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Monday, 20 January 2014

Day 859 - "Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw."

I am often accused of writing far too much in my blog entries, and I know it is a lot for people to wade through, but I have to let out all of the thoughts that are constantly pounding in my head. I am expecting today's entry to be fairly lengthy, so I will set it out with an Agenda, and therefore if anybody wants to skip bits, they can, although why anybody would want to miss any of my musings is a mystery to me! The main item on today's blog is item 5, with my interpretation of the whole meaning to Blue Rose.

As we have an agenda, and as FTM is now the official meeting place for BRS members, I will try and make a daily list of those who are currently 'active' in this story, ie are leaving comments or getting involved in the Twitterdilly Arms. As we pick up new members, particularly in the Twit Arms, please remember to tell them to come here, and then I can give them a mention. The Blue Rose Society is going to GROW and GROW and GROW, until EVERY SINGLE Morrissey concert is awash with roses. Because We Must.

Right. here we go:

Members Present: Broken (a Morrissey pessoa), TRB, Marcus Markou, JohnGill, EdgeIndustrialPhotography Guy, GOB, Chuck, LizzyCat, HeatherCat, AIR, Yunaragunarso, GWO, MancLad, Willow (new kid on the block), Romina, Tracey, Astraea (a Morrissey pessoa), Greyer Girl (a Morrissey pessoa), Mme de Stael, Clover Dean, JJazmine, Comrade Harps, Menippus (a Morrissey pessoa), Vulgar Angie and Wordsmiff (aka Banjaxer Ego fellow). If I have missed anybody out, please leave a comment. The Blue Rose Society is all embracing.


1. Apologies for Absence
2. Morrissey Returns to The Twitterdilly Arms
3. Jeane
4. Rank
5. What/Who is Blue Rose?
6. Justin Bieber
7. The Pessoas
8. Shizu Saldamando
9. France
10 Album and Tour
11. NME nominations
12. Any Other Business


Fifi/Fire (a Morrissey pessoa).


When Morrissey issued the 'F' word (Farewell) on Thursday, we naturally presumed that MorrisseysWorld was over, and the members of the Blue Rose Society posted their obituaries on Friday. However, the one thing that you can be certain about when it comes to Morrissey, is his unpredictability, and therefore we should NOT have been surprised to see him, in the form of a whole load of pessoas; including Parody Moz, stroll into the Twitterdilly Arms on Saturday, where they remained for the whole weekend, entertaining the masses.


It wasn't just entertainment that Morrissey provided over the weekend, there was wit, charm, intelligence, controversy, LOTS of Justin Bieber (more on that later), music, and he also tried to get people to open their minds and throw away their prejudices.... although that is never an easy thing to achieve. At one point yesterday, Morrissey had me howling with laughter with one of his quick out downs, and when GOB compared the harrows of Morrissey's life to that of Julia Robert's character in Notting Hill, I swear I thought I would combust with laughter (sorry GOB, but JULIA ROBERTS?).


It would be impossible for me to repost all of Morrissey's tweets, there are now just too many of them, but if anybody has copied some, then PLEASE post them below. So many topics were covered, and it is impossible to keep up with him. The way Morrissey switches from one character to another, and the energy he possesses is really quite exhausting to watch, so God only knows what it is actually like to BE him! I think one of the main reasons he has his own characters interacting with each other, is because nobody else on twitter is challenging enough for him.

Among many things mentioned over the weekend, was the new album. Morrissey tweeted that he had "40 songs. Some demos, some more primitive." He later went on to post some lyrics. Here they are:

The sky was crimson and your jokes were barbed
Blackest envy gripped your precious heart
You vomited for hours
You died on a bench
In your room you sit
Youtube mocks and haunts you,
There for all the world to see
Your many failings and fears,
A public spectacle again

As coldness rotted your still-living bones
Politicians made cuts
Bankers got fat
My fingernails collect the world's problems
My fingernails collect the world's problems

Oh, It's bitter and cold as I am
My heart, such as it is, goes out to you
Your blue lips colder than Fulham Road in December
Your small mind broken by the spite of this world
I'm sorry I did nothing
So sorry
As I live, I will never feel a thing again
Your life was everything to me
And now I am a frozen shadow


Interestingly, on Day 472 of FTM, I reported how Moz had tweeted, "I'm just cobbling together the sleeves of 'Boredom is a plague' and 'My fingernails collect the world's problems'." At the time, nobody knew if Morrissey was serious about these two new songs, but surely the above lyrics are from 'My Fingernails Collect the World's Problems'.

If that song were to be included on the new album, then NOBODY, and I do mean NOBODY would be able to deny that MorrisseysWorld had been the work of Morrissey.... although I suppose, in theory, it could be said that the song title and lyrics had been leaked to whoever it was behind the fake Moz account, or it could be said that the whole MW thing was the work of somebody close to Moz. EVERYTHING is deniable!

One thing is for sure, if 'Fingernails' does appear on the album, there will be thousands of Morrissey fans pouring over FTM.... or will there?

Parody Moz also mentioned that he had written a song about Justin Bieber, which he said was called 'Never Say Always'. He then posted these lyrics:

Tears fall like raindrops
But managers apply foundation and touching cream
Lights hurt your eyes
But still you smile
Never say always

I have to admit, I was howling with laughter, but Morrissey has of course already written a song about Bieber, it's called 'The Kid's a Looker'. Anyway, more on Biebs later.

Here are a few of the hundreds of Parody Moz tweets from this weekend:

'My mind is a crushingly uncomfortable place to reside for a day; a lifetime is a sluggish torture."

"I'm 50% inhuman and 50% superhuman."

"'Tough love' is always the final calling card of the failed parent."

"Years of Refusal is my masterpiece. The next album will be superior."

"End bullying and save lives."

"I'm not Morrissey, but then neither is Morrissey these days."

When given abuse by somebody called @DonkeyDave64, Moz replied:

"If you were as capable as you are confident, you'd be dangerous; instead you're embarrassing."

"If your best effort is to type something wholly witless, followed by llllllol you might want to badger @richardm56 (Richard Madeley) instead."

"You few are receiving the best of my life - yet I'm giving the very worst."


Parody Moz also confirmed that he had posted sections from the first draft of his novel on both twitter and the MorrisseysWorld blog. I am presuming that the section on the MW blog is the Leonid Albrecht article, which has been mentioned here before, and the section on twitter is the piece I wrote about a few days ago.


With all that has happened in recent days and weeks, I had completely forgotten to report on a posting by Fifi, which she quietly made on December 29th, and placed it in the comments section of Day 826 of FTM (Jean(e) Genet - December 18th). Nobody else would have noticed it, because we had all moved on, but luckily I tripped over it. On Day 826,  I wrote of a semi-conscious dream I'd had the previous evening, regarding the lyrics of Morrissey's song, 'Jeane'. By the way, I am not being petty when I refer to Smiths songs as 'Morrissey Songs', and I mean no disrespect to Johnny Marr, but it has always been the lyrics that most interest me in Morrissey songs, and the writers of the music of each of the songs are, to a certain extent, irrelevant. I wouldn't be able to tell you which musician wrote which Moz song. Anyway, I digress.

In my semi-conscious dream, it had occurred to me that Jeane had been written about Jean Genet, or perhaps Jean Marais or Jean Cocteau. After that particular blog entry, Jean Cocteau has cropped up time and time again, and I will discuss him much further in the next item on the agenda, but it would appear from Fifi's posting, that Jeane was indeed written about Cocteau, quite possibly written from the viewpoint of his best friend, Raymond Radiguet.... but there is more! First of all, here is Fifi's posting:

'Originality consists in trying to be like everybody else. And failing', said Cocteau in his acceptance speech to the Académie Française (October 1955), quoting Raymond Radiguet.

I really think you know
I think you know the truth Jeane

We tried and we failed.


Radiguet, as I have said,  was Cocteau's best friend, although according to my research, 'best friend' doesn't really tell the story. Cocteau met Radiguet whilst in his twenties. They 'collaborated extensively', 'socialized', and 'undertook many journeys together'. Some contemporaries and commentators thought there might be a romantic component to their friendship. Cocteau himself was aware of this perception, and 'worked earnestly to dispel the notion that their relationship was sexual in nature.' This screams to me of 'Morrissey and Marr'.

Could Jeane in fact be about M&M, with Morrissey as Radiguet, and Marr as Cocteau, or was my first assumption right, that it is Morrissey writing as Radiguet to Cocteau? Rather ironically, Cocteau's friendship with Radiguet only lasted five years, before Radiguet died suddenly, after a trip with Cocteau. Cocteau was so stricken by grief, that he neither went to Radiguet's funeral, and could not see anyone for weeks afterwards. It's just as it was with Morrissey and the death of The Smiths!

It is also interesting to note that if Jeane IS about Cocteau, then Morrissey added an 'e' to Jean to disguise the fact. Is it a coincidence that Morrissey's close friend James Maker' added an 'e' to the name Raymond to create 'Raymonde'? Is Jeane the story of Maker and Moz? As Morrissey states on page 353 of his Autobiography, "Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw." (My thanks to Willow aka @Smashingblouse7 for bringing this quote to my attention.)


I think it's fair to say, that whoever Jeane is about, it is probably not about Morrissey's aunt, and it is DEFINITELY not, as Sandie Shaw thought, about Morrissey's mum, although in fairness to Sandie, she was just (mis)quoting a throwaway remark from Marr.... but was Marr keeping a secret?

4. Rank

There is a very strong likelihood that many of Morrissey's songs have completely different meanings to those that have been interpreted over the years by fans and writers, and perhaps we will be lucky enough to have Morrissey share them with us as we continue this journey. As well as hidden meanings, we are also led to believe that there may be codes, or at least a code on the album cover RANK, although if there is one, I certainly can't fathom it out, and I have now been staring at the cover for three days solid!

I have tilted it, turned it, squinted at it.... but I see nothing! There are no numbers written in the eyes of Alexandra Bastedo, so it is time to ask Fifi for a clue. Fifi, can we have a clue please?


It would appear that I have already waffled on for far too long today, and this blog is already getting ridiculously long, so I think it is time to adjourn until tomorrow, although there is no harm in bringing forward item 8 on the agenda.

8. (Which is actually now 5!) Shizu Saldamando
Shizu Saldamando is an artist residing in LA. Regular readers will remember that Shizu is the one whose artwork of 'A Morrissey fan' (that includes a Blue Rose in the piece) is displayed at LAX airport. Regular readers will also remember that Fifi left a comment on FTM in December regarding there being a photo of Shizu and Moz. Here is that comment, which incidentally mentions Johnny Marr keeping a secret about the meaning of 'Jeane'. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw:

I just don't know how to post photos (not links, actual photos on here), computers are not my thing. I am as clueless about them as Sandy is about the Jeane song! Actually, in that case, Johnny was clueless about it. Or maybe he just knows how to keep secrets.

I can elaborate more about the famous triangle and I will try and do that soon but right now I must go, I must attend a very boring dinner. Hopefully the wine will be good!

Shizu met Him quite a few years ago. In 1998 to be more precise. I have a photo of them both in my archive somewhere.


And below...... is a photo of Shizu and Moz from 1998. Jigsaw, jigsaw, jigsaw.

Tomorrow, I shall go into unchartered waters. I may be barking up wrong trees, but as Broken wrote on my blog two days ago, 'it goes deeper than any of you realise."

Meeting adjourned.


  1. very interesting Rat, I m at swimming pool can't write a proper comment see you soon!

  2. Ratty your blog certainly gallops along today.Thank you.There are wheels within wheels and intriguing pieces
    of the jigsaw, which is much more complicated than I first imagined.
    I love the photo of Moz and Shizu.

    Our Mozzer has entertained us over the weekend especially yesterday when he was suspended by Twitter for tweeting
    too much ! He is very generous in sharing himself with us and dropping nuggets about his life. This I find fascinating.
    Soon he will disappear to record his album therefore I cherish this time in his company.
    Menippus a pessoa ? Really ?

  3. I'm hoping he uses a verse I tweeted to him last year when he said he was working on a song about Twitter:

    Show me you love me,
    Show me you care.
    And tweet me, tweet me, tweet me.
    Tweet me, tweet me, tweet me.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Well i'm up and about packed my bag for my flight home..oh how i miss what happenson twitter.. maybe i will have to pop back online.. rat where do you get the time to report to the masses.. goes down on one knee

  6. Another busy couple of days for BRS, I struggle to keep up with it all at times. Our Mozzer has been on fire with his tweets.
    How insightful & touching those lyrics are.
    I must mention Broken too, who was great fun to tweet with yesterday morning.
    BRS really makes my life so much richer. You all make for great company. I can't tell you how much I value the bond we as a community have developed.

    1. Likewise, Air, it's very special. Many thanks to Our Mozzer for being the suspension bridge that connects us and brings us together.

  7. Great blog, it was good to catch up on the loose ends I'm hoping Fifi gives us a clue to the rank code as I've tried to figure it out but am stuck as well


  8. Thanks Ratty for your diligence in helping to piece together the jigsaw. There are so many pieces that it can be difficult to keep track of them all, but you're doing an excellent job. Shouldn't our dear president Kyle be included in the members list? In the lyrics that were posted on twitter, I believe the four lines starting with 'Youtube mocks and haunts you' actually belong in 'Never Say Always'. I really hope we get to hear these songs sometime. Regarding the novel, I think Our Mozzer said he had posted excerpts on the old MW twit account, not the blog, so presumably it wasn't the Leonid story but I don't remember what it was.

    As to the mysterious Rank code: Was anything said about it having to be on the cover? Maybe the cover is just a clue that something is hidden elsewhere within the album?

    It's always a pleasure to have Our Mozzer surprise us with a return visit to the Arms. It's been quite a fun and interesting weekend - we'll treasure these moments forever. Looking forward to reading about the remaining items on the agenda next time, Rats.

    1. What an idiot Rat is, mixing up the parody song with a real song. Twat.

      Bermondsey Billy

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Our Mozzer emailed me this evening thus:

    "R get that s***ing Ratb****** to correct his sloppy journalistic rag tag of a blog post immediately. The c*** has mixed up the two songs in the most catastrophic fashion. In the more sincere song the dead pop star on a park bench is suddenly transported - without explanation or vaguely rational musical bridge - to his bedroom, watching youtube, presumably from beyond the grave. For f***'s sake - is a little journalistic integrity too much to ask? A little fact checking? A bit of due s***ing diligence? Instruct that good-for-nothing inbred that the songs were as follows:

    'The sky was crimson and your jokes were barbed
    Blackest envy gripped your precious heart
    You vomited for hours
    You died on a bench

    As coldness rotted your still-living bones
    Politicians made cuts
    Bankers got fat
    My fingernails collect the world's problems
    My fingernails collect the world's problems

    As bitter and cold as I am,
    My heart, such as it is, goes out to you,
    Your blue lips colder than Fulham Road in December,
    Your small mind broken by the spite of this world,

    I'm sorry I did nothing,
    So sorry,
    As I live, I will never feel a thing again,
    Your life was everything to me,
    And now I am a frozen shadow.'

    'Never Say Always' as follows:

    ' In your room you sit
    Youtube mocks and haunts you,
    There for all the world to see
    Your many failings and fears,
    A public spectacle again

    Tears fall like raindrops
    But managers apply foundation and touching cream
    Lights hurt your eyes
    But still you smile
    Never say always'

    Ever Yours

    Fake M!

    PS Tell that presumptious c*** that they won't be on the s***ing album now; instead I'll release them posthumously. My laughter shall reverberate around Hell like thunder.

    PPS All out of caramelised onion H. over here old son. Also Boz forgot to bring me some blue brie. Useless c***. I don't suppose you could pop over with some pain au raisin, blue brie and caramelised onion H? Before 8 pm please. Thanks. Oh and don't forget my laundry."

    I hope this clarifies matters.


    1. That’s Rats for you. Putting the ‘n’ into cut and paste.

    2. Corrected or otherwise, both sets of lyrics do, coincidentally, include the word "broken".

      As for the meaning of Jeane or any other song, as a failed poet I can attest that the meaning of a work of art (written or otherwise) can be multiple. Writers can be aware of these multiple meanings at the time of composition and even through moments of self-revelation at a later date. Cocteau and Raymond Radiguet, Moz and Linder Sterling, Linder and Howard Devoto: Jeane could be about all of the above and more at once.

  11. What have you done, Water!?
    Not cool.

    Joking aside, very good job once again on the blog. You are on fire! Well, not literally. You know what I mean.

    1. "Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires"
    2. See R's comment above.
    3. Great analysis, Mr Rodent. Very, very interesting indeed.
    4. Last line on 3. He was. He is. I am too.
    8. Oh no you didn't! Bloody public domain.

    I have to go. I have a swimming lesson.


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