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Friday, 10 January 2014

Day 849 - Boy George Comes Out, But Is This The End For FTM?

Yesterday afternoon, after posting a humorous tweet about Katie Price; which failed to gain much response, Parody Moz had a (staged?) hissy fit, and stormed off twitter. A bizarre series of events then followed, involving Jonathan Ross and Boy George. Here is the Katie Price tweet which triggered it all off:

" They labelled you one of the top 15 plastic surgery disasters. Pick yourself up dear - pouting won't get you anywhere."


After the 'Pout' tweet, Parody Moz tweeted:

"Surely THAT one will go viral..!"

Followed by:

"Wit coming out of my ears and scarcely a b*****d retweet. I'll return when my Jordan tweet has 30 retweets."

Despite the best efforts of the 'Deluded Dozen', the retweets didn't exactly come flooding in, but then a few hours later, Jonathan Ross aka @Wossy, posted a tweet mentioning BOTH @MorrisseyParody and @BlueRoseSociety. Admittedly, the tweet was to answer "No", when asked by a Morrissey fan if Parody Moz was in fact Morrissey, but seeing as Ross hadn't posted ANY tweets (apart from the retweet about Parody Moz and the blue Rose from two days ago) since Christmas day, WHY, from all the tweets that he must receive from his 3,568,381 followers, did he bother replying to one about a parody Morrissey account? WHY?


The effect of Wossy mentioning @MorrisseyParody immediately set the follower numbers increasing (to 340), along with the retweets for the Katie Price tweet, and a couple of hours later, Parody Moz returned, with his first tweets being:

" Kristeen knows. She just knows."

" Do you think appearing as Log Lady would help your career?"


Jonathan Ross's sudden public involvement in this phenomenal MorrisseysWorld story has reminded me of a hilarious parody piece I wrote on this blog, back on Day 145 of FTM - February 6th 2012. It really is worth reading again, it is that good, so put on the kettle, snuggle into your favourite armchair, and feast your eyes. Here it is, in it's full original format (with a couple of slight amendments, and some pretty pictures added for those with an eating disorder) :

You can almost picture the Jonathan Ross TV interview when the (Morrissey) autobiography comes out:

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, my last guest this evening, as many of you will know, is a personal herewo and fwiend of mine, well at least I think I'm a fwiend, but with this man, you never weally can tell,(audience laughter) and incidentally, I've had to keep him until last this evening ladies and gentlemen for two weasons, firstly because he always insists on topping the bill, and secondly, because if he had been on first, he would have buggered off home before the end (more laughter).... Will you please put your hands together, and welcome, the one and only, Mowwissey.

(audience applause. Morrissey enters the studio. Wossy goes to shake Morrisseys hand, but at the last minute dives in for a hug. Morrissey looks awkward, but accepts the embrace.) So, Mowwissey, absolutely lovely to have you on again, (Morrissey nods his acceptance) sowwy about the hug, I just couldn't help myself, did it do anything for you?

MOZ: Well it crumpled the shirt. (audience laughter)

JR: And may I say, what a lovely shirt it is too, you are always so vewy stylish.

MOZ: And you too Jonathan, and you too... in your own, sweet way (a few chuckles from the audience). Have you invited me along to just talk of clothing? (slight laughter, probably in fact just one giggling woman, like you used to get with 70's studio audiences)

JR: No, I've invited you along, or if twuth be known, you suggested to me that I should invite you along (audience laughter), to talk about, what is pwobably the most anticipated autobiogwaphy in wecent years.

MOZ: Only anticipated by you, Jonathan, only anticipated by you. I'm sure the rest of the country will not even be aware of it's existence, and it will no doubt just languish on bookshop shelves, in the crimes section, gathering dust. (audience laughter & a woman shouts from audience, "WE LOVE YOU MORRISSEY". Morrissey raises an eyebrow.)

JR: (Shouting towards the audience) Be quiet Jane,(audience laughter) (turning to Morrissey) I knew I shouldn't have bwought the wife tonight (audience laugh & Morrissey smiles). Now don't do yourself down Mowwissey, I know that's just your way, but there have been wecord advanced orders for this book haven't there?

MOZ: Apparently so, and therefore, there will be record disappointment Jonathan(audience laughter) and I would imagine that refunds too, will break all known records. (raucous audience laughter).


JR: You are too modest Mowwissey, I bet it's a cwacker. Usually of course, when we have a guest on, talking about  a new book, they have the courtesy of sending an advanced copy to me, so that I can wead it, pull out a few funnies, and generwally have something to talk about, but you wefused to let me have a copy, why is that?

MOZ: Well, firstly, you refused to pay for it (audience laughter), secondly, absolutely nobody has read it yet, not even the printer,(audience laughter grows)(turns to audience) who we had to blindfold through the whole process, just to make sure (raucous audience laughter), and in fact, I even did all the proofreading myself, again, blindfolded... naturally, (more laughter) (turns back to Jonathan) and thirdly, if you'd read what I'd written about you in the book, you definitely wouldn't have invited me onto your show. (raucous audience laughter)

JR: You're making me slightly nervous now Mozzer (audience laughter), what have you witten about me?

MOZ: Only the truth Jonathan, only the truth.(audience laughter)

JR: Well as long as it's not what's been witten about me on that pawody website of yours, I've been made to look a wight pillock. Incidentally, I notice the website still hasn't been found by the masses. I pwesume I am allowed to talk about the website now that the book is coming out?

MOZ: Website?

JR: Oh come on, Mowwissey... Mowwissey's World! (turns to audience) Yes, for your information ladies and gentlemen, there is a pawody website, all about Mowwissey, called Mowwissey's World, which many of his fans believe, Mowwissey here is actually behind. It started about thwee years ago, am I wight Mowwissey?

MOZ: It is a website that I am aware of, and yes, it is slightly disappointing that nobody seems to have noticed parody me, but then, why should I be surprised that the masses aren't interested in parody me, when they aren't even interested in real me? (audience laughter)


JR: But sewiously though Mowwissey, I do hope that the book doesn't have that pawody stuff fwom the website about me in it?

MOZ: If hope is your only weapon Jonathan, then you may as well have come unarmed. (audience laughter).

JR: (joining in with laughter, although, somewhat desperate) That website makes me look like a wight sycophantic twat. (audience laughter)

MOZ: (smiling along to the audience laughter) As I say Jonathan, the book contains only the truth... only the truth. (hysterical audience laughter)

JR: And you also have a twitter  account too, which, may I say, is by far the funniest thing on twitter. You certainly seem to have mastered the hundwed and forty byte witticism to perfection, why do you think more people aren't following you, they follow Jordan and she says nothing even mildly amusing (audience laughter).

MOZ: Well I've never said I have either a website or a twitter account Jonathan, you shouldn't go making allegations that you can't substantiate, should you now? (audience laughter)

JR: No, certainly not with your reputation for lawsuits (audience laughter). I think it's pwetty fair to say, nobody will ever dare cwitisise you again, you'll just sue them. (audience laughter)

MOZ: Oh, I don't mind criticism Jonathan, as long as it's fair, it's the blatant lies I won't tolerate, although I must add, where criticism is concerned, that too, is usually unjust when it comes to my work. (audience laughter)

JR: (turns to audience) You think he's joking ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you he's not! Mowwissey is well famed for not taking cwiticism well. (audience laughter) (turning back to Morrissey) So, if, for arguments sake, this twitter account was to be yours,(audience laughter, well actually, more like tittering) which, and I want to make this one hundwed percent clear, I am not saying it is, (audience laughter) it is by far the wittiest account on twitter, so why do you think you, sowwy, it, (audience laughter) has so few followers?

MOZ: Well I can neither confirm or deny whether I have a twotter account, although, do you really expect me to have one Jonathan? Really? Perhaps after thirty years in the music industry, I have said too much, perhaps my audience are bored of me. It does make you wonder who all these people are, who have pre-ordered the book, I can only presume that they think it is David Morrissey's autobiography, or heaven forbid, Neil's. (audience laughter)

JR: (laughing along) Mowwissey, we are unfortunately out of time, but as usual, it has been an absolute pleasure to have you here, and by the way, we are fwiends now aren't we, I honestly can't tell! (audience laughter)

MOZ: A friend would never need to ask that question Jonathan. (audience laughter)

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, with his new book, entitled This Charmless Man, available to purchase next Monday, will you please give it up, for the one and only, Mowwissey. (audience applause). THE END

Anyway, enough of my old gumpf, back to the recent twitter events, and in particular, the fact that despite Jonathan Ross tweeting that Parody Moz isn't Morrissey, Boy George has this morning tweeted to say that he "reckons" it is. Here is his tweet:

I reckon the real ' M' is behind this so kids!


Oh the mystery. One celeb says, "yes", another says, "no". George's tweet immediately helped increase Parody Mozzer's follower numbers, and as I type this, he has 535.

There have been so many humorous, fascinating, and interesting tweets from Parody Moz lately, that it is hard to keep up. One yesterday, regarding a survey on stripping, included the words, " I'll forward this to my record company." WHAT record company? Could it be that Morrissey has signed a record deal? Here is the quote in full:

"A quick scientific survey. Who is the most popular pop pin-up? 1 Morrissey 2 Justin Bieber 3 Justin Timberlake 4 Harry Styles 5 50 Cent? - I'll forward this survey to my record company. The c**ts don't realise how much yardage there is in Mozzer stripping to the waist on live TV."

Another tweet that caught my eye, was this one, sent to Angela Reyes (@vulgar1mkela), the Vice President of The Blue Rose Society, whilst discussing 'dream setlists'. Could this be a clue to the forthcoming tour list? If it is, then it includes the theme tune of the Blue Rose Society, 'Trouble Loves Me'. I am almost wetting myself with excitement! Here is the tweet:

" "

Parody Moz also posted this tweet, and when asked if it was from the novel, he answered, "possibly.":

"I went to that park bench in Bloomsbury and cried in front of flowers in June. I hated you for what you did. The air was rich with petrol. On the bench I sat, writing words on to lined paper with a ball point pen. The words reminded me of those days when we sat and read poetry. "

Here are another bunch of gems. My thanks to Marcus Markou for catching some of them for me:

I'm so self-effacing even my sense of pride hates itself. 

Gary Barlow is quite possibly the most talented sack of potatoes this side of McCain's.

If Elton John ever gets round to making a Biopic, it could double as a Persil ad: one never-ending cycle of dirty laundry washed in public.

If my face resembled a bespectacled tin of jellied eel with matted pubic hair, I'd embrace, not deride, acne.

Limited ambition and a taste for comfort induce contentment. True artists have unlimited ambition and ask difficult, disquieting questions.

When someone gives their life to art, you should at least be polite. Art is not a market. It's a passion.

I throw my arms around Paris more often than I'd admit. The antique shops, cafes and city itself are beautiful.

I am not Morrissey. The fact I put out the novel/album news 24 hours before True-To-You is pure luck. Nothing more. 

I've never been this available. It's curiously liberating.

What I love most about MorrisseysWorld is the madness of ignoring all the facts and embracing cognitive dissonance.
Cricket is at its very best when it's rained off.

Did any of you see the blue rose I promised Morrissey would wear in #Live25? 

My priority in life remains clear: I hope to die before Victoria Beckham. The prospect of Sir Elton trotting out Candle again is unbearable. 

There's nothing more depressing than television happiness.

Contentment is a bureaucrat's dream and an artist's nightmare.

The price of life is suffering and the reward of death is its end.

That I'm here is a miracle.

I have four cards marked ‘blindly insightful,’ ‘brutally idealistic,’ ‘whimsically cynical’ and ‘uproariously melancholic.’ - I pick a card at random and type something accordingly.

I'm very adept at falling in love with people who are unattainable to me. I only fall in love with the dead.

- I did tell you in 2011 blue rose would be fulfilled. I notice you've favourited the moment.

Because Wossy knows.

I expect he hit 'favourite' by accident. I'm always doing that

A new theory - all of the coincidences - hand signs, retweets etc. - were just accidents! - I picked a blue rose from the crowd by accident, having slipped on a wet set-list and fallen, where my fingers came to rest was a blue rose, which I picked up quite by accident. I didn't notice it in my hand and when I adjusted my trousers, it slipped inside, in error.

Is the president of my

Childhood is spent wishing to be older. Adulthood is spent wishing to be younger. Old age is spent wishing one had wished a little less.

The more sex you have, the less it means. In the end you may as well have been Morrissey as

Life is too valuable to think about. Simply live. And then die.

One learns more on a shit day.

Beauty is in the eye of the beautiful.

This fame game - it's not all it's cracked up to be.

I got a sternly worded email from some c*** warning me permanent suspension will follow if I don't stop typing like I have a brain. - If one can think quickly enough to send, say, 150 tweets a day, Twitter just naturally assumes you're spam!

c**tish condescension. (Posted on a Wendnesday!)

If only I could come out, I would; sadly there is no closet, no sexuality.

I'm asexual with transsexual, homosexual and heterosexual inclinations. I call it humasexual 


I was thrilled to see you give up your seat after I tweeted you about your 'freedom' lies. Integrity in tact. - You now realise defending freedom is impossible in UK parliament - welcome to the real world.

Elegance is a passing fantasy.

As time passes, we realise how little we have left.

Does anyone even know what is?

The only thing more depressing than loneliness is Daytime TV.

Hypocrisy is what happens when one is quite wrong about oneself, but too insightful to be deluded and too defensive to be truthful. - Yet hypocrisy is the natural scheme of things among successful artists.

The irony of life is that only the ugly would kill for beauty. Yet they are denied it until they die.

The moon reminds us everything has its reflection and conjures up the notion: 'what a bunch of c***s the electricity companies are.'

When things go wrong you can blame yourself (neurosis), blame nobody (wisdom), or blame every single person you know (Morrissey).

The point of pop music is to inform you death is inevitable, love is unattainable and God is a lie. This escaped 's notice.

An artist will endure brutal poverty for his art sooner than accept mediocre comfort, which is why the artist rarely embraces socialism.

This world forgets those who matter and acclaims those who do not.

The problem with my autobiography was the central character: he was flat, and yet scarcely believable. But sadly I couldn't write him out.

The intelligent long for beauty. The beautiful long for fame. The famous long for wealth. And the wealthy long for obscurity.

Of course you might prefer to witness the genius of on Twitter - he's far more fascinating and has millions of followers.

My songs are my life. And I'm not proud of it.

Fashion exists so that those without a natural sense of style may purchase one.

I'm so self-effacing, even my sense of pride enjoys knocking me down a peg or two.

The years pass like wine.

"The kindness and support of the members never ceases to bewilder."

STOP PRESS: I have just been blocked on twitter by Jonathan Ross, and I have also been accused of 'trolling' him during a bereavement. I would NEVER intend to offend anybody in this way, and have immediately withdrawn from twitter. I will only return if @Wossy unblocks me.

This could very possibly be my last ever posting. 



  1. I feel the same Rat about hearing Trouble again ...
    but for me I just need ART HOUNDS.
    it's all I've wanted at each gig I've seen since that Brixton night ...

  2. come on rat admit it, you ARE a right c***, you have had this coming for some time, now stop your whinging and get back on twit..( oh I do hope that wasn't a bit too much )

  3. Rats you know we will all be waiting for you if you decide to come to twitter & BRS.
    You have played such a major role in maintaining the heart beat in this momentous journey.

    Take care & hope to see you soon. x

  4. Yep The Boy confirmed it yes he did!!!!
    He say YES!!!!

    Now the question is will anyone else come forward???
    Other then the BRS and my broken rose

    I also think and hope that the set list is a sign
    He might play those songs on different nights in 2 or 3 different set list

    Man this is sooo exciting
    I look forward to see what happens next

    Viva Rat
    Viva President Kyle
    Viva The Blue Rose Society

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Don't let this stop you, Rats. It was unfortunate timing and I'm very sorry to hear that JR is grieving, but surely he anticipated that he would probably receive some questions and comments in response to favoriting the blue rose tweet. In looking at the big picture, it simply doesn't make sense that he would favorite that tweet yet deny that Morrissey is connected with MW. Similarly, it doesn't make sense that Morrissey would deny being connected with MW yet repeatedly cause numerous 'coincidences' to occur. One has to step back and question what's really going on. The logical conclusion is that actions really do speak louder than words.

  7. Rosy... I would just ignore the insults, block everyone and move on. Stop coming back here for more. You wind people up and then people wind you up back. I would then ask everyone to drop the insults on Rosy. Its not pleasant to see one person being picked on, even if she does irritate you all. Shes a localised version of Morrissey himself. She's strong willed and has an opinion and no scared to share it. We should respect that. Rat, I would not take the accusation that you've hurt someone during a period of mourning seriously. And don't react back Rat. And keep up the blog, it's quite a body of work and whether or not you think this is him or not it should also be respectful. It's a wonderful blog. Love to you all. You're all nuts but in a good way and if I was an artist I would love to have fans like this.

    Brother Michael

    1. Pretty well says it all really. The shit-stirrers come on here causing all kinds of trouble and attacking people personally. Rosie is a decent individual, strong-minded but that's no harm. There should be no room on here for attacks such as the ones which have taken place recently.

      Peace to you Brother Michael, you speak words of wisdom.

    2. Be careful Anonymous... Thou art beginning thyself to drift into the shaddows of the stirer. Resist the temtation to cast your own stones and forgive those who may have hurt Rosy, as Rosy learns to forgive too. Be free from judgement and go in peace.

      Brother Michael

    3. Hah – you come in peace but you are taking the peas.

    4. Yes Girlwithout... Peace through peas. Peas and love to you sister.

      Brother Michael

  8. My all-time favourite MorrisseysWorld tweet is one that was sent to Katie Price. It was so subtle but damn clever.

    MW to Katie Price - Practice makes perfect. Eventually you're going to nail that signature. Remember - i before e, except after c!

    1. Oh Girlwithout... Whilst I am not permitted to laugh at the cruel words that man unleashes upon his brothers and sisters... I must admit that this did make me laugh out loud too! If there is a seat at the right hand of God for the witty then this soul shall be saved!

      Brother Michael

      Brother Michael

    2. the truth... it was hilarious

    3. I don't remember the i before e tweet GWO, what a classic. Was it from the 2011 'Our Mozzer in Residence at The Twitterdilly Arms' concerts, or from the 2014 'Our Mozzer's Second Coming' tour?

      Bermondsey Billy

    4. I remember this tweet and ' favourited ' it, but it has gone, along with the Twitter profile.
      It was during the 2012 - 2013 tour !!
      Everyone a gem !!

    5. That should be, every one a gem !! Tsk tsk.

    6. Forget to mention that the MW tweet was sent in response to a tweet from Katie Price about her doing a book signing :))))

  9. How can one be 'trolling' someone by asking the person an unrelated question during a bereavement that one isn't cognizant of?

    Keep up the fawning old son.

    Carry on Crawling.

    Our Mozzer

    1. So, the twitter is gone again. Seriously, what is wrong with you? You pout and pout and whine over how no one retweets, etc. How about keeping the promise and closing the blog--how many times has this been promised? Now, the Twitter deal? The saddest thing about this is that if the music was the priority, perhaps some respect would be given.

    2. Oh Anonymous, please don't be so hard on one who wounds so easily. Tread softly Anon, for you tread on all our dreams.

      Brother Michael

    3. Once again Our Brother Mozzer leaves his bedsit to come among us and shed an everlasting and never-going-out light. Come underpass or Armaggedon he is always with us.

      Padre Beppe (a great sinner and getting better all the time)

  10. Our Mozzer does make a valid point and I don't believe for one moment that Rosy believes you are a troll. She is hurt and proud. Rat your blocking by the light entertainment heavyweight who goeth by the name Wossy is also causing you hurt. You are a proud and most hairy backed but most loveable human rodent cross breed. But in the name of all things Moz, let it go now I beseech thee! Come back to the blog Rat. Come back now.

    Brother Michael

    1. Amen Brother Micheal. Come back sOOn Rats & Our Mozzer.

  11. It seems that Our Mozzer has shed his corporus digitus too. The Blue Rose Society has never been more broken. We few that remain must cradle the little light through these dark times... Girlwithout, EmotionalAiraRaid, Heather, Sabine, Marcus and Manc, Chuck and Loughton, the Industrial Photography Guy and many others... Stay in contact, and display your blue roses for better times to come. I will stand fast with you, as long as you need me.

    Brother Michael

    1. Thank you, Brother M. We appreciate you being here with us in our time of need and we're very saddened to see that Our Mozzer has once again shed his 'corporus digitus'. He will be missed. Blessings to you both x

    2. Grateful for your soothing words Brother Micheal.

      We will always keep the Blue Rose flag flying. x

  12. come back Mozzer, just come back sOOn...

  13. *big sigh* - anyone else feeling exhausted? Our Mozzer does that to me. Everything is so intense for a little while and then we seem to crash and burn. Maybe it is time for a relax by the pool again!

    In the meantime I think we ought to update the list of coincidences as there have been more by now. Maybe we could also have comments from BRS members which coincidence is their favourite and why? Which is the one that has convinced you that Moz must either have something to do with MW or is indeed behind it?

    1. Wise words Sabine, I feel and think just the same as you.

      I will put on my thinking-cap regarding the coincidences.
      Happy Sunday to the Blue Rose Society members and Our Moz.

  14. I would like to say what a welcome and calming influence Brother Michael is, especially on a chilly Sunday morning. May the bird of paradise never hover dangerously over your head.

    Much love,

    Padre Beppe.

  15. I should also add my thanks on this glorious Sunday morning to the divine presence who saw fit to send us Brother Michael as consolation for the sudden loss of our brother Rat. As one door closes so another shall open. Let us hope that when our beloved Rat returns from the wilderness Brother Michael will feel comfortable in staying with our little community.

    Padre Beppe.

    1. Here here Padre Beppe. Brother Michael is like a breath of fresh air, albeit that he is presumably a delusional christian, but delusionals are very welcome around here.
      I don't believe for one minute that brother Rat is either hurt or brooding, In the word of brother George, I 'reckon' he just fancied a quiet weekend with his family.

      Brother Pierre.... from Up the Pier

    2. Ah Brother Pierre, I think we met once at a semi-religious convention. Our Messiah spoke of lights which shall never go out, the dangers of bullets in gullets and vexed us to question ourselves on how soon is now, the eternal question.

      Padre Beppe, a seeker of truth and girlfriends in comas.

    3. Yes, yes we DID meet Padre Beppe. I remember how we chuckled together as Our Messiah informed us that he had recently discovered that some girls are different in size to other girls.... and then we guffawed as he explained further that their mothers are different too. Happy days.

      Brother Pierre

  16. I have a confession to make.

    Sister Sludge

    1. Would you like me to hear your confession Sister? I'm qualified, you know.

      Brother Pierre

    2. It was just nunsense

      Sister Sludge

    3. No please, let me hear it Sister, i haven't heard a good confession in years. Brother Michael gets them all the time. If you tell me yours I might even tell you mine. And I give a good forgiveness, like Our Brother Mozzer who has even forgiven Jesus. Such magnificence.

      Padre Beppe

    4. I really should not. I have led such a cloistered life and am not in the habit of talking to strangers. If Mother Inferior gets wind of this, there will be HELL to pay.
      But do pray tell me yours – I am a good listener. I will just remove my wimple so that I can hear you better.

      Sister Sludge

  17. Have you found my ros(e)ary beads Brother Pierre ?

    Sister Catherine ( as seen in Carry On Up The Abbey )

    1. Yes Sister Catherine, I found them in my bed, but God alone knows how they got there. I pray that you don't make a habit of losing it Sister.

      Brother Pierre

    2. I think that having lost it once, I will not make the same mistake again Brother.
      I am very grateful that you have found my beads, which must have left my person
      during some form of vigorous movement.

    3. I must remember to sign my name after commenting or there will be three Hail Mary's
      as punishment.

      Sister Catherine

  18. I'm totally lost.
    Where am I again?

    1. This is the place for those who are lost and delusional. Especially delusional. Brother Michael looks after the soul, Brother Pierre looks after the body, Sister Catherine looks after . . well, she is kept busy, especially it seems by Brother Pierre, and I collect the money and keep the books. As our secular friends would say, job's a good 'un.

      Padre Beppe

    2. Nice to see you, Padre Beppe. Are you err... one of my imaginary friends?
      Am I drunk?

    3. How charming, a haven for the lost & delusional.

      Love from Sister Of Mercy.

  19. Not one bastard mention about the exceptionally funny skit, just as there wasn't any first time around on Day 145. I must have an individual sense of humour (humor).

    1. Hello Rat, I enjoyed your exceptionally funny skit, keep them coming!

    2. Sorry Rats, the skit is brilliant but we've been distracted by other things. Interesting to note that James Russell recently favorited a blue rose related tweet. Also of possible interest is that Russell Brand will appear on Wossy's show on Jan 18th. Hope you'll return to twit soon, Rats.

  20. Welcome back Rat. My work here is done...

    Brother Michael

  21. As I suspected, the revolving door has swept in a Rat and swept out Brother Michael, who will now be seasick and undocked. I will have to consult my conscience to see if it is right for me to follow him.

    But I like it here.

    Padre Beppe

    1. Does this mean it is the end for me and Sister Cath? A very brief encounter. She was having nun of it!

      Brother Pierre

    2. There is a place in Hell for you and your 'friend'. You must give her up. I know it was conven(ien)t for you but Our Brother Mozzer needs you, he has an unruly bunch of disciples who need discipline. Hmm, I see what I almost did there.

      Peace and hugs for Sis Cath.

      Padre Beppe, minister to the unministerable-to.

  22. Telling you now, if Moz brings in some kind of travelling preacher to sit on the tour bus and lecture us, well I ain't having it. Okay for the likes of Tobias, but I don't need it, I'm a proper well-rounded individual (waits for laughter).

    Enough said.

    Boz Boorer, saved soul.


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