a candle. It is made to burn. And when it burns, it destroys itself gently and beautifully.

Morrissey So Low plumbed new depths today. They are actually debating my new songs.

How are my little mewling monsters today?

I adore Linder's work

So does Linder.

Prod me and poke me - it's what I exist for.

How are you?

Never ask me how I am. It ruins my day.

I remember asking you once how you could lift my mood ( in the early days ) and you said ' follow another ! '

No - you asked me how I could lift your mood. I replied "unfollow me."

You will be 50% happier and 50% duller if you unfollow me.

My words are all about only one thing: nothing. I am nothing. And this is nihilism.

“The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself.” Wilde

Do you think the next Beckham foetus might release a pre-natal autobiography?

I'm really crying now.

Oh Heather - fear not. There are many signs to come and many returns to make.

That's it. It took five hours but decs down, Xmas tree out for collection, and daffs and tulips in jugs&vases.A nod to the lengthening days.

Fascinating, Richard.

The less interesting the life, the more people seem to have to say about it.

Humour is so witless these days.

What is wrong with me?

There's no excitement, no sense of destiny this time. I have 180 followers and few of them speak to me.

well, you keep deleting and deactivating the account! hard to keep up

My account is usually deleted? That's no excuse for the British public!

The next sign will involve a surprise and the colour blue.

When you see this sign perhaps you'll use your profile to raise awareness of a certain iconic singer's twitter page...

You're huge.. in Wandsworth CineWorld

IS Morrissey, people. It's pretty fucking clear.

To whom?

i carry this on my bag everyday to the torment of high school to brighten my day♡

This made me smile for the first time this week. Thank you.

Don't fawn - simply say something interesting. I can't bear fawning.

Engage me - don't fawn. Fawning makes me feel as vacuous as , and

- which, of course, I am - but I don't want to be reminded.

Goebbels made films about the Jews likening them to rats , dirty & spreading disease,CH 4 does this for benefit claimants

More hysteria. I support benefits recipients (royal family excepted), but comparing genocide to class critique is absurd.

Do you realise how ludicrous your comparison of Goebbels to Channel 4 is?

judging by the hatred and threats of violence it's on that slippery slope

Oh come now. The socialist left are always exaggerating for effect. It was a TV show - entertainment; watch it, or switch it off.

Does it really compare to Nazis coming in the night for Jewish, Gypsy and Homosexual people, the disabled and the ill? Really?

Similarly with McCarthyism. Endless left wing tears shed over the censorship and persecution - while they do the same to the BNP.

Of course even being in UKIP - which supports immigration - will now put you at risk of the jackboot-wearing left wing thugs.

I will not stand by & watch my fellow countrymen be demonised

Though, of course, you will if they happen to be BNP, UKIP or Tory?

true I will always fight those that seek to destroy my country

The right wing say benefits claimants and immigration are destroying the country. Your instincts are anti-democratic.

You believe you are entitled to say who can say what - a mistake Hitler, Stalin and also made.


I don't know why people feel they have to be on 'display' like a peacock to chat to me.

The underclass who the yuppies constantly champion might spit on them if they visited their council estate. I know - I am one!

With a head full of dread for all I've ever said, I'm Maladjusted - never to be trust, oh never to be trusted.

i'd like to see cameron & his cronies live in my flats shite storage heating, damp ect but at least it's a roof of my own x

Having a roof is overrated - a floor is much more useful.

Homosexuality is a temptation. Homosexual acts are a mortal sin & I pray for the Eternal Salvation of those who do such.

Kristi homosexuality might be a temptation for you, but Boy prefers a cup of tea. I pray you do the same.

There are some bad people on the rise!

Christian evangelicals seem to talk about homosexuality more than any gay people I know.

they're Freudian slips that's why.

The religious walk their entire lives on Freudian slips - it is why they're always flat on their backs with legs aloft.

I wonder how it feels to feel so much spite towards the sexually free that one has to persecute them in word and deed for life.

Love is not a sin; it's an emotion. It's what we do with it that can be sinful.

It's not sinful if there isn't a God, dear. Your sky-father is a fantasy. You're living for death.


we should be allowed to love whoever we choose.

Not many of us are free to love anyone we choose!

They are afraid of real feelings. It is so much easier to judge than 'feel' .

Quite right Ears. They detach from their feelings and seek comfort in intellectualising life. Yet they're deluding themselves.

When you've lived your life for a book and you realise the book is a fairy tale, what do you do?

Enrique your pic looks so camp, I presumed you were a parody. Do you want some tips on how to look more rugged from ?

How do I block this individual?

I'm in a foul mood tonight.

good time for lyric writing then! hooray for the next album. I think you should include the word 'twitter' in the title.

Twitter in the title? There will certainly be a MorrisseysWorld reference in there.


Our Mozzer returned to The Twitterdilly Arms again this morning, with the bible bashing topic still on the agenda, plus meat eating, and other such topics that a parody Morrissey would be expected to discuss. Unfortunately the account disappeared before I could copy all the tweets. Here are some of the highlights:

Kristi your just plain disgusting. U & those like u cause pain.

It's not disgusting for her to have a view and pray for us. It is kind.

However, she is wrong, and we're free to point out the absurdity of it all.

Do you see how democracy works now?

If the wounded spent less time demanding censorship and more time fighting injustice, we would be free.

and I fight injustice and make argument: we embrace democracy and fight for the truth. This is a liberal-artistic position.


The socialists prefer to censor and silence through bullying and abuse. You will find them in parliament and in the media.

So eating meat is just the same as rape & torture? many hate your point of view (choice of words) but I understood it...

Yes - eating meat is the enjoyment of animal-murder; since we are just animals, this is no different to murder.
Yes my point of view is different, but it's quite rational.

How fascinating that the carnivorous press imply I am somehow guilty of these awful crimes by pointing out that I do neither of them.

In the past, the media used to consider the murder of certain minorities less troubling than murder of one's own kind. This was racism.

In years to come, I believe the mass murder of animals will be considered in the same light: an unpardonable crime against animal-kind.

When Parody Moz left the Twitterdilly Arms, his seat in the snug was quickly taken by 'Greyer Girl'. I don't have the time to write all of her highlights (maybe tomorrow), but here is the exchange with Joyce. It was like being ringside at a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Theresa Bazar... and then I got pulled into the ring by Joyce (because I was laughing).

Joyce sued M on legal aid. If you're working, try to sue someone. was lucky to be a parasite!!

Your opinion is just that. You don't, and never will, have all the facts of the case I was involved in. Dangerous supposition.

You spent a fortune of the taxpayers' money with no conscience! YOU MIGHT have deserved the money, but the waste was sick!

We are all lucky to have enjoyed his music.

Any drummer would have done!

Aha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If only he knew!

lol we've read all the facts in M's book!!!!!

I really could just sit here all day and watch you slug it out on twitter with Joyce.The journos don't know what they're missing.

certainly lacks the imagination, the work ethic and the genius that make Morrissey an important figure.

Mike is work-shy.

Be careful making statements like that, or he'll whisk you back into the dock.

You can't sue when someone types the truth. Mike hasn't done much constructive work. Morrissey has.

look folks, you don't know the details of what really happened & you never will. It's pretty obvious that...

no matter what information I give to you that disputes your opinion, you will completely ignore it. Secondly...

without sounding rude, it's actually none of your business. I'm not going to bother replying anymore in this...

thread, so let's leave it that.

It is our business, because you spent our tax money fighting your case. And you're a public figure. Or were!


And in other news, it would appear that the Boz Boorer poster probably DIDN'T contain a blue rose, although it was blue, and the original poster came from an old photo depicting a Francoise Hardy album cover, and as every good schoolboy knows, Francoise sang 'Mon Amie La Rose'. Hmmm. Is Boz joining in at last?


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And finally, Broken yesterday left a message on my blog about 'taking legal action', Parody Moz tweeted yesterday about legal aid, and then TTY issued a statement announcing that Moz was taking 'legal advice'. Coincidence..... of course! Here are the statements:

Interesting and informative. I knew there was a reason I didn't bother with the Spectator today.

The latest rumours on So-Low are beneath contempt of course: not because there's anything wrong with the disease, but because it's just an unsubstantiated fantasy with no credibility. That Old Uncle Sweaty is enjoying engaging with the rumours and winding up the crowds of trolls only makes him look more oafish and more insincere than ever, as he puffs his angry moobs out and sighs with fake censorial outrage over The Blue Rose Society!

What a disgraceful, brainless pleb.

It's also well worth noting - and I am alerting Morrissey to this little-known legal fact herein - that one can sue easily for slander or libel over rumours of infectious disease in the UK courts without even demonstrating harm. It is relatively easy to obtain large payments with little legal fees and in a timely manner, precisely because it's such a vulgar defamation that the courts come down hard on the perpetrators. Might be worth suing those originating or perpetuating the myth?

Regarding the old BRS, more fascinating overlaps between MW and TRM and friends.


Manchester Evening News

6 January 2014
Manchester Evening News
The Manchester Evening News have stated on 17 October 2013 that Morrissey 'claims he was "touched inappropriately by a teacher at school"'. Morrissey has never made such a claim. Furthermore, Morrissey does not use the word 'inappropriately' unless it is followed by an explanation of what an action might be inappropriate to.
Morrissey is seeking legal advice on this matter.


  1. Hello Rat, sincerly I prefer Morrissey busy planning a new tour, recording a new disc and, last, but not least tweeting with all of us than planning legal action, of course I understand why.... Have a nice evening! Romina, not using my tablet and to lazy to know...

  2. oh how I miss all this, such a shame no one misses me

  3. I have little doubt that greyer girl is our mozzer, probably one of his most unpleasant pessoas. Last time around she was a real pain in the arse and so she is proving to be again, always looking for a fight. She makes Broken look like a nice guy.

  4. How exciting! Im so happy he answered my question!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. our mozzer is both greyer girl and broken, Chuck. You know this.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. GG is scary. It's Thatcher without the sympathy. And she thinks I'm dishy... and the thing that is really worrying me is that I like it.


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