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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 857 - Je reste avec vous

I don't have time to write today, and yet there is so much I want to say. Instead, I have decided to post a few of the comments left yesterday by a couple of Morrissey's pessoas; Broken and Fifi, plus a very well written comment  by Marcus. When I next find time to blog (hopefully Monday or Tuesday), I shall give my theory on what/who Blue Rose is.

Long may BRS live on. I feel sure future songs and comments will reference BRS, MW and FTM. BRS and MW will now live on in FTM. Rat has a heavy cross to bear.

Ever Bieber's,


I would implore Rat to take the baton and run with it. This blog can be the new home of the BRS. I'll be posting a few articles of my own on his blog on old pages so that only Rat can see on his 'comments' page and Our Mozzer told me he will occasionally do the same.

For all who have not seen this, do take a look.

The funniest youtube video ever?


Marcus17 January 2014 12:03

I think the 'haters' are smaller in number but louder in voice. I don't think its a problem that the blog brought out the haters and I am not surprised it didn't attract more followers. My film - which is a simple fairy tale, with a gentle pace and is utterly harmless - has quite a few vitriolic haters. I've always said, this is not about numbers. There is a fight out there for people's hearts and minds. And most people will stand on the sidelines.

There was an experiment conducted that placed a fake turtle by the side of a road (you can google it). I think one in 50 drivers (from memory of reading about this) swerved out of the way to kill the turtle (your haters in the is world). One if 50 stopped and helped the turtle across the road. But that still leaves 48 people out of 50 who just drive on by. The current struggle, as I see it, is for the hearts and minds of those 48.

MW attracted the 1 in 50 'haters' and other 1 in 50 'turtle helpers'. The other 48 drove on by - mostly in a hypnotic daze that is most people's lives. I showed people the account in the office I work in and some actually said... "I won't follow a celebrity account until it has the official celebrity Twitter authenticity stamp on it"

"For fuck's sake! Do you think Morrissey would fall into that category?" I yelped. "Do you not think out of all the famous people on this planet the one person to do the opposite of what famous people do when they join twitter is Morrissey?"

Silence. No response. A glazed look in the eye. Drive on by.

We few, we happy few, were the turtle helpers. The task of waking people up is only just beginning. I've always seen this entire adventure as a metaphor for the bigger global story. This was partly because of what was being said on the blog regarding how this planet is run and ordered by forces we just don't see - as most of us are driving down that highway/ motorway in that hypnotic state... "Oooh... it's okay, X-factor starts again today..." etc etc.

Good luck Mr M. Until the next time.

Beautifully put, Marcus. Few people fully grasped the political implications of MorrisseysWorld; I think you, Heather, GOB and Rat certainly did. The entire experience was multi-layered, abstract, impressionistic and indefinable. So much was left to the imagination that it meant many things to many people: some saw it as a simple parody; others as a self-aware parody written by the subject of the parody; others saw it as a mystery of sorts; you and others grasped the metaphor at the heart of the project and played/wrestled with it.

The journey has been comedic, comical, absurd, touching, insane, utterly logical, cultish and very open. I've very much enjoyed meeting you all and I hope you will always remember the significance of the Blue Rose.

For what it's worth, I've realised, through being part of MorrisseysWorld, that it's OK to be in manlove with Justin Bieber and yet to have homoromantic feelings towards Morrissey.



Fifi (Fire): 17 January 2014 19:45
My little charmers,

I want to apologise for leaving twitter so abruptly. Truth is it never was my intention to be on there for too long.
I would not want any of you to try and communicate with me and fail to reply because it would be rude and I hate being rude.
I will do my best in opening the Fifi account again once in a while to catch up but right now, I cannot.
Rat, keep writing, this blog is far more important to many people than you think. That's if you have enough time to keep it alive.
Now that MW is gone, the BRS relies on you.
It's not because I am not 'commenting' that I don't read it.

I know there are many interesting questions I have not answered but there is still time for that. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw, would say lovely Willow.

It was a pleasure to talk to each and every one of you. Your kindness, wit and passion made me feel so alive. You are precious. All of you.

Do not let sadness fill your heart for MW and MorrisseyParody are no more. We should just all be thankful for the fun times they provided. They will be missed but I am sure they will occasionally return.

It is a long path we must walk on and there is still so much more to discover and feel ecstatic about on the way.
You are not being abandoned, you are being given more power to keep the flame burning.
So keep smiling.

All my lOve,

Just as I published this entry, Broken posted this:

Only a fraction of the signs were documented. Even Morrissey's recent fashion of wearing two crosses around his neck is a tongue-in-cheek reference to JB who often wears two crosses. It goes deeper than any of you realise.

I think I DO realise. I really think I've worked it out. More Monday/Tuesday.

I will leave you with some words left by Fifi on my blog on January 14th (ironically the anniversary of the death of my father), which I have just stumbled on again as part of my research on Cocteau/Morrissey and Blue Rose:

"Je reste avec vous" - Meaning 'I stay with you'...... the epitaph on Jean Cocteau's gravestone.

Morrissey (Fire) stays walking with us, the Blue Rose Society, and I will stay and write the story. The pleasure and privilege is mine.


  1. Excellent news. The next parody pieces will be posted on FTM. MW is closed - no one said anything about FTM or the MW parody story per se!

    1. I am all a quiver.... fill me with your bows.

  2. The pleasure and privilege is ours. Looking forward to the new parody pieces more than you know, Broken, so please don't delay.

  3. I feel it is important to keep the momentum going.
    Many thanks to Rats and Broken for flying the flag.
    This blog must be kept alive.

  4. The blue rose... burns like a blue flame.

    Father Michael


    Nature is a language.

  6. Nice one Ratty. We have much to look forward to in the blue rose community. There may not be many of us but I believe our bond is strong.

  7. What a complete and utter waste of space.

    1. Hi Alex! I believe you just tweeted that! :)

  8. Hi Ratty, never a little bit of rest for you! Take care, very busy this days, but see you soon!


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