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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 851 - Oh Brother!

Morrissey11 January 2014 21:40
How can one be 'trolling' someone by asking the person an unrelated question during a bereavement that one isn't cognizant of?

Keep up the fawning old son.

Carry on Crawling.

Our Mozzer

Reassuring words from The Mozziah, but in truth, my little melodramatic show at the end of my last blog entry was nothing more than just that, I KNEW full well that old Wossy hadn't blocked me for trolling, after all, he blocked '@BlueRoseSociety' too, so he must have blocked us both on the say so of Morrissey himself, the only thing I can't fathom out is, WHY? For anybody who may have mistakenly thought that I was trolling, it should be remembered that, despite Wossy not having used his twitter account since Christmas Day, he took the time to favorite just ONE TWEET.... by '@MorrisseyParody'.... about the Blue Rose Society! THAT was no 'accident', Wossy's in it, and he's in it THICK!


Of course, being blocked on twitter has become second nature to me during this whole phenomenal journey, and Wossy can be added to a list that includes; Uncle Skinny, Kath Viner, Dr Devereux, Alexis Petridis, Mike Joyce and Johnny Marr. There are quite a few others (mainly journalists from The Guardian), and I am sure there will be many more before we finish the ride.

And on the subject of Twitter, two more Big Guns have entered the Parody Moz/BlueRoseSociety phenomenon over the past two days, namely James Russell and Kristeen Young. James, who directed the film 'Morrissey 25:Live', has only favorited four tweets in the past year, and yet he chose to add this one to his favorites on Friday:

In years to come, will be referred to as the Blue Rose dvd.

I have no idea if James is in the 'inner circle' (ie those who KNOW about MW), but I would guess not. I suspect, that like Boy George, James just 'suspects', but for different reasons to those of George. George worked it out thanks to the nature and content of the tweets, where as James, I 'reckon', has worked it out from instructions he would have received from Moz whilst putting together the 25:Live film.
According to an interview James conducted with Julie Hamill on the making of the film, "it was all his (Morrissey's) creative", which means Moz would no doubt have given James particular instruction regarding the editing of 'The Acceptance of the BLUE ROSE' during Alma Matters. If you watch the film, you will notice that the camera angle changes to show it clearly from two different angles.


James obviously have wondered why he was given such an instruction, and he did some digging, which included following a few of us on twitter. On August 6th 2013, James came to a conclusion, and tweeted THIS picture:

Later the same day, James deleted the tweet! (Read about it here, including the comments section: The Julie Hamill interview with James Russell can be read here:


As I reported on Friday, Kristeen Young was sent the following tweet by '@MorrisseyParody':

" Do you think appearing as Log Lady would help your career?"

Two full days later, the following reply was posted:

I'm sure this is drop dead funny, but I have no idea what it means. And somehow....I'm alright with that.

"No idea what it means"? Yeah, right! Incidentally, on Friday, Boy George started following Kristeen on twitter. Not much gets past me!

And now, after a number of days of frantic tweeting, and 'endorsements' from; Wossy, Boy George, Kristeen Young and James Russell, it would appear that Parody Moz has once again closed his twitter account. The news was broken on my blog just after midnight by 'somebody' called Brother Michael:

It seems that Our Mozzer has shed his corporus digitus too. The Blue Rose Society has never been more broken. We few that remain must cradle the little light through these dark times... Girlwithout, EmotionalAiraRaid, Heather, Sabine, Marcus and Manc, Chuck and Loughton, the Industrial Photography Guy and many others... Stay in contact, and display your blue roses for better times to come. I will stand fast with you, as long as you need me.

Brother Michael

You won't be surprised that I believe Brother Michael to be Morrissey... well I would, wouldn't I! I 'reckon' he has probably left twitter for a while this time (hopefully I'm wrong), but it is comforting to know that Brother Michael will be watching over us. I hope that Fifi is still around too.

At the time of leaving twitter, Parody Moz had posted 1250 tweets, and had 613 followers. His final tweet was to '@PiersMorgan'. He tweeted:

 "I heard Piers Morgan's viewing figures are now so low, they're considering putting on Larry King re-runs instead." Parody Moz also tweeted to Marcus Markou:

"Most people despise their servitude, but they fear freedom more."


I started this blog entry with words from The Mozziah, and must therefore let him have the last word too. Here is a touching message that he has recently posted on the very first entry of FTM:

Morrissey9 January 2014 09:23
More sloppy journalism. Where does it say here I'd been online for months? S**ding hacks. All the s**ding same.


  1. And in this land of fantasy, reality comes striking back and makes us shed a tear once again.
    Rest in peace Alexandra.


    1. I am FAR too young to have watched The Champions, and so know nothing of Alexandra Bastedo, but she certainly was a stunner. Fifi, have you any idea WHY Alexandra was chosen as the cover star for the Rank album, and WHY that particular picture?

      Thank you.


    2. it was something we all watched Rat, only three tv channels you see

  2. Welcome back, Ratty! I'm impressed with your spelling of 'favorite' ;-) The drama builds as more key players enter the scene (of course, Kristeen has also tweeted with MW in the past, so it's not the first time she's played a role). Russell Brand will appear on Wossy's show on the 18th. Could he possibly become a player as well?

  3. I must intercede, I am not he. But will always be here for yee (did Brother Michael suddenly become Irish?)

    Brother Michael

    1. So, Brother Michael, you have returned through the revolving door, seasickness cured I hope. Your words of wisdom have illuminated all of us. May your skull never be squeezed and may Trouble always love you.

      By the way, Sister Catherine says hello, making good use of her two minutes of free speech from the dungeon.

      Hoping to see you in the Vatican leisure centre sometime this year.

      Padre Beppe, spiritual mentor to the Morrissey band

    2. I thank you for your kind words Padre Beppe. Sadly, I never made it as a priest. Let's just say there were some disagreements, which arose during my studies and my discovery of the Gospel according to Mary Magdalene - it is a beautiful book that I recommend you read. But the church is a funny family. I was rounded upon and cast out with all sorts of terrible accusations ranging from insanity to witchcraft. I was heartbroken at first but in time you realise these things are for the best. It sent me on a different course - and whilst I sometimes daydream of the Vatican and and what could have been (including its wonderful facilities that you make references to - I don't believe there is a better Leisure Centre in all of Southern Europe) I am doing what I was put here to do, and for that I am grateful.

      Please send my regards to all the band. Whilst I am not allowed to have favourites in my line of work - we are all created equal - I do have a special place in my heart for the band.

      Brother Michael

    3. Before I return whence I came, I should add that the leisure centre in Loughton is every bit the equal of that in the Vatican. Or so I am told by one that knows.

      And now I am called to duty.

      Padre Beppe, barefoot follower of Our Brother Mozzer and student of Brother Michael

    4. noooo.. never liked Essex, all that fake tan and fake people (hint hint)

  4. No more morrissey parody? Are you saying he is gone for good? :-(

  5. ah rat, i wasn't fooled for a minute.. i knew you would have to come back, remember, Hotel California, you didn't even get to check out

  6. Getting on for two & a half years since I found MW, I still have to pinch myself!
    Sweet dreams are made of this...

  7. 😎 🌹🌹🌹💙💙💙💙💙💙


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