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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 854 - Morrissey Signs for Harvest


Both the MorrisseysWorld blog and the parody twitter account have GONE.... and this time it feels permanent.... well, permanent for now, at least! Here are the final four tweets of '@MorrisseyParody', who had returned to the Twitterdilly Arms very briefly yesterday evening. I think he may have been under the influence of alcohol (see second tweet, where he writes 'left' instead of 'let'... unless he means left him feeling down. I'd prefer to think he was drunk, so read the tweets in a slurring/woe is me drunk voice... it's better that way). He even confessed to being Morrissey!:

Yes, I am Morrissey. Yes, I am insane. 

Nothing... just dead time.

My followers have left me down. Sorry, but it's true.

This is the last tweet I will ever make.

I replied with these two tweets:

I know how you feel. It took me all day to write my blog, and the only ones to bother commenting are me, you and Walter.

This is the last tweet I will ever make. FTM is over.

This rather amusing, and yet blatantly honest comment was then left on my blog. I definitely think The Mozziah was drunk....Notice the use of the word look instead of luck, although perhaps he actually did mean l'oo'k!. He doesn't make mistakes...ever!:

Morrissey14 January 2014 23:45
I quite agree Rat old son. My fans are just not up to scratch. Whatever I do, I'm just ignored. Admittedly your little blog thing is only fractionally as good as my mesmeric thing, but all the same - you do deserve better. As do I, naturally.

I'm bored to bu**ery. So I've closed down my twitter whoreboard and I'll shut down my blog.

You can keep the torch burning, old friend. After all, you have more time than me, and it's worth considerably less, at least money-wise.

Good look with following me. I wish you all the best in dedicating your life to a more worthy cause, such as yours truly.

Our Mozzer


For the record, the comment left by Walter (aka Banjaxer aka Wordsmiff) that I referred to in my above tweet, was this one, concerning the twitter account '@MorrisseysMum', that I wrote about yesterday:

wordsmiff14 January 2014 18:06
Hi. Just want to confirm the 'mum' Twitter account was returned to the original owner who, inexperienced in such things, did not realise the name would be released and free for others to re-register once abandoned.
The original and current owner is not Morrissey.


Of course, I never really had any intention of ending FTM, I was just being melodramatic once again, like what he is! Anyway, how can I leave? This is Hotel California. Moonie Heaven. And what is more, I am under instruction to stay:

"You can keep the torch burning, old friend. After all, you have more time than me, and it's worth considerably less, at least money-wise."

Touching words....Bast*rd.....The truth always hurts! Although he is wrong about the time thing, I don't have any time. I am working 9 hours a day, and then I am a full time husband and father, which involves all sorts of ferrying around. I don't actually know how I manage to write this blog at all. It's a miracle.

At the time of closing the twitter account, The Mozziah had posted 1302 tweets (including some that I failed to copy yesterday, so if anybody could post them it would be appreciated), and he had 625 followers. The follower numbers were actually falling! It would appear that people were dismissing the account as a parody.... well they would, wouldn't they, that's what they were TOLD! Nobody is prepared to L'OO'K these days. Where are the inquisitive minds?

The good news is that Morrissey is still here. He has set up a twitter account in Fifi's name as @y20m7d27. I didn't twig on at first about the y20m7d27, but thankfully Chuck (@Chuck_307 and formerly Chuck Norrissey aka Small Boy Jokes) worked out that it was from 'Never Had No One Ever'. I wonder if that song will be on the next set list?

Hopefully Our Mozzer can once again be himself as Fifi, after all, even as 'Parody Moz', he is judged on EVERYTHING he says, and if a certain tweet isn't Morrisseyesque enough, he is dismissed as not being Morrissey. The 'Morrissey wouldn't do that' brigade are incredulous.

Fifi has tweeted to say that she(?) doesn't want people to follow, but wants us to walk by her(?) side. It is interesting that Moz chose the name Fifi, because Fifi obviously represents FIRE. We now have the four elements to the MW story, with Fifi being added to the three people who have stuck with this phenomenon for two and a half years, on a daily basis, without EVER questioning their belief, ie '@HeatherCat222' (Earth), @Airraid25 (Air) and me (Water). Not that we are in any way special, we are not. We are nobodies, who just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, and we trusted our intuition.

Astraea confirmed that Fifi is FIRE, and Fifi then confirmed Astraea is FIRE... which makes sense as they are two parts of the same person:

I'm glad you loved all of my songs. But I still love them more than you do.

As for Fifi, well... she's quite the little firecracker, isn't she?

If I am a firecracker, Astraea, then you are fireworks x

I do love a pretty girl who knows JUST how to turn my head. So, thank you.

Now let's just hope that everyone else is ready for us both, Fifi. I'm fairly sure though that we might still have to buy them all some extra fire blankets.

Oven mitts, at the very least.

So, with Our Mozzer gone, and 'Firecracker Fifi' now firmly insitu, what has she got to offer? Let's start with this:

I thought you were never going to mention the blue roses video aka All you need is me!
I am happy you keep enjoying my comments. I really am. So thank you.

'Par Bruno' was probably a mistake on my part, that's what I had in mind but I will go look for the correct name of the drawing.

As for Johnny's tweet, like I said, he wrote it and then deleted it only a few minutes later.
If you go to the account of @Scarlet_Ibis and look for some comments she posted on Dec. 29th on Johnny's account, you will see there definitely was a 'Rank' conversation at some point.
I do not know the person mentioned, I am only sending you there to prove Johnny did talk about Rank and codes. I am starting to know you Rat, you will start thinking I am that Scarlet but I am not, nor do I have any idea who she is. It's only the only person who commented on the Rank reference that's all.
I am not on Twitter personally but I cruise on it sometimes and that's how I know these things.

I would love to write more but as Ringo Starr once said 'I've got blisters on my fingers!'
Too much writing... I must rest but i will return soon. "Je reste avec vous"

And where shall I send my postcard regarding January 14th, 1984?

Ps. Did you read the recent interview by the gorgeous Linder?

If you happen to go to TATE St Ives, you should check out this exhibition called 'Aquatopia' :

The Wangeshi Mutu painting used on the home page is quite interesting, isn't it?
It's everywhere, dear Rat. Don't lose the passion. Keep writing.

Your code-breaking ally, 
Pps. Shizu Saldamando posted a photo on her personal Instagram account today.
A blue rose.
Has anyone else seen it?
Ouch, ouch, blisters...I'm gone!

I shall go through Fifi's observations one at a time. Firstly, the RANK mystery. Here is the Scarlet Ibis tweet, that was obviously sent to Johnny Marr:

If I were cooler I'd have said "Ah yes, Rank! Of course."

Scarlet often tweets with Johnny, so I have asked Agent Earth (Heather) to contact Scarlet to see if she can probe Johnny further. Could Morrissey and Marr possibly have a secret code hidden in an album that was released AFTER the Smiths broke up? How could that be possible?


Secondly, the Linder Sterling interview; which in answer to Fifi's question, 'yes' I had read. A photo of Linder was published alongside the article, and I am intrigued to know who the black & white photo is of... the one on the wall. Does Fifi know?

Linder Sterling at her studio in St Ives, Cornwall

As Fifi pointed out, the picture on the home page of the Tate's 'Aquatopia' exhibition is a piece by Wangeshi Mutu called..... BLUE ROSE! As Fifi says, "IT'S EVERYWHERE"! Now, I wonder who was responsible for that homepage picture?

And finally from Fifi, there is indeed a BLUE ROSE on Shizu Saldamando's instagram. It would appear that she has tattooed it onto somebody. Does Shizu know about the Blue Rose Society? I'm pretty sure that Fifi was going to dig out an old photo of Moz and Shizu and post it. Now that Fifi has a twitter account, perhaps she will.


I was going to write more today, but it must now wait. This breaking news has just come from MORRISSEY HAS SIGNED A RECORD DEAL AND STARTS RECORDING NEXT MONTH IN FRANCE..... YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO:

January 15, 2014
Ended the relationship with Decca , Morrissey remains linked to the major label Universal Music under a new record deal signed with the Harvest ( Capitol group ) . This was announced by the general manager of the label , Piero Giramonti and Jacqueline Saturn , anticipating that the artist Manchester will begin recording a new album this month in France along with the musicians who work with him for some time and the producer Joe Chiccarelli .

" Morrissey is one of the most important and influential artists in the music scene ," said the number one Capitol Music Group Steve Barnett. "It 's also one of the few to have remained substantially true to his artistic vision and his ethical principles since he exploded onto the scene in the '80s ." For its part, " Moz " had words of appreciation for the Harvest, the historic brand created in the 70s by which they recorded for EMI Pink Floyd and Deep Purple and that Universal has recently relaunched and mean to make it a sort of indie arm inside the majors.

The latest album by Morrissey, " Years of refusal" , dates back to 2009. Just a few days ago, during a chat organized by his official fan site True To You , the former frontman of the Smiths claimed to be ready to record a new album anticipating that one of the new songs destined to be part of it is called " Istanbul" .


  1. as of now, the news has not broke on so slow.. off for a little holiday, catch you all when I get back, unless I log on from the hotel laptop (crazy) anyway, bye for now

    1. u lazy sunbather u...have a great time out here Manc, get a lovely tan!

  2. Try to writing a comment for the second time! Anyway fantastic news! Cheers to Fifi and Astre and to you, of course! So low? Only bla bla bla....

  3. And my element Ratty? Peat maybe? Or the element in the kettle. Anyway, nice one on the Harvest story - keep scanning those borders in case the unwashed find us.

    1. You are a bit of everything. Ignore my little elements, it's just my silly romantic side. It doesn't get out much.

  4. Best news of the day (new record deal, album and tour) and where did we hear it first? Parody Moz of course! But he truly cannot be TRM, of course, because he didn't tweet about animal rights and would never use hashtags (just two comments I read)! LOL!

    Fifi, I know very well that you are not Scarlet Ibis as I had a bit of a run in with her in the early days of MW. She was very dismissive!

    Are Linder's pants the same that Moz wore at the Nobel Peace concert?

    1. Forgot to mention that Scarlet Ibis is married to someone from Solow - I could go back and dig out who but I can't be arsed!

  5. Great observation GOB. A different colour trouser, but very similar design. The news about the album and tour have made my year. I wonder if they'll play Bermondsey... not that I've been there in years.

    Bermondsey Billy

  6. Woo Hoo!!!!!! 2014 can only get better for Moz fans.

    My guess is that the b/w photo on the wall by Linder is of Ben Nicholson (Linder has taken over his studio). I am more intrigued by what the other contraption on the wall is - a snow shoe?

  7. Fabulous news about Moz's album and tour. He is going
    to be busy quite shortly.
    Not sure that the b+w photo near Linder is Ben Nicholson
    as I have expanded it and it looks like a Native American
    person to me.
    St Ives is an amazing place with a very special light.
    No wonder artists flock there.
    The Tate is certainly worth a visit too.

  8. Let the bells ring out! Cry for England, Morrissey and St George!

    Brother Michael

  9. I'm ecstatic beyond words about the good news - the prospect of two new albums and a tour makes me deliriously happy. It helps to soften the blow of Our Mozzer's departure somewhat (but only a little). Good 'lOOk' to our Moz in all his endeavors this year - we eagerly lOOk forward to an exhilarating year!

    1. I forgot to mention that none of the news is a surprise, of course, because we heard it from MW first, but it's still thrilling to see it all officially confirmed and learn the details. Congrats to Moz!

  10. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. It is truly wonderful. You do not get enough credit from those who read it anonymously, such as myself. (I don't believe I am the only one). One can only imagine how much effort and time you put into it.
    I am quite upset that @MorrisseyParody did not post a 'selfie.' Surely this would have lead to more followers? However, in the words of Basil Hallward, 'the commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it.'

  11. Two album deal. Now my heart is full.

  12. Bing Bang Bong!

    I can't wait. So pleased that Moz has the long awaited deal he deserves.
    I am chuffed to bits x

  13. what a great a day, with all the amazing news & not only the 'MOZ' record deal, but @MorrisseyParody, & everyone really noticing of the BRS! I'm still amazed about the 'RANK' secret codes...What a great 2014 this is going to be!

  14. great news. so happy.
    I'm hoping there's a folder with ART HOUNDS at the
    very top of the pile, circled forcefully in biro.


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